‘If Only The President Knew’ – That State of The Union Address You’ll Never Hear or See.

Wenn nur der Führer wüsste/ If only the Fuhrer knew’: was a common saying expressing belief in the National Socialist/ Nazi era.

Well ‘hats off/ tug of forelock ‘as opposed to the more traditional as became Nazi, sense of raise of one arm to Corporatism (the MICC) as similar abuse of belief goes; ‘Amerika ‘now representing a ‘State of Disunion ‘ such the circling of the drain’ as medically abbreviated ‘CTD’ such the austerity as pretension to perspicacity goes?

Nowadays it’s not the raise of an arm as much as the roll up of sleeve on arm prior to jab accepted, such the fervour ‘patriotic” as faith evidenced?

Ain’t Fascism a bitch as Brecht intimated?

Always on heat, such the bastard spawned?

In ‘Amerika circa’ the parallel to common saying above being as more apposite such the entropy, alas:

‘If only the President Could Know‘?

That’s ‘knowing’ in sense of being cognisant, and capability of being aware as expressive of consciousness as rationality present in context of contingency.

No doubt Joe could color in some parallel provided to ‘Mien Kampf‘ as the tooldom goes. Given suitable marketing and crayons it too could be a bestseller?

This ‘POTUS 46’ as truly exceptional is an ‘advance’ on ‘bubble boy Dubya ‘concerning his own private world – at least bubble boy the brat could manage more to interpret his earpiece and read an autocue – hell he could even chew gum and walk at the same time, though sometimes, just sometimes he expressed intellectual limitations by way of mangle such as ‘fool me once etc.‘ and confusing instructions as in repeating the ‘you gotta catapult the propaganda’ uncontextualised having some parallel contemporaneous with ‘Salute the Marines’ direct from earpiece?

– Plus Joe only as apparently sucks fingers of his wife, unlike Barry who was less discriminating/ more incorporative, such the irony?

Remember what happened to Joan Rivers shortly after her ‘confession’ such the ‘Oye Vez‘?

‘President Joe’ is a different kind of bubble such the vacuity as sine qua non/quintessence: one small step up from the Caligulean proposition of appointing his horse ‘Incitatus’ to the Roman Senate by decree of the Emperor?

Hell he’s an advance such sense as power of illusion ‘Clever Hans’ the horse that could count represented? (On a good day subject to medication administered (see below) Joe can count up to five almost unprompted! And relatively quickly at that!)

From the all powerful demented power structure of the MICC we bring you the President with Dementia’– that strap line could fly such the ‘Armed Madhouse’?

Hey but that Dementia is tragic – but surely it is politically correct now, such the utility of hegemony that the demented not be marginalised or alienated, such the ‘Anti Dementism’ ?

Don’t send them to a care home to die – put them in the ‘Whitehouse – and give them ‘Aides’ such the purity of philanthropy’!

Or how’s about this strap line:

If the dead could vote – they’d have voted for Joe?’

(Okay strike that one; it may lead to examination of voter rolls)

Bur ut semper throw enough money behind it and it will not only fly – but it will stick like a Chinese anal swab – as coming soon to a ‘theater’ near you?

Bend over further to patriotism -hell it ain’t even a prick with a needle?

Always the big lie as preferable; remember, remember as the ‘Big Daddy’ of Nazi propaganda and ‘the original spinmeister’ as ‘Big Brother’ goes related unto name of Paul Joseph – he of as behind ‘ Wenn nur der Führer wüsste’? (‘Covert ‘as ‘Low Intensity’ was his motto as much as ‘thy shall eat of the ‘meat ‘of the cloven hoofed’)

Yes, he was physically deformed but then again which ‘Ubermesnsch‘ is not by definition -as extrapolation demands?

The spin going as to ‘whom amongst us is not deformed’ as deplorable?

But enough of ‘channeling’ parallel to ‘Goat Boy’ as the late great Bill Hicks represented more wittily and precisely.

– ‘Now for something completely different’ such the Flying Circus satirical which you will either get or you don’t such as beneath the manifold fuck of austerity’ Lockdown’ would be unchallenged….

(Actually small quarters here thought of entitling this small article ‘Beneath the Fuck of Austerity there’s a Big Dick Swinging – but decided against – for obvious reasons?)

Scenario: Someone deemed important has fucked up ‘President Joe’s’ medication.

They gave him a DARPA experimental drug designed for ‘enhanced interrogation’ purposes, and asides from a boost of the old neurophysiology enabling perspicacity previously ‘backgrounded’ as suppressed, it compels psychotropically a ‘dump’ of those thoughts normally censored under grounds ironic of conscience/pragmatism. Think dementia dementalised; the sum of two negatives as per a flux Heraclitean as much as night goes to day. And back again..

What was previously a mere ventriloquist’s dummy apropos gains insight -and gains own mouth and thoughts .

‘The President does indeed know now’ , or at least capable of ; such the epiphany of what previously a mere fanny fucked such the alliteration– and spills his guts like the proverbial sing of a canary such the dark coalmine suddenly illuminated.

(Man how these small quarters like mixing metaphors!)

The President has demanded a microphone , a podium and a production team just some two minutes after administration his ‘medication’.

Stunned by this newfound clarity Presidential, and in the absence of the minder ‘Vice Presidential’, Presidential Aides comply. As sycophants do, alas, such the nature of the obsequious, such the fucking sic transit

Monologue begins:

‘Okay boys and girls get in close, I appreciate the quickness of your response in getting it together …The American People will eventually thank us for what is about to happen. Yom

I confess I previously have had such an apperception , since the inception of my political career in fact, but I now realise in retrospection facilitated by injection what a ‘tool’ I am, what a tool I was made of – and will continue to be made of – lest I not speak out as now instanced hereby.

The thing is this ‘Democracy’ is a sham such the State as we find ourselves within, such the Union as perverted as much as corrupted!

I have no desire to be a tool anymore – the game is not worth the candle- and I speak to you as a millionaire, shamed by the contingency as the wilfull impoverishment of you the American People represented thereby such parasitology instanced individual.

I no longer have any desire to ‘fuck you over’ as mere rubes; I refuse to repress my Humanity sense as Gore Vidal intimated…

I state this as a renunciation of the many falsehoods I have fallen prey to, and in the spirit of truth embraced accordant – for you my dear Fellow Americans as brotherly and sisterly deserve the truth, and nothing but same, so help me God…

They were not going to allow me to make a ‘State of the Union’ address; not that I could have done so unless under medication and with much editing, good earpiece and autocue such the ‘tooldom’, but that recent medication: Wow(!) it cleared me; it liberated me.

Don’t know what’s in it, but God willing, I’ll take it again!

Are you getting this?

I want to tell you I am not an evil bastard; I have always had thoughts as reservations, but never found the courage within afore to stand up and be counted,.


I was groomed as abuse synonymized to not raise my head above the parapet such the abuse as controlling and manipulation encouraged me to be just another ‘sell out’ such the amputation of my soul under systemic degeneration as ‘entropy’ goes Political…

But right now I see things under an entirely new light!

Doctor, doctor…. can you step up here ?

[Doctor signals reluctance vigorously under ‘camera pan’, refuses microphone offered]

Okay, okay I understand your reluctance – I would like to thank you on behalf of All Americans as I believe it my prerogative given the plate Presidential.

[Doctor leaves room poste haste with mobile phone held to mouth].

You know, when I spoke once of the greatest political fraud and machinery it was portrayed by my backers, those whom must be obeyed and unquestioningly at that, in a positive light as an expression of their power.

I want to, nay ,need to tell you of the true story behind that one.

I want to go down in History as some parallel to JFK concerning a speech he made not long before his assassination as a matter of ‘happenstance’ as would be portrayed. To go down in History not as some mere senile tool of electoral fraud, because we the American People deserve much more than that when it comes to the step up to the Presidential Plate…

For the power of my backers is a deadly power; it is the power to create illusion as much as debase or degenerate the life of all American Citizenry; it is a polymorphous power as some would contend is overwhelming – and indeed I can say so for formerly I was one of those very same some.

I want, no I need to tell you my fellow Americans what plans these powers have in mind for you now, and I deploy such terms with….

[Vice President and First Lady and unidentified others suddenly enter/abrupt]

Monologue ends.

But ‘Satire’ it lives?

‘State of the Union; Addresses are usually delivered by now.

Is this part of the ‘new normal’ perchance?

– Or is it that DARPA et al still working on it?


The acronym ‘MICC ‘refers to the ‘Military Industrial Corporatist Complex’.

The bastard Mussolini as a friend of fellow bastard Hitler yet had some perspicacity as much as prescience in his synonymization of Fascism with Corporatism?

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