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    • TOPICS: The link between Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans and the Russian bank VTB.

The Media and the Military Mindset

U.S. national media have been lazy in their treatment of our military—pandering to the military itself and using retired general officers with ties to the military-industrial complex as spokesmen.  The United States is largely in an arms race with itself, but the media typically ignore bloated defense spending.  It is past time to reinforce Martin Luther King’s address to the Riverside Church in 1967 that linked chronic domestic poverty and military adventurism. More

The Real Megxit Deal

In a move that reflects the time-worn pathologies of powerful aristocratic families, the House of Windsor has agreed to allow the Queen’s grandson, Harry, currently sixth in line to the throne, and his California-born wife, Meghan, to leave the family business (The Firm) and attempt to establish independent lives in Canada, a former colony which remains a member of the British Commonwealth. This represents their exile from the territorial, ceremonial, financial, and emotional heart of the royal family. More

The Obama Legacy: Reform Versus Revolution

Those factions of the Democratic party which worked so hard in 2016 to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ chances for the nomination have been nervous for some time about the persistent popularity of the progressive agenda. We’ve been witnessing the blowback from this assault. The arrival of the “squad” in 2018 and Warren’s addition to the slate of candidates for the upcoming election are striking symptoms, unthinkable without the Sanders’ “revolution.” More

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John Davis on how plastic came to rival climate change as the greatest threat to life on Earth. Laura Carlsen on Trump’s military threats against Mexico. Jefferson Morley on what the CIA knew about the assassination of JFK; Dave Macaray on the real Jimmy Hoffa; CIA whistleblower Mel Goodman on the lies of the Afghan War; Paul Street on progressive politics beyond impeachment; Jeffrey St. Clair on how torture and murder went mainstream; Rob Urie on the implications of the UK elections for the American Left; Pete Dolack on why capitalism can’t be reformed; Jennifer Matsui on “liberal derangement,” Lee Ballinger on the struggle for “equality.” and much more.

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