Full Blown Technocratic Tooldom Ahead Under a Thoroughly Nasty Neoliberal Ontology.  Alas

Twas Grace that  my heart to fear
And Grace my fears relieved

– John Newton

‘My symbol for hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or a thoroughly nasty business office.’

– C.S. Lewis

Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
Time held me green and dying
Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

– Dylan Thomas

It  proving exceedingly difficult such times  21 st C. contemptoraneous (sic) as to thoroughly nasty austerity ubiquitous to find grace as relieving of fear such the ‘great reset  technocratic’ in process of denouement; such the tragic resource transfer  to attain an apotheosis way of eugenics and ‘transhumanism ‘as to some inevitability  as  hitherto unprecedented in course of ‘history’ conceived of as  a ‘process’ anthropobscene (sic)  as much as  panopticonic,- way of  austere ‘take it in the arm, up the nose or ass ‘such the  injection as swab; ,such the ‘new normal’ as philanthropically founded as’ patriotism’ ‘ caste anew,  such the ‘dulce et decorum est’?

How much have philanthropissts  (sic)  of the ‘great reset ‘ made  in the time it took you to  read  the above such the ordo ab chao, such the ‘killing’ as ‘piss taken” by way of a truly tragic joke played?


The concept of ‘abrogation of Humanity’ occurring  deterministic  as pragmatic under Empiricism   being perchance best summarised as synonymized by Thoreau in his sublime insight :

‘Lo! But we have become the tool of our tools.

as he wrote in ‘Walden’ first published in 1854.

When Thoreau wrote of ‘our tools’ he referred to technology as the fruit of Empiricism – and more to the point  a determinism as transcendental as ontological concerning the nature of man as phenomenological? Thoreau’ s transcendental methodology was based on isolation and introspection as ‘back to basics’ and parallel of an ‘ outsiders” perspective  gained under self deliberation concerning paradigm as phenomenological as opposed to utilitarian or pragmatic immersion within same.  Thru removing himself under self imposed ‘lockdown’ from the ‘hive’, Thoreau sought through introspection  thus facilitated as enhanced  to gain insight into what has subsequently come to be referred to as the ‘hive mind’; as much as ‘immersion’ come to be construed  now as but  a metric of  ‘virtual reality’.

Some eighty years after Thoreau wrote concerning empirical determination of hive mind and tooldom, Gramsci explicated the concept of  ‘cultural hegemony’ as foundational of same in relation to the ‘Cui Bono?‘ of ‘tooldom’ such the expansive explication?

‘Long’ before Thoreau or Gramsci, Bentham had explicated the concept of ‘Panopticon’ concerning mind ‘transcended ‘as utilitarian, -and as to  become a blueprint seminal as prescient as pragmatic concerning full blown precipitation and exploitation of ‘tooldom’ under technocracy now ongoing as metastasizing under ‘felicific calculus’ inverted such the ‘greatest good’ amongst other inversions such as ‘war is peace’? It remained for Zamyatin, Huxley and Orwell as notable such the et al to explicate the mechanics, rationale and nature of ‘ tooldom’ as  inevitable dystopian product of totalitarian /technocracy shocking and awful austerity;as much as it remains under  ‘life as war’  or as Darwin framed it empirically ‘nature red in tooth and claw’ for corporatism to ascend neoliberally such the permit to control and issue ‘currency’ extrapolated upon hegemonically -and  such the shit  storm of austerity under ‘divide et impera’ now blowing as raging world wide  ‘culturally\under a unipolarity of geopolitical magnitude, such the  full  ‘Empire of Tooldom’  alas  now commensurate such the sic transit  of ‘mind’ as the ‘gloria mundi’ facilitated sense of ponerological irony?

The central proposition this small article  being that it nigh on impossible to ‘understand’ the world we live  (or rather austerely subsist as more likely) in without reference to Empiricism and ‘tooldom’, hegemony, and what Marcuse referred to as ‘one dimensionality’ for the simple fact is the world as we ‘live’ in founded  heuristically upon Technology as the fruition of Empiricism as much as  on classification in the Marxist sense determined ontologically,  and that ‘Globalization’ is a technocratic as political product  motivated by resource transfer as expressive of greed, expropriation and arrogation within an objective as ‘abrogative phenomenological’ framework which deterministically  wholly congruent with Empiricism as a weltanschauung or world view unfolding?

(‘Objectivity’ is a sine qua non of Empiricism, such the departmentalization as of Lehrer wrote concerning Wernher von Braun. More contemporaneous as concerning ‘paperclip’ up to date an Antipodean author name of Caitlin Johnstonebeen ripping a new asshole out of ‘Technocracy’ way of ‘psychological compartmentalization’ elucidated?.)

The resource transfer of obscene wealth such the gini coefficient has been technologically facilitated; and ‘here’ it must be pointed out that all money, or currency, is a ‘technology’ at a level of import as Mayer Amschel Rothschild recognized back in the 18th. C.

The real ‘tools’ as abused  as abusive are the soulless technocrats as elite, obscenely wealthy stateless bastards whom can expropriate as arrogate mercilessly and unremittingly and who ‘want it all and want it now!’ – and will do whatever it takes to get it such the ‘live and let die’; such the cheapening of life ‘occasioned’  by way of debasement, and  their apperception of ‘surplus population’ such the degeneracy as deadly delusion now demanding  further ‘externalization’ way of ‘cull’?

Personally, looking out  now at the ‘neoliberal shit storm of austerity’  ongoing as metastasizing  geopolitically small quarters oft find belief  in God challenged; this particularly concerning the transhumanist agenda as is so blatantly ponerological; and which yet so congruent with the empirical ontology being as ‘under the Empirical Tree;.

Have technocrats no shame?

Have they never read ‘Paradise Lost’?

– Have they no souls as more to the point?

But yet there an inevitability to’ it ‘all as predictable as ‘eschatological’ is there not ,as this diagram of the Empirical Tree explicates mine particular ‘symbol for hell’, – this with apologies to C.S Lewis.




– so it goes as to but eleven words ontologically  as deterministically related to – by way of an ‘Epitaph’ diagrammed constituted – concerning menticide to become ecocide?

Such the ‘shit happens’,  as austere indeed.

It is being so cheerful as keeps these small quarters going, indeed, such the sense of humor as mocking and jeering  as Martin Luther sublimely ‘rationalized’?

‘Mind’  in process  as much as ‘biodiversity’ and ‘ psychophysical experience natural as a parallel epiphenomenological ‘ being rendered obsolete/alternate under technological determinism and tooldom ’empiricised’ as ‘neoliberalized’ as globalized;  such the history of an algorithmic progression towards ‘transhumanism’ as inevitable expression of the Empiricism as a  Religion  – such ‘improvement’ upon nature euphemised as ‘augmentation’; as ‘gene therapy’, as nanotechnology?

As ‘hived’ off such the ‘ius est’ – as any  mainstream  media  will tell you not such the ‘sell out’?

‘Empiricism’  within such paradigm construed is as a religion of delusion; a ‘trojan horse gift’ as was ‘always’ destined to be liberated such the best laid scheme as far ‘beneath’  mouse or man originative; such the burning  caveat emptor as we now as Circa ‘well beyond alas’ such the  trusted fruit of the empirical tree consumed as consuming, and the technocratic ‘assassins’ as  always were contained within  the gift now ‘rampant’ as armed with  ‘advanced technology mentacidal as ‘nano” such the  austerity phenomenological as much as political become as commensurate?

Bar divine intervention, Life on Earth is destined for ‘simulacra status’  or ‘complete tooldom’ as the above diagram intimates the dynamic thereof; and such the ‘Lo!’ as of Thoreau further explicated instanced as unexpurgated?

Beyond a certain point Technology takes over, and the ‘natural’  seen as demandant of improvement’ –  hence only Science and the Technocrats can ‘save’ us  now such the ‘man god’ delusion facilitated as propagated; such the tragic entailment of ‘R2P’ concerning wealth and power as delusional as pathological such the ‘inversion’ occasioned?

Alas in the early 21st C. we now beyond that point of ‘preemptor‘ and the apotheosis of tooldom awaiting as a menticide accordant; as some tragic reiteration of Feudalism  thereby precipitated whereby the serfs   such as ye and me as permitted to ‘live’  under man god/technocratic determination, only this time around  to have no capacity to refuse to conform and obey sense of the existence of mind; rendered extinct by way of technological debasement -and such the tooldom in extremis effected, such the panopticon as   hath moved from ‘blick to click’ such the ‘evolutionary’ trajectory concerning ‘sustainability’?

Such the fief demanded as by way of oath taken,;whether thru ‘conscious’ consent or under illusion accepted by way of cultural hegemony such the fruition of the Empirical tree​?

The ‘salutation’ of ‘we whom about to die ‘in face of technocratic ascendancy . as underneath not so much the ‘chestnut tree ‘as ye olde empirical tree  in face of stateless abrogation and ‘surplus’ apperceived  as to be culled being:

‘Fuck You as stateless , soulless bastard sell outs! – in our sufferance is our redemption!‘?

We shall return as to overcome’!  so it goes?



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