Creating an All-American Homeland Security Campus

The academic year that just ended left America’s college campuses in quite a state: with snipers on the rooftops and checkpoints at the gates; quads overrun by riot squads, state troopers, and federal agents; and even the scent of gunpowder in the air. In short, in the spring semester of 2024, many of our campuses came to resemble armed camps. What’s more, alongside such More

Newsflash:  Inequality in Neoliberal America

If anyone is perplexed or surprised  why Americans are so upset about the economy, they should look no further than the Income Distribution and Dynamics in America (IDDA) recent report by the Federal Reserve Board of  Minneapolis and its data site that looks at the stagnation of American income and economic mobility in America.  It unfortunately confirms what we already know—the neoliberal state benefits unevenly and in ways that confound an ability to challenge it.. More

Philippines Found Guilty of Massive Human Right Violations

Guilty of massive violations of international humanitarian law! That was the unanimous verdict handed down at the conclusion of the two-day International People’s Tribunal (IPT) regarding human rights in the Philippines held recently in Brussels, Belgium on May 17-18, 2024. On trial were the governments of past president Rodrigo Duterte, current president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., and the government of the United States of America for its support and complicity with these regimes. More

An Open Letter on the Fate of Higher Education in Gaza

We have come together as Palestinian academics and staff of Gaza universities to affirm our existence, the existence of our colleagues and our students, and the insistence on our future, in the face of all current attempts to erase us. The Israeli occupation forces have demolished our buildings but our universities live on. We reaffirm our collective determination to remain on our land and to resume teaching, study, and research in Gaza, at our own Palestinian universities, at the earliest opportunity. More