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December 03, 2021
Friday - Sunday
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: Tribute Must be Paid
Brian Cloughley
Let Them Drown. Let Them Freeze to Death. Just Keep Them Out!
Richard Moser
“Favor and Affection:” From Glynn County, Georgia to Kenosha, Wisconsin, Police/Vigilante Collusion is a Far Bigger Story Than The Verdicts
Paul Street
Beyond the Stench: Reflections on Violence, Fascism, and Revolution
Eve Ottenberg
Right-Wing Senators Hog Limelight by Blocking Nominations
Eoin Higgins
NYC Vaccine Mandates Just Like Jim Crow in the Deep South, Says Naomi Wolf
Robert Hunziker
Burned-out Forests Are Not Re-Growing
Robert Koehler
Our Shackled Planet
Ramzy Baroud
Belgium is on the Right Track, But Europe Has Failed Palestine
Jonah Raskin
Water and Power in California
Lawrence Davidson
Critical Race Theory and America’s Fear of Reality
H. Bruce Franklin
Ocean Winds: Bringing Us Renewable Fish with Renewable Energy
Ron Jacobs
The Orange Blossom Special Hits the Haight
John Feffer
Ending Latin America’s Sewage Decade
John Laforge
“Astonishment and Stupefaction” at $90-Billion Industrial Double-Cross for Australian Submarines
Jacques R. Pauwels
How General Winter Did Not Save the Soviet Union in 1941
K.J. Noh
South Korean Dictator Dies, Western Media Resurrects a Myth
James C. Nelson
There’s Precedent for That
Bernie Sanders – Ro Khanna
This Must End: Saudi Warplanes Carpet-Bomb Yemen With US Backing
Binoy Kampmark
Arming Against China: the US Global Posture Review
Lee Hall
Dominion: A Matter of Interpretation?
Daniel Warner
Change, Mutation, Evolution and the Real End of History?
Michael T. Klare
War With China in 2027?
Matthew Stevenson
Macedonian Ramble: the Struggle for Independence
David Swanson
Reflecting on the Dawn of Everything
Kenn Orphan
Censorship, the Myth of Free Data and the False Solutions on the Table
Laura Finley
Facing the Facts About Gun Violence in the U.S.
Stephen Capra
Democrats and the Wolf Slaughter
David Rovics
The Politics of Moral Outrage
Pete Tucker
The Curious Case of Jack Evans
Maria Paez Victor
Canada, the Bad Neighbor
Mark Weisbrot
The IMF and Special Drawing Rights: Saving Lives, Backlash and Attempted Coup, and Structural Reform
Anthony Pahnke
The Rightwing Anti-Immigrant Machine, from Belarus to the United States
Robert Alvarez
Prison Gerrymandering: the Modern Three-Fifths Compromise
Phillip Smith
How Oregon Is Turning the Page on America’s Disastrous Drug War
Peter Certo
Greed is Prolonging the Pandemic
Juan Grabois
American Express Goes on a Buying Spree in Argentina’s Congress
Dean Baker
Omicron Can be Blamed on Patent Monopolies
Nicky Reid
If You Truly Love America, You’ll Tear it Down
Bob Topper
Prohibition Revisited
Thomas Knapp
Criminal Justice Reform Needs to Catch Up With the Meaning of “Public”
Yves Engler
Time to Fight Climate Change, Not Each Other
Bella DeVaan
Columbia’s Student Workers Fight for a Fair Contract
Sarah Baron
What’s Driving Inflation? Corporate Greed
David Yearsley
Bach’s Knocks
December 02, 2021
W. T. Whitney
Libre Party and Presidential Candidate Xiomara Castro Win Big in Honduras Elections
David Rosen
5G Cell Towers: How the Game is Played
Pam Martens
Wall Street Has Deployed a Dirty Tricks Playbook Against Whistleblowers for Decades, Now the Secrets Are Spilling Out
Cal Winslow
The Redwood Coast: Dispatches From a Forest in Distress
Stan Cox
Noam Chomsky Says We Have no Right to Gamble with the Lives of Climate-Vulnerable People: Video
Dean Baker
In Fighting COVID-19, Intellectual Property, Not Antitrust, is the Real Problem
Charles Lenchner
Reflections On Palestine Day by a Former Israeli Refusenik
Rebecca Gordon
The “Graveyard Shift” in a Pandemic World
Binoy Kampmark
Project UATX: New Universities, Old Problems
Jonathan Feingold
The Political Reality of Critical Race Theory