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June 18, 2021
Friday - Sunday
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: False Summit
Timothy Messer-Kruse
Anti-Critical Race Theory and Neo-McCarthyism
Richard Moser
The 50 Trillion Dollar Question: What is Austerity?
Eve Ottenberg
Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment
Peter Cole
Angela Davis, America’s Best-Known Black Radical, Joins the Country’s Most Radical Union
Paul Street
That Little Power Elite Moment is Already Over
Rob Urie
How the Federal Government Crushed Racist Organizing
Zarefah Baroud
Dear PETA, Israel’s Animal Rights Record is Anything but Praiseworthy
Pete Dolack
Is 20th Century Social Democracy Really the Best we Can Do?
Patrick Mazza
Conflict in the Hinterlands: the Fragmented Geography of the Cold Civil War
Ramzy Baroud
On Trumpism and Netanyahu-ism: How Benjamin Netanyahu Won America and Lost Israel 
Evaggelos Vallianatos
Get Me Water First
Maria Paez Victor
Disease as a Weapon: Has the US Blocked Vaccines For Venezuela?
Charles Enderlin
Israel-Palestine: a New Chapter Begins
Louisa Willcox
Saving the Grizzlies of Jackson Hole
Ron Jacobs
My Father’s House
Dean Baker
Biden, China and the New Cold War
B. Nimri Aziz
Smashed Houses, Crushed Orchards: a Trail of Unrestrained Malice
Fred Gardner
Marx in the Afterlife, According to Bob Dylan
Medea Benjamin - Nicolas J. S. Davies
Why Democracies in G7 & NATO Should Reject U.S. Leadership 
Tony McKenna
Amazon’s “The Boys:” The Superhero as Cypher for the Times
Nick Pemberton
Ilhan Omar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Everything In Between
Martha Burk
Reagan’s Bitter Legacy for Women
Katie Fite
Kick ’em When They’re Down: BLM Pushes Sage-Grouse Toward Extinction
Andrew Moss
The Urgent Need to Educate America about Climate-Related Migration
John Horning
The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act Will Help Achieve 30×30 Goals
Ellen Glover
50 Years Later, End the War on Drugs
Louis Proyect
Hedge Fund Devils
Thomas Knapp
About That “Border Crisis”
Reynard Loki
To Save Planet, Solve Twin Crises of Climate Change and Species Loss Together
Norman Solomon
If Dennis Kucinich Becomes the Mayor of Cleveland, It’ll Be a Shock to the System. Again.
Steve Brown
No, the Capitol Riot Was Not a Dress Rehearsal for a Coup d’Etat
Jill Richardson
Government Can be Collaborative
Stephen F. Eisenman
The Equity Trainees
Nicky Reid
My Own Private Utopia
Rev. Susan K. Smith – Rev. Levon C. Manzie
How Black Churches Can Lead the Way on Voting Rights
Sebastian Thormann
A European Case in Defense of the Filibuster
Ron Ridenour
Socialist Pedro Castillo is Peru’s New President
Christopher Brauchli
Of AR-15s, Swiss Army Knives and Federal Judges
Daniel White
But What About the Wars?
Chuck Collins – Kalena Thomhave
Dynasty Trusts: a Tool for Billionaire Tax Avoidance
David Yearsley
Plains Music
Elliot Sperber
Private Place v Public Space
June 17, 2021
Aaron William Moore – Ran Zwigenberg
History at 30,000 Feet: Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Bomber Mafia”
Evan Jones
Battle of the Psyche: IDF Personnel Suicides
David Rosen
Break-Up Big Tech? Amazon, a Public Utility?: Keep Your Fingers Crossed
Binoy Kampmark
Publicity and Exploitation: Fortress Australia and the Family from Biloela
Anna Buss
Only Aggressive Environmental Measures Can Prevent Another Imminent Water Crisis in Brazil
Rebecca Gordon
Social Security Versus National Security
John Clamp
Denmark to Refugees: Be My Guest, Just Not in My House
George Ochenski
What Happens When Politicians Break Their Oath of Office?
Dean Baker
We’ve Seen This Movie Before: Predictions of Economic Disaster
Laura Flanders
Take Pride in Desire
June 16, 2021
Kenneth Surin
Boris Johnson Toadies Up to Biden at the G7
Thomas Klikauer – Nadine Campbell
The Global COVID-19 Inequality Virus
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