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The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry

In this Issue: Joan Roelofs on how defense contractors always get what they want and more than they need. Hip Hop in the Age of Trump by Nick Pemberton; Mexico on the Brink of Revolutionary Change by Laura Carlsen; Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism Makes More Sense Than Ever by Paul Street; We Burned Through a Whole Hemisphere in 500 Years by Stan Cox; Trump’s Quest for Energy Dominance by Josh Schlossberg. Plus: Jeffrey St. Clair on Hurricane Maria; Chris Floyd on American decline; Pete Dolack on trade pacts; Ruth Fowler on family courts; and much more.

The US & Nicaragua: a Case Study in Historical Amnesia & Blindness

The Sandinistas, within the constraints of world capitalism as well as the immutable laws of physics, have done many positive things within the realm of the possible.  Thus, they have done much to alleviate poverty in Nicaragua, to build homes for the poor, to successfully combat illiteracy and to bring a remarkable level of economic prosperity and stability to this once war-torn country.  Even the New York Times recently acknowledged that “[m]any poor people who receive housing and other government benefits support” Sandinista President, Daniel Ortega. More

Yellow Journalism and the New Cold War

Like Saddam Hussein a decade and a half ago, Russia and its President Vladimir Putin have been repeatedly vilified in the Western media over the last five years, helping to mobilize popular support for the reemergence of a new Cold War. Best-selling author Dan Talbot has called it in “one of the biggest fake news More

The Day the US Became an Empire

For half a century, the United Kingdom celebrated May 24, the birthday of the late Queen Victoria, as “Empire Day.”  The US ought to have its own Empire Day and it should be on June 15.  It was on June 15, 1898 that the US became an empire.  On that day, the US House of Representatives voted 209 to 91 to annex Hawaii.  (The US Senate followed on July 6, voting 42 to 21 in favor of annexation.) More

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