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May 23, 2024
Bernie Sanders
The ICC is Doing Its Job
Priti Gulati Cox – Stan Cox
Dear White Friends: Can You Smell the Yellow Roses of Dier al-Balah?
Atalia Omer
For Many American Jews Protesting for Palestinians, Activism is a Journey Rooted in Their Jewish Values
Mike Bader
Grizzly Hunting is Trophy Hunting
Binoy Kampmark
The Rages of Equivalence: The ICC Prosecutor, Israel and Hamas
Katherine Charles
I Keep the Affordable Care Act Working, But Can’t Afford to See a Doctor
Pranjal Pandey
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Dies in Helicopter Crash, Leaving Behind a Polarizing Legacy
Josh Frank
Housing, Not Handcuffs
Cesar Chelala
Donald Trump Has Poisoned the Well
Peter Bach
Letter from London: Regrets, We’ve had a Few
Mel Gurtov
China Calls the Shots with Russia and Europe
Pete Tucker
How Wine Mogul David Trone Crashed and Burned His Senate Bid
Lindsay Owens
How Trump’s Corporate Tax Cuts Sparked Inflation
May 22, 2024
Peter Byrne
Who is Pro-Israel California Rep. Jared Huffman—Really?
Henry Giroux
Welcome to the Hedge-Fund Driven Neoliberal University
Binoy Kampmark
The Assange Case: A Flicker of Hope in the UK High Court
Roger Harris
The Biggest Obstacle to Free and Fair Elections in Venezuela is the US
Andrew Moss
Dr. King’s Words on Vietnam Still Ring True for Gaza
Dean Baker
Social Security: Productivity Growth and the Scary Stories About Rising Retiree to Worker Ratios
Judith Deutsch
The Nadir of Human Behavior
Alex Richwine – Algernon Austin
Why the Student Debt Crisis Would Likely Worsen Under a Second Trump Administration
May 21, 2024
Abba Solomon - Norman Solomon
The Dead End of Liberal American Zionism
Steve Kelly
Empire Stumbling Toward Irrelevance
Ed Rampell
High Noon at LA’s City Council
John Feffer
The Race to End Fossil Fuel Production
Clarence Lusane
Black MAGA Is Still MAGA
Francis Brodsky
Power, or the Purpose of the Police
Dave McCall
How Solidarity Triumphs Over Corporate Greed
Sonali Kolhatkar
The Big Business of Obesity and Shame
Algernon Austin
US Affordable Rental Housing Policy Either Doesn’t Make Any Sense or Is Working as Intended
Lawrence Wittner
Donald Trump’s Assault on the Wages of American Workers
Douglas Lummis
The Liar Puzzle
Giorgos Mitralias
From South Africa to Israel, the Greek State Has Always Had a Soft Spot for Apartheid
May 20, 2024
John Whitbeck
On the ICC’s Announcement of Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant and Hamas’ Leadership
Christian G. Appy
UMass Arrests: What Would Daniel Ellsberg Do?
Sonali Kolhatkar
Why Corporations Choose Lawlessness to Fight Unions
Sam Pizzigati
The Toughest Job Today’s Richest Ever Face?
Laurel Sutherlin
Procter & Gamble, Mondelēz, and Nestlé Are Among 10 of the Leading Consumer Brands Driving Global Deforestation
Jessica Garcia
How Bluelining Leaves Climate Vulnerable Communities Without Home Insurance
Binoy Kampmark
Promising the Impossible: Blinken’s Out of Tune Performance in Kyiv
CounterPunch News Service
Statement of ICC Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan KC: Applications for arrest warrants in the situation in the State of Palestine
Yoav Litvin
Yuval Noah Harari’s Odyssey into a Parallel Zionist Universe
Ralph Nader
Tapping Into the Vast Safety Potential of “Loss Prevention” by the Insurance Industry
George Ochenski
Don’t Eat the Fish: The Astounding Failure of Our Regulatory Agencies
David Cason
Preying on White Fears Worked for Georgia’s Lester Maddox in the ’60s and is Working There for Trump Today
Mel Gurtov
A Package Deal Full of Holes
Weekend Edition
May 17, 2024
Friday - Sunday
Stephen F. Eisenman
Can Jews be Nazis?
Jeffrey St. Clair
Follow the Missiles
Raihan Alam
Thinking Clearly About the Protesters
Robert Hunziker
Permafrost Showdown
Melvin Goodman
Friedman, Biden and US Weapons Sales to Israel
Nathaniel St. Clair
A Humble Request
David Yearsley
No One’s Neutral Come Eurovision Time
Binoy Kampmark
A Brutal Punishment: The Sentencing of David McBride
Thomas Knapp
Hey, Rube! Why No Room for Others at the Biden/Trump Debate Circus?