Final Stages of the Gangster Disease Detailed

‘As short a time ago as February, the Ministry of Plenty had issued a promise (a ‘categorical pledge’ were the official words) that there would be no reduction of the chocolate ration during 1984. Actually, as Winston was aware, the chocolate ration was to be reduced from thirty grammes to twenty at the end of the present week.’

– ‘1984’ George Orwell

‘Permit me to control and issue the currency of a nation and I care not who makes the laws’

– Mayer Amschel Rothschild


Vigorish, or “vig”, meaning the juice, or interest collected when a loan is paid back overdue.

When I didn’t have enough money left over for the vig on my loan, Tony broke my legs instead.

‘Shrinkflation’ is a form of rationing and reflects a debauching of currency as a transfer of resources from the many to the few furthered; essentially shrinkflation is but  another fucking racket; a form of gouging. Gouging is the economic practice of increasing prices of commodities which are scarce to extract a greater margin of profit. For example, a small grocery trader as an immoral anomaly might exploit a temporary shortage of a commodity such as bread to arbitrarily increase prices; the same loaf as used to cost for example one dollar has a price tag allocated of one dollar 50 on the basis that because there a scarcity people will be willing to pay more. When such gouging moves downstream and increases in scale wholesale, as Enron demonstrated concerning electricity supply, it becomes a bigger  as more profitable racket. Instead of operating at a neighborhood level, it now operates at a State level; Enron effectively gouged the entire State of California by manufacturing a scarcity  of electricity supply based upon its monopolization of same supply controlled as issued. Enron shrinkflated as gouged electricity supply by making California pay more for less megawatts generated as supplied contingent ‘an offer which could not be refused‘.  Choking the economic infrastructure by way of manufactured scarcity to precipitate gouge is currently in early stages of  a global racket metastasizing, such the Gangster disease really beginning to fatally bite.

In an everyday as mundane context shrinkflation is increasingly  as tragically being experienced as the disguised reduction as rationing of grocery products while the price held; that packet of biscuits as used to contain 14 biscuits now contains 12, that soft drink bottle as used to contain 1 Liter now contains 750cl, that confectionery bar as used to be 50 grammes is now 43 grammes. The price has been increased though  apparently ‘held’, the same Dollar /Pound/ Euro now buys less of the same branded product as looks the same, such the disguise as packaging can enhance. ‘Products may have settled under transportation‘ as an ‘intermediation’,  indeed.

Of all rackets of shrinkflation, as Mayer Amschel Rothschild identifies in the quote above, the control and issue of currency offers the greatest potential for  the ‘angle’ of resource transfer effected thru usury as expressed thru ‘vig‘ extorted. Overnight the value of a currency can be shrinkflated as debauched or reduced in terms of purchase power,viz;  the ‘vig‘ can be increased. Keynes contended that this would be in a manner which not  but one man in a million could understand.   While one may have the same amount of dollars in the pocket or in bank account as a figure,  the debauching of currency as thru quantitative ease as a technocratic variety of ‘coin clipping’ means it has been invisibly reduced as the ‘vigorish‘  increased; while the number may remain the same the relative share of wealth it represents has invisibly as surreptitiously been reduced by way of purchase power diminished. A greater share has been taken by those who control and issue such currency as by way of a counterfeit – as of a dollar ‘clipped.  Years ago when currency was based on coins containing precious metals, e.g. gold, the practice of coin clipping as a debauching of currency used to prevail. That is,  said coins could be clipped and passed off as original,  while the precious metals within reduced as expropriated and such clipped shavings melted down to be traded to a hidden form of resource transfer as criminal. Historically this is the basis for milling the edges of coins, and for their debasement by way of precious metals content reduced.  With the move from precious metal backed currency to fiat currency such racket as of coin clipping became nationalized as legitimized as diguised, and is now globalized as increasingly digitalized. Banking and International Finance has become the racket to end all rackets on the basis of debauching currency and resource transfer effected thru shrinkflation. In many ways the gangster takeover of banks such as the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank and the establishment of the BIS heralded ‘End Times’ as an ‘invisible meltdown’/controlled demolition’  to purposes of a ‘build back better’? Think ‘World Trade’  , indeed and ‘controlled demolition’ as of Mambo number 7?

When such gangster degenerates incorporated such the ‘World Economics’  as Klaus Schwab can say  so smugly as arrogantly ‘in the future you will own nothing‘ they allude to the inevitable progression of a fiat currency and a quantitative ease of resource transfer thru which a global racket as ‘corporatist’ has come to prevail as a unipolarity of shrinkflation?

The resources as are stolen under the  neoliberal quantitative ease racket have been applied technocratically to takeover economies on a global scale of geopolitics; the people of the world are being gradually dispossessed of owning anything  and subsist precariously as austerely under a global racket of unprecedented scale which is alas imminently to take a further downward spiral of poverty and gouging at the level of famine inflicted to purpose of surplus population reduction? This can be identified as polymorphous thru consideration not only of ‘shrinkflation’ as a form of rationing of food, but also of the trend towards reducing as rationing home ownership and towards renting in so called ‘developed economies’. The vast majority of the properties as homes dispossessed under foreclosure of mortgage or death grip racketeering concerning ‘troubled assets’ have been bought up under the proceeds of quantitative ease applied by such neoliberal corporatist behemoths as BlackRock™ as rentiers,  all the SME’s as not destroyed under selective lockdown have been incorporated into ‘Global Gangsters Inc’; the manufacture, supply and distribution of essentials such as food and water and utilities are rapidly approaching a monopoly of racketeering to a global level of ‘resource transfer/ under new management’ of unprecedented proportionality in the course of human history? As Acton said, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

One way or another, such the many angles as modalities manifold, we got the gangster disease which to prove terminal as genocidal?

The ultimate expression of shrinkflation as based upon the racket of debauching currency and the manufacture of scarcity as an expression of resource transfer is alas, to prove to be widespread as Global famine to intimate the apotheosis of gangster rationing? For these bastard satanic gangsters are hell bent on ‘making a killing’; genocidally expressed as a euphemism of 92%. surplus population reduction?

It is tragic to ‘live’ in such times as when gangsterism has become the new norm as much as to the great reset such a racket metastasizing as to some denouement of inevitability? It is a gangsterism as mere rubes or suckers apperceivedby ‘man god Capos’  – which we would not see right up until the very end  as constituting but , such the global racket disguised?

That most people can look upon such figures as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Gates, Soros, Musk as much as the institutions and politicians they carry around in their pockets as but small change: indeed that they can accept the global private/ public partnerships they fund ‘philanthropically’  as much as believe in ‘Democracy’ as practiced by ‘Global leaders and shapers’ on the payroll of ‘Global Gangsters Inc’ and as such belief encouraged by mainstream media such the ‘currency’ further debauched; this is but an expression of ‘gangster hegemony’ as paraphrases the perspicacious insight of that most dangerous mind Gramsci concerning ‘cultural hegemony’?

As much as Scarface paraphrased:

‘Globalization’ is the legitimate racket of the ruling oligarchic collective of Gangsters‘?

The synonymy become of alternative media with refusal to practice ‘omerta‘ by way of speaking up punished such the gangster control and issue of currency is also tragic to behold in the 21 st Century?  In this context it must be proposed that mainstream and social media are on the massive payroll of Gangsters Inc. While it may appear as under the propagated spawn of gangster filth that  press barons or social media magnates are philanthropists; in reality they are fully incorporated into the ‘currency racket’ by way of propagating ‘omerta‘ and treating the likes of you and me as but mere suckers or rubes; whom never to be given an ‘even break’ as by truth ‘shrinkflated’ as much as ever  more subjected to counterfeiture?  The growing censorship and deplatforming of alternative media is an insidious expression of ‘omerta‘  as a gangster hegemony of universal deceit – and is as an elephant in the room which no one dare talk about for fear of being punished?

Which brings this small article to focus on a new aspect of the currency racket ; the growing trend towards ‘social credit’. An individual whom these small quarters very much admire, the medical antithesis of a Mengele or a Fauci indeed, recently related his experiences and opinions of social credit.  It is well worth a watch or a read of transcript, and certainly exceeds  as delineates the up and coming nightmare of the social credit racket as a gangster panopticon of shrinkflation as construed herein.

Social credit is but  a gangster terrorist  ‘hose down of fear’ institutionalized as rendered ‘legit’  as an disguised expression of the power of a racket which can occur on a geopolitical level; it is to be the final nail of shrinkflation  in the  coffin of Democracy as an ideal, and a deadly technocratic  as algorithmic step towards the reduction as reset  of the world to but  a global panopticon/hood?

 It is not so much as to ‘make the scrip’ as to be forced to ‘take the scrip or die’ as under an offer which cannot be refused? To ‘live’ in a hood of social credit is to be caste as subverted under a gangster imposed economic/psychopolitical strait jacket as but to constitute but another rube or a sucker; it is to give up any form of autonomy and to obey by way of unquestioning acceptance an offer of a currency/gangster scrip which cannot be refused?

Social Credit is gangster shrinkflation as a panopticon as of ‘mind over rube or sucker’ – it is a form of slavery subtly imposed under gangster technocracy in which, one way or another we to be obliged to say ‘All hail satan and his dons!’?

In such context it must also be posited that psychotronics is a form of shrinkflation; that mind as  appears the same is now no longer so, for the autonomy within has been shrunk to be but a much reduced product by way of Gangster Technocracy – the concept of owning nothing incorporates what is known as ‘mind’ , and happiness to be but a form of dopamine release facilitated psychotronically?

Welcome to the world under the mass formation of Gangster shrinkflation such the final stages of the disease detailed?

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