Of Transhumanist Zombie Politics & Menticide Geopolitical

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

– Frank Zappa

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

– Mark 8:36 KJV


A deceased human being who has partially returned to life due to undeterminable causes. The brain retains base facilities, namely gross motor function. In its near-mindless state, it grasps no remains of emotion, personality, or sensation of pain. In rare cases, some of the reanimated have reflexively preformed routine activities from their past lives.


The concept of ‘ Transhumanist Zombie Politics’  parallels as tragically reiterates on a mass level the retention  in the  ‘individual’  brain of but  base facilities described above; to point of no remains of emotion or personality prevailing, and as ‘extrapolated’ upon  geopolitically alas? Such the ‘Globalization’ as  reduced to mindless violence ?

In the 21st C   ‘Neoliberalism’  has become the apotheosis of ‘Zombie Politics’: this thru mindless and uncaring singularity of ‘line’ followed unquestioningly under a ‘There is no Alternative‘  (TINA) mantra  as well funded vis a vis ‘Corporatism’,- and new or ‘novo‘ focus on ‘transhumanism’ as ‘technocratic’ emerging? (see below)

‘Cultural hegemony’  as explicated by that ‘most dangerous mind ‘Gramsci can be construed  as a means menticidal of the precipitation of ‘zombie politics’?

Apropos, at Gramsci’s trial , his fascist prosecutor argued ‘we mut stop his brain from working for 20 years‘.

Orwell made a highly perspicacious observation concerning zombie politics as totalitarian when he synonymized ‘orthodoxy’ with the ‘death of thought’; an equation he elected to elaborate upon primarily thru satire in which  ‘Cui Bono?’  explicated – such the ‘behind the scenes’ view provided presciently sense of Frank Zappa’s quote above?

– Orwell saw the writing on the brick wall panopticonic  as menticidal such the  ‘mind over non mind’  such the zombie politics denied idiosyncratic?

As much as did Huxley and Zamyatin also deny?

That there no room for the ‘idiosyncratic’ now is a sine qua non of ‘TINA’ as the zombie chant goes hegemonic as pumped up ; no room for any ‘alternative’ viewpoint, such the zombie politics mainstreamed under fear and illusion as alienative and marginalising?

‘Mind over non mind is ‘ easier as utilitarian  pragmatics under abrogation of morality determined, such the ‘realpolitik’ of divide et impera as the concept of ‘zombie’ as ‘transhumanist ‘explicates much as merely rationalises the ‘economic’ such the  deadly bifurcation? Politics is moral economics; Zombie politics removes the moral component such the menticide, such the base facilities retained as under  ‘killing made’?

Zombie politics having  menticide  as instinctual objectivity of destroying mind: the masses under a zombie system to be ‘infant conditioned ‘ –  which as Huxley contended in a letter to Orwell , in addition to ‘narco hypnosis’, offers greater efficiency.

Greater efficiency of the precipitation of menticide form of the ‘creation’ of’ zombies’ now exists interpolative as  much to hitherto unprecedented such the interpretation of Huxley amongst others?

The illusion of freedom under Democracy has now (2021 AD) been deemed too expensive to maintain, such the tectonic as technocratic shift geopolitical ongoing in the early 21st Century; such the ascendancy of Zombie Politics and transhumanism commensurate ‘Globalization’?

Such the ‘lockdown’, such the social distance, such the memento mori, such the ‘zombiedom’, such the ‘killing being made’ – such the brick wall at the back of the theater  as of Gini Coefficient seen as demanding more death?

The zombies are making a killing, such the resource transfer unprecedented effected under  the base facilities of neoliberal/private interests?

There always too many Humans as Zombie Politics as metastasis plays out- for Zombie Politics is to be as a  terminal disease for Humanity as much as ‘biodiversity’,  so it goes?

Zombie politics are Ecocidal, conspiratorial, quintessentially  evil and as operate necessarily under a hidden agenda of deception?

Small quarters first experience of Zombies , this apropos Zappa’s quote and in context  of metastasis, was indeed in a ‘theater’; George A  Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ permitted to play, whence there a fascinating take on ‘consumerism’  by way of the fantasy of purchase obviated concerning a ‘hole up’ in a shopping mall and ‘all available at no cost ‘–  but under risk of being savaged as ‘transhumanised’ by zombies as rampant such the ‘small print”?

The metaphor  offered  cinematographic  apperceived was that Life could be wonderful for Humanity were it not for the existence of zombies and their singular base facilities ‘no brain’ focus on reproduction by way of death?

Zombies kill.

It is all they do.

It is how they reproduce.

Zombies ‘move on’  necrotrophic such the perpetual war; such the gore ‘profitable’…

Which brings us to the proposition that Zombie Politics compelled to precipitate ‘Transhumanism’, such as in the title this small article.

Just your everyday  extempore as mundane proposition under ‘cultural hegemony’ such the ‘Newspeak’ as much as ‘infant conditioning ‘denied such the metapolitical perspective adopted –  being as ‘dangerous’ as it ‘alternative’ become?

Or what we got here indeed a ‘failure to communicate orthodoxy?’

As ‘paranoia’ goes under Zombie Politics such the thought denied as ‘externalised’?

A ‘transhumanism’ not everybody talking about but that everybody ‘doing it’ such the narco hypnosis as infant conditioning as Huxley alluded to being efficacious?

(Earlier unpublished article  elaborates –  this available on request. )

‘Zombie’  not as much as Zombie says, but as Zombie does, such the divide et impera as utilitarian as of a viral spread, such the pandemic power of ‘base facilities’ retained’;  and such the geopolitics effected?

Such the ‘social media as menticidal’…

Permit these small quarters to go back some  but few centuries such the ‘memory hole’ as  consideration of zombiedom entails such the reflexively performed routine as currency controlled and issued utilitarian; to wit: Bunyan, Milton, Robison and Descartes – for zombie politics  and transhumanism been a ‘long time’ incubative as ‘metastasising’? (Ain’t no  sudden product of ‘happenstance’, indeed, such the ‘sic transit as much as zombiedom the antithesis of ‘gloria mundi?)

Bunyan (1628-1688). In ‘Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners ‘ (freely available  here)evidences an outstanding humane resistance of a ponerological nature; for yea ,ye olde Zombies are indeed evil; as transhuman as much as ruled over by a chief zombie as unnatural such the degeneracy?

Milton (1608-1674). In ‘Paradise Lost’  (free pdf available here) evidences sublime instance of the exercise of higher faculties as God given and as concerns perspicacity  and speculation as would be denied under zombie politics orthodoxy– he evidences a ‘memory’ as would be ‘holed’ under zombiedom  as a political phenomenon?

Robison (1739-1805) In ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy‘  (free pdf available here) he levels himself  to charge under zombie hegemony as the original ‘conspiracy theorist’ under and as according to ‘zombie politics’ and  the hegemony of ‘no mind over mind’ as denies any ‘alternative’ . Small quarters are proud he of mine Alma Mater, such as  as prior to  ‘recent’ neoliberal corporatist ‘zombification’, and such the pretension.

Descartes (1596 -1650). In his  ‘Discourse on the Method’ ( free pdf available here )he evidences transcendence of zombiedom  as well as having the audacity to contend for the pineal gland as the seat of the soul – what a guy metapolitical!

In Zombies the pineal gland is ​destroyed such the here and now as focused upon pragmatic, such the amputation of the soul effected as having psycho political as menticidal ramification?

More than one way to destroy the pineal gland as much as menticide effected – as any zombie ‘knows’?

As concerns the transhumanist explication of zombiedom, there  hereby  reference to the WEF.

In the future you will own nothing and be happy‘ such as zombie politics going Global– and as extends to the brain as seat of epiphenomenology/ psychophysical parallel humane; such the ‘divide et impera‘ as extends to ‘economic polarization’ such the killing  made as zombies do; such the retention of ‘basic facilities’ , and as much as the soft kill of resource transfer to become ‘hard kill’?

You could not make this up, so it goes but for ‘eschatology’?

It is said that when Orwell wrote his last major work ”1984′  he considered the title ‘The Last Man in Europe’ apposite- and the interpretation this small article is that Orwell anticipated zombie politics as a plague upon Humanity; as a prevalence of basic faculties over emotion, personality and even pain – such the ‘narco hypnosis’ as Huxley contended offered  as a ‘modulation’ by way of greater efficacy menticidal.

– What does it mean to ‘give a fuck’, apropos the alternative to uncaring orthodoxy, such the ‘live and let die’  of zombiedom denied?

Small quarters recently offered ketamine as an anti depressant/ euphorical substance; needless to say the offer as philanthropic  was declined; depression being exogeneous now as ‘natural’ as the denouement of curiosity. Rather speculation as an ability  retained albeit depressive such the ‘Je pense, donc je suis ‘ than zombiedom enjoined such the ‘death of thought’?

Just a spoonful of sugar/ cultural hegemony makes the medicine go down such the polymorphous nature of zombiedom?

Trust in Bill Gates  and other philanthropic foundations; surely ‘zombie politics’  is for the best as base facility expresses?

– Thus speaketh a ‘covidiot’ such the ‘currency’ permitted as coined, such the denouncement as reflexive context of zombiedom?

The metaphor which the concept of ‘zombie’ offers has attained a ripeness at a geopolitical level in the early 21st such the Anthropobscene (sic) Age, such the tragedy that in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act as Orwell put it, indeed?

Sorry to be so mundane, so orthodox as to deny ‘alternative’.

Kudos to publisher, should they elect to provide any  ‘room at the inn’.

‘Zombies Only’ such the sign of the times neoliberal?

Fuck that for a game of death/Thanatos

Life remains beautiful such the ‘Eros’!

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com