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Fallen Angel
The Great Resignation

The ICC is Doing Its Job

The ICC is doing its job. It’s doing what it is supposed to do. We cannot only apply international law when it is convenient. And the independent panel of international legal experts the ICC appointed to help with this case unanimously – unanimously – agreed with the charges. More

Dear White Friends: Can You Smell the Yellow Roses of Dier al-Balah?

Family and neighbors and community and country come first, right? Right. But what happens when that country happens to be the most powerful in the world, spending its entire time since 1947 maintaining world hegemony, with catastrophic consequences for the people of the Global South? Then our communities occupy not only the land within US borders; they occupy Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and all of the other countries that have suffered under our imperialism. Maybe most of all, Palestine. More

For Many American Jews Protesting for Palestinians, Activism is a Journey Rooted in Their Jewish Values

For Rebekah and many other American Jews, the cultural memory of the Holocaust, and the common refrain “Never Again,” inspires their activism for Palestinian rights. “Growing up in Hebrew schools, you grow up with the nightmarish Holocaust films,” she stressed. “The conclusion of this education should have been clear: ‘You can’t do it to another group of people!’” More

Who is Pro-Israel California Rep. Jared Huffman—Really?

Protestors probe his political psyche and we follow the money Northern California congressperson Jared Huffman, 60, held his annual “Hootenanny” campaign fundraiser at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, California. Press were denied entry to the private party, but the real story was outside, as CounterPunch discovered. The fundraising event did not go karmically well for the More