The Eugenical Highway

‘Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.’ – Hermann Goering

The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.

SPI-B Document UK Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures’

The transfer of elderly people to care or nursing homes and mortality statistics under the cloak of COVID emergency is not just a New York or Michigan issue as controversial; it is part of a far wider Global as World Wide Policy such the ‘Lockdown’ concerning the reduction of surplus population and the arisal of eugenical fascism on medical grounds such the unprecedented degeneracy of euthanasia facilitated?

It being as but the thin end of the wedge or tip of the iceberg such the ‘deep state’ – ‘pychopolitics, censorship and denial being as to some parallel of ‘narcolepsy’ under hegemony mainstreamed?

It is madness on a global scale – but it is madness with a method?

In the United Kingdom Care Home Workers and National Health Service (NHS) workers with a conscience are starting to speak up or ‘whistleblow ‘ (see here for a UK Lawyer reading out a whistleblower statement): and it is a tragic tale of ‘euthanasia’ of the elderly being recounted which is congruent with the Georgia Guidestones as a eugenical statement of Global proportionality, and with the ‘great reset’ as concerns co-ordinative mechanism concerning the determination and control of surplus population?

It is a tragic tale as could be reiterated as reflective, such the embers of Humanity as yet still burn against the tide of extinguishing as ‘realpolitik’ tragically represents a ‘force majeure’ of ponerological as deadly dimension?

Darkness, denial and censorship good, light , questioning and non conformity bad?‘ such the mantra – such the ‘Animal CAFO” as the ‘new normal’ goes as to ‘ global cull’ facilitated, such the spectrum as would be fully dominated?

It is questionable, for example, how many premature fatalities the Global Policy of ‘Lockdown’ has already caused; whether through untreated or undiagnosed illnesses as a result of the suspension of medical services; stress and depression caused through disruption of previously normal routine and social isolation, parasuicide and suicide, homelessness, loss of livelihood – the list as a litany woeful concerning the shocking as awful austerity of ‘Thanatos‘ could alas, go on and on? The effects on the COVID generation await full explication concerning the ‘new normal’ – perhaps Brady’s infamous ‘executive monkey’ experiment such the shock, or Harlow’s experiments on monkeys isolated such the awe provide some prescient insight into such explication?

Wear that facecloth/mask kids – such the new mother as will protect? Keep your distance as social, remember at all times humans are to be feared – they are harbingers of a deadly virus such the new threat as ubiquitous. Listen to the doctor and live…

The elephant in the room such the end times for so many deemed as ‘unfit to survive’ such the control and issue of currency, such the trust abused, such the resource transfer, is as some wilful obfuscation under a ‘fog of war’ in which trust is as would be a product of mind over mind, such the ‘con’ placed in ‘panopticon’ to a level of degeneration hitherto unprecedented?

And all because the minority ‘love’ money, ‘love’ power such the satanism?

Especially they ‘love’ technology as gives rise to drugs such as Fentanyl™ and Midazolam™ such the ‘Big Pharma’? (But the really big money, such the ‘killing to be made’ remains in gene therapy and transhumanism?)

Under orthodoxy as rewardable, there is never any elephant such the ‘room constructed’; bad things happen under good reasons as much as jus es ri, (might is right) as to a payroll philanthropic; the tune as paid for is as a line as piped in which idiosyncrasy as Democratic and questioning as verboten has no part -and to lie to oneself is demanded such the necessary death of though as ‘profitable’ as ‘Cui Bono?‘ assassinated as the ‘muzak’ plays in the elevator going down?

But we digress.

The case being that euthanasia is called for as there are too many people on the planet?

There are no questions concerning that the Georgia Guidestones exist; that the inscriptions thereon express eugenics of population control, or that drugs such as Fentanyl and Midazolam can lead to premature mortality?

There are no questions concerning the polarization of wealth being at unprecedented levels?

This; sense of Pynchon and his most perspicaciously insightful concerning the differentiation under cultural hegemony apperceived of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ questions?

As much as there are lies, damned lies and statistics and false news such the paranoia?

That the FBI currently investigating Gov. Andrew Cuomo and handling of data about nursing home deaths is alas, a fact. That such investigation could be extended to Michigan and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a matter of speculation, as much as there a commonality to policy as implemented evidenced thru data appertaining to nursing home deaths.

Personally, these small quarters trust the FBI as much as the CIA as much as MI5 or the Mossad, and now alas as much as the CDC, the WHO or the NHS such the alphabetti of Hegemony spells out ‘follow the money’ concerning the ‘new normal’ as much as the sentiment ‘Fuck Cultural Hegemony!’ goes…

The case here being made this small article is concerning a geopolitical level of policy implementation questioned such the ‘tip of the iceberg’, such the transnationalism as construed as ‘Global’ as indicative of a ‘new normal’ -as incorporates euthanasia concerning the ‘useless eaters’ as Henry Kissinger put it concerning the elderly, in which he broadened the Nazi T4 program terminology as focused primarily on the ‘disabled?’

‘Useless Eaters’ – like Palestinians perchance? (Henry Kissinger is a 98 year old Zionist)

A ‘surplus population’ as consequential of ‘Nakba’ and economic migration as engineered such the ‘orde ab chao‘, such the philanthropy?

The stockpiling of Midazolam™ brand name ‘Versed’ in the UK, a drug which had been used in Arizona state executions, and the existence of the infamous ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’, and relationship to COVID-19 and the elderly in care homes in the UK is detailed in part here.

As evidence goes concerning the deliberate reduction of surplus population it is ‘circumstantial’ as contentedly a matter of ‘happenstance’.

It is tragic that eugenics can expand upon the abominable concepts of surplus population and useless eaters, and that we subsist in times of such illusion and the cheapening of life?

We are in the midst of what could prove to be the biggest and most irresponsible and unethical medical experimentation in history as concerns gene therapy under a global interpretation of ‘R2P’ as warped to Orwellian levels of antonymy (War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.)

As much as there validity to the paraphrase arising out of War:

We had to destroy the global village to save it‘?

R2P has a history of abuse under transfer of resources and cultural hegemonyas pathogical; the difference this time such the plus ça change it is not just a casus belli for invasion of a country (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria) such the warfare, such the racketeering, such the mad methodology, but for invasion of every man woman and child on the cop ridden planet regardless of Nationality – form of administration of experimental injection of modified genetic material, such the Globalization or New World Order?

The ultimate ‘lockdown’ as a separation from natural ‘joie de vivre’ or ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is euthanasia under R2P – and where that protected is the obscene wealth of those ‘man gods’ as would evidence power as being over life or death such the responsibility under abrogation of humanity?

Under threat posed by a virus as a global problem a global solution has been implemented -and fear has been utilised as a means of control at a level of warfare which the degenerate fascist Goering could be proud of? His quote above is reiterated by Spi-B as a morally disgusting abuse of ‘Behavioural Science’ in which reference to Biderman’s chart of coercion is apposite?

The sad fact is these small quarters are ashamed to be a member of the species ‘homo sapien‘; all they can do is proclaim ‘not in my name’ and await the inevitable of denouncement to pretension of a Cassandra like impotence such the denouement, such the eschatology, such the playout..

Concerning such raise of the small head above the parapet rationalised, small article concludes with a quote from Randall P McMurphy from Ken Kesey’s ‘One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ in which an act of euthanasia central, such the asylum metaphorical:

Well, I tried, didn’t I? Goddamnit, at least I did that.

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