The Philanthropathy of an Age of No Reason

‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.… To be ‘cured’ against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals’

– C.S. Lewis

This small article seeks to answer from a metapolitical perspective the question why the world is as it is – which as a question is becoming increasingly prevalent  as ‘mass formed’ with each new global crisis experienced;  with each new manifestation of the world tragically getting ‘madder and madder’ by the minute –  which herein cognized as being  racketeered as formed under a 21st C. triumph of the philanthropathic will,  such the how of ‘ordo ab chao’ construed..

Such cognizance as construal/apperception is in defiance of  orthodoxy: as of we may not regard the global state/globalization as a  gangster disease; as much as we may not,  such the commensuration, dare to question ‘philanthropy’ – this because we are put as placed under pragmatic as panopticonic hegemony of a ‘there is no alternative’ (TINA)  on a level axiomatic concerning the denial of reason – and  as  such to be classed with  but infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals, alas?

Such the myopia of dystopia indeed.

Such the centrifuge of hegemonic spin; as much as Voltaire put it succincted/precised:  absurdity leads to atrocity.

One does not believe in ‘happenstance’ any more : one  elects as  continues to believe in reason as a path to ‘truth’, and that orthodoxy or the death of thought as Orwell put it is foundational  as a sine qua non of the  21st  C. tragedy which is  of  an Age of  No Reason propagated?


The focus here  not on the ‘how’ such madness is to progress in the 21st C. as a devaluation of life such the ontology phenomenological: People as ‘We’ as of Zamyatin writes are yet able to consider ‘alternative media’;  and are increasingly turning towards same as to potentially reject cultural hegemony,  as but the brainwashing/ Hsi Nao‘ which ‘mainstream media’ represents rejected -and are becoming increasingly aware as reasonably mindful of the deadly gap between propaganda and reality as would be unspoken of?

Such the classification  as ‘infant, imbecile or domestic animal ‘  as would be un transcended,  so it goes,; such the ‘over and out’ externalized as no further dialogue by way of a hitherto ‘duplex’ intermediated censorial?

AI is the ‘willing’ executioner of the technocratic philanthropathy of billing?

The tragedy is that so many people are hypnotised by philanthropathic propaganda and are as such rendered  unable to question as speak up as concerning reasoning- and that this is largely  a product of  a technological determinism which has as the apotheosis of technocracy  a  final mass formation to be as  to occur  ‘ecocidally’ as panopticonically?

If this one makes it past the  fucking algorithms of cyberspace as an intermediation of mass formation  and finds its way for ‘consideration’  one shall be amazed…

Despite every orifice being raped now under ‘ambience’ was determined not to use profanity; this as much as it hurts so much to ‘live’ as austerely subsist in an Age of No Reason.

The focus here is on the ‘why’ of collective psychoses such the hard core metapolitical rhetoric  as would be denied under the absence of alternative  as the paradigm ‘No Age of Reason’ demands?


– To be ‘dumbed down’ as reduced to be but a homogenized, hegemonized, one dimensional product/tool of philanthropathy is, such the tragedy;  but part of the ‘new normal’ as  of the 21st C. as an ‘Age of No Reason’ ;  an expression of  mass formation synonymisable as : to be unable such the entropic accordance as concomitance thereof to make the distinction between ‘philanthropy’ and ‘philanthropathy’ such the trust abused on an epic as currently globalized scale of ‘inversion’ metastasising?

 This is the moral economic/political  as existential problem of the greatest import concerning the debauching of ‘currency’ further facilitated as extrapolated upon pragmatically – as an entropy concerning an evolutionary trajectory aborted under a ‘denouement’ of mind over mind philanthropathic,  such the alas of transhumanism?

‘Moral Economics’ remains the meaning of ‘Politics’ despite the disease of inversion, despite the angst caused, despite the marginalization and alienation rationalized under  ‘philanthropathy’?

A population reduction program is the ultimate physical expression of  said alienation and marginalization as much as how low can it go?

Whilst we would know it not up ; right up to the bitter end of memento mori prematurely as eugenically effected phenomeolologically as physically under an ‘R2P’  slumber of casus belli slipped surreptitiously into as  under philanthropathy in an urban panopticonic  jungle  manufactured geopolitically;  as a major symptom of a world as Weltanschauung  mass formed  under terminal decline as an form of entropy polymorphous; as of externalization; it  a gangster disease of ‘inversion’;  but as a mere bastard racket legitimized  as metastasising in an ‘Age of No Reason’ where as Orwell puts it prescient as precise:

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength‘?

Brecht he synonymizes concerning ‘Do not rejoice you men‘ – such the trans humanism  subsequently occasioned as a destruction of  human joy/ joie de vivre /Eros as part of the ‘final solution’ of Age of  No Reason?

Bertolt  may as well have put it:

 ‘Do not think you men‘?

– Such the intimation of the inevitable arisal of  ‘Age of Reason’ as a  ‘phlilanthropathic bitch ever on heat’ explicated?

 – For it/ das Id is an accretive as algorithmic process irresistible;  this Age of No Reason entered as dragged into such the utilitarian  absence of reason cultivated as per mushrooms propagated such the utility of being kept in the dark and fed shit; such the politikal power of mind philanthropathic  over the mind of the Demos?

We whom about to die; to be as  but culled eugenically salute philanthropaths – mine metapolitical ass!

– ‘Philanthropathy’  as such stands as such to the dominance of war, slavery and ignorance such the mass formation which the world as anthropocentric as  rendered anthropobscene (sic) is hurtling as being  pushed /dragged towards a final madness of the 21st C.; the final collective psychoses of ecocide solicited such the transhumanist inversion as to incorporate a Pyrrhic victory of Thanatos over Eros such the ‘blind rush” to follow the crowd as ‘mass formed’ –  if not indeed to give up individuality as much as reason  to the ‘transhuman cloud’ of orthodoxy- intermediated as  to be neuralinked under  algorithms of AI as a Procrustean bed of No Reason  burning infernal?

– For ‘thought crime’  is of the essence of the denial of these times of universal deceit/no reason: to refuse to be but  a ‘pattern of hegemony in  ‘some  philanthropathic technocrat’s head’  is;  such the  hegemonic hall of smoke and mirrors as of ‘no reason’ affirmed’  demanded ; the quintessence of ‘Democracy’ upheld as much of ‘little man/ infant/ imbecile /domestic anima’l  refusing to listen such the  Fourth Reich. such the unacceptability of ‘alternative apperception’ as evidencing reason? This with apologies to Robert Stone as much as to Wilhelm Reich.

Also with apologies to rats as technocrats constitute as to give a bad name to thru their truly verminous philanthropathy.

It occurs that certain terms in this small article have been undefined.

Most notably ‘philanthropathy’ as a neologism/portmanteau coined by Margaret Anna Alice –  and  whom  as brought particularly perspicacious quote by C.S Lewis as above to attention.

The  tragedy as to philanthropaths become ubiquitous necrotrophs destroying the host thru global hegemony in the 21stC. as  euphemised as ‘technocrats’ – personally these small quarters unable to look upon  or listen to Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and his sidekick Yuval Noah Harari and such the et al  technocratic Elon Musk, George Soros to name but a few, without nausea being precipitate to some ‘recollection’ as extrapolated upon by way of  philanthropathic racket cognised. Sartre called it ‘bad faith’.  This extends polymorphous alas as under recognition of philanthropathic puppetry and ‘ideological whoredom’ as would be force fed us under a stenographic script of humanity abrogated as aborted as  truth inverted; such the symptomatology as would certainly  not be ID’d geopolitically in an ‘Age of No Reason’ as a mind over mind panopticon of globalized proportionality by way of metastasis as of a cancer mass formed as apocalyptic mass formed?  This as much to an albeit limited ‘sing of the body electric‘  as by way of ‘metapolitical prosetry’  instanced ,  albeit feebly , as much as the question posed:

”Does not philanthropathy make you and yours cry as wonder why in this ‘Age of No reason’ become,

– Are you not moved by some vision of an infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing?’

Or indeed as Eliot puts it concerning ‘ragged, scuttling claws’?

‘Freedom’  now but another inverted word as per  under ‘newspeak’ for ‘nothing left to lose’ – as much as Sri Lankian proles stormed parliament; as much as Canadian Truckers stood up to ‘Turdeau’ as a global leader of technocratic philanthropathy; as much as farmers of the Netherlands were fired upon such the ‘collective psychoses’/mass formation – now ‘in situ‘ as all set to further  metastasis as to ‘kill the surplus’?

– ‘BbbbBaby you just ain’t seen nothing yet’!  such the overdrive of Torquemada  now stuttering up to fire on all  four cylinders philanthopathic as apocalyptic; such the alas of ‘horsepower’ arrogated technocratic?

The sad fact is that as become the world; this world as of an Age of No Reason; it an Age of Endarkenment?

The ‘how’  to be by way of AI – the real point is the ‘why’ of ‘End Times’?

Possibly one of the most degenerate philanthropaths in history was Tomás de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition. This was a ‘man’ whom would gleefully disembowel people in the belief he was helping them and carrying out God’s work’;  even as they died writhing in agony despite desperately reciting as repeating the phrases he fed them by way of their confession and atonement – which he took as encouragement his ‘therapy’ was working such the ‘trickle down’ effected of toxic philanthropathic shit.

 It is only thru reference to such philanthropaths that we can gain any insight into the pathology of technocracy in the 21st C.; this given that the ‘spirit of Torquemada’ lives on  by way of neoliberal economics and a pathological imperative not to save or protect souls; but rather a  technocratic responsibility to protect (R2P) the planet by ripping the guts out of ‘bodies’ thru the inversion ‘corporatism’ represents?

As it arose out of the Vietnam War and as now resounding globally in this tragic Age of No Reason”

We had to destroy the village to save it’

As has now  become under technocratic philanthropy such the lunatics have taken over the ‘asylum’ by way of ‘private public partnership’  at a globalized level geopolitical TINA:

We had a responsibility to R2P the planet by way of a population reduction program (PRP)’?

– Much as when Philip K Dick wrote ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ as when he had main  character  state as to the hegemony of one dimensionality affirmed:

‘All he’d wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from?

Where am I going? How long have I got?’

Technocrats focus on the ‘how’ as opposed to the ‘why’ such the absence of reason. and the ‘why’ as reason bypassed such the absurdity of trust abused as can and will alas lead to acts of atrocity under the death of thought as Orwell synonymised, and as Voltaire explicated way of metapolitical prescience?

– The point made here is that an Age of No Reason as facilitated thru Technology as an intermediation of consciousness is metastasizing algorithmic or step by step under philanthropathy; in the early 21st C.; as we can be made to view the world so shall it become such the esse es percipi?

The point is that:

‘I am not a number, I am a free man!

– As much as we refuse such the imprisonment under no reason son to be classed with infants, imbeciles and domestic animals?

Reason it lives as an alternative to AI!


It occurs that the why question has not, other than obliquely, been addressed by this small article. Other than drawing attention to the first hyperlink provided , it must again be contended that ‘evil’ is a force of a primarily political nature, and as stands in eternal opposition to ‘Eros‘ or the love of life. To look upon contemporary philanthropaths of hegemony as to apply reason is to be obliged to acknowledge said evil as a force which determined to destroy Life as God created? Much as the mountaineer answered the question ‘Why climb it?’ thru reference to ‘because it is there’ so too do philanthropaths answer similar question concerning ‘Why destroy the World’ thru reference to ‘because we have the means to do so’. This in an ‘Age of No Reason’?

Who gave them the means such the ‘Cui Bono’?

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