How  and Why China  Leads the Way to the Great Reset of Deep State Unipolarity

Who can be so overtly covert?
Sometimes even covertly overt.
Fucking-a  transhuman
(Fucking-A! )
Algorithmic Technocracy Man!

– The Fugs  (Paraphrased)

Central proposition this small article attempts to build upon an earlier published  article.

It further interprets/apperceives China as an experimental prototype of the deep state: as a test bed at a geopolitical level concerning the implementation of a technocratic regime operated by said deep state which has attained  a level of political power which unprecedented  in the extent of ‘Empire’ it represents as an ‘obscene  unipolarity’ epitomized in the 21st C.

The etymological derivation of the term ‘Empire’ being most revelatory in context of technology as the fruit of Empiricism  being the basis of same?

Indeed one has a ‘monkey upon one’s back’ (have not we all now such the ‘austerity;?)  – but the’ teeth of the hydra’ not  present  as biting yet as the ‘Get It On’ goes – not quite a dinosaur to  the technocratic meteor crafted?

Not that ‘T-Rex’ as a musical group attained the level of subversion of ‘The Fugs’.

In course of the denouement as of  mass formation of this 21st C. unipolarity as a fucking tragedy of epic proportionality geopolitical distinctions as of power bloks such as Orwell delineated as ‘Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia‘ have been all but destroyed, -as indeed has the concept of National Sovereignty been  rendered ‘illusory’?

Not that we would know it such as ‘covertly overt’ expresses precisely?

You gotta admire those Fugs- ‘Out demons out!‘ , indeed.


The 21st C.  deep state as a unipolar phenomenon operates as  but a gangster ‘family’; under disguise and illusion,  and where racketeering has become ubiquitous as part of a ‘new normal ‘at a global level of incorporation.

‘ It’  has  in possession as is deploying a hidden agenda borne of ponerological necessity – for if the people as ‘We’ sense of Zamyatin knew the real agenda as of what amounts to but  ‘Murder Inc’ extrapolated upon  by way of atrocity we would find it completely abhorrent as immoral and would rise up against the stateless gangster bastards propagating and absurdly profiting from it?

‘Murder Inc.’ operated as to dispose of individuals deemed to be surplus. They were primitive exponents of a ‘Nakba’  – as awaiting gangster extrapolation geopolitical as panopticonic?

Illusion and trust as abuse, alongside assassination.  are of the quintessence of any ‘deep state’?

Fucking CIA indeed?


The deep state mass formed  now in the 21st C. determined to reduce surplus population is a manifestation of abusive control and manipulation which parallels a form of stalking the soul of the Earth as much as Nature  now constituting but  a crime scene? Said deep state as an oligarchic collective is composed of narcissistic man gods as pathological creatures; often posing as philanthropic but in reality are philanthropathic.

In a saner as healthier world such the Utopia denied they would be seen for what they are; the rackets they operate identified, their assets seized – and they would be incarcerated for crimes against humanity?

– Never before has wealth and power been so concentrated as polarized as to facilitate a transcendence of geopolitical diversity by way of such  a Unipolarity facilitated?

The responsibility to protect (R2P) which the deep state espouses under cultural hegemony is not a protection of humanity or of nature; rather it is as  but aspectual of a protection racket as criminal as of  necrotrophic parasitology which is foundational of incredible wealth as translated into power, alas.

 The deep state hides behind ‘fronts’ pursuant to the agendas it would operate as hidden.

As much of rackets legitimized indeed – as of  casus belli existing for a killing of the host.

Had the degenerate gangster  Capone aka ‘Scarface’  shut his mouth/ exhibited ‘Omerta’  he could have joined  as been co-opted  into the deep state capitalistic as of mere racket legitimized/furthered as he spoke of?

– At present as in the circa of early 21st C. we are in the midst of a tragic mass formation of said deep state attaining a level of Unipolarity by way of a parasitic as necrotrophic pathology which is unprecedented in the course of history anthropocene unfolding: this on a scale of evil as would be rendered unimaginable to the masses-  whom are viewed under the pathology of man gods  of the deep state as but ‘surplus population’.

To be culled or rendered ‘transhuman’ indeed under experimental gene therapy is no real choice now, as much as ‘menticide’ would obviate the apperception of – and as modalities  of orthodoxy would be as ‘one way or another’ effected ‘technocratically’ such the arrogation as expropriation?

 It is a deep state offer we cannot refuse indeed, as much as there is no alternative (TINA) such the mass formation hegemonic shaped as to a ’round up’ of the alienated and marginalized?

This deep state of madness we are in the midst  of is appropriately ‘algorithmic’ – it proceeds step by step as methodically towards a ‘killing of the host’ as is to constitute the final inversion as from Eros to Thanatos as by way of a flux/great reset: this as much as of Milton described as a ‘frith narrowed’?

 The deep state has the objective of creating a hell on earth.

There, it is said.

When it is all to be looked back upon: the killing of the host by the deep state shall be revealed as a tragedy contingent upon the presence of technology; as but a phenomenological blindness  inflicted under the ‘objectivity’ of the Empirical paradigm as a ‘back door’ to absurdity as commensurated thru atrocity facilitated?

– The only thing which prevented in the past a unipolar deep state of necrotrophy was absence of ‘ze technology‘?

As some matter of ‘en passant‘;  Voltaire was some metapolitical guy; one particularly admires his conjunction in a hegemonic context concerning rule and criticism. Milton with his concept of ‘narrowing the frith’ really counterpunched it erotic as metapolitical – such the inevitability of  ‘Paradise Lost’ under a deep state where pineal gland destroyed as V-Mat 2  to be ‘assassinated’ under gene therapy?

But digression.

Why can China be viewed as a testbed of the Great Reset under a Deep State Unipolarity?

Would admire the comments of such as Pynchon concerning such question contextualized as ‘right or wrong’ , indeed.

Whatever way it  is cut under ‘hegemony’ China led the way concerning the response to the Covid crises. The world followed in lockstep towards a ‘lockdown’ which had and continues to have devastating economic power structure comprised of private/public partnerships under mass formation;  foremost amongst which the World Health Organization (WHO).

 As we ‘speak’ this organization is being further positioned by the deep state as a supra national authority of global hegemony to be given greater powers.

The deep state has built up China thru a controlled manipulation of global economic infrastructure deploying two key planks of investment via such behemoths of neoliberalism as BlackRock™, Vanguard™ and State Street™;  that of outsourcing and technology transfer effected.

China brought to sneeze and the world catches a cold.

The rationale behind such a racket is that by making a country/particular economy crucial as  to manufacture on a global basis  of selective investment ‘infrastructure’  becomes more susceptible to control and manipulation – and crisis can be more readily engineered as ‘choke’ effected.. Outsourcing and technology transfer weakens the Nations whose economies are rendered less self sufficient thereby; it concentrates power and enables the ‘spigot effect’ ; whereby shutting down a spigot on a global level becomes feasible.

In the early 21st C. we are beginning to truly suffer under such racketeering of global infrastructure as numerous global spigots as crafted are being gradually ‘shut down’; this includes the markets cornered as choked of energy, food and transportation; the latter which contingent upon energy.

You ain’t seen nothing yet baby‘ so it goes, alas, such the ‘throttle’ geopolitikal….

The ongoing destruction of the American economy and of the  economies of the West in general is as to a controlled demolition in which outsourcing, resource transfer including of technologies is pivotal.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that infrastructures are being manipulated as racketeered on a controlled demolition/shutdown basis pursuant to a population reduction program. Food supply, utilities supply, transportation logistics are all under attack – and this is not a localized matter of ‘happenstance’; it is a global problem manufactured as reflects the  lockstep power of a deep state of globalization as  under a homogeneity as ubiquity of racketeering mundanely experienced.

 One way or  fucking another the lunatics have taken over the asylum which the ecosystem once represented, and most of us  and ours are living on ‘borrowed time’ if you will forgive the irony as appertains to usury, as much as currency controlled and issued.

This is entirely congruent  ontologically with a policy of surplus population reduction, if not of ‘ecocide’.

But back to China as is being currently pumped up as too big to fail and as Xi-Jin Ping basking in the glory of being a Global Leader of the deep state and  of one of the most populous countries on Earth.

Such the Schwabian scab suppurating indeed as the racket technocratic goes.

No disrespect to ordinary Chinese people, but what a prototypical shit hole China has been rendered under the deep state as technocratic. Laugh not, for such a technocratic shit hole is coming  further your way such the theater of deep state racketeering.

Orwell was in many ways optimistic…

China is at the forefront of the 5G revolution; so much so that it is one of the most surveilled countries on the planet; cross the street at the wrong point or walk the wrong way down said street in a Chinese metropolis and you can be fined instantly.

Remember it is one of the most populated areas on the planet.

They call it ‘social credit‘  and it is the deadliest racket yet known to ‘Man’; the ultimate deep state  experience of man god gangsterism as to explicate ‘hsi nao‘/ brain wash psychotronic as technotronic.

The ultimate menticide.

For the deep state it is as if: ‘It worked in China, it will work anywhere/ did it once can do it again under modus operandum’?

The thing is the deep state does not give a shit about us as merely surplus; it is determined to be rid of us and ours.

What is worse is that it looks highly likely they have the means to do so such the tragedy as of the Bee Gees sing of.


 As ever small quarters feel a sense of failure; in this instance as much as to a perspicacity unattained as explicated, albeit as by self set objective unrisen to by way of said  ‘explication’.

 ‘I know I can do better,’ indeed.

One failed to expurgate;, for example the globalized racket of Bill Gates as feeds into the deep state agenda by way of ‘problem, reaction solution’ as a three step process explicated…

Simple really.

First buy up shares in Big Pharma. Second buy a seat on the WHO and get same to declare a pandemic which the only cure for is products of said Big Pharma which owned. Third sit back and watch the profits roll in and eugenical aspirations by way of surplus population reduced attained.

It may well be, such the grand scheme of things to which not privy, that such ‘tragic truths’ are not meant to be revealed at this juncture.

Hey; but small quarters tried to flyover the cuckoos nest of Gangster Great Reset, sense of Kesey and his fictional character Randall P. McMurphy: ‘But I tried Goddammit, at least I did that’?

So it goes as the ‘Man Without a Country’ as survived Dresden lived to put it.

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