An Empire of Absurd Suffering Under an Atrocious Externalization of PRP to R2P

This small article is based on the contention that the primary agenda driving the world in the early 21st C. at a deep state level of geolitical unipolarity is that of reducing human population thru a population reduction program (PRP) as a responsibility to protect (R2P) the planet. This hideously atrocious as necessarily hidden agenda based on 99 and 44/100% pure absurdity to employ a Corporatist slogan under irony is without doubt the greatest threat which mankind has ever faced in the course of history by way of Eros being ‘fluxed over’ as to an enantodromiata of entropy accelerated. In the 17th Century Milton in ‘Paradise Lost’ as to a remarkable metapolitical perspicacity and metaphysical flight of imagination articulated described such entropy accelerated as a ‘frith narrowed’ under satanic determination and concerning hatred of, and rage against Life as God created.

Apologies to Heraclitus for the use of the phrase ‘fluxed over’ as a play on words in the above.

There have always been Empires and genocidal culls in the course of anthropocentric history alas: what is unique concerning the 21st C. is the scale of the Empire as a global entity of unprecedented polarization of wealth and power – and the technology which it now has at it’s disposal by way of a merciless eugenical deployment manifested as genocide ubiquitous under globalitarianism (sic)

That such a development has been facilitated or determined thru technology is not explored here; this has been examined and detailed thru the ontology of mind as explicated in other prior small articles, and as in figure below:

Suffice it to state that the etymology of the word ‘Empire’ is rooted in Empiricism; that the fruit of Empiricism is technology, and that money is a technology. That those currently running the world as a panopticonic prison of dystopian degeneracy in the 21st C. refer to themselves as ‘Technocrats’ is no matter of happenstance. The means as infrastructure of running the world thru the control and issue of ‘currency’ are the private/ public partnerships which are supra national in their scope and sphere in terms of ability to support narrative at a global level, and exist pragmatic as to deny alternative narrative. The growing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics in surveillance and control is a critical factor in the prison 21st C. subsistence represents for the majority. Such institutions of Global authority/hegemony have largely arisen in the last Century.

What demands investigation is the mindset of Empiricism; for it is such mindset or one dimensional Weltsanchaung/world view which is shaping human destiny/ determining evolutionary trajectory in a manner which for the majority of Humanity now deemed to be ‘surplus’ is being experienced as a growing immiseration under austerity as a polymorphous concept – and which as a gestalten summation of an Empire of weaponized infrastructures is truly tragic to behold?

(Small quarters are part of those deemed to be surplus – and polemically speaking wear such label as a badge of pride- such the loathing of satanic philanthropaths as mere necrortrophic parasites riding on the storm of darkness as Thanatos; such the End Times being engineered.)

The objectivity of Empiricism can be construed as a suspension or abrogation of morality and as such a change in the meaning of ‘Politics’ which is also referred to as ‘moral economics’. Under such objectivity Man can be viewed as a soulless machine subject to a deterministic formula of but material contingencies which, if known can be manipulated to aim of greater profit extracted/ sufferance externalized, to point of what has been described as a ‘global Skinner box’ attained. It is also the case that Empirical methodology proceeds under the interpretation of the unique as but a composite of abstracted generalities as a homogeneity of stereotypical/one dimensional reduction; the concept of ‘classification’ being shared by Linnaeus and Marx. It was Thoreau who sublimely explicated the determinism Empiricism enshrines by way of his transcendental as metapolitical perspicacity in:

Lo ! We have become the tool of our tools‘?

The whole concept of ‘surplus population’ is an abomination based on the politicization of Science which differentiates concerning the value of Life; a politicization which is totalitarian in nature as it separates untermenschen as surplus from ubermenschen as essential. In course of this one dimensional politicization the so called objectivity of Science is perverted; Empiricism becomes a religion in which facts are not the result of value free investigation but are the product as fixed around a hegemonic narrative of highly abusive control and manipulation. Such hegemony is based upon the control and issue of ‘currency’ in its broadest sense as a pragmatic as utilitarian extrapolation of a polarization of wealth and power as expresses a collective psychoses which is also known as mass formation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution being in reality a euphemism for the Fourth Reich?

In the 21st C. Humanity increasingly subsists under what may prove to be the final mass formation as the final Reich to be the Fourth. It is a fucking tragedy that as we can be brought to see the world by moral degenerates so shall it become, and this is the central premise of propaganda in context of cultural hegemony and the manufacture of consent as the menticide of people degenerated to be but useful tools as can be as thus rendered mercilessly abused and exploited under ‘mind over mind’ progressing under fuckover to an apparently inevitable apotheosis of a surplus to be but disposed of in a manner akin to a stomp on a cockroach, such the devaluation of Life pragmatically explicated by way of Genocide metastasizing towards Ecocide.

Before proceeding further polemically, the contribution of Gramsci must be acknowledged concerning his concept of ‘cultural hegemony’, and how the ruling class (again note the term as an Empirical concept ) preserve and perpetuate their arrogations and expropriations thru exercising ‘mind over mind’ as mainstream mass media as a technology has been b(r)ought to synonymise as epitomize. In the 21st C. courtesy of technology mind over mind has attained a level of metastasis which is unprecedented, with a commensurate globalitarian(sic) mass formation of inversion instanced as Orwell sublimely precises in the slogan

‘ War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength’ ?

The inversion of nature and of truth is capable of assuming a terrifying as shocking and awful proportionality under the deployment of advanced technology as the 21st C. is in process of illustrating by way of experimental gene therapy which is itself resultant of a philanthropathy as an inversion of philanthropy within a technocratic paradigm of satanism rampant.

The ‘experimental’ destruction of natural DNA is a phenomenon which can only occur thru the deployment of technology and can clearly result in a further transfer of resources from poor to rich – as Bill Gates can testify concerning the ‘Cui Bono?’ Such experimentation reduces Humanity to the equivalent of a medical laboratory creature as an extrapolation upon the value of life differentiated. Under such absurdity the atrocity of genocide as disguised under eugenical philanthropy becomes feasible; a philanthropy which in reality as per inversion is philanthropathy and in which any chaos resultant reinforces a New World Order in which the polarization of wealth and power of ‘man gods’ is furthered as expression of ‘ordo ab chao‘.

Which brings us such the sic transit to the subject of population reduction and the protection of the planet thru inversion of ‘live and let live‘ to ‘live and let die’ as a commensuration of technological determinism construed within a ponerological as metapolitical context.

Hitherto in anthropocentric history there has been much sufferance caused by resource transfer from poor to rich and such abominations as slavery and subsistence level wages as expropriation and arrogation; what we however are witness to in the early 21st C. is a new metastasis of the level of degeneracy which is manifestly capable of institutionalizing and rationalizing a care not for life under the guise of a responsibility to protect the planet (R2P) thru a population reduction program (PRP) as an eugenical culling. The ‘externalization’ element of this is that the people to be culled are not the ruling elite but the Demos or masses whom are viewed under hegemony as being too numerous and as such a strain on the resources of the planet.

Of all the inversions which mass formation entails this inversion of the plenitude of the planet is the most pernicious; the reality is that under a different system of distribution of resources the planet could support a far more numerous population and biodiversity; austerity is a product of the dominance over resources and their distribution effected by an exploitative and arrogative minority committed to an increasing share taken at the expense of the majority as an externalization of sufferance. Behind every reptilian billionaire stateless bastard of resource transfer there is a trail of millions of individual sufferances as sacrifices imposed as externalized; a death of the joy of life as erotic as an expropriation philanthropathic?

Additionally what must be factored in is the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Hitherto what has served as a brake on the evil of population reduction as genocide has been the dependence of production and manufacture upon human labor input; the masses were tolerated as they constituted an essential part of such production and manufacture. Under technological displacement as of AI and Robotics economies are moved from labor intensive modalities of production and manufacture to capital intensive modalities, and this has profound implications for both the size and nature of the labor market – and with it for the tolerance of the ruling minority concerning the size of the human population and the concept of surplus as a black block looming.

There is also the ‘paradox’ of the fact that economies are based on the satisfaction of human need and that distribution of resources is primarily labor based. That is, profit within an Empirical as capitalistic paradigm is only attained on the basis of said production being consumed, and this consumption is contingent on distribution to the masses as a labor market. Henry Ford got one thing right when he defended paying his factory workers relatively better when he claimed this would increase the market for his products and the gross profit extracted.

But the real 21st C. dilemma of a shrinking dialectic under technological displacement is that of share of resources and the power as accompanies same.

For the technocratic necrotrophic parasite is it preferable to have an even larger share of an albeit smaller economy or a smaller share of a larger economy as resultant in greater profit? The nature of greed is to want it all – even crumbs are reluctantly given up. This is before we consider the moral dimensions of wealth and greed in a metapolitical context which by definition refuses to accept the limitations of Empiricism as a paradigmatic straitjacket of satanic abuse under illusion.

In ze future you vill have nothing and be happy‘, indeed as per the perversity of singular dimensionality.

The temptations which are being presented to ‘man gods’ of the 21st C. occur in context of sufferance externalized through greed and lust for power and the devaluation of life thru population reduction as an embrace of Thanatos as is essentially satanic.

It is in this sense that Empiricism and the technologies and corporations it can give rise to under neoliberalism are a ‘Trojan Horse’ – and Technocrats are the assassins within which are now being ‘liberated’ under cover of a darkness of weaponized infrastructures as corporations?

God help us as much as was not all prescient prediction of an eschatological nature foretold?

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