Algorithms Hegemonic of the Memory Hole and Inversion Mass Formed Psychotic

This small article examines the ‘Cui Bono?’ of investment in Social Media and Search Engines; both of which are highly capital intense as have commensurate significant ‘barriers to entry’ as at least  the market capitalization of ‘Alphabet Inc. ‘evidences.

It contends that such investment  as ‘barrier constructive’  is not borne out of philanthropy but rather of cultural hegemony sense of Gramsci; it proposes that the intermediation of ‘cyberspace’ purposive of a subtlety of censorship effected under plausible deniability is part of a power structure: a power structure which is becoming increasingly invasive and manipulative largely thru  the deployment of algorithms as a form of censorship by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In addition to censoring information as an expression of processing power, algorithms can promote propaganda, and as such support  high frequency trade of ‘mind over mind’  as  expressive a ‘mass formation’. Algorithms as methodological are not exclusive to AI; some of the step by step approaches to mass formation are detailed below concerning war and Casus Belli.  Matt Taibbi recently superbly analyzed an algorithmic progression towards the ultimate final mass formation of inversion thru global thermonuclear warfare.

The new panopticon is not brick built as of Bentham conceived, it is more click built., and has the objective of a deadly menticide  or ‘dumbing down’ such the mind over mind rendered easier to attain. Other than thru manipulation and control of the educational system  as Charlotte Isherbyt notably explicated there are chemical and nanotechnological as psychotronic means of effecting such dumbing down globally, but this subject demands a separate small article.

Where does one begin such analysis  as could lead to the concept of a universal deceit prevailing thru the lies of algorithms of hegemony being contextualized in a wider sense than mere happenstance as a concept reliant upon  said dumbing down?

Perhaps it  is with the concepts of war and mass formation, both of which have as a common element the denial of truth, and as such are mutually supportive, particularly as the Casus Belli for any war represents a form of   mass formation  as a collective psychoses induced under  some parallel of hypnotism applied with malice aforethought. There is money to be made from war as there is money to be made from mass formation?

Examples of collective psychoses step by step chronological  form of Casus Belli for War:

Osama Bin Laden co-ordinated the  attack  by kamikaze pilots hijacking commercial airline jets on the twin towers from a cave in Afghanistan where he was being sheltered by a terrorist regime. The subsequent hydrocarbon fires  melted the steel sub structures and caused an adjacent  as ‘unhit’ building WTC 7 to collapse in its own footprint.

Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was about to launch a drone attack. His troops were taking babies from incubators and killing them.

Muammar Gaddafi of Libya sponsored international terrorism and was feeding his troops Viagra to assist rape.

Bashar al-Assad  of Syria was a despot killing his own people and denying them Democracy, his forces used chemical weapons  in barrel loads against Syrian people.

Vladimir Putin is a megalomaniacal dictator who wihout any provocation invaded the peace loving and Democratic Ukraine where his Russian troops continue to carry out  indiscriminate slaughter, including of innocent Ukrainian Children. This demands economic war by way of world wide sanctions imposed on Russia, and the flooding of the Ukraine with weapons and munitions. Superior firepower is the only way peace can be attained.

In a ‘novo‘  medical context of Casus Belli  as world wide war now raging thru mass formation against a new terrorist of global proportionality:

There is a deadly new virus called ‘Covid -19’ which is pandemic and is mutating rapidly.  The only solution to this is experimental gene therapy and the destruction of SME’s and livelihoods thru selective lockdowns as  pioneered in China.

– And not to forget the Casus Belli above them all:

There are too many people on planet Earth and we have an obligation to  R2P the planet in face of Global Warming as a result of Anthropogenic CO2 emissions and the depletion of resources. Surplus population demands some 90 percent reduction of the current population. Genocide and transhumanism is the only means of ensuring sustainability.

To paraphrase of McLuhan concerning the 21st C.

The Mass Formation is the War

There are an increasing number of individuals as un hypnotized by Technocracy realizing that we are on an algorithmic or step by step path towards ‘End Times’; these are individuals capable of transcending the deadly mass formation in which we find ourselves, as our lives ‘inverted’ beyond all recognition – even  should we retain the capacity of memory in face of the ‘mind over mind’ as ‘new normal’ under a Technocracy too big too fail?

Do not look here (as towards  alternative media) look over there (as towards mainstream media’ ) such the fact check of hegemony as much as step by step alternative media disappearing into the memory hole of mass formation?

Revolutionary individuals in times of universal deceit as got the ‘lack of Graphene Oxide Blues’?

Individuals as are dangerous minds as Gramsci was characterised?

The hegemony it goes pejorative  thru  but ‘tin hat foil conspiracy theorists’?

– For these small quarters remain  an enemy of the stateless as much as  of mass formation, and refuse to go quietly into the ecocidal darkness now falling as expression of ‘Thanatos‘, this as much as of a frith narrowed step by step towards hell on Earth as an abomination.

In short: the world in the early 21st C. has gone  as been driven mad under the inversion of a mass formation as Orwell put it paraphrased now the ‘new normal’:

War has become peace, ingorance has become strength and freedom has become servitude’?

The tragedy is that the mass formation is too far progressed; we have already passed beyond the point where it is reversible as much there to be an inevitable denouement which has as apotheosis ‘Ecocide’?

Think of what mass formation has already done to the planet by way of biodiversity being reduced as a result of technocratic mass formation assisted by satanic technology. Think of the death of insects, of birds, of fish, of plants as an technocratic algorithms demanding the ‘Big Science Fix’ which only the philanthropy of Technocracy can provide?

Empiricism got us into this mess under technological determinism and only Empiricism can get us out of it  (Well at most 10 percent of us?)

It is so fucking depressive  that these small quarters would rather run away from it; instead they are obliged to mount a challenge based on ‘Qui tacit consentire videture‘ –  as a piss against the algorithmic winds of hegemony as now growing towards an illness of deadly hurricane level, such the mix of metaphor as metapolitical.

Anyway such the good news.

We are not alone.

Life is eternal.

Row, row your boat gently down the stream for life is but a dream’

Albeit such the step by step algorithmic the dream erotic degenerated to a nightmare as of ‘Thanatos’?

Such the ‘sic transit’?


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