Politics on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown

Trump’s would-be assassin, Crooks didn’t seem overtly political. His politics were the politics of the gun. He searched for the names of Biden and Trump, equally, it seemed and was likely to have pulled the trigger on the first one who entered the sights of his AR-15. There was just a dime’s worth of difference between them as far as he was concerned. Crooks is the next variation on Kyle Rittenhouse, a fucked up white kid, working a dead-end job in a shabbily run nursing home, who ventured forth bound for glory with a semi-automatic rifle in the Republic of the Shooter. More

US Academia and the Censoring of an Anti-Zionist Professor

In this essay, I will describe my activism on behalf of Palestinians’ human rights and their right to self-determination, from my graduate student days on a US campus, to the present in my position as a tenured full professor, and the ways in which I’ve experienced attempts at silencing and censorship. These attempts today are more blatant and worrisome than ever before on anyone speaking up for Palestine in the USA More

Trump’s Day of the Jackal

Trump might well owe his next presidency to his would-be assassin, so perhaps, as it becomes clear that Crooks was in lockstep with Trumpism, a revived Warren Commission might be pressed into service to explain how the gunman himself was a victim of Deep State transgenderism and to attribute his rooftop violence to hormone blockers that robbed him of him of his manhood. More

Zionism: the End of an Illusion

One of the oddest arguments made by self-declared friends of Israel is that anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism.  That assertion is comprehensible if the person making it believes that God Himself gave the Jews property rights from the river to the sea – but  Theodore Herzl and the founders of modern Zionism embraced no such belief.  On the contrary, that movement’s largely secularized leadership defined Zionism from the outset as a form of ethnic nationalism – a claim to the same “right of self-determination” as that asserted, say, by the Irish or the Serbs.  More