The Four Planks Of The 21stC. ‘Final Empire’ Platform

We in the 21st C. are being ruled over ‘politikal’ by a Global power structure which has a determination to reduce current human population by some 92%, and as thus demanding the imminent premature fatality of billions of people deemed to be ‘surplus population’?

This small article further details the mechanisms as means by which this so horrific as to be necessarily a hidden agenda as disguised is in process of being carried out or implemented.

The term ‘plank’ could be substituted by ‘horsemen’ by the way.

It is difficult to conceive of such horror as a twisted abomination of evil origination as a ‘Final Empire’ constitutes; but the tragic reality is that over course of centuries of anthropocene history an unprecedented level of the concentration of wealth and power has come into being and which is now acting under what amounts to demonic possession to commit Genocide on an unprecedented scale as ‘Global’ intimates.

Evil has always been around, it is just that now it is organized and powerful at an unprecedented global level of metastasis?

In effect we of the 21st C. face such’ final empire’ commensurate as of satanic sponsorship as much as of another ‘Paradise Lost’; the war on humanity and nature as of material realm is all but ‘won’ and barring divine intervention; human population is indeed as imminently to be dramatically reduced- if not indeed rendered extinct by way of metadeath as ‘transhumanism’ intimates? To such extinction of humanity must be added so many species such the reduction of biodiversity, alas., as much as Nature to be tortured to death as but collateral damage effectively circumscribing an ‘Ecocide’ such the woeful litany?

One writes as much to forewarn as much to intimate that such a situation is not with my consent; one writes to present an alternative to lies and illusion; to resist against dying under a state of confusion and denial, to not be a victim of a mass formation, and to deny a state of tooldom in which one is as to be but toyed with as a rube or sucker rendered right up to the bitter end of extinction demanded, and cull implemented.

Never knew what hit ’em ‘ , my metapolitical ass.

It really pisses me off that such determinism prevails as much as all this can be seen as pre -ordained as under consideration of eschatology.

As a final aside it has to be acknowledged that satan has much glee over those who can lie to themselves as parallel of Torquemada; but even greater glee as much as those whom parallel Dr Faustus, such the abrogation of soul as determines hell bound either case; and there is little doubt that the current ruling cabal raising hell on Earth in the 21 st C. are so hell bound; this in as much as they more to be pitied than scorned?

So to those four planks of the ‘final empire’ as a drag or suck reluctantly explicated – for rather it would not be so, such the alas.

The first plank is the ability to control and issue of currency as leads to a hidden expropriation and to an arrogation. The point of gaining control of the issue of currency of an economy is to steal from that economy by way of debauching currency, and by way of transferring resources to the point where that economy is wholly owned by a minority. Quantitative ease of fiat currency is a means of accelerating such theft from people; in reality it is a hidden form of taxation as transfer of resources, and represents numerous nails in the coffin of any pretense towards Democracy, such the divide et impera? The ‘assassination’ of SME’s under ‘selective lockdown’ as an economic aspect of the covid crises exploited is an exemplar of this plank of the transfer of resources. That ‘inflation’ is a means of global population reduction is about to become explicit as obscene as explode is indeed an aspect of the ‘Enronizing‘ of the global economy; inflation is a means of the creation of scarcity and of literally taxing people to death. In an environment of hyper inflation billionaires and trillionaires have even greater ability to consume and to deny mass consumption to purposes of reducing surplus population? Poverty is a killer, and inflation engineered under the control and issue of currency is as a Cantillionian henchman? Allied to same, the control over manufacture and distribution as ‘assets under management’ and infrastructure modulation as can facilitate ‘ death thru poverty ‘ – and here it must be noted that ‘assets under management’ incorporates political parties as much as ‘controlled opposition’?

‘Assets’ as possessed as ‘under management’ indeed, such the Blackrock as much the Vanguard as much the orde ab chao?

In the Final Empire all roads lead to hell on earth? Much indeed as they be paved with philanthropic intent as foundational thereof?

The second plank is the ability to exercise medical hegemony as a eugenical expression of power. In the 21st C. this means an unprecedented level of experimentation by way of mandated gene therapy emanating from ‘Big Pharma’ as reflects a corporatist as global takeover ; there being at the end of the day no difference between transnational corporations such as Pfizer™, Astrazeneca™ , Moderna™ and the WHO™ in sense of a deadly agenda pursued under rampant neoliberal corporatism? The same deadly blood money as flows thru them all controls and manipulates them all? That such experimental gene therapy has consequences for sexual reproduction/sterilization/ premature mortality is a tragic contemplation as congruent with a policy/plank of surplus population reduction?

On 22 May 2022 there will be a consolidation of such asset management incepted by way of a power grab by the Transnational Corporation which the World Health Organization represents, such being a carte blanche for medical fascism on a global scale as much as a final nail banged down on the coffin of ‘Democracy’ as much as ‘National Sovereignty?

The third plank is the control over the ambience of non ionizing radiation by way of experimental implementation of Wireless Communications Radiation (WCR). In the 21st C the planet Earth is under an unprecedented level of such ‘ambience’ modulated; emanating not only from terrestrial 5G. infrastructure as by way of low level orbit satellite footprint. WCR is as the voice of satan and as can constitute a global killing field as much as of a psychotronic destruction of the autonomy of consciousness as of a God given psychophysical parallel?

The fourth plank is that of the control and issue of what it means to ‘R2P’ the planet as under an inversion of Eros to Thanatos by way of a deadly cultural hegemony as ‘globalized’. Ontologically, this is as other planks identified above stems from the control and issue of currency as ‘anti-life’ ; as much as the culling of ‘nature’ demanded as a congruence? The illusion of anthropogenic global warming under CO2 emissions while such moral obscenities as Glyphosate, micro plastics,chemical and radioactive pollution unseen as much as biodiversity adversely impacted to be accelerated quietly as the real climate change is truly a hellish gas lighting deception by way of abusive hegemony – which in large part would constitute the framing of the debate as a phenomenon ponerological?

How many species are to die by non ionizing radiation or by chemical pollution or by ionizing radiation whilst we look at CO2 levels is as satan ‘rips the piss’ out of us under gaslight – and is a question as would be unasked such the con going down ‘panoptic’ as ironic?

The tragic acknowledgement of this small article is alas, that ‘we are doomed’.

The point is that some of us know what is going on; we were not fooled but that we died; at least we did not do so without some small measure of resistance as to a more apposite salute occasioned?

As Orwell says:

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’

Or as to paraphrase/ metaphorical mix:

‘Those of us metapoliticians about to die refuse to salute your filthy stinking currency of final empire. We go to a better place in which such does not prevail!’


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