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Julian Assange Must be Freed, Not Betrayed

Whether or not his prison uniform will be an “orange jumpsuit”, US court files seen by Assange’s lawyers reveal that, once extradited, Assange will be subject to Special Administrative Measures, known as SAMS.  A 2017 report by Yale University Law School and the Center for Constitutional Rights described SAMS as “the darkest corner of the US federal prison system” combining “the brutality and isolation of maximum security units with additional restrictions that deny individuals almost any connection to the human world … The net effect is to shield this form of torture from any real public scrutiny.” More

Religion is a Repeating Chapter in the History of Politics

It is no coincidence that the story of the Garden of Eden is about the loss of ‘innocence’ – Adam and Eve were the peoples that lived prior to their tragic immersion in a State. When States first appeared, as the archaeological evidence shows, people became hungrier, they were exploited, they were subject to hierarchy and terror. No wonder they looked back to a receding golden age. More

The Escalating Class War Against Bernie Sanders

More than ever, Bernie Sanders is public enemy number one for power elites that thrive on economic injustice. The Bernie 2020 campaign is a direct threat to the undemocratic leverage that extremely wealthy individuals and huge corporations constantly exert on the political process. No wonder we’re now seeing so much anti-Bernie rage from leading corporate Democrats — eagerly amplified by corporate media. More

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John Davis on how plastic came to rival climate change as the greatest threat to life on Earth. Laura Carlsen on Trump’s military threats against Mexico. Jefferson Morley on what the CIA knew about the assassination of JFK; Dave Macaray on the real Jimmy Hoffa; CIA whistleblower Mel Goodman on the lies of the Afghan War; Paul Street on progressive politics beyond impeachment; Jeffrey St. Clair on how torture and murder went mainstream; Rob Urie on the implications of the UK elections for the American Left; Pete Dolack on why capitalism can’t be reformed; Jennifer Matsui on “liberal derangement,” Lee Ballinger on the struggle for “equality.” and much more.

The Story of an Island