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Peace or Armageddon: Take Your Pick

The scenario that the Kremlin is conspiring against us functions effectively to disappear from public awareness facts that our own nation has engaged in numerous interventions, violent or otherwise, against popularly elected governments on far worse terms than what is alleged against Russia, including Russia itself. More

No Liberal Rallies Yet for the Children of Yemen

Hundreds of thousands of people showed up across the United States at more than 600 gatherings three weeks ago. They came out to protest Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy in highly choreographed, Democratic Party-affiliated “Families Belong Together” rallies and marches. Liberal celebrities marched and spoke. Local, state, and federal Democratic Party politicians and office-holders gave passionate speeches denouncing Trump’s separation of Central American migrant children from their parents at the southern U.S. border. More

The Bipartisan War on Central and South American Women

Contrary to liberal doctrine I would like to propose that Mr. Sessions and Mr. Trump are not so much suffering from an unhealthy dose of masculinity that will be flipped on its head by a naked statue. They, like the Democrat and Republican leaders before them are operating under an economic incentive to keep Central America in disarray, women be damned. More

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The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry

In this Issue: Joan Roelofs on how defense contractors always get what they want and more than they need. Hip Hop in the Age of Trump by Nick Pemberton; Mexico on the Brink of Revolutionary Change by Laura Carlsen; Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism Makes More Sense Than Ever by Paul Street; We Burned Through a Whole Hemisphere in 500 Years by Stan Cox; Trump’s Quest for Energy Dominance by Josh Schlossberg. Plus: Jeffrey St. Clair on Hurricane Maria; Chris Floyd on American decline; Pete Dolack on trade pacts; Ruth Fowler on family courts; and much more.

Noam Chomsky on Gun Control