From the Front Lines of Fear: Megalopolis; Thanatos Recognised as Delineated

‘Nothing is so much to be feared as Fear’

– Henry David Thoreau

‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.’

– Upton Sinclair

This small article has liitle to no reference, other than oblique corollary instanced, to the Netflix ™ documentary ‘Fear City’ which these small quarters have not as yet watched, though reserve the right to do so – based on an interest in organized crime as polymorphous – and the fact that sometimes the devil tells/ sponsors a few truths as part of a hidden agenda of abuse by way of control and manipulation.

‘All grist to the mill’, so it goes…

‘Fear Megalopolis, Thanatos’ is ‘growing’ after the fashion of a disease as virus borne.

It ‘ long’ ago ; such the metastasis; such the relativity of collective abrogation, ceased to be merely a Metropolis; it is now become, such the scheme as Globalization entails, a Megalopolis such the boundaries not so much which territoriality as terra firma indicates an irony but so much as an apperception as part of a collective psyche can exemplify as epitomise hegemony as much as provide substantiation way of ‘Incorporation’.

– Or should the term ‘transubstantiation’ be more apposite?

More grandly put: ‘ great reset’ – not that there anything fucking ‘grand’, or great, about it?

Such the denouement; to be a resident, however unwilling, of ‘Fear Megalopolis’ it matters little now as to actual physical place of birth: identity has as in process of becoming globalized as a product of alienation and marginalization to an ecocide as apotheosis.

To be ‘all shook up’ is the norm, as of the collateral damage of biodiversity….

In Fear Megalopolis as a Panopticon ‘we’ do not look out of our own eyes as independent and diverse: rather we rendered as subsist to be merely spawny eyed as much as collectively numbed to moral sensibility as under massive sponsored effort incorporating metaphysical dimensionality, apropos; to reduce the potentiality of diversity to a unified hegemony of homogeneity such the thin end of the wedge finding ramification in such as the elimination of biodiversity way of aforementioned collateral damage.

AKA ‘Mass Media’ and the ‘knock on’ effects as concerns ‘moral economics’ (Politics’).

Come one baby, let’s do the twist as hegemonic – and round and round an up and down we go – but mainly down as concerns the Demos such the hellish centrifuge…

In Fear Megalopolis as Empirical as entailing godlessness and arrogance as much as arrogation and expropriation we do not look; other than ‘up’ -‘others’ look down upon as and make life or death decisions as to profit at the margins; and ‘Eros‘ has little to no no part as much as prophet degenerated to profit as much as the question begged concerning soul…

There no right questions permitted in Fear Megalopolis such the lack of humility; such the control and issue of ‘Currency’ indeed,; only wrong questions permitted.

Fear Magalopolis, such the paranoia exemplified it destroyed the village in order to save it – and don’t ya know ya gotta dance with them as brung ya?

Fear Megalopolis is a’ potlatch party’ in which destruction and chaos the pre eminent aspect to an effect deliberated of shock and awe, and in which people as so destroyed are but property as inanimate and lacking will to point of a rote and routine which will fuck as much as play out way of a denouement…

In Fear Megalopolis we do, such the sine qua non, not know our arse from elbow such as they got us by the balls (or clit) – and the squeeze painful accordant; ‘whole lotta shaking going on’ as Jerry Lee sang on – and it a shake of money tree such the ‘sap’ ontological as refers to ‘structural adjustment program’ – and such the fuck by way of rape of ‘shock and awe’?

Not so much: ‘The Motor City is Burning’ as MC5 sang of as ‘ The Fear Megalopolis is Excoriating’: like the image of ‘napalm girl’ as jiving, such the spin; only the skin is metaphorical and the layers would be unrecognized as the rawness and pain precipitate thereof such the peel of uncare as so tragically evident in the imprimatur of ‘leaders’; Fear Megalopolis is as hierarchy/pecking order satanically inspired by way of sponsorship?

And the smell of napalm is ubiquitous in Fear Megalopolis as to morning, noon and night?

Lack or absence of care equals no compassion to a merciless stomp of the face of Humanity ’empiricised’ here in Fear Megalopolis as a Dystopian ‘entity’; Orwell in his prescience got the ‘ethos’ right; Fear Megalopolis is as a boot – you can run and run but you cannot hide from Fear Megalopolis because Fear Megalopolis, alas, is the only future, as a suck of our soul; as a graduality borne of compromise deemed necessary as much as a (smallpox infected) blanket cover so philanthropically provided to the surplus as population deemed, and as much to explication of polymorphous so cynical become as to angle which always towards ‘War’ …

Fear Megalopolis ain’t so much a megalopolis growing like a tumour as it a war waged and as raging to an imperative of the denial of anything approximative of Eros?

Hence fear megalopolis the capital of Thanatos…

When these small quarters spilled out of the womb incarnate as the vast majority of us did, and continue to do, there were instincts as kicked in – and a waiting power structure to reduce the ‘booming, buzzing confusion’ to a rationally explicable order and ‘civilization’ beckoning to the acceptance of a ‘social contract’.

No ‘Wolf boy’ here the lament – particularly under a full moon as ontology goes.

A well known comedian synonymised as to ‘Goat Boy’.

The concept of aforementioned ‘social contract’ in Fear Megalopolis is undergoing a rapid as vapid dissimilitude, much as concerns the value of Life placed on an altar of sacrifice as much to an ephemerality increasing way of reduced life expectation as part of biodiversity; and this alas, is but part of syndrome: ‘Motor City’ on steroids, indeed.

Because ‘fear’ is viral; and ‘fear is the key’ as much as existence precedes essence as we all born of the gravedigger’s forceps as Beckett proposed; perchance our greatest weakness, so as thus apperceived, is that of our remnant concern for others as much as love for all other than profit a weakness such the urban jungle as the megalopolis founded upon; way of quintessence.

‘Fear Megalopolis’ blares out as thru a megaphone to point of the destruction of any walls such the irony as rapes as excoriates as much as every ideological whore as ‘talking head’ screams out a tragedy of pragmatism way of trade made …

There are no families in Fear Megalopolis; any and all ‘metaphysics’ is to become reduced to a tragic nepotism of orthodoxy such the death of feeling as much to the reductio ad absurdum of a virus and the warping as perversion of community vis a vis society in which that ideological whore as satanical Thatcher got it right by way of the message:

‘There is no such thing as society’

The tragedy in Fear Megalopolis is that it as much a jungle ‘out there’ as ‘in here’ such the predation of cultural hegemony as nature red in tooth and claw – and there nothing more bloody such sense as Science as the fruit of Empiricism and the ‘Giants’ it elevates?

The tragedy is as of as an ‘outside’ become ‘inside’ as much as to a resonance of fear amplified, as every ‘Citizen’ of Fear Megalopolis can ‘sing’, alas so hollowly as a singularity of dimensionality permits; where hollowness expressive of alienation and marginalization from consciousness?

Fear Megalopolis is the antithesis of Eros; hence it the capital of Thanatos; and in the pecking order it represents pathetically as an emergence the potentialities of psychophysical parallelism duly abrogated; this, sense of the sublimely perspicacious quote explicative of reptilian ‘goose step facilitated’ by Upton Sinclair above, say nought of quote by Thoreau such the hellish intimacy of ontology as become.

For goose step read algorithm, such the cruel, cruel joke as much as apperception constrained to a satanic warp of consciousness become the ‘woof’?

Money shouts as a martial ‘kai’ in Fear Megalopolis way of Big Media; it paralyzes as much as facilitates a deadly, corruptive strike as pragmatic; distorts the flow of life such that reeds do not bend but break and fall to a lack of recognition that they were ‘once upon a time, present as ‘potentiality’; this as much as ‘philanthropy’ become corrupted?

Fear Megalopolis is divisive; it is ‘full’ of hate such the oxymoron; it is atomised and has no ‘big picture’ other than Ecocide and the perversion and corruption of consciousness; Fear Megalopolis as a habitation of election exists polymorphous way of abrogation as subservience such the temptation as exists much more by stick than carrot such as cruelty elevated – Fear megalopolis is hell on Earth as much as ‘fear thy neighbour prevails as contextualised day by day, hour by hour, second by second.

Fear Megalopolis is growing as an austerity under Empiricism as satanic ploy concerning abrogation; for only stateless bastards can grow like tumors on the body of Humanity; this to some deadly parallel of the necrotrophy which satanism as an abandonment or abrogation of Life…

In Fear Megalopolis as would be unspoken of?


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