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The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry

In this Issue: Joan Roelofs on how defense contractors always get what they want and more than they need. Hip Hop in the Age of Trump by Nick Pemberton; Mexico on the Brink of Revolutionary Change by Laura Carlsen; Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism Makes More Sense Than Ever by Paul Street; We Burned Through a Whole Hemisphere in 500 Years by Stan Cox; Trump’s Quest for Energy Dominance by Josh Schlossberg. Plus: Jeffrey St. Clair on Hurricane Maria; Chris Floyd on American decline; Pete Dolack on trade pacts; Ruth Fowler on family courts; and much more.

Denuclearize the United States? An Unthinkable Thought

An early challenge to the United States’ self-declared right to manage post-World War II global affairs from the banks of the Potomac came in 1950, when Korean forces joined by Chinese troops pushed back against the United States’ invasion of North Korea. Washington responded with a merciless bombing campaign that flattened much of the country. U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay boasted that “we burned down every town in North Korea.” More

Bring Julian Assange Home

The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy.  The Australian government and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull have an historic opportunity to decide which it will be.  They can remain silent, for which history will be unforgiving. Or they can act in the interests of justice and humanity and bring this remarkable Australian citizen home. More

The Spanish Labyrinth

As the socialist-led government takes over in Spain, newly minted Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez faces at least two daunting tasks: cleaning up the wreckage wrought by years of European Union (EU) enforced austerity and resolving the Catalan crisis exacerbated by Madrid’s violent reaction to last fall’s independence referendum. Unfortunately, his Party’s track record is not exactly sterling on either issue. More

Drop The Charges Against the Anti-Trump Berkeley 5!

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