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Rule Draconia: Tories and Labor Collude in Enabling Act for State Crimes

The Tory government (with the collusion of the Labour leadership) is ramming through one of the most draconian and tyrannical laws ever seen in an ostensible democracy, a bill that will give a wide and ever-expanding number of state agencies the power to torture, rape and kill citizens without any legal consequences. This is no rhetorical exaggeration; it is the plain fact – as that notoriously far-left commie rag, the Spectator, points out. More

In Trump’s America, There Is Death Before Due Process

The federal government’s killing of Michael Reinoehl exactly two months before the November 3 presidential race ought to have been one of the most high-profile election issues being discussed in America. Instead, it has been almost forgotten save for some media outlets starting to question the official narrative of his death. The little-known self-proclaimed “antifa” activist was killed by federal agents on September 3. Officers claimed that he had fired shots at them before being gunned down. But a week after his killing, the Washington Post found that “the wanted man wasn’t obviously armed.” More

The Courts v. Democracy

Of the six major controversies to convulse the Supreme Court since 2000, exactly half have been over personnel. First, in 2016, the Republican Senate refused to consider President Obama’s nomination to the court, claiming that nine months was too soon before an election and that the American people should have a say; then, in 2017, Trump’s nominee to the Court, Brett Kavanaugh, was credibly accused of sexual assault and confirmed amidst national protests; and now, less than two months before the 2020 presidential election, Republicans are vowing to confirm a justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg regardless of the election results. More

Sound and Fury

The sound of the hearings was muffled because the public never got to know Barrett’s position on major issues. She successfully dodged the most rudimentary questions even a high schooler could answer, like whether it’s legal to intimidate a voter. “I can’t apply the law to a hypothetical set of facts,” she replied to that question. C’mon. More