A Deadly Concentration Of Wealth In End Times Pre Determined?

It is impossible to understand the  dire situation the World is in now from within an singularly Empirical paradigm.

To paraphrase Voltaire,

if the devil did not exist it would be necessary to invent him.‘?

From a  metapolitical perspective Empiricism is construed as a ‘Trojan Horse’; a phenomenology loaded with deadly potentiality of contents to be liberated in form of an ontology as to a technological determinism actualised, seen as a gift, but in reality deadly as schemed.

Had the  original Trojan Horse been made of a transparent material like glass the scheme would never have ‘worked’.

Obfuscation and concealment remain the hallmark  of the beast such the war waged, such the racket of ye olde Eros v. Thanatos under a silver mist as much a fog descending?

The gift of Empiricism is one with many strings attached as would be unseen, just like those assassins inside the Trojan Horse, and the trap door it concealed.

As we view the world so it shall become; and the ponerological aspects of technological determinism have undoubtedly not only deeply effected as degenerated  Man hegemonically, but the physical ecosystem as the ‘material realm’ in which he lives, alas the commensuration.  The objectivity of the Empirical world view and the polarization it effects deterministically  not only economically but in sense of political  power designed to protect and further  such polarization has attained a hitherto unprecedented level of ‘care not’ concerning the pathological destruction of  both our phenomenology and ecosystem accordant?

Such the ‘Vanguard’, such the ‘BlackRock’?

We live accordant in ‘End Times’  as a polarization of Thanatos,; such the pathology facilitated as by way of a technological temptation succumbed to, as by way of said technology being the fruit of Empiricism consuming as it is consumed?

The Empirical Tree as an ontology of mind is now dying under a care not/objectivity as expresses a tragedy of willful deceit, inherent to it since the inception of  the gift;  and is , alas, to poison the very ‘soil ‘of material need as all creatures great and small share as under ‘nature’ as created divinely, such the Pyrrhic victory as much the Procrustean bed rendered under an ontology of  Empirical determinism, -which can be construed as ‘pre determined’ in as much as, going back to the Trojan Horse metaphor , that at a certain time the assassins would come out of hiding.

Tragically as ironically we still believe that Technology and Technocrats can save us as we rushed as hustled further into the embrace of fear and illusion, and under the hegemony of Technocratic ‘man gods’ posing as benign, as philanthropic no less -when they have already as unreservedly accepted the religion of Empiricism and the  eugenical objectivity of a surplus population to be drastically reduced? They care not for ‘fellow humanity; but rather for ‘the bottom line’; they arrogate themselves as ‘man gods ‘of osbscene wealth as much as of obscene power expropriated: they have a vision of the world which has  little room for the likes of you and me?


We willingly line up to accept injection of what we know not into our arms in blind trust of Empiricism and Technology and an unquestionable hegemony ,  we permit  our children to do same, we denounce those scientists whom question the narrative or  advocate alternative, we lie to ourselves concerning ‘eugenics’; we trust in Empiricism and Technocracy like as lambs to be led to the slaughter.

We whom see no ‘hidden agenda’ salute hegemony!

At a certain level of wealth attained as translated into power there is a bargain struck as much to soul sold as abrogated; there becomes as it were an enjoinment of an elite as a deadly force as a phenomenology, as  of a world view which cheapens life under apperception and is  thereby compelled to destroy it, such the pathology ‘corporatised’ ?

The’ blood’ of such signatory on an unholy covenant is of an insidious drip of externalisation such the graduality, as of an erosion of self as much as of biodiversity ?

To much glee occasioned under Thanatos  ‘man gods’ become able to lie to themselves such the tragic degeneration as to the abominable sufferance they subsequently able to externalise as profit from under an Empirical  objectivity of care not?

That such erosion of self radiates outward to an Incorporation of lie, fear and illusion is to be not only genocidal but ecocidal is a conclusion these small quarters have fought against reaching.

Looking out at the collective psychoses now manifesting as metastasising  globally it is clear that we are approaching End Times, and this not just incorporating Man, but all Life as natural on the planet.?

For have not such end times already manifested themselves in a ‘new normal’ that is Global in its unipolarity and singular dimensionality, and this under the Trojan Horse liberation of a deadly technological determinism?

From the air we breathe to the water we drink, the food we eat to the lives we lead, does not such determinism under Empirical ontology destroy to point of Ecocide? Tragically as stated this final era of Anthropobscenity (sic) as ‘man made’ is not just to destroy man but all creatures great and small. Genetic engineering is as yet in its infancy though we be in the midst of the most widespread gene therapy experiment in history. Daily the potentiality and presence of non ionizing radiation is growing, trees are being destroyed as they can attenuate the signal – and this is before the health implications are known for birds or insect life which have already suffered greatly under chemical insecticides and fertilisers, as has marine life. Ionizing radiation pollution is also growing under such technological/empirical disasters as Fukishima. The climate has been changed as an expression of the deadly determinism Technology represents., such the deadly ontology. Biodiversity is being reduced as much as is ideological diversity under the fatal religion of one dimensionality which Empiricism has become, form of a soulless as pragmatic materialism, such the control, such the issue, such the currency?

‘Money’ is a technology as the empirical fruit goes.

The technocratic vision of the future is one of a much reduced as genetically modified population and a graphene based  electromagnetic panopticon of enhanced psychotronics which combines AI and non ionizing radiation modulation to point of the ecocidal destruction of anything and everything previously viewed as ‘natural’, and the commensurate increase in power of ‘man gods’. We whom  to be permitted to ‘live ‘shall own nothing and be happy, indeed ‘Nothing’ includes absence of anything natural, from our genetic material to our bodies to be pumped full of nanoparticulate materials, to our own thoughts as epiphenomenological,  such the ‘power of mind over mind ‘ effected psychotronically  as fruitional?

Hell on Earth as End Times is to be ecocidal as unnatural, all creatures great and small are to be modified as built back better.?

Truly it is a denouement congruent with the dominance of Thanatos; to hark back to the  paraphrase  of Voltaire above, and to elicit consideration of Eschatology, such the ‘Paradise Lost’ wherein Milton intimated the vow of the wary fiend as ‘known’ by many names?

Metapolitics defies classification as much as stereotypical reduction as homogenization ; it being as to an eclecticism phenomenological which would defy all hegemony and institiutionalisation as Empirical  paradigm  transcended.


Small quarters apologise for the unremittingly bleak vision of horror in the above, and for what appears an absence of hope conveyed.


Metapolitics embraces other than soulless materialism in its metaphysical speculation; it seeks to transcend mere Empiricism and its  realm of determination as a paradigm .Life as a divine creation is seen as eternal, and this epiphenomenon of psychophysical parallelism but a temporary as ephemeral part of a learning journey which is spiritua as extra dimensionall. So the concept of ‘End Times; is as to a reiteration of a memento mori as to what is as a realm, there being as many realms as grains of sand on this wondrous planet; as Plato intimated in his concept of ‘form’.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream’

– indeed a dream of eternal dimensionality, which but Satan has no power other than to effect a temporary nightmare thereof concerning incarnation occasioned; for man is more often benign than not – being of Eros rather than  Thanatos?

We shall overcome!, indeed but not in this realm, such the pre determination of ‘End Times’?

As much we suffer indeed, the alas.


Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com