Requiem for a Lightweight: the Mayor Pete Factor

For all of Buttigieg’s resumé stops—in Oxford, South Bend, Kabul, and Cambridge, Mass.—the only subject on which he can muster much passion is that of The Importance of Being Mayor Pete. (As Brooklyn advance man Walt Whitman said, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, …”)On Afghan politics, the in-fighting of the Democratic party, the budget deficit, or how McKinsey pads its billing hours, Mayor Pete sounds like a shy freshmen, someone who has yet to finish the required reading. But on the subject of himself, Buttigieg might well be a tenured professor. More

In China Again

It is a commonplace in the western media that China’s spectacular economic rise began when it “abandoned” communism in order to espouse capitalism (the Thomas Friedmanite mantra).This line of argument is stupid and simplistic.China’s policy throughout the “reform” era has been to deal with the capitalist west in ways that benefit China. If this order in the west is neoliberal, China will engage in trade with the west in its neoliberal context.But what China won’t do is “internalize” this neoliberalism. More

Koch-Oil Big Lies and Ecocide Writ Large in Canada

As we know, big lies can run free across borders with few joining the dots.For example, no media reports that China’s growing dispute with Canada is based on Canada’s enforcement of the Trump administration’s unilateral and illegal embargo against oil-competitor Iran. A cynical reply is that this is predictable. Canada attacks any designated US Enemy in junior partnership with global corporate command.But this time there is a new twist. Canada is attacking itself without knowing it. More

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Whatever Happened to the EPA?

In this issue: Former whistleblower Evaggelos Vallianotas on the corruption of the environmental watchdog. Netanyahu’s Victory: Jennifer Matsui explores whether the Israeli right has finally gone too far. The Evolution of the Minimum Wage by David MacarayDavid Price details the legacy of forgotten CIA critic David Conde. Kent Paterson reports from the Mexican border on AMLO’s stormy first months in office. Pete Dolack on the imbalances of modern capitalism. Lee Ballinger considers the consequence of AI in the workplace. Lee Hall on the value of eastern predators in a chaotic climate. PLUS: Jeffrey St. Clair on the plight of the Orca; Laura Carlsen on the plague of white nationalism; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on climate and gender. Chris Floyd on American despair and Andy Piascik on the journalism of Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin.

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