The Bad Cop Role of Russia in Policing and Locking Down a Unipolar World Entropic

‘The creatures outside looked from good cop to bad cop and from bad cop to good cop, and from good cop to bad cop again; but already it was impossible to say which was which such the entropy, such the unipolarity’

– George Orwell (paraphrased.)

The ‘good cop/ bad cop’ technique of interrogation is one which deploys illusion under mere roles played.


One cop plays the ‘bad cop’, the one who does not care and will menace; who threatens as promises the maximum sentence, who exhibits a rage and hatred at a personal level, whom pumps up the fear and will lie, do almost anything to purposively instill a state of fear, shock and confusion in the suspect.

The more same subject/suspect as locked down as under arrest can be brought to apperceive under awe precipitated the ‘bad cop’ as unpredictable and dangerous the more effective the technique as contributes to illusion embraced as likely ; and as of the efficacy of the ‘good cop’ role offering ‘safety’ facilitated as trusted such the dialectic enhanced….

In an ideal scenario the suspect will not know what hit them such the discombobulation as of a new normal deployed deliberative as much a ‘world rocked panopticonic as entropic’…

– At extremity of technique applied the bad cop will threaten the suspect with physical harm; the real badness at a systemic level being proportionate to the actual torture or harm permitted the bad cop concerning threat implemented as carried out such the role played: this; whether such by way of the click on an empty chamber as of a gun pointed, or the shock and awe as can be occasioned by techniques of bad cop torture such as water boarding and other techniques such as electric shock or ‘chemotherapy’ applied. Guantanamo Bay or ‘Gitmo’ remains a Gulag laboratory for interrogation technique development under a lockdown environment of extraordinary rendition?

In the novel ‘1984’ Orwell alludes thru ‘Room 101’ to the use of fear and the good cop/bad cop routine concerning both ‘order of appearance’ and the form of that appearance. The bad cop will, for example, strap a wire basket to the face of the suspect and threaten release of the starved rat contained within to a terrifying vision of a barrier being raised; it is essential the subject can see as focus upon the rat to point of fear precipitated as ‘calibrated’..

The norm of the common policing technique we consider as to dare to extrapolate upon at a contemptoraneous (sic) geopolitical level of deceit or illusion considered against the illusions of propaganda/hegemony is that the bad cop is the lead by way of order of appearance as to shock and awe precipitated in the suspect; first the bad cop then the good cop being the routine.

The bad cop softens up the subject by way of shock and awe and fear; while the role of the good cop is to mold or take advantage of such softness effected towards the shared as desired result of ‘justice’ attained by way of a successful prosecution..

Both good cop and bad cop work together under the same system as a transcendent unipolarity; the same ‘script’ is followed under a ‘lockstep’..

The main role of the good cop as working hand in hand with the bad cop pursuant to ‘policing justice’ is to exhibit as portray an empathy with the suspect as locked down as routinely as often scared shit less- sometimes literally ; and thereby the ‘suspect’ rendered more susceptible to ‘kind suggestion’ such the peristalis entropic…

The role of the good cop is to play the ‘R2P’ card as empathic: to promise to keep the bad cop at bay and thereby to attain an ingratiation or sense of being thankful in the mind of the suspect as a good cop constituting a reasonable as fellow human being by way of control and manipulation effected.

‘You can trust me, I’m not like the bad cop‘ to paraphrase Hunter. S., such the ‘Fear and Loathing’ invasive?

The role of the good cop is to contingently as purposively offer but straws to the drowning; to elicit a clutch at same under the illusion that hope is offered…

Want a coffee,some water, how about something to eat?’ indeed as a pretense at kindness; of care and concern mimicked….

‘It was not me who did this to you, you had better help us both to get through this, I fear for you, help me to help you‘!’ so it goes under the routine of the good cop role as relies on the bad cop presence of threat/problem.

The role of the good cop is to portray a reasonable person as empathic to a suspect rendered grateful as amenable to constructive as ‘altruistic ‘suggestion.

This drawing short at proclamation of ‘love’; but studies exist alas of sexual promise of the good cop concerning ’empathy exploited’.

But at the end of the day and as to reiterate, the ‘good cop’ just like the ‘bad cop’ is playing a role – where the primary as shared objective is to gain a prosecution as much as a confession from the suspect.

It is indeed questionable as to which role constitutes the greater evil way of the abrogation of Humanity and Truth held in abeyance such the justice corrupted and illusion exploited thru the ‘best of intent’?

That is; the same motivation to gain a successful prosecution drives both the good cop and bad cop – they work as a team disguised under illusion towards the same objective, and under that same illusion propagated, such the unipolarity of illusion as the road to hell paved with?

Now please don’t get these small quarters wrong.

There are undoubtedly crimes committed by individuals as criminal degenerates which demand justice as being policed as prosecuted; the main point here to be further explicated as contextualized geopolitically as in hegemony denied is that the biggest criminals go unpunished as unseen as unprosecuted under illusion, and that at a geopolitical level consideration of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ routine at an extrapolated as at a culturally hegemonic level considered ‘metapolitical’ is apposite – as much as it illuminating or reflective these times of ‘universal deceit’ as Orwell put it?

– For increasingly we, such the control and issue of ‘currency’ as phenomenologically attenuated are all becoming ‘suspects’ as locked down now under the systemic as geopolitical degeneration of ‘Justice’ as the orthodoxy of technocracy ‘progresses’ insidiously as an entropy?

Such the ‘hsi nao‘ of ‘ a social credit’ in mass formation?

In quintessence as per a sine qua non of ‘ phenomenological fuckover’ the good cop/bad cop routine extrapolated upon paradigmatically constitutes a deceit; as stated above there is the shared objective under ‘teamwork’ – and that as such a ‘unipolarity‘ demands metapolitical consideration at a geopolitical level of extrapolation concerning utilitarian pragmatics as panopticonic considered?

Alternatively as revolutionarily as much as truth would not be told as illusion would be unrevealed?

The good cop and the bad cop have clothes – such are called ‘uniforms’.

In the 21st C. as an age of ‘extraoridanary rendition’ as polymorphous we subsist as under tragic times of deceit as would be ‘universal’ as much as lunatics have taken over the asylum reflected as by way of geopolitical illusion propagated and as extrapolates upon the illusion as the simple dichotomy of ‘divide et impera’ which ‘good cop/bad cop’ instances epitomic under a ‘problem, reaction, solution’ paradigm as ‘Globalized’?

The primary role of policing as works the same in any Country is to protect ‘property’ as legality as under a ‘social contract’ – and here small quarters elect to ‘fly the flag’ of Bakunin rather than Rousseau – indeed the gangster degenerate as once flew the ‘skull and bones’ symbolic of criminal piracy whom defied ‘Omerta‘ by way of contention concerning ‘legitimate racket’ related unto.

This as much as even the devil speaks truth now and again such the ‘Goering as ‘works the same in any Country.’ .

Such the theft as illusion can facilitate polymorphous; such the disfiguring scar on the face of geopolitics as a beast of unipolarity evident?

In ze future; (what fucking future indeed such the entropy(?)), psychopathic gangster dystopia accepted en passant, we will own nothing – not even our own minds such the ‘mind over mind’ psychotronically effected; not even our own unique God given genetic identity such the unipolarity of experimental gene therapy implemented?

In many ways ‘We’ in the 21st C. are under interrogation now; such the unipolar glasshouse geopolitikal; for we all but reduced to being but suspects under the ‘drip, drip’ as mission creep of a unipolarity at a geopolitical level of a ‘Big Brother watching us’ assisted by AI and Robotics in ‘lockstep’ such the Technocracy mass forming panopticonically; and such the illusion of the ‘good cop/bad’ cop pragmatically extrapolated upon at the level of but a racket legitimized as globalized under mere illusion?

Assisted by shock and awe and fear and ‘lockdown’?

Assisted by a ‘R2P’ of an oligarchic collective as controls as issues the currency of ‘good cop /bad cop’ at the tragic level of but a fuckover pursuant of a pathologically warped vision of ”global justice’ as a deadly transfer of resources furthered as to entropy ?

The ultimate expression of such entropy being ‘Ecocide’?

Such the segue into geopolitical contemplation of the ‘Bad cop of Russia’ as in title this small article dares to propose.

Make no mistake, after the atrocity of the slow kill of Europe already softened up as weakened effected as furthered under the takedown of Nord Stream 1 and 2 and as but aspectual of a population reduction program; we now subsist under the mercy of a ‘bad cop’ thus portrayed as ‘Russia’ as scripted?

The floodgates of deceit have just been lowered further and the tortuous illusion further pumped up by way of ‘Russia’ portrayed as the ‘bad cop’ at a geopolitikal level, and only the ‘good cop’ of Oceania/The West sense of geopolitikal power block can save ‘us’, such the illusion?

Again it must be reiterated in context of the illusion of multipolarity in the face of unipolarity that the bad cop and the good cop work hand in hand; they are an illusion cast purposive to the attainment of a shared objective as expressive said unipolarity.

This as much as the illusion of ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania’ exists as a tripartisan illusion transcending a bipartisan illusion extrapolated upon under technocratic hegemony under entropy?

From a metapolitical perspective we of the 21st C. subsist under an illusion which would deny or invert mind concerning divide et impera under a unipolarity which has tragically attained a level of mass formation at a megalomaniacal level; for we can indeed look ‘now’ from geopolitical power block to geopolitikal power block as much as from good cop to bad cop thus cast and see no difference?

This with apologies to Orwell for the paraphrase as in the quote given above.

Much as we of Oceania believe ‘we are the good cops’, so do those of Eastasia and Eurasia believe as currency controlled and issued permitted likewise; the reality is that such is but illusion under a divide et impera of an oligarchic collective which has attained a mass formation of mind over mind at a geopolitical level as an expression of polarization of wealth and power?

Attained thus a unipolarity which subjugates geopolitical power blocks to but follow a script systemic such the ‘mind over mind’?

‘Good cop/bad cop’ my ass – it is all aspectual of a tragic illusion; of a unipolarity become tragically entropic?


Small quarters loathe the paradigm as condemns one but to try as to fail such the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ as would be unflown over ‘East or West’ – as much as to the height or depth of metapolitics marginalized/inverted as ‘alienated’ as much as ‘marginalized’.

What would be articulated here such the cognizance of a ‘ken’ as of Kesey is that we subsist under the illusion of a tripartite geopolitical madhouse as much as of a technocratic cuckoo’s nest growing as metastasizing phenomenologically as incorporatively as entropically to point of a unipolarity..

Ordinary Russians as much as ordinary Americans as much as ordinary Chinese as would deny the cuckoo’s nest of technocratic hegemony such the ‘armed madhouse’ cognized would see beyond the ‘divide et impera‘ as but a ‘good cop/bad cop’ in play geopolitical?

Such the ‘creatures outside’ indeed as ‘ transhumanized’ to subsisting under times of universal deceit of mind over mind’?

Hey but I tried, goddammit, at least I did that’ , indeed.

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