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April 16, 2021
Friday - Sunday
Michael Hudson
America’s Neoliberal Financialization Policy vs. China’s Industrial Socialism
Charles Pierson
Starving Yemen
Daniel Beaumont
The Palestinians: “We Shall Not Be Moved”
Paul Street
Racial Oppression Will Not be Overcome Under Capitalism
Richard Moser
Cold War Liberalism and the Labor Movement: The Epic Fail
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: Invitation to a Haunting
Eve Ottenberg
Life After Covid, as the U.S. Competes with China
Nicolas J S Davies
Denis Halliday: A Voice of Reason in an Insane World
Steve Martinot
Violence for the Sake of Violence
Norman Solomon
Contrary to What Biden Said, U.S. Warfare in Afghanistan is Set to Continue
W. T. Whitney
Venezuela Border Conflict Mixes Drug Trafficking and Regime-Change Ambitions
Joseph Grosso
Groundhog Day: Postmortem in Bessemer
Fawzia Afzal-Khan
Pakistan at the Crossroads, Again
Peter Costantini
Was Trump’s Family-Separation Policy Torture?
Ramzy Baroud
Recognition of Palestine is ‘Symbolic’ But also Critical: the Australian Case
Ron Jacobs
Ben Fletcher—Unsung Hero of the Working Class
Thomas Klikauer – Catherine Link
Communicating Global Warming
Samantha Bruegger
The Indefensible Violence of Wildlife Killing Contests
Medea Benjamin - Ariel Gold
The Hawks Who Want War With Iran Are Working Overtime
Matthew Stevenson
Letters From Minsk: the Warsaw Ghetto
Jason Holland
Slavery and the Age of Ego
Paul Feather
If We Cannot Hold the Pass
Cal Winslow
Saving the Mama Tree: Seventy Feet Up an Ancient Redwood
Andrea Mazzarino
Making Sense of a Viral Military
Shubh Mathur
Biden Aligning With the Wrong Side in India
Abigail R Hall
Forced Patriotism is Un-American: Arkansas and the Anthem
Paul Gilk
Craving Forbidden Intimacy
Nicky Reid
Anarchists Need to Drop the Adjectives
Yves Engler
Social Democrats, China and John McCain Prize
Seth Sandronsky
Monopoly Versus Democracy: Reflections on Unionizing Amazon
Robert Koehler
Armed Racism Keeps No One Safe
Steven Rosenfeld
Why Disability Rights Advocates Are Pressing the Senate to Allow an Internet Voting Option
Douglas Bevington
The “Footloose” Eco-Activism of Marnie Gaede
Sam Macdonald
After Elections, Seoul Braces for Environmental Inaction
Jeff Mackler
Why Biden is Feigning Left
Fred Gardner
On, I Claud: From The Week to the Worker to Breakfast With Hemingway in Spain
John Kendall Hawkins
Nobody’s Burisma But My Own
Scott Owen
The Home of Devils
Christopher Brauchli
Cry Fraud and Let Slip
Louis Proyect
Corporation as Cult: WeWork’s Wild Ride
Chandra Muzaffar
Ramsey Clark: One of the Greatest
April 15, 2021
David Rosen
Amazon Workers’ Defeat: The Trusts Are Back
James Bovard
Biden Fires Up the Waco Controversy Anew
Jonathan Latham
Agriculture’s Greatest Myth
Philippe Marlière
Macron’s Closure of the ENA, France’s Elite School: Political Gimmick or Overdue Reform?
Ramzy Baroud
The Clandestine War on Africa: France’s Endgame in Mali
Binoy Kampmark
Israel Sabotages the Natanz Nuclear Facility
Ajamu Baraka
Murder of Daunte Wright Ruined Derek Chauvin Show Trial
Ahmad Soheil Ahmadi
From Despair to Activism: An Afghan Refugee in Indonesia
Thomas Knapp
Biden and Afghanistan: Never, Ever Trust Us
Tom Engelhardt
Slaughter Central: The US as a Mass-Killing Machine
David Swanson
The Brutes Haven’t All Been Exterminated
Ann Garrison
Pacifica Radio: Let’s Talk About the Debt
Dean Baker
Consumer Prices Bounce Up, But Fears of Inflation Baseless
Nick Licata
Can Hate Speech be Banned on Social Media?