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Recent Articles

October 28, 2020
Jonathan Cook
Capitalism is Double-Billing Us: We Pay From Our Wallets Only to be Robbed of Our Future
David Rosen
After Covid: Will the Recession Become a Depression?
Louisa Willcox
60 Minutes’ Toothy Porn
Kenneth Surin
UK’s Chaos Unbound
Dean Baker
The Impact of the Pandemic on Superstar Cities
Binoy Kampmark
Impunity and Carefree Violence: Australia’s Special Forces in Afghanistan
Gregory Elich
Police Raid Humanitarian Group Over Pandemic Aid to North Korea
Charles Stevenson
Switzerland’s Failing Democracy
Ramzy Baroud
The World is Changing: China Launches Campaign for Superpower Status 
Sam Pizzigati
Out of the UK, a Bold Pay Prescription for a Post-Trump America
Russell Mokhiber
Nader, Chomsky, Salon and Biden
George Wuerthner
Clear Lake NWR Emblematic of How Livestock Degrades Public Wildlife
Sufyan Bin Uzayr
A Year in Kazakhstan: Some Observations
Rajan Menon
So Trump Loses, What Happens Then?
Haiti Action Committee
Stop the Massacres in Haiti! End U.S. and UN Support for the Criminal Regime of Jovenel Moise
Ed Sanders
DiPrima on a Piano, in Eternity
October 27, 2020
Steven Dandaneau
What the Election Should Have Been About
Richard C. Gross
‘Dark Winter’
Russell Mokhiber
NPR and the Corporate Criminal Element
Andrew Levine
Get Trump, But Biden is Next, So Lose the Kumbayas
Sarah Anderson
The Trump Tax Reform Helped the Billionaire Class, Not the Working Class
John Russell
Why It’s Really Hard for Trump to Steal the Election
Julia Kassem
One Year after the Lebanese Protests
Kavitha Muralidharan
Burying 1,000 Bodies and Loads of Prejudice
John Feffer
A Pandemic Pivot
Jack Rasmus
Barrett Confirmed, Post-Election Chaos Will Ensue
Samantha Bruegger
I Am the Wolf and So are You
Cesar Chelala
In the Eye of the Storm
Howard Lisnoff
Adrift Amid the Right-Wing Obscenity
Lawrence Wittner
Trump’s Broken Promises to U.S. Factory Workers
Elliot Sperber
The Planet is Liquid
October 26, 2020
Brian Cloughley
Trump’s Nuclear Weapons are Standing Up And Standing By
Paul Street
Trump Out Now
Benjamin Dangl
Ballots Defeat Bullets: MAS Wins Historic Mandate in Post-Coup Bolivian Election
W. T. Whitney
Cuba Responds to Pandemic, Blockade and New Economic Troubles
George Wuerthner
Forests as Carbon Preserves
Sonali Kolhatkar
How Coronavirus Exposed the Flaws of the Childcare Economy
John Laforge
White House Gangster Wants to Avoid Nuclear-Armed Stigma
Vijay Prashad
Argentina’s Veteran Ambassador Makes a Stand for the Sovereignty of Latin America
David Swanson
There Are Anti-War Candidates
Prabir Purkayastha
Why 2020 Is the Year of Black Holes
Lautaro Rivara
Haiti Has a Long History of Being Assaulted by Its Latin American Neighbors
Binoy Kampmark
Trusted Demonologies: US Electoral Interference, the Proud Boys and Iran
Thomas Mountain
“Democratic” Means Social Equality
Howie Hawkins
Whatever Happened to Left Solidarity?
Weekend Edition
October 23, 2020
Friday - Sunday
Paul Street
Ex-President Obama: Ten Ironies
T.J. Coles
How Trump Killed 220,000 Americans: the First Three Months of Covid
Jeffrey St. Clair
A Day in My Life in the Time of Covid
Eve Ottenberg
The Scourge of Herd Immunity
John Laforge
White House Gangster Wants to Avoid Nuclear-Armed Stigma
Kathleen Wallace
The Supine and the Ridiculous
Pete Dolack
We Can Do Better Than Capitalist Formal “Democracy”
Hugh Iglarsh
Advertising vs. Democracy: An Interview with Jean Kilbourne
Steve Early - Suzanne Gordon
A Common Defense: Mobilizing Veterans in Labor
Ralph Nader
Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All