Down on the ‘Transhuman Farm’ Nightmares  are Technocratic –  Being  Of Click Built Panopticons  and Tractors in Human Form , Alas.

The horror!, The horror!’

–’Heart of Darkness’, Joseph Conrad

‘Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer.’



[ sim-yuhleykruhm ]

noun, plural sim·u·la·cra [sim-yuh-ley-kruh].

1. a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness or semblance.

2. an effigy, image, or representation: a simulacrum of Aphrodite.

In the novel ‘We‘, written almost a century ago,  Yevgeny Zamyatin introduced the concept of  ‘Great Operation’: which  as psycho-surgery had the effect of producing  as he described  ‘tractors in human form’.

Small article here  examines the utility and potentiality of ‘psycho-surgery’  and ‘transhumanism’ from the perspective of the early 21st C given technological advance; and not so much ‘Great Operation’ but  ‘Great Reset’ as currently in progress of being introduced at a Global level.

This apropos the quote from ‘Heart of Darkness’ above – and ‘psycho-surgery’  being a polymorphous concept as  ripe for technological development, alas – and as Wilde put it paraphrased : ‘technocratic evil bastards can resist anything but temptation’.

At least one office in DARPA is devoted to Biological Technologies.

‘Social Credit’ as some parallel of  ‘tractorship in human form’ effected on a mass level  is bleeding edge in China, such the technocratic prototype as unipolar, such the Dystopia?

Zamyatin conceived of the ‘Great Operation’ as entailing destruction  or impairment of function of parts of the human  brain thru deployment of X-rays, and as a labor intensive as surgical operation;  being as  one brain lobotomized/strait jacketed ‘phenomenological’ as  much as one ‘tractor in human form’  rendered at a time, such the psycho politics dystopian s algorithmic..

In fairness to Zamyatin  when he wrote ‘We’  X -Rays represented ‘ cutting edge technology’, having only been discovered in 1895. Mass production as capital intense was still in it’s corporatist infancy – back when Zamyatin wrote Model T’s were just beginning to roll off assembly lines.

It is said that Orwell drew heavily upon ‘We’ concerning ‘1984’.

The ‘Great Reset’ contains the vision that ‘in the future you shall own nothing and be happy.‘ The potential implications of this statement in relation to technological development and transhumanism will be explored here; alongside the alternate conception of said ‘Great Reset’  being as a new form of Feudalism not based on ownership of land and fief, but on ownership of transhumans and the ‘fief’ of ‘tractors in human form’ as said transhumanism exploited by way of debasement, such the simulacrum, such the tragedy, such the absurdity as Marx claimed.

Can transhumans be owned down on the  technocratic farm?

Patent WO2020060606 – Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data;  it shine a light?

That is to say; psychotronic technology is , alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI )and gene therapy the ‘technology of the future’ as it meets the needs of technocratic pathology by way of facilitating  widespread as Globalized  ‘owning nothing ‘as well as ‘happiness’ being as  enforced under political form totalitarian as technocratic, such the anorexic mirror.  The wet dreams of ‘ technocratic man gods’ as obscenely wealthy on the ‘transhumanist farm’ await explication such the ius est?

Never in the course of history has so much been owned by so few, such the ius, ‘n’est ce pas’?

As these small quarters write (early 21st C), we impoverished Humans still have the capacity to  independently think; albeit this becoming rarer  as is biodiversity under the ‘military industrial corporatist complex’ as a result of technocratic direction and the growing power of technology to effect  by way of ‘winnowing’ not only behavioral patterns, but  the thought patterns underlying same such the ‘dumbing down’, such the propaganda, such the drone/litany of woe  as dystopian?

For ‘neoliberalism’ synonymises’ ‘technocracy’ such the freedom of ‘do what thou wilt‘ as the degenerate satanical bastard  Aleister Crowley  propagated?

It is reasonable to suppose that were Joseph Goebbels to be alive today he would be gleeful over the power of broadcast media to effect propaganda on a mass scale and its singularity of repetition of line to  some corporatist technocratic parallel of ‘Ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer‘  attained  as facilitated Globally – and that would be before  he as a degenerate introduced to the monitoring, controlling and manipulative aspects of  technological ‘progress’  as amoral; such the goose steps algorithmic as of Artificial Intelligence (AI); let alone the psychotronic potentialities of a ‘new operating system’ as  under genetic modification, such the ‘hack’, such the reboot as about to be ‘jacked ‘ as  further ‘jagged’ up’ down on the transhuman farm?

The social media implications of dopamine release being as to some variant psychotronic of ‘ B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet’ as the ‘transhuman farm’  all set  up to go into ‘overdrive’ so it goes under megalomanical madness.

For electrosmog has a panotpiconic utility as truly fearful, and alas offers a synergy  as Gestalten with the concept of genetic modification  – as much as the potentiality of ‘new operating system ‘to attain?

(‘Electrosmog of War on the Globalized Transhumanist Farm’ was considered for title this small article.)

– Permit these small quarters to  temporarily control and issue some ‘currency ‘  as alternative as metapolitical questions raised here?

In accordance with Technocratic vision as ‘weltsanchauung‘ the term ‘surplus population’ has been passed’ into the mundane’ via cultural hegemony as much as ‘R2P’  as ‘build back better’; such the ‘new normal’, such the casus belli?

Such the ‘head offed ‘ as menticidal as ecocidal, indeed?

What if , and here small quarters just speculating alternative as mindful of ‘irony’;  a new ‘operating system’ for Humanity  could be possessed of eugenical characteristics? More prone to  parallel of ‘blue screen’ such the ‘reboot’? More susceptible as amenable  to ‘update’?

A swab up every nose or ass, an injection in every arm as ‘update’ effected under ‘R2P’?

What if Bill Gates , such the ‘window’, other than a money making philanthropist under ‘trillionaire technocratic muppetry’ is pursuing a eugenical agenda based on technocratic apperception of ‘surplus population’?

What if the  very concept of ‘R2P’ has been even further  corrupted/debased to mean the ‘Protected ‘ not Humanity or ‘Democracy’ or ‘Human Rights’ but rather ‘Resource Transfer’ as enables obscene wealth accumulation translated into  obscene power, sense of Lord Acton’s proposition vis a vis ‘power’?

‘R2P ‘- further corrupted/degenerated  as in control and issue of opium in Afghanistan, oil in Iraq, oil in Libya, Oil in Syria such the ‘production’ as in a ‘theater of war’ morphing before our very eyes such the ‘contemptoraneity’ (sic)?

Is there a responsibility to protect the health of a ‘surplus population’ as apperceived; or does a ‘live and let die‘  ethos prevail under ‘Technocracy’?

Do Bears shit in the woods?

Does ‘evil’ exist  as incarnate or is it just ‘dysfunctionality’ as pathological aberration under an empirical paradigm of ‘objectivity’?

Underneath  not so much the spreading chestnut tree  but rather the Empirical Tree  down on the Transhuman Farm  ‘I sold you as much as you sold me ‘demanded?

Are ‘covidiots’ now as that charming man  as ex passenger on the ‘Lolita Express ‘Alan Dershowitz professed fit to be held down and forcibly injected such the ‘Nakba Transhumanist’ as a ‘gene drive’ expressed?

Is  such questioning  under ‘TINA’ as Technocratic hegemony goes  by way of the Fourth Reich/ Industrial Revolution now Verboten?

The  psychotropic as psychotronic possibilities arising from conjunction of AI, genetic modification, nanotechnology, beam formed ‘electrosmog’ as a ‘plasma’ are  truly horrific to contemplate:  they place Zamyatin’s concept of ‘great operation’  and  ‘tractors in human form’  alongside Jose Delgado and his chipping of  individual bulls via neurosurgery;  this as much as a spear stands in relation to a hypersonic thermonuclear missile, both in context of economy of scale and ‘metadeath’, sense of genetic mutation effected?

Perhaps an algorithmic exposition of the transhuman farm as a  ‘click built panopticon’  is apposite/called for?

Congratulations, you are in just the right place at the right time!

The psychotronic potentiality of  non ionizing radiation has already been demonstrated. It should be  noted that this technology by way of beam  forming can effect not only a sense of burning, but also the delivery of intelligible voice commands such the ‘voice of god’.

The ubiquitous presence of non ionizing radiation is something which can be attained thru telecommunications infrastructure. ‘5G’ roll-out exemplifies an ‘environmental modulation’ apropos.

An enhancement of psychotronic potentiality  as of aforementioned can be attained by way of:

a) Modulation the genetic base/ DNA code as an operating system.

b) The presence of electromagnetic nanotechnology

Artificial Intelligence is capable of co-ordinating the delivery of psychotronic control on a mass as global level; in conjunction as interfaced with  suitable non ionizing radiation presence, genetic modification and electromagnetic nanotechnology ,  any  ‘biomass’ can be impacted pro actively; sense of surveillance, control and manipulation….

And all because the 0.001%  love money, love power such the ‘alpha point’ effected?

We shall own nothing and be happy!

‘Nothing ‘includes our thoughts no longer our own such the psychotronics; includes our genes no longer same such the therapy, our own  happiness such the ‘soma’  as electromagnetic nanotechnologically to be enforced such the man gods supplicated unto to be?

Even  bastard  degenerate Nazis had a choice as to raise an arm or click heels?

Even in ‘1984” a ration could be seen as it was as?

Say hello to technocratic psychotronics!

Is it like this
In death’s other kingdom
Waking alone
At the hour when we are
Trembling with tenderness
Lips that would kiss
Form prayers to broken stone.

As T.S. Eliot wrote concerning ‘hollow men’ as ‘transhuman’ as technocratic?

Final words to Orwell, such the paraphrase.

(‘Transhuman Farm’, indeed.)

The humans looked from technocrat to transhuman, and from transhuman to technocrat and could see no difference

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