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March 05, 2021
Friday - Sunday
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: No Neanderthal Ever Bombed Syria
Paul Atwood
Full-Spectrum Extinction
Don Fitz
From the Murder of Berta Cáceres to the Dam Disaster in Uttarakhand
Eve Ottenberg
What the Ecuadoran Elections Mean for the U.S.
Andrew Levine
Conspiracy Theories
John P. Geyman
The Private Health Insurance Industry: Should It Be Eliminated?
Rob Urie
Economic Growth is the Cause of Climate Change, Not the Solution to It
Paul Street
Killer Kim Reynolds and the Fascist State of Iowa
Ramzy Baroud - Romana Rubeo
‘Engaging the World’: The ‘Fascinating Story’ of Hamas’s Political Evolution
Kathy Kelly
Blood for Oil
Robert Hunziker
Approaching a Risky 1.5°C Global Overshoot
Medea Benjamin - Nicolas J. S. Davies
Trump and Biden’s Secret Bombing Wars
Kathleen Wallace
Snatching Conceit From the Jaws of Victory
Gary Leupp
Biden Acts with Impunity (to Send Iran a Message, by Attacking Iraqis in Syria)
Morteza Rezaei
Hell in Every Way: My Life Inside a Temporary Refugee Camp on Lesbos
Albena Azmanova – Marshall Auerbach
Bad Stimulus: the Problems with Biden’s COVID Relief Package
Philippe Marlière
Justice Finally Catches up With Sarkozy
Binoy Kampmark
Biden, Afghanistan and Forever Wars
John Feffer
The Odyssey of An Wei, the Forest Gump of China
Nick Pemberton
Leftist and Liberal Unite!
Nino Pagliccia
Hugo Chávez’s Legacy: Unity and Anti-imperialism
Gary Olson
Will Neoliberalism Morph into Fascism in the United States?
Karen Petrou
How Financial Policy Drives Economic Inequality…and How to Fix It
Jason Pramas
As Labor Secretary, Will Marty Walsh Represent All Workers?
Gary Olson
Will Neoliberalism Morph Into Fascism in the United States?
Vincent Emanuele
Leftwing Pokémon
Margaret Flowers
Small Acts
Raouf Halaby
Ouchy, Fauci and Ron Klain: The Equivocator and the Prevaricator
Wim Laven
Planned Human Obsolescence
Graham Peebles
Freedom of Thought and the Death of Ideology
Rebekah Entralgo
Paid Sick and Family Leave Can’t Wait
Christopher Brauchli
Princes Among Thieves
Robert Koehler
Taking War Personally
Yixia Cai – Dean Baker
Missing Voters and Missing Unemployed Black Workers
Domenica Ghanem
When Do the Rules Apply?
Robert P. Alvarez – Uma Nagarajan-Swenson
Biden Needs to Keep His Promises on Immigration
Nicky Reid
Late Winter Riot Flicks for the Coming Summer Uprising
James Graham
The Test of Our Endurance
Eshawney Gaston
Essential Workers Deserve $15 an Hour
Jill Richardson
The Long History of America ‘Uncanceled’
Kim C. Domenico
They Can Watch/Record/Monitor Your Every Move, But Nobody Has Your Back! 
Stephen Martin
‘If Only The President Knew’ – That State of The Union Address You’ll Never Hear or See.
David Yearsley
The Scarlatti App
March 04, 2021
David Rosen
Electricity vs. Broadband: Does History Repeat Itself?
Thomas Klikauer – Norman Simms
Skeletons in the Neoliberal Cupboard
Thomas Knapp
Biden’s Foreign Policy: No Joy in Mudville
Brian Tokar
25 Years of GMOs, and Some New Insights from Argentina
Bruce Neuburger
U.S. Agricultural System’s Deadly Apartheid
Geoff Beckman
Biden, Team D and the Dimming Prospects of Getting Anything Meaningful Through the Senate
Mandy Smithberger
The Pentagon, First, Last, and Always
Phil Mattera
The Decades-Long Struggle Over Big Corporations and Poverty Wages
George Wuerthner
Fire Suppression Hyperbole
Victor Grossman
Berlin Bulletin: Surprise on the Left!
March 03, 2021
Melvin Goodman
Biden’s Quandary: Proxy Wars and Endless Wars
Paul Street
Ruling Class Joe and the Essence of American Politics