Freedom Virus

The official history of this country, which celebrates its independence and its freedom from the dead hand of governmental strictures that inhibit personal agency and reveres the Founding Fathers for their creation of a new democratic society in a new land, has long been at war with the reality that the United States arose out of a massive genocidal project which largely eliminated the Native peoples and was formed amidst the brutal dehumanization of its African slave population. More

The New Normal: Cascading and Multilayered Crises

As empires decline, so does the quality of their leaders. The U.S. might wish to run away from reality, but Uncle Sam can’t run away from history. History has finally caught up with the U.S. Indeed, Donald Trump is the result of forty-plus years of hyper-individuality, ‘greed is good’ culture, superficial materialism, and a politics based not on substance or principles, but looks, marketability, and adherence to Neoliberal fundamentalist ideologies.  More

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Body Politic

As the international community is consumed by the impact of Covid-19, there are signs of the impact of the pandemic on the body politic.  There is change throughout the international community, particularly the decline of the influence and power of the United States; the fragmentation of the European Community; the weakening of the transatlantic system; the increased influence of China; and the dire impact on Third World countries and their refugee problems.  At home, the Trump administration’s “destruction of the administrative state” has made the battle against the virus far more difficult. More

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Jeffrey St. Clair on Afghanistan; Circus at the Caucus: Lucy Schiller reports on the Iowa caucus abroad; The Coming Water Wars: TJ Coles on climate driven conflicts; The Vietnam War Hollywood Missed: Matthew Stevenson on Apocalypse Now! The Final Cut; Trump’s Great Escape: Ron Jacobs on the impeachment trial; The End of the Corbyn Project: Marlon Ettinger on Labour after the British elections; Women Confronting Violence: Laura Carlsen on lessons from the Zapatistas. Plus: Chris Floyd on Distraction Politics, Dan Glazebrook on the Dirty War in Libya; Dani Raventos and Julie Wark on Gypsies and Genocide; Jennifer Matsui on the Language of Power; Pete Dolack on American Decline; and Lee Ballinger on Foster Youths.


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