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Revolution, Not Riots: Prospects for Radical Transformation in the Covid-19 Era

Within the context of these intensified protests, many self-identified radicals I have talked to believe we are witnessing the beginnings of a political and economic revolution, in light of the violent protests that have now taken over dozens of cities in the U.S. But we should be wary of romantic celebrations of revolution. Americans are nowhere near developing the radical working-class consciousness that’s needed for a socialist revolution. More

From Mississippi to Minneapolis: Leaving the ‘Abyss of Despair’

In the early morning hours of August 28th, 1955, two white men burst into the Mississippi home of Moses Wright where 14-year-old Emmett Till slept. Till had come down from Chicago to visit his cousins and was accused of having flirted with a white woman, Carolyn Bryant, while at a local country store with some More

The UK Compared With Other Countries on the Pandemic

As I write (the weekend of 30-31 May), the UK’s death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic has reached 38,489. Even the rightwing Financial Times regards this figure as an under-estimate, and says the actual toll is 60,300. The Murdoch-owned Sky News reports that the UK’s population-adjusted COVID19 death toll has now overtaken Italy’s: UK: 543 More

This Week on CounterPunch Radio
Richard Wolff

    • HOST: Eric Draitser
    • GUEST: Richard Wolff
    • TOPICS: Unemployment, systemic failures, and the future of capitalism in the Age of COVID.

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Jennifer Matsui on the privatization of the surveillance state. Cuba vs. COVID: Charles McKelvey reports from Havana on the Cuban medical mission to stop a pandemic. Yemen, the War Goes On: Charles Pierson documents rising human toll a forgotten war. Upton Sinclair, Socialist: Jonah Raskin revisits the muckraker’s run for governor of California. American Death Cults, Now and Then: Jeffrey St. Clair at Barker Ranch. Will Germany and Russia Reshape Europe? Gaither Stewart writes from Rome on a new alliance. Plus: Timothy Messer-Kruse on historians, slavery and the American Revolution, Chris Floyd on how the Tories blew the COVID crisis, Pete Dolack on why capitalism can’t deal with a crisis, Lucy Schiller on reality TV under lockdown and Lee Ballinger revisits the 1992 murder of Latasha Harlins in LA.


Malcolm X on Being American