The Anthropobscene Control and Issue of End Times Currency Resisted

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The weaponization of infrastructures concerning the control and issue of ‘Currency’ in the broadest sense is Anthropogenic – as are the manifold disasters of ‘climate change ‘ in process of unfolding as potentially leading towards an apotheosis of apocalyptic proportionality alas.

– This being no matter of ‘happenstance’ as would be construed under but mind over mind hegemony as a ‘bad faith’ as of but another mere conspiracy theory to be ‘mass mocking birded’ but rather demands the recognition of evil as a ‘force’ contemptoraneuos (sic) concerning the currency of end times?

Under mass formation as a Globalitarian (sic) madness we are being driven drip by drip as mission creep by creep in the 2 1st C. towards extinction: compelled as ‘leveled’ under homogeneity of singular dimensionality to accept a controlled and issued currency of Thanatos whereby it necessary to reduce population deemed to be surplus to implement a sustainable development as an ‘R2P’ accepted?

In order to save ze planet ve had to destroy it‘ precises the philanthropathy of resource transfer which is metastasizing currently under ‘ a permit’ extrapolated upon?

The ‘summed’ burning question as of ‘hell on earth raised’ such the memento mori is as per er cogito construed as a ‘Gestalten’ of mass formation:

How bad does this ‘currency racket’ have to get before we see it as it is; before we realize we are victims of abusive satanic narcissists whom care not for life or Nature and are determined to cull us under such rule?

– That we could be as to ‘Live and let live!‘ cognized under a paradigm of denial resisted whereby ‘Live and let die! ‘ has come to prevail such the heat is on inversive as enantiodromiatic now to a level hitherto unprecedented such the currency being controlled as issued?

– Our world is being stolen as expropriated under a resource transfer which is an inversion of Eros, and such the deadly arrogation to be apotheotic as apocalyptic?

‘People’ who hate life have taken over the planet; trillion by trillion controlled and issued such the ‘fiat accompli’ (sic) of money magic?

The love of life being an infrastructural phenomenon beyond ‘anthropobscenity’ (sic)?

If only.


The world in the 21st C. is no longer ‘Natural’; it has become rendered an anthropobscenity (sic) and is being fucked over polymorphous and mercilessly as product of weaponized infrastructure engineered by Empirical technology of hook or crook – in a manner which Milton foretold concerning ‘Paradise Lost’ such the abortion of multiple evolutionary trajectories attained?

Such the ‘Hail gangster philanthropath!’ resounding now as much as to austerity of a ‘currency’ controlled and issued all set to facilitate further weaponization of ‘ infrastructures’?

Such the Fourth Reich as an ‘industrial revolution of an empire of technological determinism as technocracy goes?

The accelerating tragic reduction of Biodiversity as but a ‘frith narrowed’ under a hegemonic ‘ care not’ is metastasizing concerning the control and issue of ‘currency’ in production as a ‘WIP’; and is in process of attaining of the ascendancy of a corrupting extra dimensional force of Thanatos as an irresistible drive towards yet another ‘killing made’ at the level of ‘Ecocide’ corporately contributed towards.

Only so much killings can be made by the way.

We of the 2 1st C. subsist more ephemerally as austerely on a killing floor of ‘frith narrrowed’ under an austere as globalized polarization of power arrogated as wealth expropriated by the most reptilian as degenerate amongst us. We subsist precariously under but a hissing and spitting den of deadly trillionaire philanthropathic vipers as would be yet harbored to our breast; such the hope of philanthropy abounding as would erotically spring from the heart – but which would be assassinated thru but poison injected via cold blooded philanthropathy and the weaponization of infrastructure , alas?

Myocarditus, pericarditus such the ‘SAD’?

Such the ‘resource transfer’.

Such the public/private partnerships as of trust abused.

Such the mind over mind as much as to the ‘memento mori’?

They did not blow the brains out of JFK on the plaza ; they did not go on to take down a World Trade Center, they did not inject billions by way of experimental gene therapy?

For ‘reptilian’ in the above read:

a psychophysical parallel dominated not by the neo cortex, but by lower level neurophysiology as denies the bridge of corpus callosum.’

Nepotistic, narcissistic necrotrophs, indeed now as but reptilian degenerates operate a Globalitarian racket of a currency of ‘End Times’ under an alliteration of ‘sssss’ and a forked tongue flicking at a geopolitical level?

Say surreptitious slyly subverted synonymy?

What is truly amazing is the extent of the fog of such a war; the extent of fucking inversion it entails as much as the embrace of ‘there is no alternative’ (TINA); that we can be so abused as so mercilessly gas lit under hegemony to believe in the philanthropy of psychopaths and ‘live’ under a controlled and issued currency of illusion which is so manifestly not only to our detriment, but to that of all creatures great and small as a biodiversity?

Ecocide incorporates all species such the horror, the horror.


– Small article seeks to make sense of a world which so manifestly is dying as much as Nature and Joie de vivre‘ being destroyed under delusion arising from the ponerological propagation of ‘man gods’ as driven to pathologically hold not just fellow Mankind but all of Nature in an abysmal state of contempt under the flux of Thanatos as a ‘narrowing of the frith’.

As a sentiment and as an aspiration concerning such ‘sic transit‘ ; suspicion being one is not alone concerning the burning ubiquitous question:

Why is our World as glorious being turned to shit as would be euphemized as rationalized a ‘new normal’ under a ‘TINA’?’

– as surely resounds geopolitical at the level of the ‘little man/Demos’ – even under the anomie of alienation and marginalization prevailing?

‘To thine own self be true‘ being the most prioritised target of the anthropobscenity of a ‘divide et impera’ propagated ‘ponerological’ under a technocracy which facilitated thru technology?

How many billions in the 21 st C. have already been denied truth at the quintessential as natural level of their unique genetic identity corrupted? How many of us and ours are to experience premature mortality as a result of the weaponization of infrastructure at a global level of a currency controlled and issued?

A slight digression such the ‘metapolitical permit’ concerning the control and issue of currency and how low it can go.

The Rockefeller dynasty founded early 20th C. ‘made its’ bones’ concerning a massacre as would be memory holed; but which really served as a precursor for the permit to control and issue currency as much as to solicit a burgeoning/ metastasis of ‘Public Relations’ as the propagation of delusion so it now goes by way of a big ‘mockingbird’ born?

Mass formed media as mainstream is but a Public Relations exercise of technocratic inversion as a flux; it is an expression of the ascendancy of Thanatos over Eros?

How low can the psychophysical parallel go ‘reptilian’ being the question ?


Before ”Palestine’ as mass formed prototype of greater proportionality, or indeed the social credit of China as extrapolates upon, there existed ‘Ludlow’ as an ‘American’ technocratic build upon reptilian possibility?

Such the new ‘normal ‘Ludlow’ exists, as much to the weaponization of infrastructure redux as much as ‘social credit’ beckons geopolitikal; as much as to the ‘Globalitarianism’ of a ‘new normal’ of Eros denied as Thanatos ascends thereby to point of a hell on earth being raised?

For what was permitted to happen at Ludlow as much as to be interpreted as revised under ‘Public Relations’ intimates at a ‘foundational’ level how low organized as nepotistic reptiles can go; how much stateless bastards can thrive as but mere satanic cunts co-ordinated in a mass formed neoliberal paradigm of a ‘care not’?

The remarkable thing being the efficacy of ‘memory hole’?

Small quarters admit one title considered this small article was ‘When Satanic Cunts Rule‘ – of course one came to one’s albeit limited senses as much as to realize such phraseology rendered beyond the pale of acceptable polemic under a permit to control and issue currency extrapolated uponsuch the prevailing paradigm of Eros now ‘taking it up the ass’, alas the panopticon.

It has become forbidden to use as deploy certain words even though those words have been around for centuries; and this is a critical component of currency as controlled and issued? The ‘new normal’ as founded upon ‘how low can you go?’ means not only death to ‘surplus population’ but death to certain words and the concepts they reflect; Orwell explicated such thru his concepts of ‘newspeak’ and ‘crimethink’ as well as equating ‘orthodoxy’ with the death of thought itself.

To apperceive the hell on earth connections between Ludlow, Palestine and China is alas to exhibit prescience concerning the control and issue of currency and the Dystopian imperative which the enantiodromiatic flux of from Eros to Thanatos represents?

Small quarters will be back concerning the theme of the corpus callosum as a bridge denied and as concerns metapolitical biopolitics as a currency.

God willing that is.

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