Iran and the US Say Enough, Will Israel Go Along?

he conventional wisdom in the United States is that Iran has conducted a “blatant and powerful act of direct war” against Israel.  However, the Iranian attack has been a long time coming in view of the past ten years of Israel’s cyberwar against Iran; the assassination of senior Iranian nuclear scientists on Iranian territory; and the killing of at least 18 Iranian generals and military commanders.  The drone and missile attack on April 13th was carefully calibrated to target the Nevatim air base in southern Israel, which is Israel’s largest air base, as well as the Golan Heights.  The F-35s that attacked the Iranian “consulate” in Damascus flew from that base in southern Israel and they flew over the Golan Heights.   More

“British Justice”? Hundreds of Subpostmasters Ask, What’s That?

Between 1999 and 2015 several hundred sub-post masters (SPMs) were accused and in many cases convicted of negligence or crimes involving theft, false accounting and fraud, based on flawed information – defective to the point of being haywire– provided by the multinational Fujitsu-installed Horizon computer system. The Fujitsu-Horizon system wrongly indicated that money had somehow “gone missing” from numerous SPM branch accounts. The accused victims were required to pay back the missing money or face prosecution. More

Secret Agreements: The Australian-Israel Defense Memorandum of Understanding

In February this year, Elbit Systems, Israel’s notorious drone manufacturer and creator of the Hermes 450 aerial device responsible for this month’s killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers including the Australian national, Lalzawmi “Zomi” Frankcom, was rewarded with a $917 million contract.  Business, even over bodies, exerts a corrupting force. More

False Equivalency and Lack of Proportionality in the Gaza War

The repeated use of 2,000-pound bombs have leveled multistorey apartment buildings in Gaza, killing hundreds of residents in order to strike even just a single Hamas suspect. The IDF has relied  on the “Lavender” and “Where’s Daddy” AI programs, which have limited human oversight, to kill suspected militants, their families, and nearby neighbors in the hundreds on the mere possibility of on-site Hamas members. In shifting free-fire zones, snipers are ordered or allowed to shoot anyone in sight, even unarmed women and children.  Where is the proportionality? More