The Dangerous Methane Mystery

The East Siberian Arctic Shelf (“ESAS”) is the epicenter of a methane-rich zone that could turn the world upside down.

Still, the ESAS is not on the radar of mainstream science, and not included in calculations by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and generally not well understood. It is one of the biggest mysteries of the world’s climate puzzle, and it is highly controversial, which creates an enhanced level of uncertainty and casts shadows of doubt. More

The Intellectual Origins of the Trump Presidency and the Construction of Contemporary American Politics

It is foolish to think that Trumpism and Trumpistas are merely a product of personality. To believe that is to assume that Donald Trump is sui generis, elected under unique circumstances and that the politics and polices produced under him are tied to him. Believing that means also that once Trump leaves office, be in 2020 or beyond, Trumpism will end. More

Requiem for a Lightweight: the Mayor Pete Factor

For all of Buttigieg’s resumé stops—in Oxford, South Bend, Kabul, and Cambridge, Mass.—the only subject on which he can muster much passion is that of The Importance of Being Mayor Pete. (As Brooklyn advance man Walt Whitman said, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, …”)On Afghan politics, the in-fighting of the Democratic party, the budget deficit, or how McKinsey pads its billing hours, Mayor Pete sounds like a shy freshmen, someone who has yet to finish the required reading. But on the subject of himself, Buttigieg might well be a tenured professor. More

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Whatever Happened to the EPA?

In this issue: Former whistleblower Evaggelos Vallianotas on the corruption of the environmental watchdog. Netanyahu’s Victory: Jennifer Matsui explores whether the Israeli right has finally gone too far. The Evolution of the Minimum Wage by David MacarayDavid Price details the legacy of forgotten CIA critic David Conde. Kent Paterson reports from the Mexican border on AMLO’s stormy first months in office. Pete Dolack on the imbalances of modern capitalism. Lee Ballinger considers the consequence of AI in the workplace. Lee Hall on the value of eastern predators in a chaotic climate. PLUS: Jeffrey St. Clair on the plight of the Orca; Laura Carlsen on the plague of white nationalism; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on climate and gender. Chris Floyd on American despair and Andy Piascik on the journalism of Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin.

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