Simulacra in the Growing Armory of Thanatos

Needs must when the devil drives’

– Common saying/proverb

The concept of ‘simulacrum’ is central to anthropocentric history construed and the control and manipulation of the ecosystem upon which all life now brought to be dependent upon? This;  in the sense of man is what he eats or drinks; or indeed what accepted into the body’ as  via ‘vaccination’?

With apologies to Husserl.

Regardless of the economy we live  or rather as more likely subsist within, we in the 21st C. are as to be further ‘fucked over’ courtesy or contingent upon the presence of but simulacra as a plurality polymorphous ;  this by virtue of the truly fugly fact that there the inevitable as growing presence of technology as the fruit of empiricism, and which satisfies material need  is increasingly being globally intermediated?

Such the fuck of ‘resource transfer’?

Feed on the GMO as much as m.RNA accepted intramuscular – and such the modalities as would be unseen?

Man is indeed what he eats alas, as ‘transhuman’ is as the acceptance of genetic modification under a paradigm of ‘consumerism’ as an enantiodromiata whereby Eros becomes Thanatos?

(The ‘alas’ in the above being ‘generic’  as much as one would really not subsist under material need)

The modalities of effecting the simulacraic transformation from ‘man’ to ‘transhuman’ as you read being rolled out such the innovation, such the determinism; the growing armory of thanatos is being deployed in a sense as Keynes put it concerning ‘finance’ that not one man in a million would be able to understand?

Injection is effete now, such the new bioweapons as of the armory being deployed?

Such as there more ways to kill a cat than choke it with butter?

Simulacra of the deep state as globalized – as would be unknown as unrecognized right up to whence ‘it’ bites you and yours’ in the ass deadly as quietly such the surplus population but to be culled under deployment of  the growing armory of simulacra  within a shrinkflating paradigm of simulacraic determination?

Enron ™ was but a boy’s game?

Traditional cultures as have largely as tragically been killed off or  (even worse disappeared into the memory hole globalized) assimilated as incorporated  they yet evidenced the use of simulacra which are contingent upon empirical abstraction:  for all ‘technology’ is but a fucking simulacra; an abusive artifice of craftsmanship which manufactures as abstracts and generalizes phenomenologically as ‘externalizes’?

A spear, for example as can be thrown or thrust is a form of simulacra, as is a blowpipe, as is a bow and arrow, as is indeed is a spade. Or a kitchen faucet as of Flint, Michigan. What is unique concerning ‘the anthropocene’ is that an evolutionary trajectory was predicated upon simulacra externalised as opposed to being evolved ‘internal’ by way of physiology; the tools of a bear are by way of muscularity and  razor sharp claw and tooth; that of an eagle the wings and beak, of a snake the development of powerful musculature – or fangs capable of delivering toxin as metabolized. Similarly , humble herbivores as cows developed a unique physiology of gut structure as much as goats can as a result of internalised as physiological/ metabolic simulacrum eat food  as would otherwise prove to be toxic.

By contrast the tools of man are ‘simulacraic’  as externalized phenomenologically– this alas, sense of Thoreau as some outstandingly perspicacious  metapoltical American guy acknowledged…

Nota bene that isguy’ as opposed to ‘goy ‘ – such the apartheid denied. As much as we all ‘Palestinians’ now as surplus population  prototyped to be ‘Nakba’d’  under the new religion of AI.?

Nakba‘ being a euphemism for death?

As much as Zionism evidenced philanthropic to reflect a hegemony of the philanthropy of AI such the resource transfer as usury become in ‘cyberspace’  such the  universal deceit as ‘social credit’ intimates? A social credit in a cyberspace as not so much universal as ‘metaversial’?

– Is the sentiment ‘Fuck the Talmud!‘ as being  to be rendered as impermissible such the control and issue of ‘currency’ as to a care not hegemonic as to a divide et impera pumped up as

about  to be dumped  under the intermediation of AI as mere usury ‘transcendant’ as quasi autonomous?

Life is alas as yet remains (?) a war against material need; a continual battle for survival, and this is not unique to man but a common factor concerning all life currently known.

What is different about Homo Sapiens is  that simulucra have been externalized – the evolutionary trajectory as an ‘ascendance’  based upon phenomenological rather than physiological factors to make a crude distinction. What, for example, the difference between the sonar of dolphins, the geolocational iron in the brains of Australian aborigines and the brains of homing pigeons?

– Just your everyday thoughts as the contemplation of simulacra goes mundane as censored?

The ‘price’ of such externalization of simulacra is now but  another forbidden subject: this is undoubtedly a tragedy deterministic as much as censorial; as much as the  evolutionary ‘opportunity cost’ of traditional cultures foregone contemplated is verboten  as deemed unworthy under ‘ a growing bubble hegemony of the simulacraic’? (Latter phrase could have been a contender for title this small article such the waterfront as ‘ideological oasis’, indeed. The neologism ‘simulcraic’ being defined as of or arising from ‘simulacra’ in action )

But digression.

Really the subject here such the apperception  under denial of orthodoxy is as of  the ‘bubble fuck’ which the embrace of simulacra represents under determinism; and it is to be  alas a bubble which very soon to be pricked as burst as apocalyptic, such the revelation; the veil soon to be revealed way of  universal ‘fuckover’ as to ephemeraliy explicated?

Thirteen of fourteen of us to die, such the  sheer fucking madness of Thanatos?

The utlimate simulcraic externalization of ‘pump and dump’; such the end of the evolutionary trajectory premature ,such the apotheosis – is to constitute the form of ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) as as part of the armory of Thanatos deployed to point of entropy?

The transition as intermediated from the immediacy of the ‘natural’ such the simulcraic bubble grows more deadly as pernicious by the  very day as hour alas; the mainstream media as force fed to us under the increasingly pernicious algorithms of AI as under an embrace of the ‘unnatural’  to accrete as to a final mass formation as to expression of ‘the inevitable’?  The collective psychoses globalized under such a bubble is far as from bodes well such the distinction yet to be made between ‘Eros’ and ‘Thanatos‘?

The deadly cloud it grows as would be ‘over our heads’ as to  imminently rain down ‘Thanatos’?

In mine seventh decade of ‘involuntary immersion’ as but a humble epiphenomenon in this growing virtual reality as under a bubble; rendered as ‘blown’; it occurs that the very term ‘bubble’  has been extrapolated upon as increasingly ‘intermediated’.


The term ‘bubble boy’ used to be applied to the rich; it referred to an intermediation whereby experience constrained; the rich live in a world of experience which is but a simulacrum of political reality; purposive to thanatos hey have no relationship rendered to the reality of life for the majority – as the comedian Billy Connolly puts it concerning such alienation and marginalization:

 ‘the Queen lives in a world as smells of fresh paint’?

Under AI the world as a bubble is continuously being painted ‘fresh’  as ‘anew’ as would not the decay or progression of disease as ‘mass formation’  be cognized; such the step by step of algorithmic  intermediation as the final bubble to be pumped up before burst ‘philanthropic’ to R2P the world by way of surplus population reduction effected?

Not so much ‘the medium is the message’ as AI deployed gently, gently captures ‘monkey’ so denied under a panopticon of ‘simualacra over mind’ such the bubble as soon to burst; finally as transhumanistically : as much as genes as nature held in eugenical abeyance; memory holed under algorithmic as goose stamped towards  the simulacrum of ‘cloud consciousness’ as an orthodoxy?

Yo! I got pretensions such the bastard dystopia  as to a new consciousness as would be un intermediated as to an austere apotheosis denied; as under such ‘bubble’ would be rendered but phenomenologically as existentially but some parallel to a busted flush/ dodo such the genocide effected as under a ‘quiet spring; a silent summer’?

Such the armory of thanatos now being deployed such the ‘rollout as ramped?

Hey,  but one exists now as  all but but virtual  in this metaversial realm of simulacra ; as to existence such the phenomenological suck of universal deceit become, such the cypto currency necrotrophic contemptoraneous (sic)?

What is really difficult under the assault of the armory of thanatos being deployed; and these small quarters unable to further elaborate as to modality, alas, for no executive of DARPA or indeed privy as  a chosen member of the WEF by way of being a ‘global leader or shaper’ is to maintain hope as ‘erotic‘.

It seems that memento mori indeed is applicable not only to epiphenomenology as of individual life but applicable such the extrapolation by way of Thanatos to evolutionary trajectory?

Homo Sapiens are dead – all hail the new transhumanism!


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