For We Personae Non Gratae An Extraordinarily Rendered Future Looms, Alas.

persona non grata

(pɜːˈsəʊnə nɒn ˈɡrɑːtə)

n, pl personae non gratae (pɜːˈsəʊniː nɒn ˈɡrɑːtiː)

1. an unacceptable or unwelcome person

2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a diplomatic or consular officer who is not acceptable to the government or sovereign to whom he or she is accredited

The objective of any population reduction program (PRP)  is to rid the world of those deemed  to be surplus under divide et impera:  of  those absurdly seen as ‘Untermenschen’;  as thus constitute  but  a ‘personae non gratae’ , and as are apperceived under hegemony so kakistocratically as extraordinarily rendered as being unwelcome to Life and to be but  commensurately as  much as to be atrociously  culled by any and all means possible.

Such  the impera  or rule by  ‘friends of death’ (see below) as the most degenerate amongst us tragically now prevailing paradigmatic as necrotrophically intimate obscurely-  said  personae non gratae to be deprived of life one way or another –  way of what amounts to parallel of  an ‘extraordinary rendition’ as synonymizes as epitomizes  a ‘new normal’ as a the  ‘final fuckover’ of End Times  approached looming early 2 1st C.?


How many angels of death can dance on the head of a pin hypodermic indeed; such the extraordinary rendition of a Medieval metaphysical question under utilitarian pragmatism and the weaponization of infrastructure become apposite as  now technocratically feasible?

What particularly terrifying about such a PRP is that it can be horrifically as pathologically rationalized under a dark heart pumping responsibility to protect the planet (R2P) and that it cheapens Life under but an eugenic paradigm?

This extends to an ecological as ecocidal level of ‘personae’ non gratae being incorporated as  a tragic reduction of  the Eros which biodiversity substantiates way of said reduction entropically as extraordinarily tendered empirically?

How many beautiful as wondrous species died today, indeed as the ‘extraordinary rendition’ so it goes?

How many more billionaires created under ‘neoliberalism’?

Correlation is not causation under the inversive  ‘shart’ of cultural hegemony., so it goes under mind over mind?

The historical significance of such deathly figures as Tomas de Torquemada whom could tragically construe a tortuous death inflicted upon a suspected ‘heretic’ aka persona non grata as a ‘goodness’  finds rhyme sense of Twain’s perspicacity at a geopolitical/genocidal level of mass formation in the statement as arose absurdly  from  the atrocity of  the Vietnam war:

 ‘In order to save the village we had to destroy it‘?

Voltaire  is some metapolitician.

Such destruction finds commensuration under a geopolitikal realpolitik as of  the absurdity that  ‘friends of death’ adorned to point of an extraordinary rendition of Eros as an atrocity revealed?


Were Tomas alive today in this  21st C. global village he would be a Technocratic friend of death zealot – and with ‘new normal’ tools  of extraordinary rendition placed at his disposal  – which capable of  gutting whole economies pursuant of a death cult agenda such the ‘new normal’ of Thanatos such the ‘de’ ?

Give that fucking as puking pathological kakistocratic as technocratic friend of death  as a stateless bastard a ‘cigar’ – a seat on the BIS, the WHO, the IMF- whatever he wants such the proposition. Smoking stuff.

Make him a  billionaire under glass and mirrors as ‘adorn him with pride’ by way of mass media such the fierce fun as of the loom of the genocidal block as of Wedekind so presciently intimates, so it goes:

‘Any enemy of the time
Will bloodily executed be.
Whoever is a friend of death,
Adorn with song and sound will we

Unfortunately we of the 21st C. such the ‘global village’ rendered subsist ephemeral most precariously as obscenely under a growing geopolitical as neoliberal incorporation by way of a synonymy of  personae non gratae being rolled out world wide as pragmatically as austerely ramped up utilitarian concerning ‘enemy of the time’ finding ramification; this as  but a concomitance of neoliberal economics as much as ‘do what thou wilt‘  stems ontological as ponerological as phenomenological such the denouement of an extraordinary rendition technocratically determined?

Think ‘mind over mind’ as much as of ‘Cui Bono‘?

As Glen Frey sings: ‘The Heat is On‘ , or to paraphrase George Carlin:  ‘Personae Non Gratae‘ is  a growing big  club and we sense of Zamyatin  are in it – as  indeed soon to ‘own nothing and yet  be happy’.

Genetic identity as mind removed  such the ‘nothing’  promised of an extraordinary rendition transhuman  proving profitable?

It  to be alas the  increasing heat of a genocidal culling or a mass kill of those deemed ‘personae non gratae’ as reluctantly construed herein -, and there are very few people as personae now whom lack a sense of their world having been  ‘extraordinarily rendered’  as rocked under a ‘new normal’ of a climate change  as polymorphously panopticonic?

A climate change as means that friends of death are now increasingly being adorned; and that enemies of the time aka personae non gratae  but to be bloodily executed under the thin end of an ecocidal wedge of Thanatos looming?

‘Metapolitics’  mines metaphors mysteriously.

Another term for such hitherto unprecedented as technologically facilitated  ‘mind fucking over mind ‘panopticonic anthropocentric madness is : ‘mass formation metastasizing’ ?

In context of synonymy and under a new normal  hegemonic ‘ascendance ‘ of a ‘live and let die‘  ethos prevailing  terms such as: ‘surplus population’, ‘useless eaters’, ‘oxygen thieves’ and ‘Nakba” explicate as abound as but to be euphemized as rationalized, alas?

– This to say nought (alas again!) of what constitutes a ‘terrorist’ as awaiting but further pragmatic explication under mass formation concerning ‘enemy of the end time’ synonymized such the twist or spin meistered?

What kind of fucking dystopian extraordinary rendition is it when the statement as erotic  sentiment ‘All lives matter!‘ can be so twisted as under the newspeak of woke consciousness to be as an  expression of but  the ‘personae non gratae‘?

Another way of approaching mass formation:

When you don’t know your arse from your elbow then they got you by the balls or clit?

Such the puberty blocking as much as transgender surgery effected on children?


– Small quarters write as a persona non grata,  such construed as a ‘badge of pride’;   this as much as it is confessed increasingly apparent that the views and opinions elected to be expressed  as ‘idiosyncratic’ are unwelcome under an ‘evolving’  woke consciousness of a cultural hegemony expressed technocratically which is found/experienced, further to said confession, to be  both alienating and marginalizing as the fuckover goes apperceived- and which  hegemony has no room alloted other than but  a parallel of ‘101’ extraordinarily rendered vis a vis any  ‘alternative take’ attempted?

‘Pride before a fall’ – or indeed a ‘build back better’?

Subversion is unwelcome, as  is dissent from orthodoxy, as much as is questioning of the narrative – as much as there is a growing hit list of those deemed to be ‘personae non gratae‘?

However, one is not wholly under the shade of ye olde chestnut tree yet, or to mix metaphors one can still metapolitically fly over the cuckoo’s nest  of mass formation?

A flight  enjoined by mine fellow personae non gratae?

Such sense of approximating  a ‘misanthrope’  as  consequence of being rendered  ‘unwelcome’ under a new status quo as normal is suspected to be far more common or prevalent than as would be acknowledged under a crafted as manipulated ‘zeitgeist/spirit of the times’,  such the ‘cultural hegemony’ as a concept explicated by that most dangerous persona non grata Antonio Gramsci:  indeed it is probably the case such the verse that if you have elected to read or even consider these words such the sic transit resisted then you too are part of a ‘personae non gratae‘ whom is contemptoraneous (sic) experiencing much angst or fear and anxiety  yet whom carries on regardless – which testimony to the indomitable nature of your spirit as phenomenological?

Kudos mine fellow’ personae non gratae’ as of  a Gloria Mundi!

As Burns puts it somewhat to irony ‘Here’s tae us..’

– Apropos ‘misanthropy’ ; it ain’t fellow Man as deserves contempt but those billionaire man god necrotrophs as satanically cultivated  Ecce Homo as have taken over by way of polarized wealth become translated  into polarized  political power  – and as  ‘ they ‘ are more deservous of pity than scorn such the death they clearly but as would be obfuscated under their mass media as hegemonically co-opted ‘friends’ – and warfare effected as but a racker commensurate?

Philantropaths they make us an offer we cannot refuse?

Such sense of being unwelcome was undoubtedly recently  as purposively exacerbated by the global crises of Covid 19, which not let or  permitted such the control and issue of ‘currency’   to go to waste and the implementation of a ‘lockdown’ policy and the widespread abuse of behavioral psychology to instill fear and to increase a sense of being unwelcome reduced to the level of mundane under a ‘new normal’ finding ‘commensuration’ as by way of a massive ‘ extraordinary rendition’ at a zeitgeist level of genocide?

Goodness knows how many people under the onslaught of ‘personae no gratea‘  under medical hegemony mass formational leveraged pathologically as hegemonically found themselves no longer welcome to work,run a small business, or to enjoy such simple pleasures  as human contact or social intercourse and as ‘gave up the ghost’ as contributes to the ultimate pragmatic as utilitarian  expression of ‘personae non gratae’ in an R2P context as  PRP rationalized as implemented eugenical?

Goodness knows how many are to be further denied as expression of ‘personae non gratae‘ under the generic strategy of ‘weaponizing infrastructure’ pursuant to a necessarily hidden agenda of PRP?

One of the defining characteristics of a totalitarian society,  such the oxymoron,  being an ever growing as expansive list of those deemed to be ‘personae non gratae‘?

What must be considered is the sheer fucking  evil which any PRP represents; the premise being that some people are fit to live and others not; the premise that there an R2P the planet under the paradigmatic expropriation of hegemony under ‘ the mass formation’ of suckers going down as personae non gratae?

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