The Frequency of Satanic Politics in End Times. A Metapolitical Solfeggio.

Detail of a 16th-century painting by Jacob de Backer in the National Museum in Warsaw – Public Domain

What’s the frequency Satan?
– A Paraphrase of ‘What’s the Frequency Kenneth?’ by R.E.M.

The ambivalence of the most unusual term ‘The Frequency of Satanic Politics’ constitutes the basis of this small article. (Truth be told so does the term ‘End Times’, alas)

As to one valence of apperception the term ‘Frequency’ represents an enumerable regularity of statistical occurrence; as to another valence the term becomes as can be morphed technocratically under technological determinism into but another aspect of electromagnetism largely unperceived ( though thankfully not in the case of music – yet there remains an anomaly distinct as explored below) – though it is questionable as to whether the discipline of ‘Statistics’ really studies electromagnetism at a basal level of empirical objectivity- thus the quote etymologically as ontologically arising: ‘there are lies, damned lies and statistics’?

The concept of frequency- following response is approached only obliquely here; the focus as metapolitical being on the moral implications of frequency concerning the phenomenology or politics of experience in context of a paradigm construed as Eros v Thanatos or Good v. Evil. This, with apologies for being so mundane as orthodox in the sense as defined by Orwell. Satan hates the piss being ripped out of him as is as to paraphrase of Martin Luther as a sublime metapolitician.

Frequency as controlled and issued can have a utility concerning both valences.

Frequency is variable or malleable as Statistics ostensibly exists to enumerate objectively as an Empirical discipline – frequency is inevitably as invariably expressed in numbers. As Stalin said of Democracy paraphrased under kakistocrac imperative apperceived and concerning the deep state bastard realpolitik :
‘it is who counts the votes which matters concerning the majority as a frequency’

For; unassisted as by cultured apperception or revision under a ‘Cui Bono?’ electromagnetism does not lie?
‘It is as it is’, indeed such the gangsterism global such the 21st C. metastasis of ‘you can have any form of kakistocrat you want to pump up the volume of satanic frequency’ such the control and issue as Thanatos explicated as expurgated as under a geopolitical unipolarity of ‘currency’?

Lies and illusions can be profitable, alas, as much as can be the elimination of the alternative as to ‘choice’ denied under a eugenics of truth as a frequency unacceptable?

Small article adopts the perspective as polemical of ‘frequency’ as an electromagnetic phenomenon in context of Ponerology; that is, certain frequencies are benign as opposed to certain frequencies malign being the proposition. A relevant or apposite consideration is the growth of plants ‘under’ music as an expression of frequencies musical?

Control group: no music or background ambience, heavy metal music to another group, classical music to another group – what were the results? Unfortunately we in the 21st C. ‘live’ in times of malign frequencies finding increasing resonance polymorphous promulgated at a hitherto unprecedented level as contingent upon technology as the fruit of Empiricism controlled and issued? (This experiment concerning plant growth is referenced in the work ‘Supernature’ by Lyall Watson)

‘Hell on Éarth’ is a matter of certain frequencies prevailing in context of an electromagnetic spectrum fully dominated as much to certain frequencies being repressed and others promulgated under a technocratic control and issue of ‘currency’? Whilst ‘Shit happens’ on Earth it yet occurs with a far greater frequency in Hell such the realm of disaster ubiquitous seeking dominance?

Hell is here apperceived as a colon full of shit with a sphincter now twitching at a high frequency of Corporatist peristalsis to employ a metaphor. ‘Satanic Politics’ exists to narrow the frith between life on earth and life in Hell thru increasing the frequency entailed by the term ‘shit happens’ as much as under a transfer of resources ongoing given cognisance?

Apperception is a matter of the interaction of need and perception, and it is a relevant conjunction of a metapolitical nature that the proposition ‘needs must when the devil drives’ is essentially a phenomenon of apperception as controlled and issued? ‘Satanic Politics’ is a phenomenon of hegemony as an absurdity leading inevitably towards atrocity – under a paradigm of the ‘frequency’ of lying occurring and illusions embraced?
Lying bastards support Satanic ‘moral’ economics.

So it goes eschatologicaly?

This as much as Voltaire sublimely explicates the concept that absurdity leads to atrocity – or as much as without ‘apperception’ divide et impera could not exist as much as ‘Cui Bono?’ contingent upon continual repetition? (Or the abuse of certain electromagnetic frequencies as ‘psychotronic’?) ‘Propaganda’ is in essence the fostering of apperception as a need to believe cultivated? The tragic reality such the frequency of satanic fuckover manifestly occurring geopoltikally as globally as a unipolarity of the 21st C. is that some can feast whilst others starve as reduced to subsisting as ‘beggars at the banquet’ rationalized as much as to one man’s loss is to another’s gain extrapolated upon such the friction of the finitude? In Scots Law the term ‘reset’ means profiting from stolen goods. The abiding tragedy of incarnate existence is that death can be profitable under such contingency of a psychophysical parallel based on material need? This includes the living death of a ‘Nakba’, alas, as delineated by a frequency of premature fatality and forced migration under a great reset. Our world is being stolen under our very eyes is as to the acceptance of malign frequency?

The abiding tragedy is of material need – mine small dreams of ‘Utopia’ are indeed based on the speculation of absence of same as but a thought experiment which quintessentially is metapolitical. The creation of scarcity and inequity of distribution is the quintessence of satanic politics as a divide et impera and a ‘live and let die’ ethos whereby man is brought to hate man.

Under frequency as but an apperception of neoliberalism with it’s free market ‘do what thou wilt’ and devaluation of Life Earth is viewed as a shithole worthy of but satanic rape and destruction? As it can be brought to be seen so shall it be, so it goes.

That the love of money is the root of all evil means that the love of technology is really at the root by way of synonymy? (Money being a technology) One loathes Empiricism by the way; though mine little home is chock full of its fruit via technology adopted as studied, such the rationalization; such the scatology. (One exists not to worship filth, but to transcendentally study the mechanics of it in motion, such the pretension; such the peristalsis as much as the colon rendered concerning the body politic. That there is an increasing frequency of filthy as deadly technology accumulating and being deployed in the 21st Century is the real ‘climate change’? ) In this ‘sense’ the death of Elvis is construed as a metaphor -constipation as the accumulation of poo in the ‘body’ can be deadly. Contrary to satanic inversion toxic shit is not good for us, and alas there is an increasing frequency of toxic shit on the planet concerning the body politic.

The dots that we permitted to see as much as can be hegemonically led to join up to an apperception under a philanthropathy of expropriation as an ideological tithe of propaganda hegemonic express our phenomenology as much as to the determination whether we are of an erotic nature or of deadly persuasion; whether we are of ‘Eros’ as a lover of Nature or of ‘Thanatos’ as a hater of Nature being to an inevitability as to a spectrum of differentiation via the control and issue of ‘currency’ as a centrifugal spin of metapolitical differentiation under an ongoing denouement? The essence of consumerism is to create new needs under what is a paradigm of fear?

Central contention this small article is that ‘frequency’ as an attenuation of ‘dots being joined up or not’ exists as at a phenomenological level of expression of laws at work which are yet beyond our current levels of conscious awareness- the psychophysical parallel within which we subsist austerely as contemporaneously (sic) within is as much an expression of the bicameral brain with its corpus callosum as of the limitations imposed thru materialism/ Empiricism which has been ‘hi-jacked’ at the level of technological determinism as a necrotrophic phenomenon ponerologically considered? Metapolitically speaking the corpus callosum is a’ bridge too far’ to permit of a tabula rasa writ upon by self as authentic?

Enter ‘necrotrophy’.

Satan is a fucking deadly parasite as much as a ‘capo di tutti capo’ which under Occam’s Razor does not exist such the esse es percipi – but suspicion is growing under the demand of ‘what the fuck is going on?’ as in the face of a mass formation increasingly becoming manifest at a geopolitical level? The primary objective of satanic politics is to ensure ‘big shit happens’ as a narrowing of the frith between life on earth and life in hell? Such big shit being essentially a Corporatist phenomenon – as via ‘Big Pharma’ such the peristalsis.

No Shit, indeed.

Statistically speaking most people find it difficult to keep up with the madness as is the way of mass formation/co-option as a form of abuse rampant? Increasingly we are unable to digest the shit which being pumped and dumped all over our lives as an expression of the ‘peristalsis ponerological’ as defines ‘satanic politics’? Bullshit baffles brains is an axiom of ‘mind over mind’ as much as when we can be brought to believe in absurdity atrocity is facilitated.

The concept of an Empirical Tree as an ontology of mind explicates mine somewhat pitiful attempt at a ‘transcendence’; the reality being at a spiritual or metapolitical level that there exists unavoidable consequences for the eating of the fruit of such a tree construed as an ontology of mind?

One sucked at the fruit but did not swallow it?

But digression.

Small quarters much admire that most dangerous mind Gramsci whom managed to explicate the mechanics of power of mind over mind as of ‘cultural hegemony’ – and a most interesting consideration is how technological progress has facilitated the metastasis of same, such the mechanics of satanic politics?

This small article synonymises ‘cultural hegemony’ with the control and issue of ‘frequency’ as facilitated under technological progress as enshrines or circumscribes what amounts to a delineation of ‘satanic mechanics/politiks’. It occurs within context of Nature being apperceived as being under an unprecedented level of assault such the enantiodromia or flux of from Eros to Thanatos as now in sense of contemptoraneity (sic) to entail the degeneration of psychophysical parallel to instance but a state of fugue or satanic zombiedom as an absurdity via the attenuation of frequency controlled and issued as an atrocity? (Psychotronics + Gene Therapy = as attenuated under ‘control and issue ‘ = malign frequency =satanic politics?)
‘Shit happens’ is easier to articulate.

The ‘evolution’ of cultural hegemony under the bias of technological determinism towards the profitability as probability of premature death preceded by torture is a direct result of the fact that ‘Money’ is a technology under a deterministic framework of pathological compulsion? When money becomes digitalized pathological compulsion attains an ever greater frequency of occurrence facilitated? (In Hell there is an abundance of the frequency of social credit as punitive; as inversive such the mass formation of Thanatos?)

The metapolitical concept that lies and the illusions they foster a product or expression of electromagenetic frequency as exists to be controlled and issued is alas not a mere speculative product of metaphysics as Bradley explicated in his ‘Appearance and Reality’ (the book remains on mine shelf as to be re-read whence the courage worked up; last time it precipitated ‘vertigo’ under an minor epiphany – nineteenth nervous breakdown indeed); Shakespeare hit the nail on the head alas when he claimed that ‘Hell is Empty’ as much as Demons a phenomenon of migration under malign frequency facilitation extrapolated upon(?) – the contention here being that such is contingent upon the control and issue of ‘currency’ as a certain range of frequency prevailing under will or determination originating extra dimensional as beyond the current paradigm of Empiricism and esse es pericipi as Berkeley rips the piss sublimely out of the ‘objectivity’ of Empiricism via immaterialism? Hell on Earth is a gini coefficient, indeed as relates to a frequency of distribution?

The refutation as denial of hegemony relies upon questions, indeed as reflect alternative apperceptions? Increasingly we ‘live’ in a world whereby questions and contemplation are not tolerated and become dangerous to ask or to think?

But further digression.

What does ‘frequency’ mean in context of satanic politics?

To approach answer of such rhetoric is to be obliged to refer to Milton and his sublime work ‘Paradise Lost’ as constitutes a framework of interpretation, indeed an apperception rendered obscure under a deadly hegemony of dots as would be unseen let alone enjoined; the ‘narrowing of the frith’ as he imputes to Satanic vow entails an inversion of ‘Nature’ as amounts to an enantiodromiata of from Eros to Thanatos in which the power of mind over mind is critical. Milton attained a metapolitical transcendence of the one dimensionality as of Marcuse intimates – as CS Lewis and Bulgakov further explicate by way of ‘dots’ seen as enjoined to an alas given the absence of such frequency? Do such notions find a resonance? Or are they too alternative as much as to be confined to the realms of but conspiracy theory under hegemony?

Hell on Earth is a matter of frequency prevailing. This can be approached at a statistical level of apperception demonstrable as thru consideration of San Francisco as an American prototype of hell on earth via criminality, homelessness, drug dependency, infant mortality, life expectancy – any such ‘Nakba’ as a frequency of fuckover being an expression of the narrowing of the frith as the devaluation of Human Life; or extrapolated upon pragmatically via ‘neoliberalism’- this as much as the narrowing of the frith entails a state of Apartheid – as of morality from economics – where the obscene concept of ‘surplus population’ cometh to prevail neo liberal as a deprecation of ‘Life’ and an ethos of ‘Live and let die’ embraced?

San Francisco is one narrowed frith as ain’t no product of ‘happenstance’? Shit happens in San Franscisco with an increasing frequency of occurrence as on sidewalks? Needs must when the devil drives, indeed.
Yet there exists many such approaches as prototypical , alas?

Make no mistake: satan is one cruel, vicious cunt of immiseration as operates thru a metrics modulated of electromagnetic horror of Nature inverted – a horror of ‘frequency’ such the dots as would not be enjoined under a hegemony of smoke and mirrors; under a frequency of but lies and illusions crafted under wilful as malevolent deliberation concerning a fog of war prevailing?

For satan is a phenomenon as long ago mastered ‘Empiricism’ and what would be an acceptable ‘Science’ as giving rise to a technology of death to Nature?

Any such laurels as the above ‘intimates’ are refused to be laid down under the altar of orthodoxy.

‘Hell on Earth’ is a matter of frequency prevailing polymorphous under an absurd technocracy worshipping filth and demanding we be sacrificed on the altar of such orthodoxy as an atrocity?

‘One does not like the green eggs and ham of hegemony Sam I am’ such the metaphor and paraphrase as much as to the frequency of the death of thought as imminently to be explicated as a mark of satanic Politics via end times such the thin end of the blitz as entails frequency being controlled and issued?

‘You vill eat ze green eggs and ham as much as ze bugs and ze lab grown meat’ as Husserl could make much of?
Such the phenomenology as a Solfeggio denied, alas.

Satan is a Technocrat.

End Note.

As per usual these small quarters have failed to fully explicate a world view metapolitical. Though one tried, at least as of Kesey wrote as attained concerning a flyover of a cuckoo’s nest as an apposite as ripe metaphor? As at the end of same metapolitical sojourn (Kudos to Ken), where Randall is subjected to a pre frontal leucotomy and his capacity for alternative phenomenology destroyed thru the cruel wield of a scalpel and cranial drill such the metaphor concerning the transformation of Eros to Thanatos there exists a capacity contemptoraneous (sic) for such a currency to be extrapolated upon? Such capacity is technologically facilitated as much as a mark of the beast to leave little visible scars but yet facilitate a ‘zombiedom’ as of Manchurian/transhuman candidature which psychotronics as a phenomenon of frequency modulated as controlled and issued represents?

In addition to a gene therapy as of the acceptance intramuscular or intravenous of a secret substance as unprecedented in the course of anthropobscené (sic) history we also now ‘exist’ under a telecommunications infrastructure to be dominated as leucotomized by a satanic frequency of non ionizing radiation’ beam formed’ not only terrestrially but extraterestially form of satellites in low level orbit such the full spectrum dominated as rendered atrocious?

In uncouth terms we are fucked barring divine intervention: there a growing arsenal of satanic technology as reflection a concentrated accumulation of economic resources in process of unipolar alignment to be deployed under a death of thought rationale as equates with Globalitarian orthodoxy as satanism rampant?
Under a tragic frequency panopticonic as utilitarian indeed.

P.S. The anomaly unexplored relates to the shift surreptitious that changes mindset – just wait till 5G pumped up, alas. So long Solfeggio, as bye bye mind so it goes under Thanatos rampant? A future small article shall relate AI to psychotronics and telepathy.

You couldn’t make this shit up so it goes.

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