Silent Apartheid Metastasizing Under a GSAP of Frith Narrowed Fiendishly Austere, Alas

Into this wild Abyss/ The womb of Nature, and perhaps her grave–/ Of neither sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire,/ But all these in their pregnant causes mixed/ Confusedly, and which thus must ever fight,/ Unless the Almighty Maker them ordain/ His dark materials to create more worlds,–/ Into this wild Abyss the wary Fiend/ Stood on the brink of Hell and looked a while,/ Pondering his voyage; for no narrow frith/ He had to cross.

– Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’.

From Paris to Berlin and every disco I get in ( with Vaxxed Passport)

My heart is pumping for love ( as mitachondria graphened.)

– Infernal, ‘From Paris to Berlin’ (paraphrased )

We  in the early  21st C. currently in the midst  of  our ‘frith’  being narrowed  austerely as under a deliberation megalomaniacal:  a process  Corporatist as Neoliberal as  much as rendered under a  Global Structural Adjustment Program (GSAP) as a truly shocking and awful war being waged on  all Humanity instanced; whom to be alienated as marginalized as genetically modified  further instanced;  such the ‘frith narrowed’  purposive   as Gloria Mundidestroyed  as taken over/built back better but by a  mere ‘wary fiend’ alas -and Ecocide as to be  beyond ‘mere’ Genocide  in process of being effected  as rationalized under a ‘silencing’  as of truth assassinated  – such the  sheer scale of ‘The Horror!, The Horror!’  resounding now ‘Apocalyptical’ contemptoraneous (sic) accordant –  and  being yet as but thin end of the wedge  driven ‘Anthropobscene’ (sic),  which ‘divide et impera/apartheid would yet be unseen under  mere cultural hegemony as a fog/silver mist obfuscating as descending as blinding  such the bastard  extra dimensional whence needs must drive biodiversity as much as ideological diversity as population reduced occasioned;  and as such the unquestioning  trust demanded by the ‘MIC’  realized austerely as pragmatically such the ‘Globalized SAP’  of apperception of ‘surplus’ to be ‘Nakba’d‘ abusive?

Mistah Kurtz, he deaf‘, indeed..

Apologies to Conrad for paraphrase (root-cognational – as deaf as dead to the screams of pain?)

-As much as this ‘metapoltical tigger’  not  ‘most loquacious? (see below)


But a mere two years ago could one  have have imagined the World under ‘lockdown’ as much as this ‘new normal ‘ demanding much  life  as frith denying conformity under  ‘great reset’ ;and  that we can look back ‘now’ such the nostalgia occasioned. On such simple things as a hug, a family gathering of much handshaking or embrace –  and as much to being able to mix unmasked as without social distance observed; to travel as to holiday  as to be ‘en vacance‘ permitted- and as able  once  upon a time as could look our fellow Humanity  in the eye  – other than as but fearfully as to being no more than a potentially virus bearing threat to ‘life’   but  to be distanced from apperceived as occasioned hegemonic – such the currency controlled and issued?

To be able to run a wee family business /’mom and pop’ like as an ‘ SME’  offering a form of communal joy occasioned  as free from destructive legislation as alternative to the anonymous as but branded face  of yet another joyless as formulaic  corporate chain permitted as exempted to ‘thrive as drive’ such the ‘Nakba!‘; such the ‘Apartheid’ as of  the edict  far from silent  to all but ‘Mistah Kurtz’  like  as paraphrased thru ‘ramification/amplification panopticonic’

– ‘One law for the rich as too big to fail, another for the poor as too small and numerous to survive’

 being as no more than divide et impera  in action  now deadly  as of such the ‘frith narrowed’- purposive as panopticonic   – and  as to SAP such the ‘Apartheid Globalized’ as to  we being ‘silently double crossed as ‘pimped/pumped pragmatic?

To have a job, to own a house as home; to have family, to be part of a  ‘community’ as much as of a ‘Nation Sovereign’!… (For how many of us have lost; or in process of losing same such this ‘great reset’ ; such this  ‘ frith narrowed’,-such this bastard ponerological of legs proletarian rendered ‘akimbo’  – and such the rape facilitated ongoing ‘structural’)?

– As much as we naught, such this New Feudalism, would have it  but  now as’ fucking  ‘rollin’, rollin’ prototypical’ on a river Styxian such the ‘TINA’ –   and as much the turn as spin on  ye  olde narrow frith traversed as abridged centrifugal – as to the scum riseth silently as austerely under ‘building back better’?

Kudos to Dante – apologies to Ike and Tina.

‘Wary fiend’ it  remains a treacherous bastard?


– Could one have imagined then  ‘Apartheid’ ‘ on such a scale such the ‘Currency’ silently  efficacious as extrapolated under control and issue as to the growing diminishment of Rights – of the ‘unvaxxed’ as an irony of cultural hegemony Globalized  Un permitted  much as: ( Clowns to the left, idiots to the right – ain’t no idiot.. Get to the left ! – this , as ‘Apartheid’ goes  quietly thus under hegemonic authority of divide et impera, – and don’t forget to pick up your ID/download the passport  app. such the queue Utilitarian as pragmatic such the  Paineful  ‘Nakba, such the SAP; such the ‘Now! So it goes? contemporaneous)

For it not only the Rights of the ‘unvaxxed’ under threat; so it goes ‘Globalized’ as Styx  remaining to be  further crossed by ‘Man ‘ such the ‘ short , quantitatively easy wave goodbye to frith’ occasioned now as but by a structural adjustment program, such the SAP?

– ‘Make room for the Moritaten (ballad of death!);  such the wedge of ‘Thanatos‘  driven into frith delineated as non prescribed – and as of Wedekind one prescient metapolitician being?


It looms on high that black block
We judge heartily but pierce
Blood red heart, blood red frock
Our fun is always fierce.
Any enemy of the time
Will bloodily executed be.
Whoever is a friend of death,
Adorn with song and sound will we.

– Could one imagine ‘back  then’  (2018 AD) having to look  and listen at ‘political leaders’  as  but friends of death  uniformly as corporately adorned under the globalized  lock step as  but  of Demons of Thanatos instanced as having sound and song neoliberal adornment  as dark and deadly in ‘their’ unified  proscriptions and prescriptions tragically echoed such the ‘unipolarity‘  of stamping  fascist evermore on the face of Man such the dystopia Orwellian as of  ‘who pays the piper’ as tune called ‘mainstream Corporatist’ as deadly dirge  as panopticonic  under ‘neoliberalism’ monophonic as but a litany of woe concerning  ‘frith narrowed funereal’ ,demanded austerely occasioned pragmatically?

Mistah Kurtz he  dead ‘– but how can one fucking  tell  as discern such the ‘zombiedom’?

Such the ‘watch it, watch it now, here it comes!‘ as of ‘Wooly Bully‘; such the reprise racketeered by but a ‘wary fiend’ warful as  rightly worshipful  such its pretension?

But yet this  ‘Silent Apartheid’ and to all ‘pregnant causes mixed’  all set as schemed as Globalized  to get worse  as abortive as stateless under this  woeful as shockingly awful  new Feudalism of the Fourth industrial revolution now  in process algorithmic as goose stepped of fucking us  over as bu ‘quantitatively easy’ to be as ‘stomped’ upon and  Fourth Reich’ Fiefdom’ attained ; as but under  a hellish fusion of technology and resource  transfer ongoing as  to be further ‘sprung’ upon us ‘happenstantial’ –  and as to a bastard wary fiend yet being unrevealed such the ‘Currency’ austerely  controlled and issued?

Such the shock and awe ‘utilitarian’ as silencing censorial such the ‘felicific calculus‘ inverted; such the ‘care not’ prevailing deadly as of Thanatos , such the lack of ware innocent?

(There being a hellish synonymy panopticonic  as of ‘the greatest good for the smallest number;‘ and it being as rendered over and over accordant the monophonic litany as of graphene  to writhe psychotronically  as to ‘live’  genetically re-engineered under RF radiation?

Á La, so it goes

‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength’?)

‘-Apartheid’ : it  a polymorphous concept which remaining  but  to be ponerologically  as metapolitically explicated under this ‘shocking new normal’ as  being globalized  truly fucking awful as but another plus ça change of austerity/havoc?

– Cried: as the ‘dogs of war unleashed to point adjusted structurally of ‘Ordo ab Chao‘?

Give that ‘metapolitician’ a coconut!?

The silence  deafening of said Apartheid  being as as of a mission creep  algorithmic as under abuse of applied psychology such the pathology as of the  abusive  as controlling and manipulative narcissistic man gods ‘created’ such the ‘stalk of the soul‘ globalized;  such the corollary as ultimately to be construed within a ponerological framework of geopolitikal interpretation such the reductio as  ‘self censorial’ as nano enhanced ‘Spikey’ like’ as circulative in this ‘Heart of Darkness’?

Such the ‘goose step of AI?’

Such  the ‘wild abyss’  – it/das id demanding reference to Milton; hence quote above.

Milton – what a guy?

What a ‘metapolitician’?

– Never mind the baws/cajones :what a  fucking pineal gland such the er cogito as of psychophysical  parallel attained ‘Ecce Homo’ like – such the sum ‘pre fluoridation or ‘ pre global vaccination graphenic’ instanced?

-What a ‘frith’ epitomised as to fuck cultural hegemony way transcendental pump?

-For this silent apartheid from frith  of early 21st C instanced,  as insidiously as inevitably metastasing as  would be fucking soul destroying;  it  no mere product of ‘happenstance’; but rather  expressive  a degenerate scheme of extra dimensional origination such as not so much of the ‘greatest’ trick the devil ever pulled; but that  the final ‘trick’  of the ultimate pinhead prick to be ‘angelic-‘  as needles danced upon further debased indeed as externalized ironic: such the beast as would be ‘unrevealed’; such the ‘Eschatology’, such the suck as drag panopticonic on  but  the fag end of ‘Life’ as transhumanism  effected simulacra like – under a ‘frith narrowed’ as SAP’d?

Bulgakov remaining alongside Milton as to  ‘peerdom  metapolitical’ so it goes?

-Such the neither sea nor shore nor air nor fire Heraclitean; such the ‘flux’ of this fucking ‘wild abyss’ as to be   but ‘Globalized’ under Empiricism and its fruit ‘technology’ consumed as consuming such the  ‘We a long way from Eden, baby‘ ! occasioned  as to drag down 21 st C. exemplified?

‘Problem action solution’?

Anyone for tennis -for  this  sure ain’t no game of cricket indeed‘ such the ‘what the fuck, such the ‘soldier’?’

It no product of happenstance that under this ‘Great Reset’ the rich have got richer and the poor got poorer?

It no product of happenstance that the MIC ‘discovered’ medical authority as a new weapon of mass destruction/build back better such the ‘philanthropy’ as much as ‘casus belli’  re invented such the ‘R2P’ propagated as pumped up and spat out viper like as harbored hypodermic as technocratic; such the hope as would spring eternal denied?

‘Surplus population’ indeed as to be separated from Life, such the ‘great reset’  as pierces problem action solution action epiphenomenologically to be as of but another apartheid instanced; as much as of a ‘transhumanism ‘effected,such the black block panopticonic of ‘ Silence demanded!” as  much as as a ‘red frock’ instanced the adornment as would not be denied?

No sound as of an injection other than ‘externalized’…

So much for the ‘Prolegomena’…

Let’s ‘expurgate empirical under metapolitical imperative’ CounterPunchial’!

Graphene oxide + modified Ribonucleic Acid + Non Ionizing Radiation + AI + Quantiative Ease = SAP +Nothing Owned + Happiness Psychotronically Effected Panopticonic.

– such the ‘Epitaph’ as ‘ ffff fucking ffrith’  ‘Structurally Adjusted’/Overdriven as to Austerity Attained as  another ‘double cross’ fiendish?

-Of course  such  ‘caveat emptor’  denied by the silver mist as but the fog of war  which we must all  trust in now philanthropically as hegemonic ‘cultural’ to ‘survive’-  and  as not so much now the ‘Religion’  as but ‘Perversion’ of frith -as  to arise from alloted trench at the blow of whistle but as to roll up sleeve and  declare ‘pro patria mori!‘  as  yet another cruel irony of the road to hell paved with good intentions as propagated under ‘R2P’; such the unmitigated slaughter as ‘mow down’  genocidal it goes ‘frith’ like winnowed under ‘ Ecocidal Technocracy’?

Such the frith narrowed fiendishly as silently under apartheid…

Gas! GAS! Quick, boys!’  as ‘Virus! VIRUS! Quick, boys!’ such the ecstasy of fumbling occasioned under ye olde ‘Problem Action Solution’  of frith narrowed – and not so much mask  fitted as sleeve rolled up such the ‘trust’ and belief abuse tragically dialectical such the fumble to be vaxxed as of Wilfred scribed?

– As to ‘happiness’, it to be as parallel of Brave New Soma’; such the psychotronic dance effected of graphene oxide under RF radiation pumped up down on the killing dance floor transhumane as simulacraic – as frith narrowed now?

Martin Luther gets it; such the metapolitics of ‘ripping a new one’ – such the piss as would be not taken out of ‘The Chief Of Sinners ‘as Bunyan put it , concerning ‘wary fiend’ synonymised’?

Grace my metapolitical  arse ‘!’, so it goes as tigger, tigger burns bright as erotic in face of darkness refused to be gone into quietly such the Frith narrowed as of Thanatos denied?

What the fuck, we gotta laugh?

The wonderful thing about metapoliticians being:

”I’m not the only one’?

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