Drag Shows, Here and There

Efforts to condemn and re-segregate queer and trans people in the U.S. are frightening and dangerous, as the shooting in Colorado Springs again demonstrates. The combination of hatred and gun possession – 42% of the world’s privately owned guns are in the U.S. – is demonstrably lethal, and the number of attacks on LGBTQ people is rising. More

An Historian in History: Staughton Lynd (1929-2022)

Long before the stance was popular, Staughton and Alice were stalwart prison abolitionists. They had corresponded and visited with prisoners, perhaps most notably George Skates, the white prisoner who had refused to play the deathly race card in the Lucasville prison uprising, and was willing to pay for solidarity with his life. Staughton said he learned more about the subject in one prison than he had in twenty steel mills. More

The Retail Carrion Feeders of Rural America

For the last month and a half I’ve driven the backroads of southern Indiana, criss-crossing the unglaciated hill country 40 miles south of Indianapolis and 40 miles north of Louisville. It’s mostly forested here, large remarkably unbroken stretches of deciduous woodlands, thick with red oak and shagbark hickory, tulip poplar and black walnut, white ash and wild cherry, American beech and sugar maple. The soil is largely red clay, not productive for farming (or septic systems), but quite satisfactory for morel mushrooms, homegrown weed, and copperheads. The towns are small, little more than villages, clustered near the railroads and old blue highways. More

The Political Economy of Dead Meat

Like any junkie, cows hooked on BGH tend to get sick, mostly with mastitis, an infection of the udder. Treatment of mastitis requires liberal doses of antibiotics. The antibiotic injected into the cow passes on to the human consumer, and thus contributes to the process whereby more and more bacteria are building up greater resistance to antibiotics. More