Psycho Political Dimensions of Being a Stranger in a Strange Land 

The 21 st C. New Normal – Psycho Political Dimensions of Being a Stranger in a Strange Land

or an·o·my [ an-uh-mee ]
noun Sociology.

a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the case of uprooted people.

‘I fell in to a burning ring of fire..’

– Johnny Cash

Measuring a Weaponized Infrastructure (Telecommunications)

Apropos the above quotation by Johnny Cash this small article based on a diagram as below of a ‘burning ring of fires’ as an apposite metaphor concerning the devil in the psycho political detail of the dimensions of the new normal of ‘scorched earth ’ via infrastructures being weaponized.

– For to ‘be’ as to fall into such a strange technocratic ring of hellfire surrounding is indeed to experience social norms being deliberately burnt down and reconstructed under a build back better rationale as pathological; it is to be be uprooted phenomenologically as to experience the culture shock of being rendered a ‘stranger in a strange land ‘ – which proving increasingly difficult to relate to or understand or navigate , such the austerity of anomie as assuming a syndrome or mass formation ?

Worse still as an extension of such anomie: the feeling that one is a persona non gratis – an unwelcome stranger in a now strange land which one used to think of as ‘home’?

This feeling such the alas is not a localized phenomenon in sense of geopolitics: it is a globalitarian (sic) phenomenon of technocratic deliberation and social engineering which reflects an unprecedented level of the concentration of wealth translated into political power as a raging inferno of social norms being burnt down to the ground – to point of a new normal of even further resource transfer arising Phoenix like as ‘supranational’ from the ashes?

This technocracy as a 21st C. phenomenon is proving to be a global hijack of evolutionary trajectory as of a hitherto unprecedented proportionality and dimensions?

Small figure below explicates but some of the burning psycho political dimensions of how we of the 21st C. are being continually uprooted as under phenomenological assault by way of an ordo ab chao as aspectual of the destruction and reconstruction of Nature under a paradigm such the propagated mass formation of lies and illusions – and as reveals a ponerology of the abuse of trust as has been obtained or derived thru the abuse of Empiricism and its fruit technology – to point of infrastructures being weaponized and resources further polarized under resource transfer as a raging inferno of greed as technocracy burns?

A greed which demands a population reduction program (PRP)?

Much as the 20th C. abomination of the destruction of Dresden in World War 2 by fire bombing had to await the development of aerial born incendiary devices and suitable military aeronautical means of delivery, so too had the burning 21st C. technocratic ring of fires as Figure 1 illustrates below have to await relevant technologies and infrastructures capable of being weaponized being placed in situ under polarization to purpose of effecting such a mass formation of rootlessness as a frith of an Earth scorched as narrowed?

The determinism enshrined in Empiricism thru technology contains a ponerological bias in favor of ‘evil’ it would appear…


Fig. 1. The Burning Ring of Fires of Norms Inverted.

Other than for such necessity than technologically determined the above diagrammed ‘technocratic ring of fires of norms inverted ‘ would still be smoldering – as opposed to now raging ubiquitous as purposively as schematically as institutionally placed beyond the control or understanding of the Demos under layers of illusion or misinformation as propaganda?

As Glenn Frey sings ‘The Heat is on’?

That the ‘real fires raging’ are denied; ‘the don’t look thereI focus’ is on manufactured hobgoblins as Mencken put it?

The statement attributed to Karl Rove that:

‘People like you are still living in what we call the reality-based community. You believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors, and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’

The burning down as inversion of social norms is an example of the creation of ‘new realities’ by those whom have arrogated to themselves the role of being ‘history’s actors’; and such a truly dark art practiced entails a psycho political assault which has the abusive as massive objective of producing as forming ‘strangers in a strange land’ as uprooted – and as such rendered more open to absurdity and atrocious abuse such the totalitarian rationale of shock and awe ?

Anomie is a weakening of mind thru a new reality of norms inverted: it is become such the ‘Lo! ‘ sense of Thoreau the weaponization of infrastructures on which life depends – and is contingent upon neoliberalism as an ascendance of private interests by way of economic polarization translated into polarized political power?

Part of the anomie of 21st C. mass formation is a commensurate subjective sense of economic , political and existential impotence; of a powerlessness to exert any proximation of control or mitigation- as the paradigm of what is ‘normal’ is continually being shifted under a hegemony of resource transfer as reflects a deadly panopticonic inferno of ‘mind over mind’?

– Just when we think we can see the new goal posts they are shifted under a new reality as a technocratic/Svengali fuckover?

Remainder of this small article is structured around ten raging metaphorical fires of the ring diagrammatically explicated construed psycho political – and as are expressive a ‘new technocratic normal ‘ -which to lead to a ‘build back better’ – as we are to believe – and as we are as to be further as so cynically fucked over or alienated as marginalized via mind over mind to point of an increasing rootlessness precipitated which has clear implications for control and manipulation – as much as an ecocide demanded exists but to be rationalized under the pathological warp which ‘R2P the Planet ‘ enshrines?

‘Anomie’ is a ‘narrowing of the frith’; the imposition of rootlesssness a form of divide et impera?

For the fires all set to merge or ‘flashover’ under an inferno of enantiodromia are an expression of technocracy sucking as suffocating Democracy and Nature ; vortex like?

(In Dresden those who sought refuge in underground shelters died of suffocation such the vortex.)

To ironic paraphrase of Herman Goering :

‘It works the same in any country

The objective here is to detail the psychopolitical ramifications of this infernal technocratically engineered mass formation or collective psychoses which is now burning polymorphous at a supranational level in the 2 1st C.

Kudos to Zamyatin concerning cognizance taken of ‘infantilism’ which Huxley elected to focus upon in his particular contemplation of dystopia.

(The burning down as inversion of norms has the psychological effect of reducing mind to a regressive as infantile state which is more conducive to control and manipulation? Confusion as much as crisis serves totalitarianism.)

A good crisis as of anomie should not be let to go to wastesuch the ‘ordo ab chao’?

Small quarters remain such the 21st C. milieu of inferno and the burning down of norms thru weaponized infrastructure raging apperceived a pretentious dissident as would rather refuse orthodoxy than subsist as anomic in an infernal circle as a prison of fires strategically set – whereby there no alternative currency permitted be controlled as issued in a tragic as austere panopticonic colony of globalitarianism as an uproot.

Fuck that for a game of soldiers!’ indeed – as much as ‘shut the fuck up!’ denied.

Purpose in writing is to attempt to hold by way of intransigence onto mine ‘roots phenomenological‘ as have spread in the course of at least six decades: it is to piss on the fires raging as much as to seek to extinguish same as to prevent an inferno of conflagration.

Such may well be an exercise in futility, but shall keep trying!

– If but one person as fellow peer ‘well met’ grasps the gist then it is a case of ‘mission accomplished’.

And so to the ‘coda psychopolitical’ of that burning ring of fires…

National to Supranational

Private/public partnerships’ as created expressive of a resource transfer furthered are now burning

hegemonic supranational as never before, such the scorched earth of ‘Ein reich, ein volke, ein fuhrer’ resounding as the flames grow higher as more incorporative such the Fourth Reich/ Industrial Revolution as amounting indeed to a baptism of fire – which few of us of the 21st C. are to survive under the eugenical calculations of ‘history’s actors’ as lying stateless satanic bastards of satanism?

The detail in the course of the last one hundred years that most of such private/public partnerships arose under the sponsorship of philanthropists of great wealth is highly significant?

Strike thar; we are not talking of philanthropy but rather philanthropy as another hellish inversion?

Psycho political concomitant: we no longer feel an ability to relate to what we previously referred to as ‘our Country’. We no longer have any role as apperceived as sensed to contribute towards change in a Land we have been rendered estranged as uprooted from?

– The tendency is towards a feeling of ‘going through the motions’ whilst increasingly there an anxiety as undermines what were hitherto enjoyable experiences?

Such destruction of erotic joys under Thanatos is a consequence of rootlessness and is expressive of a shock and awe metastasizing under technocratic atrocity?

Bottom up to top down

What Anthropocene history demonstrates is the progressive reduction of the Demos to being politically anomicised; never have so few had so much such the ‘top’, and so many had so little at the ‘bottom’.

That money is a technology which has facilitated such polarization/ resource transfer is to be remembered such the ‘fuhgeddabout it’ denied under one state of gangsterism as a geopolitikal unipolarity?

Psycho political concomitant: we no longer feel an ability to be autonomous or to effect change; we accept thereby en passant a divide et impera which is of profound significance concerning our being uprooted thru alienation and marginalization? We feel ruled over by an irresistible alienating force and unable to trust any more in institutions of authority as present themselves as Democratic or truthful under hegemony? We experience a distrust as to that which would be caste under hegemonic narrative as authoritative – and yet a continual pressure is experienced to adapt to the new norms they urge as atrocity follows upon absurdity? ‘Adapt ‘being a euphemism for conform?

Human to Transhuman

The ‘burning’ down’ of DNA by an experimental gene therapy of global proportionality is ‘well’ underway as a fire raging infernal; this despite the fact that the consequences of same are unknown.

Much as we do not know the contents of experimental gene therapy ‘vaccines’, so we do not know what the implications of emergency authorization are to be, such the trust abused? Similarly, the implications of experimental gene therapy are currently unknown concerning fertility and life expectancy; this as much as concerns the psycho political implications of modified DNA as an anomie precipitated remain unexplicit concerning said fertility and life expectancy; this as much indeed as the exact psycho political implications of modified DNA remain unknown.

Are the genetically modified as transhuman more susceptible as amenable to psychotronic manipulation; are they more absorbent of non ionizing microwave radiation at certain frequencies per chance ? Does experimental gene therapy entail the death of natural immunity as natural DNA once conferred on the herd?

Who knows? (Possibly DARPA?)

Psycho political concomitant: we buy in under the desperation of shock and awe to a trust in cultural hegemony as a coping or survival strategy; we deny the right to question as embrace an absurd narrative leading to atrocity; we become a product as but a fucking slave to be traded/patented as homogenized – and resign our’sellves’ thereby to being but a ‘fire sale product’ as to be owned in a world of norms shifted neoliberal as to be schizoid?

We feel devalued as much as we can so be brought to devalue our own God given unique genetic identity?

In a transhuman world as a scorched earth there is only anomie bi furcative; being of exploitations and arrogations expressed by ‘man gods/history’s actors ’ thru a new reality burning all around?

Two sexes to many Genders.

The funding under philanthropathy concerning ‘woke consciousness’ as a phenomenological inversion of sanity is not without deliberation concerning the eugenic hellfire of the imperative to reduce surplus population. Every child chemically castrated or transgendered as medically mutilated remains a contribution to population reduction; every child persuaded towards gender dysphoria is expressive of a cultivation of ‘Thanatos’; every child as can be subjected to experimental gene therapy is aspectual of a eugenic program of a depopulation under an ‘R2P the planet’ as an absurdity leading to atrocity as per Voltaire’s perspicacity? Heterosexuality is biologically functional by way of sexual reproduction; the diverse and manifold deviations from same are biologically dysfunctional or deadly in context of population reduction effected. ‘People in a strange land ‘ experience many difficulties concerning sexual reproduction, particularly when they are transhumanized? The fear of saying something politically incorrect as deemed by the ‘new normal’ hegemony increasingly preys on the minds of ‘we strangers in a strange land ‘ such the insidious nature of inversion?

Direct to Intermediated.

In many ways this is the biggest raging fire of anomie: for in the 21 st C., our senses have become largely contingent upon technological intermediation as have been estranged from esse es percipi thru computer mediated communications as an expression of neoliberal corporatist raw power hegemonic? We are being dragged under such atrocious assault /crime against Humanity as a to be strangers to truth in a strange land of lies and illusions as profits so few among us to propagate as ‘further.’ The growing economic role of capital intensive AI concerning intermediation of our senses is but another expression of the transfer of economic power to political power; the introduction of ‘new AI strangers’ as are welcome in the new land/new normal of technocratic globalitarianism is purposive to an anomie furthered by way of said intermediation, and the gradual deprecation of life as proceeds algorithmic under the arson of what amounts to a scorched earth policy? AI is the new stranger of simulacra as was the prototypical ‘transhuman’ of technocratic glee; it works 24/7 and does not asks questions; it is capable of assuming the form of a lethal autonomous weapon system unhindered by moral qualms of subjective origination -this such the tragedy as ‘become simulcraic!’ resounds under the anomie of transhumanism?

Psycho political concomitant -the fear of being further displaced, of being rendered economically surplus as unwelcome under the march of AI and Robotics. The growing disparity between intermediated ‘information’ and the reality based on our ‘immediate’ apperceptions fosters an anxiety which renders us more amenable to psycho political abuse by way of orthodoxy; sense of Orwell?

Increasingly the ‘Capos’ of the Globalitarian concentration camp scheme are being outsourced to AI working with Robotics under capital intensity?

– Increasingly we anomically subsist as to question the value and meaning of Life estranged within a paradigm determined by technological progress – as defined by an elite of technocrats via a kakistocracy epitomizes austerity?

Diverse to homogeneous

Richard von Coudenhove- Kalergi is a name one would not hear under the Public Relations narrative of ‘Anomie Inc’ ; let alone that ‘his’ ideology be subjected to examination. Or ‘his’ source and application of funding not be ‘memory holed’ such the demand of anomie?

Miscegenation, or the separation of an individual from his or her cultural roots and norms, is a form of anomie?

Psycho political concomitant – the feeling one is under threat; that ones beliefs are arbitrary as much as represent a race supremacy as ironic. That one should feel guilt as compels atonement by way of conformity to new norms demanded is expressive of the power of mind over mind?

Under such panopticonic pressure there is a need to conform experienced.

Consciousness to product

The burning ring of fires really hurts with this one. The reduction of consciousness to but a manufactured product reflects the power of technology to support propaganda. The means of delivery of said propaganda have recently reached the level of development whereby ‘psychotronics’ as bypasses the senses and directly targets the central nervous system(CNS) are feasible; such technology is also known as ‘voice of god’.

The deployment of 5G as a psychotronic platform for the destruction of human consciousness is potentially the ultimate Svengali device as capable of reducing man to a zombie of orthodoxy; dispossessed of any independent or autonomous ability to reason, to form volition as under free will, or to hold to idiosyncratic or alternative norms?It is indeed a synonymization of transhuman with zombie?

In short the above technologies as a weaponization of telecommunications infrastructure represent the ultimate transhumanism?

Psycho political concomitant – it is far from a joke to caution ‘wait till you start eating the bugs or lab grown meat’ let alone ‘wait till you start hearing the voices’ arising from such totalitarian abuse of human environmental ambience by way of psychotronics?

The technology of mind control and the reduction of consciousness to a product is being rolled out; it is a fire now as burning as a weapon in the ever growing arsonal (sic) of Technocracy concerning weaponized infrastructure?

The psychotronics as not so much as of a jingle or ear worm but of a jangle of neurosynaptic modulation resonating involuntary is plausibly deniable?

Education to indoctrination

The ideal of a liberal academia has been inverted under Corporatism to become neoliberal academia. The function of Education has become not to teach how to think but rather how to conform; how to eliminate any free thought from ever seeing the light of day as by self imposed censorship? Education as an infrastructure weaponized is a form of dumbing down; of stifling the ability to reason or to question; of constraining ideological diversity and the ability to conjecture among the Demos?

Psycho political concomitant: the most educated among us often experience a dread of having been lied to; a sense of doubt as to whether the curricula of neoliberal academia fed as approved and contributed toward was based on a trust abused so much – and that the ‘laurels’ of said academia are a reward for self censorship and the suppression of the norms of Democracy apperceived?

Thoreau’s proposition concerning ‘tooldom’ is an apposite reflection?

Empiricism to Religion

This is how the enantodromiatic inversion works as anomie precipitate of a rootlessness; this is how we rendered ‘transhuman’ under Empiricism as ‘objective’? This is the absurdity as much as atrocity of the Age of ‘End Times’?

Psychopolitical concomitant: we find oursellves (sic) as a la Beckett’s contention worshiping filth as proclaiming them our saviors; we know something is wrong but are unable such the anomie/shock and awe to pinpoint as much as to rectify same. Whilst we have a lingering as painful suspicion concerning a false paradigm of one dimensionality we yet have a fear as stultifies – and it is into such engineered gap that technocratic man gods march? People have already been arrested for the crime of prayer as a refusal to accept the one dimensionality of Empiricism as a religion.

Infrastructure to weapon.

Day by day in the 2 1st C. the polarization of economic power translated into political power is furthering its grip on ‘norms’ as morphed , and infrastructures as were previously life supporting are being weaponized under a technocratic globalitarianism as of a death cult in which we and ours have little to no role other than by way of being written off as ‘surplus population’? That we have been brought to such point, or rather dragged into an infernal circle of fires pursuant, is a tragedy of inversion.? Intermediation of infrastructures as weaponized is the key to ‘understanding’ hellfire as the burning down of norms – and the utilitarian nature of inversion?

That such perspicacity be ‘Verboten!’ is the psychopolitcal concomitant this instance; ‘dumbed down’ as uprooted from reason being the quintessence of ‘mind over mind’?

All in all ‘Eschatology’ strikes the nail on the head such the ‘Paradise Lost’ by way of subsisting in a burning ring of fires?

God help us for history’s actors sure as hell won’t?

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