Kissinger’s Bombing Campaign Likely Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Cambodians and Set the Path for the Ravages of the Khmer Rouge

The bombing resulted in the direct deaths of hundreds of thousands of Cambodians. With the U.S. government keeping the bombings secret at the time, comprehensive data and documentation are limited. But estimates on the number of deaths range from as few as 24,000 to as many as a million. Most estimates put the death toll in the hundreds of thousands. More

For Media Elites, War Criminal Henry Kissinger Was a Great Man

For U.S. mass media, Henry Kissinger’s quip that “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” rang true. Influential reporters and pundits often expressed their love for him. The media establishment kept swooning over one of the worst war criminals in modern history. After news of his death broke on Wednesday night, prominent coverage echoed the kind that had followed him ever since his years with President Richard Nixon, while they teamed up to oversee vast carnage in Southeast Asia. More

The Real Cost of Bottled Water

Demand for bottled water is actually higher among those who are on the losing end of the deterioration of U.S. public water infrastructure, and whose tap water is perceived and/or documented to be unsafe to drink: low-income, Black, and Latino/a households. This indicates that the market for bottled water is now a dual one, in which, Rosinger and coauthors write, “higher income adults drink bottled water for convenience, whereas lower-income adults may drink bottled water because of tap water access issues.” More

Calling for Genocide

While anti-Islam manifestations have exponentially increased after the Israeli onslaught on the Palestinians in Gaza, the case of Stuart Seldowtiz is different for many reasons. Seldowitz had a high-ranking position in the State Department at a time when the US was outsourcing torture to countries like Egypt and Syria. According to, “At least 136 individuals were reportedly extraordinarily rendered or secretly detained by the CIA and at least 54 governments reportedly participated in the CIA’s secret detention and extraordinary rendition program; classified government documents may reveal many more.” More