The Perspicacity of Mcluhan and Panopticonic Plans of the MIC

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.

– Marshall Mcluhan

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out…without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.

– H.L. Mencken

Whatever my country and whatever my name/a gadget on the set makes me think the same.

– John Brunner

This small article examines the technologically facilitated architecture/infrastructure of ‘mind over mind’ as Bentham defined the concept of Panopticon in the 18th Century.

It proposes a convergence of technologies cultivated as Capitalist ‘legitimate racket’ under direction of selected investment of Military Industrial Complex (MIC) as a ‘ruling class’, and which ‘companies’ such as DARPA, IQT , FireEye , SCL group and its subsidiary Cambridge Analytica (now defunct), Qinetic and Check Point represent but some examples of potential contribution towards?

It should also be noted from a Military Industrial perspective concerning ‘cyberspace/computer mediated communications (CMC)’ that social media, search engines and e-mail service provision as well as internet service provision as a generality can have ‘mind over mind’ utility concerning but not limited to – the harvesting of data thru surveillance, the direction of trends as political abuse and, apropos ‘fusion’ as to complex Military Industrial; commercial exploitation?

Central focus here as eventual and as to promise made by way of disciplined restraint of eclecticism: explication of the geopolitical utility of ‘electrosmog‘ – as is set under determinism to dramatically increase thru infrastructural development way of ‘5G’ implementation, and integration way of aforementioned ‘complex’ furthered in to a geopolitical structure consolidated as is, as per Eisenhower’s prescient warning, of a ‘Military Industrial’ Nature?

In Orwellian terms, MIC power projection of an Oligarchic Collective seeks an orthodoxy which purposive the destruction of thought – way of synonymising Bentham’s concept of ‘mind over mind’?

Quote above from Brunner concerning such lack of ideological diversity as ‘Orthodoxy’ entailed by virtue of ‘gadget’ qua technological determinism apposite?

The MIC seeking as to Thanatos a ‘full spectrum dominance’ and to such extent demands control over what constitutes or embodies thought as ‘legitimate/politically correct’- and a subservience to totalitarian demand which reflected in absence of ideological deviance as ‘subversive’ and constitutive of ‘anti -hegemony’ where the term deployed here acknowledges Gramsci and his highly perspicacious concept of ‘cultural hegemony’?

– There would be no ‘Counterpunch’ against the MIC as ‘heavy hitter’ in the Panopticon as a ‘ring’ where ropes thereof synonymise ‘walls’?

This, as much as there would be no ‘alternative media’ such the panopticonic mantra of ‘TINA’ explicated?

Motivation this small article arises out of a sense of horror at the ontology of what construed as a form of technological determinism with phenomenological and political implications of a truly austere nature – for the MIC as an abomination Geopolitikal as Realpolitikal exists not just to destroy Democracy, Sovereignty of Nation – but also ultimately Sovereignty of Mind as individual; this but part of the imperative concerning ‘full spectrum dominance’ , and as but a mere ‘racket’ sense of Smedley Butler?

It ; as ‘Das Id’ nepotistic indeed, not only proving alas to be so many wars such the mind over mind as entails Casus Belli as mere superstition made to prevail, such the tragic denouement that so many Military wars as can be laid at the booted feet and iron gloved fists of the MIC such the tragic theater -‘ it’ also the economic warfare against the Demos as entails material impoverishment and immiseration for so many and as is so polymorphous as widespread which the MIC ‘represents’ much as it demands unquestioning obedience concerning?

From shit of the homeless on the streets to bullet pockmarked rubble, from rust belt to water un potable, to species destroyed such the absence of care, the MIC evident as both Military and Industrial such the ‘Complex’ proving pathological to point of apotheosis being ‘Ecocide’?

Much as the MIC necrotrophic as far from Democratic – it far from loving other than of money thus commensurate – the MIC is a product not of Eros, but rather of Thanatos; a dark phenomenon, serving an elite minority rather than the Majority or Demos, seeking, such the pathological compulsion to constrain not only life, but liberty and the pursuit of happiness accordant?

That this has implications for ‘Biodiversity’ wholly congruent with the ‘Dark Alliance’ which the MIC constitutes; acknowledgement here to the great American investigative journalist Gary Webb; the lack of respect for life which the MIC exhibits finding ramification not only in abuse of Humanity but also Nature as enshrined in the concept of Ecosystem?

That is, the MIC is not only a filthy and stateless bastard by way of constituting a moral pollutant; it an economic pollutant context of the meaning of ‘Politics’ construed as ‘Moral Economics’?

Prolegomena over as much as to polemic commenced; let us get down to those brass tacks as manufactured by corporatist bastards as but a bed made thereof we to be forced to lie down upon way of furthering existence become subsistence?

Apropos, to answer the question:

‘What’s the Military Industrial Utility of ‘Electrosmog’, in particular as concerning ‘rollout’ of ‘5G‘?

it necessary to look at two quintessential phenomena of any Panopticon; ‘Surveillance’ and ‘Propaganda’. (That as an acronym such could have equivalence to ‘Structural Adjustment Program’ is an irony, this as much as it questionable as to whether military war or economic war as by way of such as sanctions have caused more sufferance, indeed?

Same hate, same fugly face, same death and destruction?

– And being subversive vis-â-vis such fugly face as would be unseen as but an altar to the worship of filth – this to refusal to be a ‘sap’ as ‘rube’ synonymised indeed?

Quote by H.L. Mencken above synonymises a ‘rube’ as a ‘thinker’ with much regard for prevailing superstitions and taboos – as metastasising contemporaneous the Panopticon developing?

One of the greatest services Orwell provided to Humanity was detailing the dangers of what has come to be alas, ‘the surveillance society’?

This; alongside his detailing commensurate such concepts as ‘thought crime’ and the demographics of totalitarian society as to the ratio ‘1/15/84’ place him as amongst the greatest satirists?


‘can 5G facilitate further ‘Surveillance’, by way of rendering data up to a Military Industrial Complex as to facilitate ideological rape’?

would be a forbidden or wrong question á la Pynchon, such the constraint as much as ‘political correctness’ become binding to point of a hidden agenda?

Any answer to this contingent upon the processing power which analyses and refines the ‘enhanced data stream’ which 5G facilitates.

Most people such the Animal Farm/MIC Plantation/Panopiticon/CAFO think of this ‘enhanced data stream’; which no more alas than a euphemism for being ‘ ideologically fucked every which way as would include loose as purposive and forceful’, and as meaning as to ignorance imposed pragmatic cultivated superstition commensurate, being able to download films much faster, route find quicker and upload that video to social media rendered easier – as well as having greater power over the environment as ‘Alexa’ and compatible devices epitomise?

But part of the ‘mind over mind ‘which the MIC represents the way in which perception and thought can be controlled and manipulated?

That is to say; central premise of the darkness and abuse which the MIC represents is as to hidden agenda; that we should not know certain things or contemplate them as individuals; that there be a lack of transparency and accountability, this going hand in hand or claw in bloody claw, as is sine qua non of Panopticon, so it goes?

‘Force feed them shite and they will bite’ being as much as to insight as per recognition of the creatures outside as demand made by the MIC concerning externalisation?

As much as such must be disguised by way of superstition and taboo?

This to some variant of ‘not being in the public interest’ as rationalization so it goes, and where the outstanding quote cinematic being:

‘You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns’

In an MIC Panopticon constituted largely of walls as would be unseen and ‘men’ with guns (to be replaced as displaced by drones/robots?) the ‘truth’ something which the Demos could not handle such the spin pragmatic – ‘sweet little lies’ as of ‘Fleetwood Mac’ sang being much more preferable as to ‘mind over mind’ evidenced by force feed of line?

The truth, as of distinction known between arse and elbow, something to be restricted by the pragmatism of balls squeezed such the ‘psycho politiks’ of the MIC?

And such the benevolent paternalism as of ‘Nanny State’ so shrunken where the ‘elite’ as Oligarchic Collective, as the ‘one percent’ know what in our best interests that we be permitted to know, such the control and issue of ‘currency; such the ‘care not’?

The fact is that the potentiality of ‘5G’ is as to ‘surveillance on steroids’ as much as Digitalization Inc. and as much to the concept of ‘smart cities’?

Every device or gadget with an assigned IP address, every data stream from /to same, a feed in to the ‘dark satanic Panopticonic mill’ such the grist as has both military and economic relativity?

This being as to MIC ‘ Tooldom’ such the determinism’, such the ontology as Thoreau intimated?

In the halcyon days where such surveillance potential not facilitated technological, surveillance used to be a labor intensive operation as the ‘Stasi’ evidences?

Nowadays it is capital intensive such the greater hiding of agenda facilitated by software and hardware and technological progress?

Such technological displacement having moral implications indeed – for ‘robots’ ask no questions, have no moral reservations – and ‘obey unhesitatingly’ accordant?

This; to a ‘polymorphous suck as panopticonic’ – as quintessential to MIC?

– Did you know wi-fi can see thru walls?

‘Surveillance’ having been cursorily addressed concerning ‘electrosmog’, it time now to examine/propose the ‘Propaganda’ implications of 5G, where things begin to take an even worse aspect.

That such may elicit incredulity accepted.

At this juncture those of delicate disposition should avoid what amounts to ‘the horror, the horror’, and as to question posed ‘can you handle the ‘truth’ answered?

Does MIC synonymise ‘Mistah Kurtz’ such the ‘Heart of Darkness’?

‘Surplus population’ in context of panopticon also addressed here.

‘Look away Panopiticonic Land’?

-The militarization of 5G technologies incorporates as to trend deterministic not only increased potentiality for surveillance, but also propagation as proactive as ‘developmental/incremental’ upon reactive propaganda as concerning increased censorship.

‘Reactive propaganda’ as used here as ‘primitive’ having as to parallel the thought experiment:

‘You go to the library and asked for book A. The answer comes back that there no book A on the shelves, but how about books B, C, D all of which are highly recommended and available -and cover a similar interesting theme much better.’

An answer as ‘bought and paid for’ by a Librarian on commission?

-This as parallel to propaganda as reactive as by way of algorithmic manipulation concerning ‘search engine results ‘ and ‘shadow banning’ and as to ‘authority’ and trust?

‘Goose step by goose step’ so it goes to the tragic concept of ‘man gods’ and ideological whoredom as constitute the MIC?

Now imagine; such the continuation of reactive propaganda into the proactive by way of spectrum dominance, a command in your mind as ‘beyond’ even those persistent marketed strap lines and little jingles as to repetitive broadcast of corporatist mainstream media (such as ‘You are more beautiful than you think, Touch the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow, Wassup , The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Orange) to seek out a certain book which is readily available.

Make no mistake, the potentiality for weaponization of 5G by MIC enshrines such as ‘voice of god and pyschotronics.

But it gets worse alas, such the synonymy as to the utility of public incredulity!

5G radiation is as to weaponization of the electromagnetic spectrum. Covert selective ‘pump up ‘ of power under geo location could be to a silent form of assassination as can occur under informed surveillance of a geo locational nature, and as to predictive software? Many people are already unnecessarily as tragically dying in such a technologically facilitated Panopticon as finds economic explication in the abominable concept of ‘surplus population’ and as to austerity.

Every ‘small cell’ a potential weapon to 5G?

The world of the so limited future is as to an ascendancy of a ‘Technocracy’ – those things ‘we’; sense of Zamyatin, used to take as for granted to be rendered contingent as to supplication demanded by way of further mind numbed conformity?

Given work in progress concerning brain-computer interface , which again will be marketed as making lives of the people easier e.g. no headset required! In conjunction with ‘voice of God’ and psychotronic potentiality we in the 21st C. about to face the ultimate Panopticon as technologically facilitated and as apotheosis of Orthodoxy by way of the destruction of thought?

A technological facilitation by way of consolidation of the ultimate MIC as omniscient and omnipotent; which can read thought and manipulate same, which can covertly assassinate at will by way of geo-location informed pumped up focus of RF radiation and as to determination thru surveillance of ‘subversive element’ or ‘surplus population’ – not so much ‘termination with extreme prejudice as ‘burn out that array of helical antennas’ such the euphemism -is this not something to elicit public incredulity sense of Mencken?

Revelations concerning the technological exploitation of human vulnerability made by Facebook are but the tip of the Panopticonic MIC Iceberg?

You want a vision of ‘our future’ as to Cultural Hegemony as much as to creatures outside: look at Gaza as prototype such the tragic devaluation of life as the MIC demands, look at the wilfully failed infrastructure as of the streets of San Francisco covered in human shit of the homeless, look at ‘Neoliberalism’ as the hegemony of the MIC as but a transfer of resources, look at a biodiversity limited further by way of necrotrophy ascendant – as but ‘thanatos‘ ascendant over ‘Eros’?

Look at ‘your Country’ as other than but a mere ‘Animal Farm/Colony/ Panopticon’; such the Freedom in which you and yours ‘important’ such the technologically facilitated superstition and taboo?

Or is it that the MIC is really of a philanthropic nature, benign and with our best interests in mind?

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