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Jeffrey St. Clair on Afghanistan; Circus at the Caucus: Lucy Schiller reports on the Iowa caucus abroad; The Coming Water Wars: TJ Coles on climate driven conflicts; The Vietnam War Hollywood Missed: Matthew Stevenson on Apocalypse Now! The Final Cut; Trump’s Great Escape: Ron Jacobs on the impeachment trial; The End of the Corbyn Project: Marlon Ettinger on Labour after the British elections; Women Confronting Violence: Laura Carlsen on lessons from the Zapatistas. Plus: Chris Floyd on Distraction Politics, Dan Glazebrook on the Dirty War in Libya; Dani Raventos and Julie Wark on Gypsies and Genocide; Jennifer Matsui on the Language of Power; Pete Dolack on American Decline; and Lee Ballinger on Foster Youths.


Bloomberg’s Game

What Mike Bloomberg is teaching us, with the help of Democratic centrists and pundits, is that what qualifies him—in our system and in their eyes—to be a president is his class status and allegiance, that he is a member of the ruling class who will prevent the slightest challenge to its rule. More

Trump in Modi’s India

I’ve been in New Delhi for over a week, attending a conference organized by the Muslim-majority Jamia Millia Islamia University. Jamia has been a focal-point of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which came into law in December last year. The CAA provides a fast-track to citizenship for refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who sought refuge in India prior to 2015. The CAA does not however include Muslims, while including Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian and Parsi refugees. More

How We Stay Blind to the Story of Power

If one thing drives me to write, especially these posts, it is the urgent need for us to start understanding power. Power is the force that shapes almost everything about our lives and our deaths. There is no more important issue. Understanding power and overcoming it through that understanding is the only path to liberation we can More

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Why is Black America Supporting Bloomberg?