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A Man-Child in A Promised Land

Obama, Trump, Jeffrey Goldberg, and Richie Rich

The Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg recently conducted a long and obsequious interview with Barack Obama. The interview was occasioned by the apparent defeat of Obama’s fascist successor Donald Trump and by the recent release of the first volume of Obama’s much-awaited presidential memoir A Promised Land – Obama’s third book about Obama, soon to be [...]

An American Amazon?

Colonizers, Slavers and Speculators in the Upper Amazon

When the American gunboat “Wilmington” steamed through the Amazon in 1899 with a secret US-Bolivian treaty aimed at “Americanizing” the Acrean territory, (Bolivian at the time) the Brazilians, though outraged, were not exactly surprised. The antecedents to the “Wilmington” affair— and the revolutionary response to it, lay in a set of long-held schemes, conceptions and [...]

The Shadow of Physics

The modern English word physics is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek word φυσικός (phusikós, “natural; physical”), which is in turn from the ancient Greek φύσις (phúsis, “origin; nature, property”), which is again from the ancient Greek φύω (phúō, “produce; bear; grow”), and ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰuH- (“to appear, become, rise up”). Aside from the [...]

Free Speech Under Siege

Civil Liberties and the Press

The protections guaranteed to Americans by the First Amendment of the Constitution are under assault, and they have been for some time. In 1947, ten Hollywood writers and filmmakers were summoned before the House Un-American Activities Committee for alleged ties to the Communist Party. The artists were unconstitutionally summoned and upon refusal to testify, were [...]

Culture & Reviews

Fascism, Trumpism and the Future

Fascism is both a symptom and the essence of capitalism in decay. Its development into a movement tends to begin when small-time capitalists (the petit bourgeoisie, if you will) see their wealth, political power and survival as a stratum of society disappearing in the maws of the giant monopolies and financial houses. Not having the [...]

Can’t Find My Way Home

There are many obstacles to ending homelessness. The most fundamental one is the nature of our market-based economy, which has created an extreme polarization of wealth and poverty. A new study by the RAND Corporation shows that over the past forty years the wealthiest one percent of Americans has taken $50 trillion from the bottom [...]

Korean War Redux

The question whether the United States used biological weapons during the Korean War remains a fierce controversy nearly 70 years after the North Korea and China made the initial allegations of such attacks. An important new book by author Nicolson Baker, published in July by Penguin Books, Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins [...]

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