The Nasty Nepotistic Narcissistic Necrotrophs of Thanatos and Democracy Lost So It Goes ‘Sic Transit’

Why then was this forbid? Why but to awe; Why but to keep you low and ignorant, His worshippers; he knows that in the day Ye eat therof, your eyes that seem so clear, Yet are but dim, shall perfectly be then Open’d and clear’d, and ye shall be as gods.

– Milton, Paradise Lost.

(You’re always on the run now?) You really don’t remember, was it something that they said; all the voices in your head…

– ‘Gloria’, Umberto Tozzi

Small quarters here refuse to enjoin the cacophony represented by such sly stereotypicality slithering song like synonymised such as would be seminal indeed as the ontology goes:

‘the old ‘man god’ is dead, all hail the new ‘man god’!’

as represented contemporaneous by the transition of but moral economic (Political) Admin. ‘American’ as the snake speaks apropos Milton above- and mere illusion as the ‘blip’ of a baton as would be unseen passed from Trump to Biden such the  RADAR such the ‘ beastly beatitude’ – from 45 to 46  ‘POTUS’d’ such the  empirical quantification of deep state hypnosis: – and such the bipartisanship of a cultivated narcissism as  rigged ‘game’ concerning ongoing drive of  the final nails into the coffin of Democracy and  the fruit of Socialism as applied Egalitarian as to apotheosis of ‘Eros‘ contributed toward; such the glorious vineyard denied as withering Id’d denied under illusion as much as the grapes of wrath harvested?

For the purity of the loathing is as much as the bile vented as much as loathing transcends hatred as ‘liberation’ goes?

Stand by, stand by for’ 99 percent’ as to the purity…

– Or is it the case that ‘mine eyes are dim I cannot see’ as the old song goes below, as much as ‘trust in me’ – or such the fog of war obscuring the veridical and as to perspicacity denied under mere abuse?

One refuses to view others as lesser; one reveres Life as such reverence become heretical as much as all lives matter the cultural hegemony?

Is ‘Eros’ not become revolutionary now?

That the Zionist Jew Soros funds ‘Black Lives Matter’ reveals that ‘Zionist Lives matter more’ as much as ‘divide et impera’?

‘Warning, warning!’ as from ‘Lost in Space’ as robotic utterance goes algorithmic as much to memory hole pre cursored?

Is not usury as quantitatively eased the quickest pathway to’ hell on earth’ as the most ‘sublime’ form of ‘Thanatosvis a vis ‘necrotrophy’ the fittest sense of Darwin an ‘Empiricist’?

Or Davros the king of Davos?  (See below concerning Klaus Schwab- a ‘man ‘as puts ‘Dr. Strangelove’ in the shade concerning proximity to Lucifer interpolated as interpretation goes?)

-The clock is ticking so it goes concerning ‘surplus population’ apperceived as much as to ‘Exterminate, Exterminate’? and ‘I am a Dalek, I am a Dalek!’ – as much as Bipartisanship embraced in the abuse which ‘Globalization’/Lockdown represents as but another best laid scheme?

Or it the case that:

I am not a number, I am a free man!’ more apposite?

Such the hole of the panopticon as omits the ‘Dubya’ as hell of a difference as would be unseen?

Being said as cathartic the narcissistic pathology as to be the death of us mere proles(?) goes on and on to point of an ecocidal crescendo of sufferance being built unto deterministic such the ‘Bladerun’ of the Prole deemed surplus as life incarnate goes epiphenomenological as under necrotrophy/technocracy (Thank God): to wit  paraphrase of Philip K Dick apropos as being apposite :

All he’d wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? All I could do was sit there and watch life die.’

Most of us as ‘Palestinians’ now such the cull of the surplus as to ‘Nakba‘ under Globalization as a Structural Adjustment Program quintessentially neoliberal such the Thanatos?

The tragedy remains such the ‘Greater Israel’ as incorporated as America represents but a Zionist colony as Geopolitics goes; that even greater sufferance as to ensue as the transition from another bought/soul sold  as compromised failed magnate as one ‘fortunate son’ to but a  finger sucking senile zombie  as another ‘fortunate son’ under nepotism to further abrogation of humanity evidenced thru muttering of the statelessness, being as incapable of following as interpreting instruction from an earpiece as ‘man god’ progresses as to the necrotrophic suck of entropy and ‘elevation’ evidenced, such the smallness of the plate as crawled as slouched unto – the tragedy being that America  early 21st C. become the laughing stock of the world as much as the Apartheid Israel represents is reviled?

Nice bit of paper was it not such the increasing drag to the aforementioned diminishing plate, such the stellar collapse?

Sic transit terrere domesticus?

-The fruit falls further as the screw turns such the suck as of the criminalization of boycott, divestment and sanctions; as much as the laughter it hollow concerning such fierce fun as the bitch has borne another bastard to satanic glee over sufferance further inflicted? This, with apologies to Brecht and as recognises the executioners block looming on high?

Laugh not that ye also in process of becoming also ‘surplus’ such the nectrotrophy as Globalized as Thanatos thrusts as to rape regardless?

Pass the lubricant, we going quantitative baby – easy body – it’s an orifice to be controlled not by you – and such the issue corporate?

Such the anal rape as the hole shared painful regardless of gender facilitated – as but one way ‘pleasurable’ as globalization goes?

Consider an orifice, any orifice, for there are many?

Such the great reset, such the fourth industrial revolution, such the resource transfer?

With Biden ‘at the helm’; or rather those whom control the messages in his earpiece such the  Ponerology, there is, alas, advance as entropic upon even ‘Dubya’ as yet another degenerate placed mockingly in ‘power’ as expressive of wealth polarization, such the parabola entropic as the transition from ‘you gotta catapult the propaganda‘ to ‘salute the Marines !’ goes as  constituting the contempt which the lesser god ( aka’ satan’) holds Man in as much as his pitiful ideas of ‘Democracy’; the concept of ‘Human Rights’ and ‘caring and sharing’ to be further destroyed at a pragmatic as utilitarian level such the panopticon, such the lockdown, such the dominance of illusion as exterminative?

Can Satan feel regret being the question?

Or is there a deterministic compulsion to cull ongoing?

From ‘dead angel’ to ‘dead men walking’ such the ‘hell on Earth’ as phenomenological as panopticonic, such the psychophysics become psychopolitics – maybe it should just be left at ‘psycho’ – sense of an existentialist condemnation to Paradise Lost abbreviated way of ‘Thanatos‘ synonymised as thru the madness of  ‘Globalization/Corporatism/Neoliberalism’ finding resonance in ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ as the apotheosis of  narcissistic temptation succumbed unto way of ‘cutting short’ the lives of the 84% majority such the Demos?

‘Sign here on this ‘E.O’  Joe and you get to play with the puppies/’chickens again’ as much as perversion can be dopamine led as to be fed such the new operating system as psychophysical parallel in process of being fired up; ‘You are the leader of Homo Sapiens 11 as the new ‘Enmod’ goes Global as intimate!

As much as the Lolita Express it still flies all the way to that little panopticonic island whereby nothing forbidden as filmed pragmatic?

‘Suck on it Joe!’ – it’s a finger as much as a teat – not that you could recognise the difference now…

In a country of suckers rendered way of the con in panopticon you now lead the way metaphorically as illusory, but whence the state gets looked at deeper it ain’t a finger as much as an appendage of satan such the euphemism…

– All done in the name of ‘Democracy’ of course, such the ‘Awomen'(!) as paves the way further to Thanatos way of the madness which is political correctness as a form of Newspeak?

You could not make this shit up even as to satire…

‘2+2=5’ is indeed possible when the ability to count has flown out the window as dementia goes such the carte blanche which Biden undoubtedly represents alas to the deep state of Satanists as an Oligarchic Collective feed necrotropohic on sufferance, denial and fear –  for not since Caligula and his favorite horse have we seen the likes as expressive of narcissism and grandiosity as stems ontological from such as a  used and aged condom as receptacle of satanic issue controlling and manipulating such the ‘currency’ of ideological whoredom as much as the plate shrunk?

What a sand bag, not to say douche bag as much as ‘Caligula’ now a corporate body controlling and manipulating a brain dead zombie?

You’re the President Joe’ in answer to your generic question ‘Who am I?‘ as arises from your pitiful demented state .

You are the ideal degenerate alas as represents the denial of hope as politics precipitates Ponerology and piss taken way of illusion passed?

While America may be a laughing stock world wide this must be placed in context sense of the gravitas of Satan as much as genocide as epitomised Zionist as much as genocide leads towards ecocide – Satan got  as many plans as much as many whores such the geopolitics – hell being almost empty now such the degeneration of Earth?

For death is a serious business?

The Talmud is rising as much as the chosen people given terra firma – the Zionists are the source of our good fortune such the marginalization and alienation requisite from any proposition as refuses orthodoxy or ‘the death of thought’ as Eric Arthur defined? ‘Greater Israel’ now extends further commensurate as to incorporate America- and the finger colonial is on the button as much as the phrase ‘domestic terrorist’  as synonymous with ‘Palestinian’ to assume a new role in the lexicon of narcissism and the cultural hegemony of abuse as much as Democracy and Socialism thoroughly corrupted such the dim eye opened under illumination as polarizational?

The war on terror to come ‘home’ such the domestication of ‘securitization’ as control and issue of currency goes?

Okay, small quarters got to switch  tracks now as much as such the suck of ponerological contemplation – sense of the transcendence of ‘lockdown’ – can only go so far?

Thank God life is ephemeral sense of incarnation; though it remains tragic beyond measure that as per Earthly existence but a dimension sense of the metaphysical speculation as much to electromagnetic spectrum sensible by way of orifice as sensitive, albeit enhanced technologically?

Whilst the corporeal body may well rot inevitable as accelerated to point of generic and indeed genetic extinction this realm,  the soul of man it shall go on, it not to be destroyed, despite the hell on earth as so manifestly being ‘raised’ contemporaneous as far from happenstance? The memento is beyond the mori such sense as outwith the grasp of necrotrophic bastards such the sovereignty unassailable. The distinction between pity and scorn means that those who currently relish great wealth and power at the manifest expense of ‘Life’ are indeed truly deadly as hellish; in this dark classroom of the flesh as fuelled under the friction of the finitude narcissists of the deep state as political are condemned to sell their souls such the profit of gaining the world?

So goes the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

Small quarters appreciate this a ‘retreat’ concerning the onslaught of nasty nepotistic necrotrophic narcissists as man gods – but when the going gets weird the weird turn alliterative, so it goes paraphrase.

Now, now nasty nepotistic narcissistic nectrotrophs?

Let’s have fun ‘Quartermaster epiphenomenological’ like, as much as to eyes opened as once we sang under the Chestnut Tree as much as of the Tree Of Life,

It goes:

There are snakes, snakes, snakes
Big as garden rakes
At the store! At the store!
There are snakes, snakes, snakes
Big as garden rakes, at the Quartermaster’s store

My eyes are dim I can-not see
I have not got my specs with me
I have HEY! Not HO! got my specs with me

There are mice, mice, mice
Running though the rice
At the store! At the store!
There are mice, mice, mice
Running through the rice, at the Quartermaster’s store

– You ‘Domestic Terrorist ‘ you in this era of austerity happenstantial?

You Corporatist Quartermaster?

Fuck me, snakes can talk!


‘Parseltongue’ as coined by J.K Rowling apposite. Personally, found not even a patch on Milton – such the Paradise Lost.



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