The Myth of the Magic Bullet

While much remains unknown about the motives of the would-be assassin in Butler, Pennsylvania, one thing is certain. The man who attempted to kill Donald Trump believed his bullet would change the course of history for the better. Such thinking is common and is promoted in most school books that exhort young people to be better citizens by featuring the stories of national heroes who have changed the world. The killer’s belief that murdering a political leader could improve the nation was the logical converse of this mistaken principle. More

Warning From the Edge of the Abyss

Two sets of events, which have important echoes today, precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The US had moved Jupiter medium-range nuclear missile systems into Turkey, prompting the Soviets to take countermeasures, including preparing to station missiles in Cuba and send Ilyushin jet bombers to the island.  Kennedy and the Americans were understandably deeply concerned about this breach of the Monroe Doctrine and the very real threat it posed.  More

The Gaza Genocide Deepens: The Reckoning Begins for the Perpetrators

In the early weeks of Israel’s massive bombardment and invasion of Gaza, the Israeli military was killing anyone who moved and destroying anything that stood.  In response to telephone calls from President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging Netanyahu to minimize civilian casualties reportedly he would respond:  Don’t lecture me, look More

Big Boy Biden in His Own Words

Biden held his first press conference in a year last Thursday. His staff had promoted the event all week as a “Big Boy” press conference that would demonstrate to NATO leaders and the American public that his inept performance during his debate against Trump two weeks ago that so terrified the Democratic donor class was merely an aberration and that the President still had the mojo to run the Empire. More