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August 05, 2022
Friday - Sunday
Jacques R. Pauwels
Summer 1914: War Enthusiasm, Real and Imaginary
Stephen F. Eisenman
End-Times: a Visit to Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: The Mad-Eyed Lady of Pac Heights
Eve Ottenberg
How the Elites Use Identity Politics to Wage Class War
Robert Hunziker
America’s Biggest Reservoirs Hit By Dead Pool Jitters
John Menadue
Our Dangerous Ally Could Drag us into War With China
Ciaran O'Rourke
The Fire Inside Mike Davis
L. Michael Hager
Diplomacy, Not Weapons, Will End the War 
Ramzy Baroud
Why Resistance Matters: Palestinians are Challenging Israel’s Unilateralism, Dominance
Todd Miller
The Officer of the Future: Facial Recognition and the Border-Industrial Complex
Mel Gurtov
Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip: A Needless Provocation
Anthony Pahnke – Jim Goodman
We Should Aspire to be Peasants
Erika Schelby
As the War in Ukraine Devastates the Nation’s Ecosystems, the World Reaches Record-High Military Spending
Kim C. Domenico
‘We Are Limited Only By Our Imagination and Our Will to Act’: Hopeful Words As Liberal Shibboleth
Clark T. Scott
Sympathy For The Plethora Of Devils
Dean Baker
Economy Adds 528,000 Jobs as Unemployment Ticks Down to 3.5 Percent
John P. Ruehl
Russia and the European Union Continue Transition to Wartime Economies
Nick Pemberton
Let’s Be Frank About Kansas
Matthew Stevenson
Letter From Crimea: Stalin, Putin and the Exile Tartars
Nolan Higdon
Elite Lapdogs Always Welcome in the Corporate Media
Judith Deutsch
Anti-Abortion and the Lives of Children: A Freudian’s Perspective
Nicky Reid
Why January 6 Means More to Washington than It Does to America
William Kaufman
Remembering Vin Scully
Daniel Warner
What Does It Mean to Say You’re Sorry? On Pope Francis’s Visit to Canada
Priti Gulati Cox
Kansas Trusted Women
John Kendall Hawkins
Sympathy for the ‘White Devil’?
Richard Klin
Island-Hopping: Ireland and the UK
Omar Ocampo
The Proposed Wealth Tax on Colombia’s 4,700 Richest People Would Raise $1 Billion
Chuck Collins – Helen Flannery
The Rise of Monster Donor-Advised Funds
Winslow Myers
Beyond the Mulish, Look to the Stars
Tom Stephens
Memo to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
Jonah Raskin
Che Guevara’s Brand of Marxism
Sophie Bjork-James
How Social Media Helped Fuel the Rise of White Nationalism
Lee Camp
The Tale of 3M
Stephen Martin
Full Spectrum Necrotrophic of Weaponized Infrastructures Dominated
Seth Sandronsky
Hustle Never Drags
August 04, 2022
Kathleen Wallace
What Happened in Kansas: Common Sense, Common Ground
David Rosen
Sometimes You Just Want to Scream
Stan Cox
Three Tons of Fascism with a Bull Bar
Chloe Atkinson
How Climate Change Drives Heatwaves and Wildfires
Evaggelos Vallianatos
The Meaning of Climate Change: A World Revolution for a Livable Future
Christopher Ketcham
Letter to an Ecosaboteur
Hibist Kassa
How Maasai Women Are Resisting Land Grabs
Thomas Knapp
Can a Third Party “Fail Forward?”
Robert Koehler
My Weekend With the Good Guys
Aram Goudsouzian
The Cerebral Bill Russell: a Legacy of NBA Championships and the Militant Fight for Civil Rights
George Wuerthner
Time to Ban M-44 Cyanide Bombs on Public Lands
Ron Jacobs
Save People’s Park: An Open Letter to the City Council of Berkeley, CA
August 03, 2022
Kenneth Surin
Sri Lanka’s Political and Economic Crisis
Sam Husseini
US-Saudi Relationship: Beyond the Obvious
George Ochenski
Globalization, Greed and Reality
John Kendall Hawkins
Thanks, Bill
Evaggelos Vallianatos
Barbarians at the Gates
Serge Halimi
Oligarchs, Unite Now!
Ron Jacobs
The Conflict in Ukraine and American Exceptionalism