Congruence of the Great Reset with Population Reduction Program, Such the Profit Profiled.

It’s a Great Reset and you  and yours ain’t in it..

–Paraphrase of  the late great George Carlin

Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind
Thinking I can see through this and see what’s behind
Got no way to prove it, so maybe I’m lying
But I’m only human after all
I’m only human after all
Don’t put your blame on me
Don’t put your blame on me

– Rag’n’Bone Man, ‘Human’ ‘(2017)

‘Questions’ being as  to ‘Peerdom’ embraced ‘Democratic’ now  as would  we, nor  should we  not  blindly as merely ‘Obey!’ ? –  and Revolution’! to be  instanced more readily  accordant ( as much ‘Yo Bro/Sis!’  demanded much as  to the ‘Erotic ‘as Egalitaran would be affirmed face of  divisive hegemony such the ‘sum existential’  as  essentialy ‘Painefull –  much as  to the apotheosis  ‘soft kill” effected  such the fait accompli,  such the divide et impera alas ‘instanced’ as ongoing denied?)

‘Bad faith’ ID’d – as much as ‘what we got here a failure to communicate?’

– So it goes regardless of  divisive force ‘feeding us  but hegemonic shit-  got Rights(!)  as to let ‘it’  ‘fly’ facilitated?

Read on – it gets ‘easier’ such the promise!

So it fucking goes ‘Karmic’ as ‘Kurt’ ,alas;  indeed as much as Walt’ some guy American as ‘Marted’™ abbreviated  as  to Disney™ version?(Aka ‘WalMart™) and ‘market capitalisation accordant’/commensurate?

Walt Whitman some guy; some  real man as could’ ‘sing the body electric’ transcendental?

Apropos : herewith for your  very own consideration regardless  the ‘impera‘  such the ‘Thunderbird’s master puppeteered as Phoenix like arising as ‘happenstantial’ as hegemonic; as thine delectation would be pretentiously aspired unto elicited  way of rendering  but being as pragmatically denied  ‘culturally such the sad fuck of hegemony’  as  but puppeteering now as would be  instanced epitomic  un renounced midst the ashes of austerity ‘Globalized deliberative’ perspicaciously given a leg up albeit pretentiously hereby…

‘Divine or Demonic’? – such the legs akimbo rendered phenomenological as ponerological  Bro/Sis?

They got you by the baws/clit  now– but still the distinction between ‘arse and elbow’  known – you ‘Human’ you sublime entity?

Bless your /our soul.

As much as we and ours  but  be awaiting futther fuck epiphenomenological such the singularity of the dimensionality as acceptable such the permit granted concerning ‘countdown’ enumerated such the ‘Great Reset’?


Give it up  contemporaneous Qua(?)  – as  much as the litany  of woe it would go quietly denied as any and all Love/ Eros ‘stifled softly, indeed’ as killed; such the ‘orthodoxy?’:

As much as questions be unasked – such as these ‘cathartically’ instance?:

How many deaths has this  ‘Global Lockdown’ resulted in?

How many people have lost their livelihoods, their ‘mom and pop’ businesses as SME’s ?

How many people have lost their lives as a result of undiagnosed yet medically treatable illness?

How many people have taken their lives as a result of frustration, despair and loneliness?

How many people have become ‘para suicidal’ thru alcohol and drug abuse?

Does ‘Build Back Better’ – no matter how much repeated hegemonic  – entail regardless such the ‘care not’ a dramatic reduction in ‘surplus population’  – as ‘incorporates’ ‘Biodiversity’ such the ‘collateral damage’ culturally necessitated, sense of Gramsci-  to say nought of ‘Georgia Guidestones’ ?

What are the long term effects of  experimental genetic modification therapy to be as  manifestly deployed on an ‘Emergency Basis’  on a global scale going to be such the absence of precedence?

Will such consequences  as unprecedented !(?) be  further ‘congruent ‘with a ‘population reduction program’ such the ‘euphemism’?

Is ‘the ‘world’ ‘now in the grip of a collective psychoses wherein mere fear ™being used as a tool to control and manipulate not only the economy but the population it once supported?

Is austerity ‘dysfunctionally expressive ‘ of such a collective psychoses?

Can one look at the likes/ilk of Bill Gates™, George Soross™, Klaus Schwabs™,  Jeff Bezos™, Dr Faucis™ or Neil Fergusons™ without smidgeons of fear and disgust concerning ‘abrogation’ and polarization?

Do such questions as would be unraised/unasked (?) differentiate the ‘CounterPuncher’ from  the merely ‘PunchBagged’, alas the denouement to be?

Is ‘social distance’ polymorphous – does it entail a phenomenological distance from our Humanity?

Is  said ‘social distance’ a form of death e.g. can death from ‘loneliness’ occur  as  wilfully misdiagnosed?

Is Japan’s new ‘Minister of Loneliness’ a prototype of global response such the ‘Ordo‘ as ‘New Normal” arrogative as expropriative -as ‘repressively de-sublimatiive?

Why ,  oh why don’t we hear or see /experience such questions in the mainstream media?

Does said as aforementioned mainstream media ‘give a fuck’ sense of Carlin’?

Can the Gini Coefficient be interpreted in a ‘Life or Death’ context?

Such the Joie de Vivre as was but ‘Once upon a Time’; such the ‘Fairy Tale’ epitomised austerely conetmporaneously  as silently as softly  being ‘memory holed’ utilitarian as pragmatic?

How many?– as resounds woefully  as to ‘abrogation’ so it goes as to a fucking ‘grape’ such the metric /Empirical bunch construed ‘paranoid’ concerning ‘conspiracy case’  -closed early/settled on pragmatic grounds?

– Small article here seeks to ‘raise’ questions which small quarters  are sure being asked by many other free thinking individuals whom dare to challenge ‘Orthodoxy’ construed as to Orwellian synonymy…

Such the ‘arisal’ denied?

Unfortunately; as is the way of things experienced  confessed as to the  small findings albeit ongoing  small quarters as to the ‘endeavour to strive’, instanced;  there remain more questions than answers such  ‘The Little Big Man  syndrome’ instanced?

– For to contend that the World as ‘our World’ in the grip of a collective psychosis pursuant to resource transfer  as albeit  euphemistic become a daring question but subversive/paranoid / accusative/polarized such the austerity polymorphous as to be ‘undenied’ a to ‘Nakba‘ ongoing deemed imperative as arrogative as expropriative?

Take: for example: as apropos that great motto ‘Building Back Better’  – and perform  but a  small thought experiment ..

Imagine you are outside your house as home ( if you are fortunate to have one/own these days thus rendered the ‘Great Reset’): ‘talking’ – at a socially distanced range of course- with a ‘visiting’  stranger, and he/she says to you with reference to your house  as home:

We are going to build it back better!‘.

Looking around in puzzlement (where to begin, indeed so it goes? the questioning internal goes as to thine individuality phenomenological) you happen to see a Company Van  ‘Orde ab Chao Inc.’ (evident by Livery) , parked up nearby.

What do you mean ‘build back’ ?– the house is fine as it is. I’ve lived here  happily for years‘  you ‘ask’.

Oh really!‘ ,says the stranger as reminiscent of Blanche DuBois such the ‘trust’ as of Tennessee Williams wrote :

We’ll see about that. We’ll be back!.

-Now as an extension of this wee thought experiment; such the ‘trust in strangers’ indeed; imagine that the house the economy in which you live or more likely subsist, alas. in which the strapline or slogan  ‘build back better’ is  now as contemporaneously normally associated with – such the mere ‘happenstance’?

The tragedy is that from a criminally degenerate perspective;  the economy can be viewed as a ‘protection racket’?

– As Keynes explicated in a manner he claimed not one man in a million would realise, Economies can be manipulated by the pathologically greedy to the point of resource transfer effected?

They can be destroyed willful  as resultant in  economic chaos as shocking and awful – and where desperation and fear  experienced precipitate can be utilised to purposes of resource transfer furthered; such the rationale as  modus operandum goes whence ‘Cui Bono’ substantiates itself further as a great question?

Of course when Keynes wrote  as paraphrased  polemically purposive  (nice alliteration?) he was concerned with the ‘debauchery of currency’: but that just another  form of racketeering abusing ‘money’ as a belief; currency as controlled and issued by ‘private interests’ – and as to provide the wherewith all to buy up assets on the cheap such the tragic denouement?

Theft under broad daylight‘ such the ‘Big Club’ swinging as swingeing?

– One of the things the ‘sub prime mortgage debacle’ , such the ‘Painefull’ memory did,  it was to further separate as polarization goes those in the ‘Big Club’ as Carlin put it, i.e those ‘in the know’ as concerns how the racket goes separated, from those not in the Big Club – and as degenerately viewing/apperceiving commensurate the Demos as mere ‘rubes’ or ‘suckers’to be conned unmercifully to point of ‘Thanatos’ effected? The debacle was ‘Global’ virtue of the tentacles of ‘International Finance’-  but ‘We ‘sense of Zamyatin as but ‘Proles’ sense of Orwell now facing an even greater, more ‘Incorporative’ debacle now such the ‘Great Reset’ as Corporatism goes ‘tentacular’?


The ‘age of universal deceit’ renders truth even more ‘easy’ to tell – all it takes is for the ‘currency’ as extrapolated  as to hegemony by Rothschild to be denied – much as we all  now ‘Palestinian Proles’ rendered, such as the ‘tooldom’ which Thoreau intimated thereof?

Such the boycott, the divestment, the sanctions  as criminalized?

Gently, gently catchee the satanic  stateless bastard – as not so much a monkey as a venomous reptile?

That the ‘Man Gods’ of the early 21st C. ‘Technocratic’ as would be accordant  be the premature death of the likes of ye and me and ours  determined obliterated/condemned as to ‘oblivion’ is as to the expression of a collective psychoses as much as  the ‘pardon me ‘ as of the ‘iron horse’  as the ‘Chatanooga Choo Choo’  it goes express as ‘Lolita’ like such the journey permitted to be ‘terminated’ premature be unasked such the parabola of paradigm caste, such the ‘pardon me’?

‘Hello again ‘mixed metaphor’ – ya beauty!

But digression?

Reading thru the questions  above is as to  ‘trail  phenomenological’ –  as evidently would not be followed let alone considered under the blinding, unquestioning faith ‘cultural hegemony’  become alas to represent  the demandant hegemonic in the early 21st Century as arrogation and expropriation goes ‘Globalized’ alas, such the ‘reductio as absurdum‘ as ‘it/Das Id’;  and one confesses there an ‘Eros‘ sensed  -as much as demands a’ CounterFuck ‘of ‘Man Gods’ as would  be otherwise illusion plainly repugnant such the ‘memento mori’ construed as glorious, much as the annals be reduced to the anals; as of ‘hisstory’ accordant?

(Yup, it’s a ‘neologism’ -portmanteau like!)

Isn’t it time ‘we’ invented a new word for ‘neologism’?

Small quarters here wish to express an absence of  any contingency of love for ye, as much as me seen mirrored unconditional!

Yea but it has been a fight sad as ‘Globalized’ but that the ‘fat lady’ yet to sing…

‘Ain’t over yet but – such the questions remnant’?

-Fuck these  stateless bastards and their Global Village they would ride algorithmic into upon absurdly – they need  much to learn of the real world as ‘we’ live within!

And shall continue to do, regardless illusion caste?

We shall ‘Overcome’ Bro/Sis!


The implications of ‘surplus population’ were always on the cards Empirical as deterministic.  ‘Technological Displacement’ as to capital intensity demanded under the profit incentive as demands short term perspective unmoderated/neoliberal is  as a death sentence for ‘biodiversity’?

That greed rules is as to an extra dimensional implication ponerological?

Perchance Burroughs (William S.) got it right , ie. ”It’s time to get off this cop ridden planet’?

As to these small quarters, they still hope for an epiphany  ‘individual as collective’ such the philanthropy– but the extent of ‘necrotrophy’  indicates a Satanic ‘Victory,’  alas, such the oxymoron found to be tragic.

Heres Tae us, for wha was like us!’  as the Burning paraphrase goes transhumanist…

For surely ‘We’ aspire to more than this?

Surely there are better beliefs?

Said before and said again:

‘We shall Overcome!’

Yours in hope…



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