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May 26, 2022
Melvin Goodman
The United States Specializes in Exaggerating the Threat
Pam Martens
How Crypto is Using the Behavioral Dynamics of Bernie Madoff’s Fraud
Thomas Klikauer
War Propaganda, Pseudo-Events and the Global Village Idiot
William Hartung
The Major Weapons Makers Cash in Worldwide, Not Just in Ukraine
Daniel Warner
How Russian Exclusion Threatens the West
David Rosen
Abortion Wars Heat Up
Phyllis Bennis – Richard Falk
Americans Must Demand an Independent Investigation of Shireen Abu Akleh’s Killing
Nora Garcia Nieves
Europe is at a Crossroads of Neoliberalism and What People Actually Want
Andrew Moss
A Reckoning for Workers this November
Mike Garrity
Cattle Grazing = Death Traps for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
David Rovics
Great Replacements
Winslow Myers
Nick Shay
The Loop Current, a Fueler of Monster Hurricanes, is Looking a Lot Like It Did in 2005, the Year of Katrina
Robert Koehler
The Heart is Mightier than the Sword
Parth M.N.
Fevers, Fears and Missing Figures in Gorakhpur
Mike Garrity
Federal Court Halts Illegal Logging in Endangered Grizzly Habitat in NW Montana
May 25, 2022
Kenneth Surin
The Flubbed Police Investigation Into Boris Johnson’s Partygate
Ben Debney
Culture Wars Defend the Minority of the Opulent From the Majority
Paul Street
Only Mass Protest Can Save Abortion Rights
Eric Draitser
Blowback to G7 Ban on Russian Oil?
Ramzy Baroud
Constantly on the Verge of Collapse: How Palestinians Became a Factor in Israeli Politics
Mary Serumaga
Doing It for Themselves: the Mutiny in the Women’s Movement
Michael T. Klare
The Ukraine War’s Collateral Damage
George Ochenski
The Colstrip Calamity: They Got the Gold, We Got the Shaft
John V. Walsh
New York Times Repudiates Drive for “Decisive Military Victory” in Ukraine, Calls for Peace Negotiations.
Ian Fairlie
Japan Plan to Dump Tritium-Contaminated Water into the Pacific Comes With Big Risks
Susan Landau
The Threat to Privacy in the Post-Roe Era: How Your Cellphone Could Be Used Against You
Robert Goldman
Ukraine’s War Crimes Trials: Legal But Not Necessarily Wise
Thomas Knapp
Sussmann Trial: Mook Outs Clinton as “Russiagate” Shot-Caller
Thomas Knapp
Politics: The Real Meaning of the Word “Prompt”
Task Force on the Americas
Human Rights Activist Deported from Colombia in Runup to High Stakes Election
CounterPunch News Service
CODEPINK Denounces Deportation of Electoral Observer in Colombia
May 24, 2022
Gregory Elich
Serbia Resists US-led Bullying
Sam Pizzigati
In Politics, Money Will Always Talk. Unless…
Robert Hunziker
India – Birds Drop Out of the Sky, People Die
Patrick Cockburn
The Lingering Mystery of Gulf War Syndrome
Luke Beirne
The Stormont Election and Ireland
Imtiaz Rangwala
Grim 2022 Drought Outlook for Western US
Nick Licata
Abortion Rights in Swing States Will Determine Who Controls the Senate in 2021
Paul Strangio
Who is Anthony Albanese, Australia’s New Prime Minister?
Jacob Hornberger
Biden Lengthens Our Leash on Cuba
Mel Gurtov
It’s “Now or Never” on Climate Change
Brian Wakamo
An Equal Pay Victory for America’s Winningest Team
John Kendall Hawkins
Christopher Steele’s Replacement Theory
Jon Hochschartner
Speciesism and Pullman’s “The Amber Spyglass”
May 23, 2022
Patrick Cockburn
Will BoJo Become the Unwitting Hero of Irish Revolution?
Walden Bello
Why the Son of a Dictator Won the Philippine Presidential Election
Binoy Kampmark
The Great Teal Tsunami: Arise Australia’s Independents
Richard Rhames
The (American) Exception to the Rule?
Yorgos Mitralias
Why Does Putin Make All the Soviet Dead of the Second World War… “Russians”?
Rob Okun
Mass Shootings: It’s the Masculinity, People
John Feffer
Russia, NATO and the Future of Neutrality
Callie Freitag – Heather D. Hill
The Persistence of Childhood Poverty in the US
Omar Ocampo
Debunking the Myth of the Fleeing Millionaire
Kevin Ketels
Baby Formula Industry was Primed for Disaster Long Before Key Factory Closed Down