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Lights! Camera! Kill! Hollywood, the Pentagon and Imperial Ambitions.

There’s a sickness that comes with the certainty of those who view the world in so black and white, so good and bad, so us versus them terms, that killing is often a morally defensible act. More so, such killing often goes beyond just simple self defense, to a level of retributive necessity, a preventive More

Bloody Chicken: Inside the American Poultry Industry During the Time of COVID

One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. is the momentary spotlight it shined on the meatpacking industry. Working conditions inside packing plants were exposed in the sheer number of workers who were infected with the virus. Exact numbers are elusive but thousands of cases have been confirmed along with up to 100 deaths. Meanwhile, meatpacking workers were deemed ‘essential.’ More

Roaming Charges: It Had to be You

Kamala Harris is the least surprising VP pick since Bob Dole tapped Jack Kemp as his running mate in 1996. Harris is as bland, safe and predictable as Kemp, but she adds little to an already boring campaign and comes with toxic baggage of her own that may repel the voters Biden needs the most. Biden is counting on Harris’ reputation as a prosecutor to make a case against Trump that most people have already reached a verdict against. Yet, as a prosecutor and attorney general, Harris made a career out of punching below her weight class, sternly going after low-level drug and property crimes while largely turning a blind and forgiving eye to the egregious transgressions of bankers, oil companies, mortgage fraudsters, slumlords, and corrupt police. More

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Jeffrey St. Clair on the police state in Black America; Laura Carlsen on How COVID-19 is Advancing Trump’s White Supremacy Agenda; TJ Coles on How Big Pharma Has Exploited the Crisis; Dan Glazebrook on the Malthusian Responses to the Pandemic; Stan Cox on the Contradictions of the Green New Deal; Jennifer Matsui on the Coming Medical Surveillance State; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on the Camps of Lesbos; Maximilian Werner on the West’s War on Predators; Chris Floyd on Dylan’s Stunning Reemergence; Pete Dolack on the New Misery Index; Lee Ballinger on the Criminalization of Rap Music; John Davis on the Disruptive Force of COVID-19; and John LaForge on What Juries Aren’t Permitted to Hear About Nuclear Weapons.


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Kamala Harris and her “Top Cop” Record