No Way Out in Nuseirat: the Great Hostage Rescue Massacre 

The Americans knew. The Americans helped. The Americans provided the bombs, the helicopters, the fighter jets, the bullets and the tank shells. The Americans watched the attack unfold. They watched from Biden’s pier. They watched from drones. They watched as the streets filled with blood, bodies and limbs. Afterward, the Americans praised the rescue operation and said nothing about the dead Palestinian children and women. Nothing about the amputees and the eviscerated. Nothing about the three hostages who were also apparently killed in the Israeli attack, including an American citizen.  More

Biden Can’t Fix the Immigration System by Banning Asylum

President Biden once pledged to adopt more humane immigration policies than his predecessor.  But in practice, as immigrant rights advocates have documented, his administration has escalated the attack on the legal right of people facing life-threatening conditions to seek safety. Even though this right is guaranteed regardless of how asylum seekers enter the country, he has sought to restrict access to ports of entry. More

Wanted: a Mass Uprising Against the Neoliberal Matrix

Neoliberalism seems impermeable to the facts. The theory is that markets are efficient, and privatization, deregulation, and liberalization will bring about the best of all possible worlds, so if the facts don’t fit the theory, so much the worse for the facts. The image that has haunted me is one from the movie The Matrix, where human beings are plugged into a system that has them dreaming of a pleasant alternate reality while their bodies are being sucked dry of the nutrients and energy to feed alien beings. More

Dead Man’s Hand: Betting on Biden and Trump

In the current presidential election, the betting odds have Donald Trump as the favorite (-109), which estimates his chances at 52%, while Joe Biden is close but behind at +122, which puts his odds at 45%. (By way of definition, these odds mean anyone who bets $109 on Trump to win will receive, if he does win, $100. By contrast, $100 bet on Biden to win will earn you $122 if he prevails.) More