Modalities of Satanic Politics

An Ontology With Reference to Social Anthropology, Existentialism and the Empirical Paradigm of Abrogation

Once you walk that walk
And talk that talk
And whisper in my ear
Tell me that you love me
I love that talk
That baby talk
You knock me dead
Right off my feet
A haw haw haw haw
Yeah, yeah!

– John Lee Hooker

This small article strives to provide a framework for understanding ‘End Times’  as an Extinction Level Event (ELE) not just for Man or Homo Sapiens;  but for ‘Nature’ construed as an Ecosystem:  the subject here is not merely Genocide; it is Ecocide as imminent, alas.

A recent article by an esteemed Economist as published in this organ or journal of Democracy  and appositely carried by many other ‘alternative sites’ prompted these small quarters to write ; the article  referenced is sublimely metapolitical as unique in that it fuses moral consideration with a deep knowledge of Economics as an Empirical discipline with Eschatological ruminations of a Christian nature as a transcendence of the ‘run of the mill’ hegemony.

 Rare indeed is the individual in the 21st C. whom can rise above indoctrination of Empirical discipline and survive phenomenologically as much as materially as spiritually, alas, such the mind over mind prevailing necrotrophically as much as parasitically; such the killing of the host tragically evidential , such the contemptoraneity (sic) of the disaster we subsist within existentially under ‘contingency’?

 The first premise of existentialism is that existence is prior to essence such the ‘boom, boom’.

 Such premise is the basis of all propaganda as seeks to manipulate the apperception of   said ‘essence’ under socialisation purposive to co-ordinating economic activities and the distribution of resources as a moral conceptualisation?

–  Are we but cunts existing to be fucked over such the divide et impera as obscene?

Hey it just an idea, albeit in the realm of the taboo as is rapidly expanding as metastasising via ‘unacceptable words’?

As you have realised(?) by now we are already beyond the ‘restricted code’ of sociolinguistic stunting; what Orwell dared to portray as ‘Newspeak’ – we are getting into ‘Crimethink’ commensurate; and  thus  ‘elaborately’ navigating thru a minefield of ‘Taboo!’ which at any moment may lead to a cy of ‘Cut!’ under cultural hegemony/ philanthropathic production as that most dangerous mind Gramsci dared to explicate alternate  by way of his own magnificent refusal as idiosyncratic to ‘Cut it out!’

Such the encroachment upon territory rendered as per Bakunin’s proposition:’ all property is theft’, indeed?

 Like you ‘I am not a number!’ -especially in a little black book construed ponerologically as detailing  dead souls as intellectual property to be subjected to copyright?

Forgive the rhetorical technique – small quarters mean well such the Road to Hell paved as would be unseen yet travelled under a panopticon as pragmatic – ‘roll over and let them tickle your belly‘ undoubtedly an easier path?

Such the sic transit of all said roads lead to hell?

Do not bite the hand – even as it feeds you toxic shit?

Exploration of the manufacture of consent and psycho political rumination is quintessential  concerning  seeking to rise above or transcend psychic determinism as abuse; it is inherently as inevitably deemed under cultural hegemony as ‘subversive’ and non constructive?

Update: for ‘subversive’ – read ‘terrorist’?

Don’t know about you but being a ‘dangerous mind’ sense of the wield of ‘Cui Bono?‘ is a badge of pride.

Personally these small quarters no longer give a damn such the ill winds blowing as a satanic fart of mind over mind such the smell of ‘victory’ ubiquitous in the air now; it has become a matter of catharsis as much as ‘non consenture vide’  and the paradigm of reward/punishment under Ecocide increasingly incorporative?

 One can run but there is no hiding, indeed.

 What is happening in Palestine now is but a prototype of Thanatos as absurd and atrocious; but the reality is that it is occurring; it is happening as we speak.

 To march to one’s ‘own’ drumbeat such the ‘C’est la vie, c’est la Guerre’ is a matter of metapolitical pridesuch the oxymoron: this as much as ‘Life’ has become as rendered an illusion under lies profitable such the unprecedented level of repression of ‘Eros‘ as much as ‘live and let live’ become fluxed over to ‘live and let die’ as an atrocious transubstantiation/inversion?

We  (metapoliticians) whom about to die refuse to salute; rather we state ‘Fuck hegemony as under psychophysical parallel expropriated!’ Remember Martin Luther as scorn goes indeed. Sometimes scorn can be obscure as much as a ‘counterpunch’ unseen?

One has had a bellyful of absurdity and atrocity, and suspicion is so it goes that in such the ‘Social Contract’ has become under Neoliberalism and the concentrated power of wealth  but a resource transfer from  the God fearing to the Satan worshipping as an unspeakable horror in which love has no place; and alienation and marginalisation mundane as an absurdity?

 Voltaire some guy?


One is ashamed to be a Man under ‘relativity’- of the denial of no money for bread but money for missiles and bombs; one is ashamed to be so readily  as quantitatively easily and numerously deceived, one is ashamed that in an environment of plenitude there is such scarcity, one is ashamed that such marginalization and alienation of a ‘sui generis’ has been absurdly reduced under a  propagated abrogation of the ability to reason destroyed evidenced in atrocity?.This as much as memento mori would be denied by technocratic man gods thru transhumanism as a form of denial such the upload to a matrix of AI as simulacrum – yet at the same time fear remains the key?

For the real cruelty as of satanic politics is of stereotyping as become denial of eclectic potentiality as any real sociological as anthropological contemplation by way of retrospection would be  rendered  ‘Verboten‘ under Gloria Mundi denied?

‘Ukrainians good, Russians bad, Zionists good, Hamas bad’, – as awaits further expurgation sense of Niemoller extrapolated upon?

The real cruelty is as of Pinter explicated?

As in it never happened; it is not happening now?

‘Mass formation’  being of the quintessence of the tragedy of empirical abstraction as a Ponerology as would fail to take ‘essence’ into anthropological contextualisation such the anthropobscenity (sic) prevailing?

Big Science killed the little man and replaced with ‘man gods’ as a potentiality of ecocide facilitated  thru technology provided as murderous; as much as mass media has become a death cult cheerleading genocide and the cheapening of Life; the assassination of Eros as a body of humanity crucified as a modality of agonising slow death actualised under Ecocide?

 Do not question ‘for whom the bell tolls as much as for whom the hammer swings’ such the nailing of ‘it’?

Suffer the little children, indeed?


It is no small matter of Irony that this small article is directed at a primarily American audience. That being that America was founded pre cursive upon what going down in Gaza and the West Bank now’; albeit a far greater land mass involved, and socially anthropologically a greater diversity of traditional cultures existing to be  but culled as genocided under ‘colonization’. Much the same can be said of many ‘countries’ now identified as Sovereign Nations , including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom’ such the ‘Nakba‘ as resounding to first as tragedy then as farce?

As much as it never happened. There can only be so many such denials before there ‘nothing’ as Ecocide commensurated?  ‘Transhumanism’ is accordantly far from a new  concept as much as a new kid on the block it not; rather it has been present for many centuries if not millennia as a form of divide et impera? Similarly truth has been under assault since the first ‘Empire’ reared its ugly head- and this being acknowledged we are in the final Empire now as being possessed of the means to commit ecocide as graciously provided  under a loophole exploited by Satan?

Again, obscurity?

Not to look back in anger at a metapolitical level of evolutionary trajectory considered as much to consider the neoliberal fairy tales of cultural hegemony.  but one would rather the concept of ‘property’ and ‘ego’ remained traditional.

Once upon a time were Man were we not?
As had potential, indeed.
Once upon a time pre Rothschild and Rockefeller and cultural hegemony?
– As remember Waterloo as much as Ludlow contextualised, indeed?
Again, apologies to be so obscure.
Let him or her whom hath understanding…

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