Colin Powell: Willful Victim of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Deceit

For nearly two decades, former secretary of state Colin Powell lived with the deceitful role he played in helping the Bush administration make its dishonest case for war against Iraq.  Powell ignored the warnings from his chief of staff and the director of his Bureau of Intelligence and Research, not to allow the CIA to prepare his speech for the United Nations in February 2003. More

The Strategic Brilliance of ‘Striketober’

Typically, the US is not considered a ‘hotbed’ of labor unrest. Yet, this is precisely what we are seeing, as during the month of October, over 100,000 workers have either threatened to strike or actually have walked off the job to demand wage increases, improvements to their work conditions, and basic human dignity. Dubbed ‘striketober’ by activists and pundits alike, this strike wave is occurring across the country, in various industries. More

Collective Responsibility and Our Moral Compass

It’s not easy to be further shocked these days when we are confronted with newspaper reports on: How up to 17 Christian missionaries, including five children, were kidnapped in the capital of Haiti while visiting an orphanage; the contents of a report estimating that 300,000 children in France were sexually abused within France’s Catholic church More