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Trump & The Big Bad Bugs

When people contemplate potential disasters ignited by the Trump administration’s foreign policy, places like the South China Sea, Central Asia, or the Korean Peninsula come first to mind. Certainly a dustup with Beijing, Teheran or Pyongyang is a scary thing to contemplate. But the thing that should also keep people up at night is Washington’s approach to international health organizations and the President’s stubborn refusal to address climate change. More

Trump Kills Science, Nature Strikes Back

The Trump administration’s every move is marked with a strange creepiness as well as confusing messages that can only mean: They don’t get it. Their nefarious “destroy science” mentality promotes insane irreversible carbon emissions in good ole America, ultimately threatening the abilities of farmers to cope with ruinous global heat. More

The Politics of Cruelty

The Trump administration is blatantly breaking the law by splitting immigrant families. It’s so overt and in-your-face it effectively amounts to beefing up the incredible level of corruption already in full flower in the Americas and the world. Central America has deep roots in US-friendly corruption. Mexico’s corruption is over the top and noted for the worst kinds of bribery and violence. Brazil’s government is so imbued with corrupt it’s hard to keep score. Trump’s actions debasing the Rule of Law only sink the US deeper into what is a worldwide morass. More

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The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry

In this Issue: Joan Roelofs on how defense contractors always get what they want and more than they need. Hip Hop in the Age of Trump by Nick Pemberton; Mexico on the Brink of Revolutionary Change by Laura Carlsen; Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism Makes More Sense Than Ever by Paul Street; We Burned Through a Whole Hemisphere in 500 Years by Stan Cox; Trump’s Quest for Energy Dominance by Josh Schlossberg. Plus: Jeffrey St. Clair on Hurricane Maria; Chris Floyd on American decline; Pete Dolack on trade pacts; Ruth Fowler on family courts; and much more.

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