Toria Nuland’s War – Nakba in Ukraine and the Project for a New Israeli Century

Photograph Source: Toria Nuland – Public Domain

‘Fuck the EU’

– Victoria Jane Nuland, Current Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Tell it like it is’

– Aaron Neville

What a prescient individual Victoria Nuland is!

She made the above remark over nine years ago.

With the takedown of the Nordstream Pipeline in 2022 as further to her prescience it may well come to pass that the European Union is indeed to be ‘fucked,’  most notably via the shutdown of the industrial powerhouse of the EU, Germany;  which it seems is hell-bent on committing economic suicide;  this by way of furthering as  facilitating a Genocide such the climate change as a  21st C. currency controlled and issued expressing a New Nakba

 As per the sheer fishiness of Zionism; the rot is clearly as geopolitically proceeding from the head down? The Nordstream takedown had the rationale at a geopolitical level of denial of any rapprochement between Germany and Russia such the divide et impera?

It is symptomatic of the mass psychoses as a mockingbird inversion prevailing such the contemptoraneity (sic) of a Zionist unipolarity that the line that ‘Putin did it!’ concerning  Nordstream sabotage was permitted- let alone given any credence as to plausibility under a mainstreamed denial co-ordinated under what amounts to a Zionist fix?

Extending such a metaphor involves hook and sinker being swallowed under a mockingbird  mentality of deceit become universal (see Orwell referenced below)

It was Voltaire who made the remarkably perspicacious observation that ‘one can tell who rules over you by those whom you are not allowed to criticise‘ – or indeed dare to ‘question’? ‘ 

Such the control and issue of ‘currency’ pragmatically extrapolated upon indeed in this last Century of End Times? 

This small article is deeply critical of Zionism, which commensurate with Voltaire’s proposition given above is Verboten! – as under conflation thru the much hackneyed trope of anti-Semitism such the tragic paradigm of cultural hegemony prevailing, such the rendering of usury become an ideological tithe as much as a panopticonic scythe wielded under deceit and illusion? Quantitative easing as a means of resource transfer through the debauching of currency and its selective redistribution has been and remains a key plank in the tragic polarising of wealth and power which the 20th and 21st Centuries evidence at a geopolitical level? In any such contemplation the names of Rothschild and Rockefeller must be acknowledged?

One holds any Apartheid in contempt, regardless where implemented or by whom; this as much as conflation is abhorred as a propagandic means of creating ‘thoughtcrime’; or indeed  as much as fiat currency is loathed as a means of implementing apartheid as an  anathema the spirit of Democracy abrogated via expropriation and arrogation facilitated slyly.

Apropos, whenever the word ‘Zionist’ is heard there is a reach for the pen as is mightier than the sword, ‘so it goes’. This latter phrase as in quote marks is associated with Kurt Vonnegut, a person much admired by these small quarters. As within any religion there are good and bad individuals and any attempt to generalise is wide open to mind over mind conflation. Whilst at it the names of Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finkelstein are also to be dropped in defense of the anti Semitism charge which shall undoubtedly be levelled against these small quarters should this small article be published under a control and issue of currency paradigm prevailing panopticonically as the war in Ukraine currently epitomises. 

 Central contention this small article relates to the proposition that the term ‘PNAC’ should more appositely be abbreviated as ‘PNIC’ – and that America has been reduced to a Zionist colony, sense of Palestine and the tragedy of Apartheid in process of  being further implemented under infrastructures weaponized. In terms of the tragedy of such parallel one needs only look at such cities as San Francisco as a far from isolated instance of the destruction of civic infrastructure and the ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being rendered asunder in America?

To be blunt, Ukraine is the new Palestine as a Nakba in process of being implemented via a theater of war, and Toria Nuland is as a running Ashkenazi sore of the ‘Cui Bono?‘, alas as much exists ‘mair to be pitied than scorned’? The real compassion should be extended to the millions of Ukrainians displaced under a Nakba and the hundreds of thousands killed or maimed in a futile war against the military superpower which Russia represents?

In times of universal deceit, indeed? 

What really pisses these small quarters off is the sheer ‘chutzpah’ of the arrogation; this alongside the metastasising characterisation of the ‘Goyim’ as white supremacists; the tragedy of resources expropriated from so many Nations to be translated into money for bombs and no money for bread as ‘Oceania’ is being brought to it’s knees under Zionist arrogation, which now has its eyes upon Ukraine as oft described as the bread basket of the world. An interesting analysis of the greater Israel project as concerns the Middle East can yet be found here. Articles as involve extrapolation concerning the Cui Bono? of the Ukraine conflict as part of the ‘Project for a New Israeli Century’ are rare, but are starting to appear on alternative media.

There is no doubt that Toria Nuland as an avowed Zionist has had a key role to play concerning American Foreign Policy over Ukraine and the fomentation of conflict with Russia. Her boast that America had spent 5 Billion prior to the 2014 coup in Ukraine leads any reasonable individual to the question Cui Bono?  What is tragic is that the truth is being often violently suppressed in an environment dominated by Zionist interests, and no one dares talk of Peace, but rather that Zionist hegemony encourages money for bombs but not for bread, as any Palestinian could tell of, such the Nakba. Blackrock will not let the crisis go to waste, indeed, such the source and application of usury become the norm, such the ‘Finkdom’ as synonymous with parasitical abuse? This article from Wikipedia also demands consideration? 

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