The Nazification of the Republican Party

After World War II, the Nazis who helped Hitler rise to power and murder millions of people, including at least 6 million Jews, were put on trial to send a warning to the world. Not all of them faced a judicial process, but enough were not protected by their high status, official offices, or claims of “innocence” and “patriotism.” Power through violence was the only language they spoke—not justice, not freedom—and they were held accountable. More

9/11 and January 6: the Enormous Cost of intelligence Failure

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” —Yogi Berra There are two major types of intelligence failure: classic failures involving incorrect or unexamined assumptions and a failure to incorporate new information, and the politicization of intelligence that finds political interference corrupting intelligence production.  Classic failures include Pearl Harbor in December 1941, when the More

Donald Trump, the Pantomime President

Donald J Trump’s tale is a tale of epochs and generations, about dilapidated tenement housing and star-spangled casino palaces, about race hate and glossy Forbes spreads, about bankruptcy on route to the presidential suite.  Above all, it is about the dirty trails which money leaves in its wake, the grime which lives behind wealth’s golden, glittering More

The Shipwreck of a Democracy: Trump and the Aftermath 

Make no mistake, this was not an accident. No unforeseen iceberg, sudden change in weather, or misfire in the engine. Yes, there were errors in the original design—poor construction, oversights, blind spots—which made the ship vulnerable, despite the unrelenting claims of its greatness. So yes, we did know the danger as we sailed along, even admitted to some level of fear from time to time, yet when the ship finally took that hit and shook violently, our response was still one of absolute shock.  More