Full Spectrum Necrotrophic of Weaponized Infrastructures Dominated

‘Has it ever occurred to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?… The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought, as we understand it now.?Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think.’

– George Orwell

“But the Emperor has nothing at all on!” said a little child.

“Listen to the voice of innocence!” exclaimed his father; and what the child had said was whispered from one to another.

“But he has nothing at all on!” at last cried out all the people.

–Hans Christian Andersen

It is a  great tragedy that in the early 21st C. Earth  has become host as an Ecosystem under infestation  by the worst form of parasite: the necrotroph anthropocene. Such acknowledgement is made reluctantly by a member of the Human Race as but a small part of said Anthropocenity; for for the most part Homo Sapiens are benign – but we sense of Zamyatin  have tragic susceptibility towards techniques of emotional abuse as much as our identity can be eroded as our souls stalked by necrotrophic narcissists operating as an oligarchic collective? Such ‘war on life’  as a necrotrophic racket of inversion psychotic is now in process of entering its final stages, alas the memento mori..

‘Necrotrophs’  by definition kill their host.

It is what they do as sui generis as much as sine qua non such their quintessence? They are the most deadly form of parasite.

A central component of the mass formation currently as tragically in process of metastasizing globally to point of a terminal disease explicated as by inevitable denouement  of a thin edge of the wedge ecocidal is the absurd concept of ‘surplus population’; and of a responsibility to protect (R2P) the planet thru genocide way of  pathological atrocious commensuration?

 Such a mass formation  is reflective of the hegemony of necrotrophs as have taken over the planet as a host infested thru predatory technology deployed; and here it must be noted that ‘money’ is a technology as much as  the economy an infrastructure such the menticide as can  tragically be effected.

The tragedy is that technology and infrastructures can be abused to point of necrotrophic purpose; and in the early 21stC. we are in the final stages of such killing of the host effected, euphemized as ‘technocracy’, and rationalized under hegemony as  of an ‘R2P the planet’?

 ‘We had to destroy the planet to save it’, indeed.

Orwell sublimely precised the modus operandum of necrotrophs in his statement of mass formation:

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength‘.


Necrotrophs as an oligarchic collective now have the means to effect ‘Ecocide’: to kill the host which this wondrous planet represents; to reduce it to but a pale simulacrum of the erotic by way of a deadly ‘build back better ‘as incorporates the destruction of the natural such as thru  experimental genetic therapy; this as part of the weaponization spectrum detailed below; as much as the concept of enantiodromiata can be construed under necrotrophy as  being ‘from Eros to Thanatos?

Thanatos  is happening now such the death throes of the ecosystem being destroyed in order to be built back better – such the necrotrophic apocalypse as was  ‘always on the cards’ sense of eschatology revealing?

Such the geopolitical torture and death throes would be unseen as of the host at an ecological level of interpretation/ramification being killed/culled?

The necrotrophs have taken over the asylum which the ‘ecosystem’ once represented?

This small article seeks to be perspicacious as much as to stand as an alternative apperception; as an eclecticism deployed against the collective psychoses which necrotrophic hegemony represents as a cynical menticide of  but mere  line under métier to be blindly followed under a one dimensionality as of Marcuse; to pierce the ‘virtual reality bubble’ which necrotrophs condemned to blow as to mass form hypnotically as would be  ‘immersive’.

Immersion being the extent of inability to distinguish between virtual reality and  actual reality under ‘infrastructure’.

This article is probably to constitute  but a ‘piss against the wind’  by way of obscurity as  ‘off the wall’ as would be unseen; the point is that what is happening concerning the control and issue of ‘currency’  is not with my consent: one is determined not be but a controlled and manipulated pattern in the hegemonic mind of philanthropathic necrotrophs under a  mere hall of smoke and mirrors.

– Some of us can not be fooled and are capable of transcending as refusing to conform to necrotrophic orthodoxy?

– Some of us are resistant to the menticide which mass formation represents under a paradigm of necrotrophy?

The leading quote above by Orwell appertaining to ‘climate of thought’ explicates the difficulties of war against necrotrophic hegemony; a war which is against a collective psychoses which kills the alternative thru menticide; or of no need to think as Orwell puts it – as much as necrotrophic hegemony compelled as condemned to deny  any originality of thought?


We of the 21st C. subsist materially as phenomenologically in a world of infrastructures intermediated as weaponized. Ideally such intermediation as ‘evolution’ of infrastructure would mean a greater health or sustainability of the ecosystem as worked with co-operatively and cared for  within a symbiotic paradigm – unfortunately a large part of  dystopian necrotrophic hegemony is founded on the premise that ‘Life is a War‘; this as much to paraphrase of Pynchon concerning ‘wrong questions’ as much as to the utility of Berkeley’s ‘esse es percipi‘  –  for when they can get you looking at the world in a certain absurd way to paraphrase of Voltaire, then necrotrophic atrocity by way of killing the host becomes feasible.

Darwin has a lot to answer for, indeed, such the divide et impera...

Part of the great tragedy of the weaponization of medical infrastructure such the ‘lockdown’ is the fear we now experience as against fellow man;, whom must be socially distanced from, looked upon as a threat to our health, and our capacity to respirate as much as to think uninhibited by way of the hypoxia which mask wearing precipitates.

Fear is the key to necrotrophy as much as is the abuse of trust a lock such the hypothesis, and the absurdity of such a Welsanchauung/ World view  as a mass formation propagated is pivotal or as a lynch pin concerning the atrocity which ‘killing the host’ as a necrotrophic objective represents as manifestly in process.

– And so to weaponized infrastructure as some litany of woe apropos necrotrophic  anthropobscenity(sic) recited.

Money as a weaponized infrastructure.

It is impossible to study necrotrophy anthropocene without addressing the ontology of such parasitology which the infrastructural control and issue of currency represents. The translation of money into power by way of weaponizing the money infrastructure is the root as primum mobile of necrotrophic parasitology: and the bigger the weaponization the bigger as more invasive as deadly the necrotrophy.

The debauching of money by way of fiat was the parasitic death knell for not only Man as a species, but for biodiversity in general – this may sound or resonate as an outrageous proposition, but pray read on. ‘Social credit ‘ as an infrastructure weaponized is the most deadly form of the control and issue of currency; the most deadly means of effecting a surplus population reduction by way of pure fiat? Digitalized currency under centralized as globalized control and issue is death by necrotrophic oligarchy; it is a man god arrogation which places thumb up/ thumb down into a technocratic arena of AI algorithm as ‘death under quantitative ease’ by ‘man gods’ – and  running the gamut  as from ‘bail out’ to ‘bail in’?

‘Social credit ‘ can deny access to bank accounts; it can restrict what may be purchased.

As a necrotrophic concept it is ‘too big to fail’?

 As a means of killing the host it is to be as of an apotheosis?

Neoliberalism as a weaponized infrastructure.

Ontologically, neoliberal expropriation and arrogation is a consequence of the weaponization of money or currency as a form of usury applied such the source and allocation of funds. All that money stolen by abuse of trust has not been stuck under the bed; rather it has been applied to buying up Corporations who now ‘own the world’, as instanced by way of consideration of Blackrock™, Vanguard™ and State Street™  – in descending order of  assets under management as trillionaire neoliberal behemoths of necrotrophy exemplified.  Neoliberalism is the application of corporate power to destroy the moral component of politics which is definable as ‘moral economics’.   The establishment of hegemonic institutions such as the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements reflects a metastasis of necrotrophy under the weaponization of  neoliberal infrastructure by way of finance  inverted as to constitute but usury?

This as much as ‘finance a gun, politics is knowing when to pull the trigger’ such the necrotrophic gangsterism as of the metastasis of a racket via weaponized infrastructure?

Politics as a weaponized infrastructure.

The constraint of political dialogue as a strangulation of natural  ideological diversity under the proceeds of usury applied alongside the globalization demanding destruction of ‘national sovereignty ‘ is one of the major symptoms of nectrotrophic metastasis. The common pattern imposed of two party politics, both of as owned and controlled and manipulated by big money and corporations, and the expulsion of individual politicians who refuse to toe the party line as of deep state agenda globalized is a weaponization of politics as an infrastructure. An outstanding recent example of such control and manipulation was the removal of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, with his replacement being  Sir Keir Starmer.  The deep state takes and the deep state gives.  Jeremy  had dared to raise the concept of ‘quantitative ease for the people’. This political assassination  represented the  further narrowing as winnowing of the difference between Labour and Conservative, and this not just a problem in the UK; there are a growing number  in America  who apperceive no real difference between the Republican and Democratic Party, both seen as serving the same deep state Corporatist agenda as opposed to the People or Demos.

As Lenin put it ‘ the best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition‘  -such the killing of the host?

This weaponization of political infrastructure is currently metastasizing as being globalized under the influence of ‘global leaders and shapers’  as sponsored by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) as necrotrophic.

Medicine as a weaponized infrastructure.

The arisal of institutions of medical hegemony at a Global level of authority is a linchpin of the weaponization of medical infrastructure concerning full spectrum of necrotrophic dominance. This is epitomized by response to the Covid crises as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the global implementation or roll out of experimental gene therapy on a scale unprecedented in human/anthropocene history. The lockstep marginalization and alienation of highly accomplished medical professionals who dared to question the narrative/hegemony or advocate alternative medical treatment is a tragedy of incalculable proportionality , this alongside the mandating of measures such as ‘lockdown’ and the application of behavioral psychology as a form of precipitating menticide must be considered in context of genocide? The necrotrophic as Mengelian inversion of the Hippocratic Oath as a weaponization of medical infrastructure as part of a mass formation  is truly deadly. The Hippocratic Oath as much as Democracy died years ago such the contemporaneity(sic) of necrotrophy ascendant?

The ‘Mengalization’ of medicine under necrotrophic weaponization of infrastructure and the abandonment of the Hippocratic oath is to be of tragic proportionality such the ‘fuhgeddabout it!’ occasioned menticidal?

The arisal and implementation of transhumanism and the iatrogenics of ‘Big Pharma’  mandated medicines under the capture of institutions of  medical authority are testimony to the weaponization of medical infrastructure by way of the killing of the host furthered?

That such a weaponized medical infrastructure and the ‘medicines’ it mandates kill more often than cure is highly congruent with a policy of surplus population reduction?

Information as a weaponized infrastructure.

There exists a large part of the spectrum of necrotrophic weaponization here.

‘Information’  is  conveyed by language as much as Orwell detailed through his concept of ‘newspeak’ as much as the totalitarian/necrotrophic concept of ‘thought crime’  existing as a commensuration. Information is also  now mass intermediated by way of computers – you are reading this on a screen as part of ‘cyberspace’? Which is where the weaponization which Artificial Intelligence (AI) enters into the tragic spectrum of infrastructure rendered subjugate to necrotrophic condemnation.

Do you as can you really believe that investiture in mass media, or social media, in AI and telecommunications infrastructure (see below) is philanthropic?

If you believe so then the concept of ‘philanthropathy as a necrotrophic inversion’ is probably difficult to grasp. No patronization intended.

The fact is that we austerely subsist under a weaponization of the information infrastructure as a panopticonic noose of technocratic/necrotrophic mind over mind being drawn ever more tighter by way of step by step algorithmic intermediation, surveillance and censure?

Such the ponerology of menticide as of a noose is as it is?

The destruction of thought which ‘woke consciousness’ represents is primarily a phenomenon of information infrastructure weaponized to point of the death of thought; this to necrotrophic  point of ‘killing the host’ such the casus belli as much as the new clothes illusion/metaphor would be unrevealed as expurgated? The Cui Bono? of woke consciousness exists as to be criminally forensically analyzed by follow the philanthropanthic money necrotrophic?

Trust in Gates. Trust in Soros. Trust in Musk. Trust in Gore. Trust in Schwab. Trust in Rothschild. Trust in Rockefeller. Trust in the  ‘philanthropathy of necrotrophy’.

The truth is you as much as ‘peer unintermediated to peer’ as from pauer eternus to pauer eternus are product of a heterosexual intercourse – and that the greater the confusion as can be sown concerning same is a means of population reduction, such the killing of the host effected?

Why  do they fuck phenomenological with/ ideologically rape us so by way of gender dysphoria?

– Because that is what necrotrophs condemned to do such the R2P philanthropathic?

Telecommunications as a weaponized infrastructure.

Non ionizing radiation can be a killer. Wireless Communications Radiation (WCR) and it’s bleeding edge development of  optogenetics are of menticidal as much as of genocidal utility. The difference as spectrumized is along consideration of psychotronic utility, which kills thought, and microwave radiation which can thermally ablate.

The terrifying necrotrophic power of AI  in context of controlling the weaponization of telecommunications infrastructure is growing by the hour;  for with each new 5G cell tower or small cell, with each new optogenetic device, with each new algorithm as processing power applied to surveillance the telecommunications infrastructure as weaponized as incorporated grows more deadly; the killing fields of necrotrophy grow more incorporative. Telecommunications infrastructure is not just a terrestrial phenomenon; low level orbiting satellites as a 20th/21st C phenomenon now have the capacity to beam form as survey; to assume under AI co-ordination a necrotrophic as panopticonic footprint/bootprint to put the BIS in the shade such the Orwellian as Dystopian/Necrotrophic vision  of imagining the future as the face of necrotrophy revealed.

Sorry if these small quarters made ‘false promise’. It is difficult to detail/precise an Epitaph concerning an ecosystem as of ‘life on earth – as much as it  is to admit ‘We are fucked’.

The point is; such the weaponized infrastructures of necrotrophy denied, we shall survive.

– This despite the memento mori as much as necrorophic weaponization of infrastructure was always on the cards eschatologically?

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com