The Perfect Panopticon Electromagnetic as Psychotronic

‘Specific Absorption Rate’ Wikipedia

Pump up the volume
Pump up the volume
Pump up the volume
Dance! Dance!


It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

– Upton Sinclair

Small article  here an update  on the geopolitical utility of Electrosmog  as published some years ago by this much esteemed Democratic organ as a genuine alternative to Corporatist yellow journalism as  but ‘mainstream’.

These colors as of ‘CP ‘ do not run yellow – they print what would otherwise be unseen?

The potential  infrastructure  of a panopticon  of  global proportionality focused upon  then  was primarily non ionizing radiation aka ‘electrosmog’ as of specific absorption rate (SAR)  as delineated formulaic  as above: recent developments demand  however that such infrastructure be revised under metapolitical speculation: this; alongside  rationale  of denouement to be provided in relation to what remains, alas , a ‘viable’ scheme  currently in process of  being placed not so much  on steroids as on graphene oxide and modified Ribonucleic Acid; this  as  volume nefariously being ‘pumped up’ indeed, and such the ‘dance ‘effected  to sic transit down on  the ‘killing floor panopticonic the ‘new normal’ played out?

‘Understanding’ here being of these small quarters  such the ‘boogie metapolitical’ that a large part as objective  of the perfect  panopticon as an oxymoron  concerns the elimination of ‘surplus population’ as but another  tragic instance of how too much money and power can really fuck up ‘apperception’ – and this  concerning ‘man gods’ of obscene wealth translated into power as much to the origins of a collective psychoses ID’d?

– Hence Upton Sinclair  quote above; as has synonymy with Lord Acton on ‘power and corruption’?

For it cannot be denied that never in history have so few owned so much – and that this is a corruptive force polymorphous such the alas?

Though these small quarters but a  materially poor  as little man the words of Blake  yet resound to mine pretension:

‘I have mental joy, and mental health,
And mental friends, and mental wealth’

– It is just such  an erotic love of life as Blake sublimely precises which the  perfect panopticon as a dark and deadly  product of Thanatos seeks to  deny and destroy thru ‘mind over mind’?

Unfortunately we ‘live’ in times where  technology has been developed to facilitate such mind over mind to a hitherto unprecedented extent, -and the value of Life  has been willfully as malevolently obscured by what are no more but than than pitiful evil stateless bastards as have sold their very souls? Commensurated as ‘nepotistic’ ?

That this is a situation of technological determinism and Empiricism as a ‘Trojan Horse’ gift is not the primary focus this small article.

Non ionizing radiation  as  unseen  but surely  ‘felt’  and can be measured by way of such as ‘mV/m’ silently  as deadly absorbed remaining  the metric of  infrastructure of not only panopticonic  surveillance envisaged as facilitated such the ‘mobility ‘as of a ‘SIM’ card as  but a geo locational device  read by AI such the surveillance; as attained ‘Technocratic’  -but also said  non ionizing radiation offering control and manipulative potential which  perceived  herein  as   to be ‘pumped up  psychotronic’ as a form of ‘mind over mind’?

‘We live and we learn’ – and  we do our best so it goes  yet, such the memento mori?

For we , sense  of Zamyatin,  have come  as  been dragged under hegemony  a long way since Jose Delgado and his charging as  chipped bulls stopped in their tracks but by the flick of a switch?

Dopamine hits of social media being but part of the abusive psychotronic panopticon  engineered such the ‘thumb down’ as such  the arena of man gods?’

Small quarters write as ‘surplus’…

-At the end of the day  hopeful you can elect to  read this small article as ‘alternative’ and albeit  decide it  ‘invalid’ in  that you disagree with the propositions made; and this is ‘Democracy’ as understood – in the ideal?

Totalitarianism in the real world ‘Empirical’   such the  ‘trillionaire gap  UN minded ‘ and  as resource transfer translated into  political power would afford us as deemed ‘surplus’  no such right; for  it always without exception such the ‘plus a change‘  demandant of more  trust in authority as intermediative to  be but  as ‘pumped up’- and denouncement of those whom dare to question let alone to propose alternative apperception such the pragmatism utilitarian occurrent?

No room at the Inn!’ as much as there no room for VMAT2 in this ‘Fourth Reich’ as Industrial Revolution  4 such the ‘meme chose‘ – normally small quarters would hyperlink under discipline  construed; but a large part of the alternative  is apperceived herein is as :

‘You either get it or you don’t‘ – and there  always ‘search engines’ such the philanthropy cyber spatial?

Did that paranoid albeit  sense of William S.  just coin ”VMAT2′ as a ‘neologism,’ is he/she compos mentis?

– ‘Whenever the word  ‘Covidiot’ heard I reach for my social media‘, so it goes , such the new communism as much as new variant of pistol?

Such the fuck  ‘new normal’  being  ‘woke‘ as panopticonic but that you read it here first?

For it remains:

Journalism is printing what someone else does not what printed; everything else is but cultural hegemony panopticonic.

Such the paraphrase apposite?

Foremost amongst  developments since small article referenced above was written  and published  (2018) the largest genetic engineering experiment portrayed as a  ‘vaccination program’ ever  to occur  as ‘rolled out’ in history Anthropobscene (sic) as a ‘WIP”, and the  commensurate ‘rise’  pumped up of unquestionable global medical authority as aspectual of a corporatist  military industrial complex (MIC) manifestly as geopolitically as hegemonically capable of enforcing’ as prescribing a ‘one size fits all’ solution to a problem as determined under  authority and  capable of  denouncing  or proscribing any alternative as so deemed, such the ‘mind over mind’ occurent?

Eisenhower by way of ‘swan song’  did at least try to warn  against such a  straitjacket complex of panopticonic pathology such the etymology of ‘MIC’?

-‘Who let the dogs out, such the ‘woof”?

Actually these small quarters more identify with ‘wolf’ such the ‘how’ lunatic against ‘havoc ‘ panopticonic such the ‘warp’….

To further mixed metaphor such the piss against the wind of cultural hegemony…

It questionable as unacceptable how many medical careers of decent Human Beings  recently  been ruined  or to be ruined as a  result of not only questioning this MIC  globalized narrative concerning ‘COVID’  but  for daring to suggest alternative possible solution other than  as  culturally hegemonic;  as  much as it is questionable as to how many people have died or to die prematurely under a  ‘TINA’  to  genetic engineering and ‘lockdown’ such as as this ‘new normal’ conceals  a ‘hidden agenda panopticonic’ wondered upon?

Such the unacceptable under ‘panopticonic paradigm’?

It should be noted that these small quarters do not believe in ‘happenstance’  such the ‘blow it out your ass, satanic bastard man gods of Thanatos‘! elicited  idioosyncratic;  and that favorite question when approaching any cultural hegemony, particularly as would be ‘Global’ ,  remains  ‘Cui Bono‘?(who benefits?)

In short, one is a as remains to the death  a self confessed highly cynical as  an albeit pretentious individual whom will not give up the right to question, and  plainly  as herein evidenced (?) refuses to  blindly trust in ‘authority’; nor to silently go with the flow such the self censorship as a dying of the light which appears to be increasingly demanded way of ‘en passant ‘capture occasioned of but  mere ‘pawn’ on some grand chessboard  apperceived  degenerate ‘as ‘dark’.

This said without any approximation of smug satisfaction; for it certainly the case that the conclusions reached herein  being as would rather not be so.

Ever hoped you were wrong – ‘Cassandra’ like?

To lie to oneself is  to be complicit…

‘Never give a inch!‘  indeed!

For the tragic reality is that any  best laid scheme hatched by  a ruling minority is  that it must be disguised such its abhorrently degenerate nature as demandant of further resource transfer as a euphemism; and we in the 21st C. face the situation where never have so few owned so much – and yet still they want ‘ fucking more!”?

Examples by way of ‘casus belli‘ and hidden agenda  tragically abound such the abuse of  ‘R2P’ as far from Humanitarian but rather of resource transfer such the war, such the racket?

Failure to communicate’?

We in the early 21st C. are currently at war with a ‘global terrorist’ in form of a virus as an unseen deadly enemy of microscopic dimensionality such the irony: and there is no doubt that such apperception of  ‘Pandemic!”  screamed hegemonic  under ‘gaslight’ has led to an increase in resource transfer as well as a ‘new normal’ of social distance as a polymorphous concept  of clear political ramification, such the ‘What the fuck?’

Cry ‘Pandemic!’ and let leash the dogs of war  as ‘shaking‘ it Boss, shaking’ it‘ precipitate, utilitarian as effected further to transfer monophonic as panopticonic?

This small article  seeks to ‘de-construct’ such war/racket  as much to give room to Smedley Butler, Mayer Amshell Rothschild, Clausewitz, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu  -and others which may not even be mentioned, such the ‘dispatches‘ from the front lines aspired unto paralleled as to ‘pro patria panopticonic;  such the ‘Dulce et Decorum  Est ‘denied?

Hey but I tried, goddammit, at least I did that’ such the attempted flyover the Globalized Cuckoos Nest Panopticonic’?

This; with apologies to Kesey, for he ‘kens’ what meant?

Or what we got here, one way or another brought about; a ‘failure to communicate‘?

The reality  as of ‘The Emperor has No Clothes’ such the ‘fairy tail spun centrifugal ;’ is we being  forcibly ‘vaccinated’ on a global scale with a formula of which we know not but other than relies on blind trust in ‘ corporatist medical authority’?

Another reality of  such the ‘pump up panopticonic’  is that ‘5G’ is being rolled out to a commensurate increase in non ionizing radiation?

What if there is a connection on a global scale the question ‘subversive’ as ‘alternative’ such the ‘Paradise Lost’?

What if , what if,  such the ‘bbb baby’  as to ‘overdrive’ stuttered , Graphene Oxide can enhance the SAR of ‘5G’ to purposes of panopticon furthered way not only of surveillance enhanced but to point of further control and manipulation ‘psychotronic’?

Is this, under some combination of a telecommunicattional/ genetically modified phenomenon the ‘point’ of transhumanism as ‘mind over mind’?

-As much as to the perfect panopticon ponerologically prioritised?


Small quarters have failed again to deliver  yet again upon ‘promise’.

The perfect panopticon is a product  psychotronic as much as graphene oxide can be brought to ‘live’ under SAR as  an enhanced interface with the psychophysical parallel of consciousness. It is no ‘happenstance’ that said graphene  oxide has a SAR within ‘5G’ parameters of non ionizing radiation?

‘If there is any hope it remain with the unvaxxed‘, so it goes as to paraphrase of Orwell?

Spray that ‘Empirical Tree’ such the ‘Roundup’ Nonparticipant – as  of mindless obedience occasioned psychotronically as whence ‘under’ I sold thee and thee sold me it to be?

It is all eschatological any event, such the ‘beast’?


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