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  • HOST: Louisa Willcox
  • GUEST: Margot Kidder
  • TOPICS: Standing Rock and the fight against Big Oil.

The Aretha Dialogue

“Respect”: signature tune. From the opening horn riff and twangy country guitar, we know we got a beat. The arrangement’s incredibly strong. She sets her voice way up high from the start. Its inflection is mostly aimed towards confidence. She will – in the astonishing break – spell it out for us: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” More

Donald Trump and the Rise of Patriotism 

Some people were encouraged by the small number of white supremacists who gathered on the anniversary of Charlottesville. It is indeed a good sign that this form of branding is less appealing than it was a year ago. The admirable goal of making racists afraid again may have won in Charlottesville. Alas, a more insidious More

First Amendment Rights and the Court of Popular Opinion

I am interested in the way in which First Amendment rights have descended into the court of popular opinion where it seems true and false are in the eye of the beholder and social media now has the authority to post or take down what those eyes can see. What is involved here is a radical change in mindset — though “mind” seems not at all to be involved here — contextualizing what both speech and authority might be in a cyberspace age. More

Exclusively in the New Print Issue of CounterPunch

The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry

In this Issue: Joan Roelofs on how defense contractors always get what they want and more than they need. Hip Hop in the Age of Trump by Nick Pemberton; Mexico on the Brink of Revolutionary Change by Laura Carlsen; Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism Makes More Sense Than Ever by Paul Street; We Burned Through a Whole Hemisphere in 500 Years by Stan Cox; Trump’s Quest for Energy Dominance by Josh Schlossberg. Plus: Jeffrey St. Clair on Hurricane Maria; Chris Floyd on American decline; Pete Dolack on trade pacts; Ruth Fowler on family courts; and much more.