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How in the Hell of the 21st Century “Only Obeying Orders” Became Our Epitaph

Full Spectrum Necrotrophic of Weaponized Infrastructures Dominated

The Philanthropathy of an Age of No Reason

Simulacra in the Growing Armory of Thanatos

Final Stages of the Gangster Disease Detailed

Artificial Intelligence, Solipsism and Political Reality

The Four Planks Of The 21stC. ‘Final Empire’ Platform

Torturing Nature

Algorithms Hegemonic of the Memory Hole and Inversion Mass Formed Psychotic

‘Build Back Better’ Means ‘Genocide First’, Alas

A Deadly Concentration Of Wealth In End Times Pre Determined?

Silent Apartheid Metastasizing Under a GSAP of Frith Narrowed Fiendishly Austere, Alas

The Perfect Panopticon Electromagnetic as Psychotronic

The Fierce Fun  of Man Gods of the Globalized Nakba (21st C. Version)

Down on the ‘Transhuman Farm’ Nightmares  are Technocratic –  Being  Of Click Built Panopticons  and Tractors in Human Form , Alas.

Full Blown Technocratic Tooldom Ahead Under a Thoroughly Nasty Neoliberal Ontology.  Alas

 Of Transhumanist Zombie Politics & Menticide Geopolitical

The Eugenical Highway

Of Percentages and Neoliberal Predatation

Congruence of the Great Reset with Population Reduction Program, Such the Profit Profiled.

The Devil’s Playbook Concerning Our Dystopian Future as the Playground Goes Transhumanist. Introducing ‘Metapolitics’.

‘If Only The President Knew’ – That State of The Union Address You’ll Never Hear or See.

Illusion Geopolitical Unmasked: the Metastasis  Global of ‘New Normal’

Illusion Geopolitical Unmasked– The Metastasis Global of ‘New Normal’

Biopolitical Prognosis for Homo Sapiens  Multiverse

The Nasty Nepotistic Narcissistic Necrotrophs of Thanatos and Democracy Lost So It Goes ‘Sic Transit’

Short Dialogue between Hyman and Phil in Opposition to Neoliberalists – With Apologies to Berkeley

Aspects the Usurious Heartbeat of Corporatist Darkness Much as Pleasure Dome Perverse

That ‘ Waterfront Mail In’ to Donald You’ll Never See

Ballroom Blitz: Rationale and Mechanics of the Great Reset of Cultural Hegemony Global

From the Front Lines of Fear: Megalopolis; Thanatos Recognised as Delineated

Paradise Lost Political as Talmudic Such the Sigh.

The Perspicacity of Mcluhan and Panopticonic Plans of the MIC

Brexit and Ye Olde Ordo Ab Chao as But Another Nine Inch Stab Neoliberal

In Defence of Gramsci: Geopolitical Morphing and Austerity from an Outsider’s Perspective

Geopolitics of Arse and Elbow, with Apologies to Schopenhauer.

The Blood of Venezuelan Children for Oil as Collateral Damage.

The Austere Neoliberal Globalist Agenda

Understanding ‘Brexit’ as Portmanteau

The Emerging Manifold Panopticonic Utility of Electrosmog

Oh, It’s Worse than That – The Geopolitical Synergy and Synonymy of ‘Nakba’ in the 21st Century

Neoliberal Defenestration and the Overton Window

Disabusing Big Brother’s Dark Cloud

Globalization Demands a New Presidential Puppet: The Geopolitical Utility of Trade Tariffs and the ‘Shelf Life’ of Donald Trump

Snared Panopticonic in an Evil Time

When Boot Becomes Bot: Surplus Population and The Human Face.

A Tragic Inferno in London Reflects the Terrorism of the Global Free Market

The Silent Apartheid: Militarizing Architecture & Infrastructure

Spooky Cookies and Algorithmic Steps Dystopian

Umbrage at the Click Built Panopticon