Of Percentages and Neoliberal Predatation

The essence in obedience consists in the fact that a person comes to view himself or herself as an instrument for carrying out another person’s wishes and he therefore no longer regards himself as responsible for his actions.  – Stanley Milgram

Mindfuck – The process of raping someone’s intelligence and/or beliefs with lies and manipulation. The only defense is instinct and intuition otherwise known as the TRUTH. – Urban Dictionary.com

Milgram’s social psychological experimentation in 1961 concerning compliance with authority is of a high degree of relevance concerning the collective psychosis and the abusive erosion of identity which neoliberal corporatism form of ‘ Globalization’ manifestly constitutes now. and which ‘We’, sense of Zamyatin, in the early 21 st. Century but now austerely subsist shockingly and in awe of as ‘under ‘- as but preyed upon, alas?

Necrotrophically – to but a boot as stomps on the face of life purposive?

As Orwell conceived , it takes but 16 percent such the ‘in and out’ of a population rendered ideologically raped to point of the political facilitation the totalitarian horror he so presciently as perspicaciously delineated in his final work ‘1984’ -as can be interpreted a ‘fascist mindfuck of life portrayed’; such the predation cognised?

In Orwell’s Dystopian nightmare the 16 percent was composed of 1 percent ‘Inner Party’ and 15 percent ‘Outer Party’.

– Or are things ‘set’ to get so bad, such the ‘contemptoraneity’ (sic) that ‘1984 ‘ can be viewed as relatively Utopian?

Small quarters write in an elaborated code as but a tiny part of the ‘84%;’ ; a mere ‘prole’ Göred, not quite yet ‘lumpen’ as ragged trousered such the philanthropy but as can apperceive of the rape of intelligence and contextualize ponerological; this as much as ‘dissidence’ increasingly becoming ‘surplus to requirements’ , such the ‘philanthropic archipelago’ inhabited alienative, such the ‘social credit ‘ contingent upon deceit being accepted and practiced being ramped up hegemonic?

A dissidence which in process now of becoming increasingly broader and more incorporatively defined as denounced, such the neoliberal strings of the ideological ‘one size fits all’ global strait jacket being tightened hegemonic under a ‘hidden agenda’ -whereby ‘Science ‘displaces ‘Religion” such the new sugarcandy mountain rocked as ‘moved and shaked’ geopolitical as Corporatist?

Apropos the question as to the relative utopianism of Orwell’s vision has often been a cause of some puzzlement to these small quarters – as to why exactly Orwell permitted the 84% to ‘live’ in ‘1984’; indeed he remarks within same that ‘if there was hope, it must lie in the proles‘. Perchance ‘they’ had a utility as a reminder, sense of memento mori, to the 15% of what life would be other than but for the party as a hierarchical order panopticonic as caring?

Machiavelli’s observation as to the distinction between fear and love is apposite?

In a neoliberal context there can be a utility of a surplus of labor under capital intensity thru technological displacement, as capable of becoming ‘effete’ such the apotheosis budding of the evil as much as whence ‘needs must’?

In Milgram’s original experiment 65% of the participants administered a punishment marked ‘Danger: Severe shock’, despite the audible pain of the trainees. It notable that all participants were paid for participation in the experiment regardless of their willingness to inflict pain on another human being as a’ peer ‘- and this expresses but one limitation of the parallels insightful which the experiment offers to ‘real life’ in a socioeconomic context and as concerns differentiated reward structure /hierarchy under a political system largely defined by same as a resource transfer scheme/racket?

What would be the implications were the element of financial incentivization included?

One thinks of Sinclair Lewis and his proposition concerning understanding and reward, sense of livelihood?

That ‘harm’ as a polymorphous concept instanced inflicted regardless under gain as so brought to be apperceived as hegemonic under a cost/benefit analysis carried out amoral to prove a hellish epitaph of ecocide, as opposed to a benign epiphany concerning Life on Earth as ‘Anthropocentric‘?

Tragically neoliberal globalization does not just impact adversely on the majority of Mankind, but also on the ecosystem and biodiversity, such the permit granted to control and issue ‘currency’ extrapolated upon pragmatic’ , such the neoliberal predatorial austerity as a tragic pathway to ‘hell on earth’ determined as rendered ‘pedagogical’?

For what will ‘we’ do, can we be brought to do, to ‘survive’, what pain shall ‘we’ inflict or what sacrifices made; how can we be brought to view the value of life such the Politics of the Ego as enshrined narcissistic as ‘neoliberal’ in a ponerological context as would be denied by objectivity and materialism such the ‘ascendance’?

For ‘there is no alternative’ (TINA)?

There is no good or evil?

There are no limits to the transfer of resources?

No limits to greed?

Politics is but economics now -‘morality’ no longer part of the equation such the ‘freedom’ synonymised way of ‘newspeak’?

It is undoubtedly the case concerning surveillance and psychological abuse that Orwell’s prescience in ‘1984’ has tragically served as a neoliberal blu print for the totalitarianism of ‘Globalization’ – but that similar can also be claimed concerning Huxley and ‘Brave New World’ (?)– the latter having a greater focus on ‘eugenics’ and the psychobiological manipulation of man as the prescience goes alas, which under the truly evil concept of ‘transhumanism’ proving to be a large part of the hell being raised on earth, sense of as Milton sublimely indicated poetic as metapolitical in ‘Paradise Lost’ – and as much as ‘Ecocide’ would go quietly into a darkness satanic?

That this small article, it exists ‘cyberspatial’ an irony?

That satan as an extra dimensional force exists forceful as to an immorality or amorality prevailing is a salient question existing ‘now’ in the early 21st C. whence ‘Science’ become the basis for ‘lockdown’ as much as human rights abandoned; whence we brought to look at others fearfully as much as ‘joie de vivre’ a memory destined to be but further ‘holed ‘pragmatically as utilitarian concerning ‘alienation’ and marginalization’ but an absurd irrelevance of paranoid proportion?

The reduction of biodiversity as Life devalued is but evil epitomized and is echoed or amplified through the concept of man made replacement/’build back better’?

That we subsist in ‘End Times’ such the vile degeneration of ‘R2P’ by way of ‘mindfuck’ no mere product of happenstance?

Material ‘rape’ by way of economic polarization does not come unaccompanied?

Ideological rape becomes ever easier the greater the economic polarization extrapolated upon?

To paraphrase a well known proverb, ‘it takes but 16% rotten to spoil the whole barrel’?

For we are undoubtedly staring down a barrel pointed neoliberal as Anthropobscene (sic) now, to point of the rot of not just man, but all creatures great and small, such the ‘care not’ as would be for the ecosytem such the incorporation?

The abominable concepts of surplus population, eugenics and transhumanism as an ‘unholy trinity’ fostered under greed express a predation which is metapolitical -and in all of which technology as the fruit of Empiricism plays a part?

The technology of economic polarization being the technology of technological displacement and capital intensity; the technology which poisons the planet is that of genetic engineering, nuclear fission, agrochemicals, microwave radiation? It is also that of lies told ‘bigger and better’ thru mass media as but a means of mass mindfuck?

The thing is, small quarters would dearly like to be able to claim that things were not always so such the plus ça change, but are so mindfucked as typical that it nigh on impossible to so do – certainly without reference to alternative culture sense of Social Anthropology, most of which as ‘alternative’ has been destroyed, alas, such the rape​ as much the implosive imposition of stereotype and homogeneity, and sense of the toast by Burns?

When the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater, after time traditional as fugit it becomes difficult to remember that it ever existed, let alone that ‘abortion ‘ a more apposite metaphor; such the pass as heads off?

The biggest wound as of a hole inflicted fascist is not that of ‘memory’ however falsified – it is of the expression of imagination and the expropriation of same?

The tragedy of transhumanism and the merger of ‘mind’ with Artificial Intelligence looms on high like an executioners block such the fierce neoliberal fun of the ‘man gods’ as enshrined in Moritaten? (Apologies to Frank Wedekind)

Anyone willing to label as denounce these small quarters as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ as being of questionable status ‘compos mentis’ should read ‘The Great Reset’?

It is difficult to remain optimistic such the times as exogeneously and economically depressing as austerity goes, albeit the sun still shines upon a wondrous diversity of life – despite the ongoing efforts of such as American’s biggest landowner Bill Gates and Elon Musk construed ponerologically?

Could but we see life as eternal as it is from within the epiphenomenon it constitutes incarnate; if there were more light permitted in this ‘dark classroom of the flesh’ such the ‘friction of the finitude’- then there could be a socialist paradise on Earth?

A socialism not just for man, but for all Life?

An absence of fear?

Such the point metapolitical this small article, such the Socialism become obscene as marginalization, alienation and corruption goes predatorial as necrotrophic, such the mass mindfuck on a global scale ongoing as would render by way of obscurity , irrelevance and unacceptability?

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com