Ballroom Blitz: Rationale and Mechanics of the Great Reset of Cultural Hegemony Global

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

– Hunter S. Thompson

Let’s twist again…

– Nathaniel Bills

Is your hate pure?

– Alexander Cockburn

In title this small article ‘Rationale’ could read ‘Madness’ – and in quote above from Nathaniel Bills (as Chubby Checker popularised) – ‘twist’ could read ‘spin’.

For what going down in the World as tragically being ‘Globalized’ early 21st C. not sane as any rational derivation of ontology could intimate; it a graduality of Eros and Democracy being destroyed as ‘soft kill’/ resource transfer occurring under mere program or scheme – and is, alas, yet another mere meisterspin hegemonic in which the concept of Thanatos and Fascism plays a leading role such the bagatelle- and in which ‘surplus population’ figures large context of warfare and the rape it represents?

Plus ça change -but this time around there more efficient and effective technology at disposal of Thanatos?

Don’t go under the apple tree with anyone else such the jive as dance… such ye olde chestnut; so it goes as spreading under the guise of a mere cafe. (This with apologies to Eric Arthur and kudos to Kurt)

‘Mistah Kurtz he not dead yet’ to paraphrase Conrad.

Pretension here, amongst many alas these small quarters, being as to having at least one finger on the pulse of the fucking heart of darkness as would, such the electromagnetism as much as the warfare/racketeering paralyse systemic as ‘cultural’: to point of a shock and awe and a ‘SAP’ purposive. Propaganda institutions which, largely as TLA’s (three letter acronyms) mean the first mentioned finding contemporaneous tragic resonance concerning the body of Humanity – as opposed to mere corporatism/totalitarianism – and as much as such synonymy would go unrecognised as but part of the greatest trick of the ruler/ primary sponsor of Thanatos… and in such Kingdom of Fear illusion is rewarded and truth is punished?

The devil is in the detail, indeed as much as Corporatism inhumane?

Please don’t get these small quarters wrong, they much enjoy spaghetti; but when it comes to acronymic TLA source and the force feed of ‘Alphabetti philanthropy’ and the fuck of a starvation diet of spin/orthodoxy constituting but ‘phenomenological gruel’ it can be shoved where monkeys put their nuts – this to say nought of reptiles with whom slept with (see below) such as would be hegemonic – such the decline accordant as but a cold blooded denouement explicating the ‘now’ of a concentration camp?

(Alphabetti e.g. CIA, WHO, CDC, IMF, BIS , MI6 , NSA et al)

Neurophysiologically speaking and as to pretension of psychophysical parallelism possessed, these small quarters go to sleep with a crocodile and a horse- hey Bro/Sis, but dreams arise from the neo cortex as of ‘Man’!

– What the fuck – you gotta laugh?

See below, indeed as much as ‘somebody been feeding the boy meat’, indeed such the bumble or beadle; such the ‘What the Dickens? ‘as misanthropy so it goes concerning ‘orphanage’ as utilitarian as alienation and marginalization…

– In case you didn’t know or suspect we alas, are such the state deep, as Zamyatin precursored , in midst of a war zone such the shrink of DMZ ongoing and to phenomenology -and evil, stateless bastards are winning like they’ve never ‘won’ before such the obscenity as life devalued and premature death and austerity intimates tragedy polymorphous?

It is as Geopolitiks is, as all wars re-dux; structural adjustment entailed much as programmed ‘GIGO’, only this one ‘Nova‘ – such the angle as broadcast thru MSM a hitherto unprecedented concentrated accumulation of ‘Das Kapital’ as frightening technology finds ‘highest bidder’ Corporatist; much as the mechanics exemplified to the point of epitomic – say nought of panopticonic – and the accretion of shit in a sewer pipe of abuse as denouement in which we try to ‘live’ – though subsist more apposite such the bastard determinism?

Such the new garbage in as would be regurgitated out to stereotypical homogenization; such the ontology?

‘No shit’ so it goes as to pretension being scaled and smooth now such the dispatch. (Michael Herr) – and as ‘head ’em off at the pass’ goes.

– OK, let’s rake the muck/filth way of satanic stateless bastards faced up to – reality being that ‘Truth in the Ballroom Being Blitzed’ become as some deadly weapon as at the least the treatment in process of being dished out to Julian Assange and Hervé Ryssen explicate times of deceit( as Universal/Global?)-;and that illusion would be all powerful concerning Thanatos and structural adjustment – which is what the ‘Great Reset’ is all about as a blitz as would fail to be id’d?

Let us fail to blindly accept the primacy of private interests; such the currency issued and controlled as permit granted ID’d; let us question the orthodoxy and deny implications of ‘Lockdown’ as variant of existential bad faith and dare to question; let us exercise thought as Democratic; and refuse to accept Cultural Hegemony by way of that greatest of all questions ‘Cui Bono?‘?

Such the’ it ‘becoming so hard?

One of the greatest dilemmas of Democracy being circumscribed in the proposition:

‘I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it’.?

The imperative of authenticity is to fail to embrace ‘forked tongue’ by way of cloning ideological and cultural hegemony recognised as symptomatic of an unprecedented polarisation of wealth?

Anthropogenic irony exemplified?

For largest part of subversion as defined herein, albeit obliquely, as per syndrome & under the imperative subjugative of Thanatos/ Fascism being refusal to accept labels and derogation as much as to fail to conform unquestioningly and embrace illusion as demanded: subversion is to fail to ‘self censor’ on the basis of spin as ‘mainstreamed under money’; it a desire to think as selfish individuality as rugged and as apperceived by way of refusal to participate in the Zimbardo like social psychological prison experiment ongoing contemporaneous, and as to labelling as misnomer as much as to divide et impera ; it is to be as an eternal child/ puer eternus such the new clothes of the emperor would be decried and recognised as illusory?

Subversion is natural?

As Sweet sang ( !) ‘It’s a Ballroom Blitz’ (Of Cultural Hegemony à la Gramsci?) see Endnote below but then you got Stateless Bastards like Prince Philip as counterpoint hegemonic making remarks like this – as proving prescient such the metastasis  such the cultural hegemony as abrogative:

‘In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation’

The quote/question above by Alexander Cockburn attained apotheosis(?) thru his daring questioning of cultural hegemony vis a vis Elie Wiesel in a superb article as deservedly finding place in alternative media yet.

Elie alas a hegemon of the holocaust by the way as synoymises ‘en passant’ orthodoxy?

Such the segue – because anything remnant this small article and as to follow being as to ‘purity of hate’ as concerns expropriation and arrogation – though the term ‘loathing’ more apposite as much as pity preferred over scorn such the ‘mair’ as Scottish colloquial vernacular goes.

Qua: there a loathing here of ‘Great Reset’ as a political phenomenon of engineered austerity as pathological, and that such loathing deservous of explication concerning the mechanics of a best laid scheme as Burns phrased; this admitted, and being as constitutes the rationale this small article.

“Whether to suffer the slings and arrows? indeed – for outrageous injustice is manifestly as circa the quintessence of ‘austerity’?

Mine loathing of phenomenological imprisonment as albeit pretentious would be ’99/4′ pure; mine egalitarianism is as of aspiration such as Democracy enshrines as to the many deliberate limitations as would be imposed by way of deception upon comprehension as Totalitarianism entails.

‘I am not a number, I am a free Man!

Accordant the Right to ‘get down and dirty’ way of questioning – but when these small quarters roll as rock the shit denied under centrifugal force…

So much for the prolegomena- readiness to ‘rumble’ intimated?

FACT: Crisis is Utilitarian, ‘waste avoided’ has an ontological rationality so far as Divide et Impera goes….

In this current viral crisis of so many dimensions and forms many stateless bastards as satanic thrive way of ‘resource transfer’.

Ramifications ‘ad hominen’ include as ‘incorporate’ such as Jeff Bezos (Amazon™), Marc Zuckerbuck (Facebook™), K. Guru Growappan (Verizon Media as of Alphabet Inc. as ‘Google™’ and as incorporates ‘yet another hierarchically organized oracle’ such the irony as ‘Yahoo™’ an acronym)’, Bill Gates, formerly of Microsoft™ – and now thru Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation one of the World’s leading philanthrocapitalists as an oxymoron enjoining George Soros concerning ‘making the world a better place’ – such the purity of their hatred for such surplus population as these small quarters evince way of apperception and ‘collateral damage’ and as would be regardless.

They care not.

‘Follow the money’ such the ontological derivation of crime/ racketeering remains a platitude as much as ‘too big to fail’ remains a tragedy. Mere puppets whom have abrogated their Humanity for stuff of orifice such the phenomenology to say nought of RICO denied rule?

FACT: The war we are in is not a product of ‘happenstance’…..

Structural adjustment as thus programmed and as entails the takedown of so many SME’s such the control and issue. ‘Tear it down’ has such the ‘rationale’ of cruel insanity an antonymy to kind rationality is as to a structural adjustment under resource transfer as assassinates ’empathy’. ‘Build it to be ‘up again’ as under new debt and ownership and to a fire sale engineered the real mechanics operative, the real rationale such the fucking cruelty, such the war, such the fog seen thru?

The ‘magic money tree’ of usury grows like a fungus of necrotrophy in the neoliberal darkness of illusion propagated:and these are dark times of Paradise Lost where Peace and Love suffer death under the illusion of austerity as a resource transfer to quantitative ease as a lubricant applied purposive to but economic rape facilitated?

The deep state one where private interests as dark and deadly assume control and many illusions are thereby sponsored to further darkness manipulated. The deep state is the epitome of manipulation as abusive and has metaphysical dimensions as much as utilitarian pragmatics pathological.

In ‘Amerika’ circa how many people actually believe that ‘Biden v. Trump’ offers a real choice as opposed to an illusion in which regardless the same deep and dark and hidden agenda will be relentlessly and as to ‘care not’ pursued?

Apropos ‘pick a joy, any joy’ for there yet many courtesy of Life as a gift unconditional.

The destruction of joy thru ‘austerity’ primarily thru the illusion that fellow life constitutes a hazard is truly hellish and is as to deep state agenda epitomised.

It like a constraint of the deepest human potentiality way of phenomenological imprisonment; a true ‘sap’ by way of abrogation in favour of control and manipulation?

No more hugs. No more communal enjoyment or partying. No more singing in church. No more sports events attendance. No more shaking hands. No more unrestricted breathing – ‘wear a mask’ because the air we breathe is toxic such the R2P as much as no whore like an old whore. No more SME’s as anti corporatist, because big is best and too big to fail. The concept of ‘All Lives Matter’ has been transmogrified to being unacceptable while ‘Black Lives Matter’ exemplifies an acceptability such the divide et impera? Do not look there, look here obeyed is one means whereby thought is assassinated by orthodoxy as Orwell so perspicaciously elucidated.

No more ‘joie de vivre’ as much as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

No more ègalitè or fraternitè?

Is it permissible to ask such questions such the control and issue of currency as has been extrapolated upon to point of abuse never ending; such the fuck of Cultural Hegemony?

– Simple mechanics yet work concerning the precipitation of hell on earth, alas?

Which bring us to the fact that evil exists as a moral dimension; and it is becoming increasingly difficult as a blessing to observe the world with Empirical objectivity, given that the fruits of said Empiricism constitute in large part the Technology of Political Control?

The greatest trick the devil pulled way of arrogation and expropriation was to convince the majority of his non existence as Bulgakov intimated; there being a minority whom are tempted to accept him and the material wealth he offers way of secret worship of a far lesser god – and thereby pursue an agenda of private interest hidden but which to point of ecocide – and it is an agenda which manifestly attaining its objectives through both reduction in biological diversity as much a reduction in ideological diversity such the wanton abuse it entails?


Small quarters feel obliged to deconstruct under apperception and as to selective quote by way of lyrics the idiosyncracy ‘Ballroom Blitz’ represents.

All part of the fun so it goes…

Its been getting so hard living with the thing you do to me’ – An anthem of austerity such the externalisation epitomised neoliberal and corporate.

Oh I see a man at the back as a matter of fact his eyes are at red as the sun‘ – Satan ID’d, to some reiteration of Pink Floyd, to wit; ‘forward he cried as the front rank died’.

‘Oh yeah it was like lightning’ .Shock and awe synonymised. Lightning strikes as shocking and awful to point of a structural adjustment program, perchance?

‘Everybody was frightening’. As under coronavirus Lockdown.’ Fear thy neighbour’ so it goes.

‘Ballroom Blitz. Ballroom Blitz. Ballroom Blitz.’ Repetition the quintessence of propaganda…

‘Touching nothing’s all I ever do’. The sine qua non of consumerism?

Cos they all stopped breathing’. Wear that fucking mask as an intermediation such the R2P!

Finally, the concept of ‘life as a ballroom’ finds resonance pragmatic in such as:

‘You gotta dance with them as brung ya’?

‘Nuff said?

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