In a Manichean as Metapolitical Framework Real Climate Change has only One ‘Cui Bono?’ Alas.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

Ephesians 6:12 KJV

Under orthodoxy mass formed at an unprecedented level of geopolitical unipolarity in the 21st C. it is forbidden/Verboten to question ‘climate change’ as anthropogenic global warming thru CO2 emissions such the narrative prevailing? 

This small article by a little man aka small quarters whom refuses to listen to Orthodoxy such the Reich as does not permit questioning the existence of climate change: rather such the swerve it questions the manner in which such climate change is presented as defined for us; that and the cynical as pragmatic narrowing of the meaning of the term as akin to a form of ‘Newspeak’ implemented/propagated. Denying climate change thu CO2 is rapidly being defined as ‘crimethink’ in the 21st C., akin to questioning the Holocaust, or praying to Jesus in the wrong ‘zone’.  

This, under cultural hegemony which has demonstrable phenomenological as material links to a ‘Cui Bono?’ of absurdity under  a fuckover  philanthropathic (sicThe real climate change is of a Manichean nature, such the evil of the deprecation of Nature itself; as much as the devaluation of Life as austerity goes Neoliberal such the ponerological peristalsis pumps as dumps? The real climate change is of an evil of the destruction of Nature and the Ecosystem to point of surplus population being eliminated occurring unseen; with such having  adverse implications for biodiversity via collateral damage such the care not?

 ‘When they can get you asking the wrong questions they do not have to worry about the answers ‘as Pynchon puts it.


 Wrong questions asked can be crafted to lead to the wrong answers under a ‘problem, reaction, solution’ dialectic of mind over mind as of absurdity cultivated by spinmeisters – with the intent of atrocity committed in a panopticonic prison as quintessentially a form of Apartheid as of Thanatos epitomized?

 The term ‘Apartheid’ used here in sense of a mass formation propagated as mind over mind: the ‘separation’ is of the evidence of our senses from reason as to a psycho political prioritisation of apperception beneficial to a ruling minority agenda prevailing as hidden under illusion embraced? Esse es percipi indeed as much as what we see is not the problem; it is what we can be brought not to see but that staring us in the face as stomped upon?” (Orwell some metapolitician – blindness as much as deafness can be brought about by a repeated stomp on the face?)

‘ It’ construed as a Nakba at a phenomenological level of ‘er cogito sum‘ translated entropic as ecocidal? That we can be brought to apperceive ‘conspiracy theorists’ as but tin foil hat wearing nutters a form of divide et impera under a nudge of applied psychology as a deluge of mind over mind evidenced such the fiat currency of panopticonic nature controlled as issued to an ideological tithe extrapolated upon usuriously?

Cui Bono: ‘I’ll lend you that idea and you will pay interest upon it’?

 When one ceases to think one ceases to be: the abuse of trust is of the essence of evil. Descartes was a ‘dualist’ by the way, albeit not in a Manichean sense.

This; such that we have a need to listen and comply with ‘authorities’ as manufactured and propagated under  a cultural hegemony which views us increasingly as surplus population worthy of  but eating as consuming toxic shit and premature death as a pauper? 

‘In ze future you vill own nothing and be happy‘; where nothing includes the freedom to independently think or reason as question denied.  It is said that when Torquemada used to torture as disembowel heretics he would claim ‘it is for your own good’; nowadays the torture as technocratically expanded upon such the megalomania mass formed is ‘for the good of the planet’ as demands conformity – and the ‘disembowellment’  become some form of ideological seppuku as ‘never give a sucker at the teat of hegemony an even break’ instanced widespread via externalisation as much as austerity enforced at a geopolitical level?

Say nought of the condemnation to worship filth as philanthropathic at a foundational level demanded?

 While rich bastards of oligarchic collective as Ubermenschen can own gas guzzling private jets and 22 bedroom mansions with heated swimming pools, or fly around the world or sail around it on private yachts, the masses are expected to’ live’ in 15 minute cities and eat cold bugs or lab grown meat, forbidden to use wood burning stoves or gas boilers such the absurdity as the atrocity of the utility of climate change orthodoxy mined under a deep state of hidden agenda?

Such the ‘mind over mind’ commensurated.

 ‘Live and let die’ indeed as much as’ Arbeit Macht Frei’ developed upon – as to where’ work’ reflects as incorporates an unquestioning obedience to orthodoxy in a concentration camp Global for we Untermeschen? Hard work being as necessary sacrifices made by the Demos to save the planet.

 Just a spoonful of hegemonic sugar makes the medicine as toxic shit go down such the ideological fellatio or cunnilingus attained under Hsi Nao ;under a Manichean as Ephesian paradigm where ‘inversion’ as atrocity follows on from absurdity?

 For ‘hegemonic sugar’ read ‘propaganda’.  

Lies can be sweet -especially to those who craft them purposive to a hidden agenda such the bitter truth? Mencken phrases this much better in his perspicacious contextualization of ‘manufactured hobgoblins’?

Such the one dimensionality there no evil, no good as much there no satan, no God?

 The use of Chinese terminology is apposite – in many ways China is now a  bleeding edge prototype of the social credit brainwash which coming  geopolitically as culturally as hegemonically as technocratically to a theater near u  imminently such the irresistible force of AI working claw in claw with other dystopian technologies as Technocratic to point of a hell on earth firmly as corporately raised such the new ‘Voice of God’ echoing in an externalization of built back better under a’ great reset’? 

 Big sentence for a global sentence. 

Nota Bene the bifurcation of meaning?

 Global problems demand global solutions as sentences and lockdowns, indeed.

The arrogance as much as the perversity phinathropathically abounding astounds concerning  the shock and awe and fear  which ‘sick puppies satanic’ can precipitate in the 21st C?

 Strike that.

 Philanthropaths are not so much ‘sick puppies’ as ‘dogs of war’ such the havoc they unleash. Not so much the rattle of scabbards as the shaking of spears in the dark austere existential cupboards/denizens of illusion and fear?

Mine wee views as to the distinctions to be made between geopolitikal power bloks such the negligible nature thereof and concerning illusion are on record; this as much as ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania’ held in contempt equally, such the alas as small quarters a mere ‘punk’; sense of ‘Bodies‘ by the Sex Pistols as a hard listen to anthem of the Demos concerning not the least ‘transhumanism’ as thereby presciently anticipated? (Not so much as ‘I am not an animal! as I am not a lab rat!’, indeed)

Metapolitics mangles metaphors; mixes media meaningfully?


The essence of  Orthodoxy as a death of thought is inherently not of Eros or love of life; it a manifestation of Thanatos alas; and in such sense the questioning of ‘climate change’ has become under hegemony a raw nerve which only ‘heretics’ may dare to touch upon, such the repressive de-sublimation of Eros? Satan is a sly bastard as much as the road to hell paved with good intentions. The tragedy under such fierce fun one dimensional as a black block looming executional is that people who really love the planet and Life can be brought to accept and support absurdity; that their trust in authorities as propagated as benign can be used to facilitate atrocity and further the cause of death. The belief in ‘global warming/climate change’ as propagated by such philanthropaths (sic) as Al Gore can precipitate a state of fear as much as satan exists as forceful under a state of denial. A denial which goes ‘look over there!’ concerning the guilt of entirely innocent parties imputed? Plant life loves CO2  -it is actually pumped into greenhouses to increase yield. Contrary to the viewpoint of philanthropaths such as Bill Gates, sunlight is good for us.

There is undoubtedly in the 21st C a climate change in effect. The reality that such climate change has little if anything to do with CO2 but a lot to do with such as carbon tax, low emission zones, environmental sustainability such the expertise of Bankers become meteorological authorities under a satanic warp of inversion; bankers whom care for the planet more than they care for the bottom line of usury extracted, such the climate change narrative orthodox  revealed to lead to a bigger economic hit – under neoliberalism as a ‘do what thou wilt’ currency ; this existing to be controlled as issued as much as there a care not for who makes the laws such the resource transfer ongoing.

If one is gullible enough to believe under fear in satanic apostles of Thanatos then one deserves what one to get?: being as of a satanic proposition extended to point of a global Nakba as a frith narrowed?

The real climate change would be unseen.

It is as nanotechnology in the blood; it is as of non ionizing and ionizing radiation, it is of chemical nature as much as consumed unwittingly. It is as much of plastics swallowed by fish as much as nicotinamides consumed by bees as glyphosphate by birds. or plants destroyed such the silent spring satanic  This as much as  DNA as the building block of life disrupted as debased as would be unannounced, as a frith narrowed?

Perchance Moby asks a right question  – though the answer to such may be ‘spike proteins and genetic therapy’?

Any event it has fuck all to do with CO2 and much more to do with a wrestle as in quote from Ephesians above?

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