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July 23, 2021
Friday - Sunday
Anthony DiMaggio
Rise of the Right: White Supremacy and the Myth of the “White Working-Class”
John G. Russell
Surveillance, Roombacops, White Rage, and the End of Empathy
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: Bedtime for Bezos
Paul Street
Have You Heard That Trumpism is “Becoming Fascist”?
Ramzy Baroud
Progress or War: On Islamophobia and Europe’s Demographic Shifts
Helen Yaffe
What’s Really Going on in Cuba
Jeffrey Kaye
The Schnacke Affidavit: U.S. Admission of Offensive Germ Warfare Capability During the Korean War
Jean Wyllys – Julie Wark
Brazil, Amazon, World: Part Two
Eve Ottenberg
Biden Gives Pregnant, Nursing and Postpartum Mothers a Pass
Frank Joyce
The Slogan No Justice, No Peace Gets It Backward.  Peace is the Key to Justice 
Erik Molvar
Why Regenerative Farming Works and Regenerative Ranching Fails
Gaither Stewart
The Italian Cinema and the Left: On Rediscovering Roberto Rossellini-Filmmaker
Ron Jacobs
The Beast that Kills the Beauty
Daniel Warner
Would Jean-Jacques Rousseau Get Vaccinated?
Johnny Hazard
AMLO and Coup Insurance
Patrick Mazza
The Oligarch’s Mythology of Cowboy Individualism: Bezos in a 10-Gallon Hat
Adam Rissien
The Return of Logging Without Laws
Dean Baker
Patent Monopolies, Corruption, and the New Alzheimer’s Drug
John Perry
Why U.S. Policy Toward Nicaragua Isn’t Working
Coleen Rowley – Wyatt Miller
It’s Time to End the U.S. War on Syria, Not Restart It
Neve Gordon
Why Did Netanyahu Vote Against a Racist Law He Wholly Embraces?
Rick Baum
Does Roger Stone Read CounterPunch?
Steve Early
How Contingent Faculty Organizing Can Succeed in Higher Education
Edgar Kaskla
The Risks of Where we are Today
John Clamp
American Psychosis
Nozomi Hayase
Redeem American Ideals: US Government Must End the Political Prosecution of Julian Assange
Nick Pemberton
Insanity is Healthy
Elliot Sperber
East River Ecocide
Cesar Chelala
Hemingway and Latin America
Anthony Fulton
Curb Your McCarthyism: An Early Test for Israel’s New Minister of Education
James Haught
Handmaid Danger Fading
Binoy Kampmark
Infectious Follies: Britain’s Freedom Day
Elisa McCartin
Rein In Private Equity Before It Kills More Jobs
Nicky Reid
The Brightside of Crimewaves
Domenica Ghanem
The Mom-and-Pop Tax Break
Raouf Halaby
Abu Hasan’s Meager Palestinian Repast: Memories, Past and Present
Colin Todhunter
Mobilizing Against the Corporate Hijack of Agriculture and the UN Food Systems Summit
Scott Owen
Democracy Dies
Christopher Brauchli
Varieties of Coup
Victor Grossman
A Happy Warrior: Esther Bejarano, Presente!
Louis Proyect
The Problem With Milk
Norman Solomon
Who’s Afraid of Nina Turner?
Stephen Martin
Down on the ‘Transhuman Farm’ Nightmares  are Technocratic –  Being  Of Click Built Panopticons  and Tractors in Human Form , Alas.
July 22, 2021
Peter Bolton
The Bizarre Phenomenon of Cuba Policy to Suit Cuban-American Exiles Rather than Cubans in Cuba
Richard D. Wolff
The United States Underestimates China’s Economic Challenge at Its Own Peril
Dean Baker
The Drug Companies Are Killing People
John Kendall Hawkins
The Fire…This Time: An Interview with Brian Fies
Thomas Klikauer
Covid-19 Propaganda in Australia
Chandra Muzaffar
COVID in Malaysia
James Haught
It’s a Crime to Trust God
James Phillips
Why I Cannot Sign a Letter From Some Fellow Activists Critical of the Nicaraguan Government
Nilofar Suhrawardy
When Leadership Fails and Democracy Cracks! 
Evaggelos Vallianatos
Decline and Fall of Western Civilization
Thomas Knapp
Congressional Proxy Voting? No. Do the Job or Quit the Job
CounterPunch News Service
Climate Activists Celebrate Dismissal of Charges in the Midst of the Hottest Summer on Record
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