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Trump’s Empire

Reflections on the Changing Nature of U.S. Militarism

As the Trump administration recedes into memory and Joe Biden takes the reins of the warfare state, it’s important to reflect on the changing nature of American militarism over the last decade. Trump received a lot of attention for his proclamation that “we are ending the era of endless wars.” But this was more rhetoric [...]

Mad Dog Time

Stealth ‘Herd Immunity’ Strategy Ravages Britain

In mid-January, Britain achieved the gruesome distinction of becoming the world leader in the Covid-19 death rate. No other nation is seeing a greater proportion of its people die of the disease, not even the Covidapalooza of the United States. It is now beyond any doubt that Boris Johnson’s Tory government has been following a [...]

How the Left Got Where It Is in Venezuela

And What to do About It

By the end of Hugo Chávez’s presidency, a vague social contract had come to exist in Venezuela. It was not unlike the social contract which sustained real socialism for many decades, as described by Michael Lebowitz in his book Contradictions of Real Socialism. Both situations involved a vanguard that guaranteed a certain level of welfare [...]

Flint Activists Remember How Gina McCarthy, Biden’s Pick for Climate Policy, Failed Their City

Former EPA chief Gina McCarthy has reportedly been picked as Biden’s domestic climate policy chief. That concerns activists in Flint, Michigan, who say that she failed to address the Flint water crisis.  Karen Weaver, the former mayor of Flint, said that she was disappointed with the choice. “I hope she does better with climate control [...]

Culture & Reviews

The Marxist Pioneer

Jules Guesde: The Birth of Socialism and Marxism in France Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2020. 213 pp., $74.99 When the French left looks at its founders, the socialist Jean Jaurès is often fondly remembered as a great orator, historian, and a champion of peace who was murdered for that belief in 1914. By contrast, his Marxist [...]

Iran on Four Wheels

Nostalgia is both temporal and geographical; like young Iranians’ sentimental contemplations of their parents’ era, mobility and migrations generate reevaluation from afar. Edward Said describes the formulation of his Palestinian identity at a New England boarding school: “The fact that I was never at home or at least at Mount Hermon, out of place in [...]

JFK and Mary Meyer

“JFK and Mary Meyer: A Love Story” is a most unusual thing: a novel with footnotes. In the 1960s, the New Journalists adopted the techniques of novelists to spice up their reporting. Author Jesse Kornbluth offers a 21st-century variation. He imports the apparatus of academia to give ballast to the true tale of a torrid [...]

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