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Fallen Angel
The Great Resignation

The Dead End of Liberal American Zionism

A significant number of American Jews are now willing to challenge the Zionist project while pointing out that it is inherently fated to suppress the human rights of non-Jews in Palestine. Speaking at a protest near Sen. Chuck Schumer’s home in Brooklyn last month, Naomi Klein said: “We don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism. We want freedom from the project that commits genocide in our name.” More

Empire Stumbling Toward Irrelevance

To a working family “camping” on the street or a homeless single mother, this is what political collapse feels like.  The UK is #1 in homelessness, the USA “leads” the developed world in percentage of its population living on the street.  Meanwhile, endless billions are borrowed and sent abroad to senselessly genocide millions.  These sure signs of Imperialist decline can’t be ignored forever.    More

High Noon at LA’s City Council

In the classic 1952 Western High Noon, Katy Jurado portrays Helen Ramirez, former lover of Will Kane (Gary Cooper), the outnumbered, embattled Marshal at Hadleyville, who is being menaced by a looming shootout with a gang of gunslingers. Ramirez confronts Will’s newlywed, Amy Fowler (Grace Kelly), telling the bride that she should pick up a More

On the ICC’s Announcement of Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant and Hamas’ Leadership

The decision to announce these applications for arrest warrants prior to their formal approval may have been motivated by a sense that the conditions under which the people of Gaza are striving to survive are deteriorating so rapidly and horrifically that there is no time to waste and by a hope that announcing the applications now might have a positive impact on the decisions of relevant decision-makers for whom arrest warrants are not yet being sought but could be sought later. More