That ‘ Waterfront Mail In’ to Donald You’ll Never See

I coulda‘ been a contender. I could’ve been somebody

– On the Waterfront.

There’s a marvellous sketch by Bill Hicks where he imagines being taken into a smoke filled room and shown a film by the Deep State which reveals other than ‘the Zapruda film’ as fed to the masses, and as concerns the tragedy of the assassination of JFK.

This small article is as would be to some parallel, though not nearly as funny.

It merely reflects these small quarters trying to make sense of what just happened in the USA by way of Election 2020, and a striving to quantify the lesser of two evils. To be clear; one does not admire either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. That both are heavily compromised as creatures of the swamp go, and that the election equivalent to some professional wrestling match as some tragicomic parallel to Arnold Rothsteins infamous fixing of the 1919 World Series is taken for granted, alas.

Both Trump and Biden are owned by aforementioned Deep State, and sometimes ownership necessitates taking a fall, as the quote above from ‘On the Waterfront’ explicates.

In other words, regardless the eventual outcome of the 2020 election, the ‘color revolution’ it goes on as much as the hidden agenda of the deep state will goosemarch us algorithmic towards ‘Ecocide’. It is as if Caligula showed his contempt by having his horse ‘Incitatus’ made a consul, and this congruent alas with the contempt which the Deep State as movers and shakers of corruption hold ‘Democracy’. Despite the undoubted nobility of Horses as part of all creatures great and small on this wonderful planet, the fact is that they are ridden upon and as such creatures of servitude, as much indeed are both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Anyway, here the letter you’ll never see.

‘Dear ‘Don’,

Many thanks for your service to the cause. In particular we appreciate the transfer of resources you effected thru tax legislation, and your moving of US Embassy to Jerusalem as well as support for the ‘Deal of the Century’.

However there are some problems which we have felt necessary to address by way of ‘make or break’, which as you well know we have the power to do.

Donnie baby, the pipes are calling, and this small intimation cares to explain why. It’s given purely as a threat under interests of damage limitation and the perpetuation of illusion. We much admire the fact that you got the rubes to fall for ‘MAGA’ – but the reality is that greatness in our plans does not call for any Nation other than Israel to be great; and that other than by the death of indigenous population. We determine what is indigenous, we determine what is just, and there is no room for deviation however small such the plate seen as large, but in reality so small – as you and your betters know.

A small note for you to recognise.

Listen to Jared and his suggestion as to your acceptance the results of the Election 2020, and endorse Joe Buggins, sorry Biden, as the entirely legitimate POTUS. Of course we not sorry, we are never sorry as you know. Even when we make mistakes we are right as much as when we tell lies we tell the truth!

You knew this moment would come Donnie Baby, the moment you accepted the suckle at the teat we provide so contingently. Remember those words from Wilbur, all those years ago?

Donnie Baby, the time has come for you to move on. You are becoming an embarrassment to our plans by way of your contestations of fraud in the electoral process.

Listen to Jared.

Just as we make Donnie, so we can break. It was unprecedented that we had occasion to interrupt your fight back by way of cutting short your ‘confession’ as to daring to tell the truth, and this is precisely why you should lay down, roll over – and let us tickle your belly again.

You’ve made your bones Donnie Boy.

This time around Donnie boy there no reprise of the disaster as was JFK and his treachery concerning the imperative of secrecy. You yet have a family and a Business Empire albeit small potatoes.

Shut your fucking mouth and let Jared talk. Give up on this crusade for truth and democracy whatever the fuck that means.

Fuhgeddaboutit Donny Boy!

If you don’t we will shut it for you, and nip the apparent growth of your cajones in the bud so to speak.

Donny Boy we are talking cocktails at Mar-A-Lago – or cement overcoats for you and yours if you fail to recognise Omerta and continue your mistaken path.

That’s all you need to know.

‘Wave it on Blue’, Donny.

It was meant to be.

Yours in Satan etc.

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