A Class Analysis of the Trump-Biden Rerun

Biden’s plans pretend the U.S. empire is not in decline. In 2024, he offers more of the old establishment politics. Trump basically pretends the same about the U.S. empire but carefully selects problem areas (e.g., immigration, Chinese competition, and Ukraine) that he can represent as failures of Democratic leadership. Nothing fundamental is amiss with the U.S. empire and its prospects in his eyes. All that is necessary is to reject Biden and his politics as incapable of reviving it. Trump’s plans thus call for a much more extreme economic nationalism run by a leaner, meaner government. More

Of a Fire on the Mound: Racism, Baseball Capitalism and the Game’s Greatest Pitcher, Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson was one of the three or four greatest pitchers in the history of baseball. He won the Cy Young Award as best pitcher twice. He was twice named MVP of the World Series, once in 1964 and again in 1967.  He was the rare pitcher to win the MVP for the National League. Gibson set the modern record for the lowest earned run average in a year. He was deemed so unhittable in the 1968 season that the league’s owners ordered radical changes to the game, including shrinking the strike zone and lowering the height of the pitcher’s mound. He was named to the All-Star game nine times and voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot. But still, Bob Gibson would have preferred to play basketball. The reason might be found in Gibson’s experiences in Columbus, Georgia. More

NATO Comes to Switzerland, Goodbye Neutrality?

Sweden and Finland have joined NATO. Will Switzerland be next? In a small step in that direction, NATO will soon open an office in Geneva. Does NATO’s presence, however small – sources say only one NATO officer will be based in Geneva – represent a historic change for a country that has been legally neutral since 1815? Although the office is presented as a multilateral liaison with international organizations – NATO has similar offices in Vienna and New York – it does raise questions about Swiss neutrality and neutrality in general. More

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Brazil, What Now? A Thread in the Labyrinth

Known as treacherous and despite all the efforts of the neoliberal press to pretty him up, Michel Temer was extraordinarily unpopular. Understanding that public security was one of the most worrying issues afflicting the population, he decided to turn it to his advantage and puff up his reputation. He chose Rio de Janeiro, the country’s security flashpoint, suspending state autonomy and putting the army in charge, unfazed by the fact that he was messing with a narco-regime whose territories and institutions are shared out and controlled by criminal organisations. Temer’s exercise backfired. More