Short Dialogue between Hyman and Phil in Opposition to Neoliberalists – With Apologies to Berkeley

‘I want to break free, I want to break free’

– John Deacon, from the album by Queen ‘The Works’ (EMI™ 1984)

‘Lately you don’t even talk to me’

– ‘Infernal’, ‘From Paris to Berlin’ (2006)

Small article here loosely based on Berkeley’s 18th C. ‘Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous‘; as he elected to defend metaphysical proposition of ‘Immaterialism’ thru: and as remains ‘sublime’?

Berkeley included in title of his work: ‘in opposition to Sceptics and Atheists’.

Plato also employed technique of ‘Dialogue’; -as indeed more recent did C.S. Lewis in ‘The Screwtape Letters’ – wherein ‘dialogue’ assumes the form of letters one fictional character to another – context of religious polemic against the hierarchy of satan evidenced as apperceived thru the category ‘senior demon’ to ‘junior tempter’ as ‘intimative’.

– Focus here as ‘eclectic ‘however not primarily Metaphysical in nature but Political as ‘moral economical’ – and as befits a ‘pamphleteering organ’ of Democracy?

The technique of ‘fictional dialogue’ particularly apposite as much as ironic in the early 21st C. – for it proving way of ‘polarization and agenda hidden ongoing’ amidst increasing alienation and marginalization as subjugate to divide et impera: such the fuck/ rape of ‘Dominion’ indeed that ‘open head to head conflict’ in ‘the Empire’ rarely permitted/Verboten, alas – such the control and issue as continues/remains to be abusively extrapolated upon; such the ‘Currency Debauched’ of Usury’ applied?

(When the last time a Presidential address ‘cut’ from for example?)

The ‘Freedom’ such technique of ‘dialogue’ deployed undoubtedly affords contemporaneous constituting in largest part denial the paradigm of censorious limitation and aforementioned divide et impera as statelessness transcended way of ‘fictional characterisation’: and should therefore prove to be efficacious directly proportionate to shock and awe neoliberally spawned – or amusement elicited (if any)?

One of the most difficult things to kill is ‘imagination’: much as one of the most difficult things to answer concerning exercise thereof and denial of ‘run of the mill’ as ‘muppetry’ denied so it goes such the animation:

‘What the fuck we got here?’

That is: the power of imagination demands, amongst other ramifications, ‘political expression’ as any ‘Idealist’ such as in Berkeley’s work the character ‘Philonous’, (having Greek etymology concerning ‘lover of mind’) – and the diversity such affords could yet contest?

You spin me right round baby’ –so it goes?

Utilitarianism and the pragmatism it so, so sadly enshrines as to Technocratic denouement neoliberal; being in quintessence (much as sine qua non expressed) demandant the limitation of the power of imagination to form of the practicable as ‘exploitable’?

As Pynchon put (it to maxim of ‘spin’ drawn upon, such the tragic ontology of ‘hell on Earth ‘countersucked”:

‘When they get you asking the wrong questions they don’t have to worry about the answers‘?

Apropos: wee dialogue here sees Philonous as ‘Phil’ as an Idealist/Socialist; and Hylas as ‘Hyman’ as a Pragmatist/Fascist.

Berkeley used as deployed the term ‘common sense’ a lot in his dialogues above referenced: such ‘common sense’ apperceived here but part of this small polemic being as a product of ‘Cultural Hegemony’ – much as someone once highly perspicaciously and appositely described ‘common sense’ as a ‘layer of prejudice laid down in our minds‘.

This as much as another someone (a Utilitarian/Empiricist predecessor) once defined ‘Panopticon’ as ‘the power of mind over mind’.

One guesses that; given the growth in technological power and it’s application via ‘Money Power ‘fourth generation’ no less, the term ‘hitherto unprecedented’ can be validly omitted.

Much as to the translation of wealth by way of debauched currency and resource transfer applied into hegemony such the polarization demonstrable as ‘neoliberal ascendance of usury’ early 21st C. setting new precedent?

For truly ‘we’, sense of Zamyatin, owe the Zionist Jews of this world a great debt?

– A ‘shocking and awful’ question?

Nothing as good as constructive a fight as open, uncorrupted contest between minds of extremely differing opinion as the ideal of ‘Democracy’ enshrines much as ‘Counterpunch’ permitted -particularly given retrospection and wisdom elicited as the ‘alas of globalist degeneration thereof’; so it goes as to the ‘Ideal’ compared with the ‘Actuality’ way of a gap not to be minded on grounds of hegemony as the disfiguring stomp of a usurious boot would ‘eliminate’ diversity to point of one awful homogeneous mess as miscenegation goes global?

Give it up for Biodiversity as much as such as for Ideological Diversity such the spirit of ‘Democracy?

Take it down the throat or up the ass such the ‘choice’ as sterility goes denied – pragmatic as utilitarian?

‘Ideas’ never really die – whilst the individuals whom elect to represent same and ask the right questions can, alas, be assassinated or compromised?

The goodness is in honesty as unexpurgated as open for consideration; the badness alas is in the reduction of same (way of expurgation): to ‘quiet as hidden, private words as elite and nepotistic’: constraining in such as an intimidating ‘private, smoke filled room’: wherein schemes r hatched as to be hidden way of illusion projected under ‘money power’ – and such ‘rape’ to be unquestioned/unchallenged as to the power of any other imagination denied; wherein anything approximate Truth and Beauty to be dragged to ‘die’ as expressive of a quietly hidden agenda much as consensuality under money rape – and the mechanics utilitarian of pragmatics prevailing concerning what ‘matter(s) under the imperative of ‘spin’ as’ bought and paid for’ equals ‘obfuscation’ – or the ‘fog of war’ as synonymous?

(Qua polemic: ‘Take it and shove it!’ – you stateless bastards of private interest’ and your cultural hegemony neoliberal as bought and paid for and as externalised)

Polemic invective aside as much as ‘They shoot horses don’t they?’: the American comedian Bill Hicks made much of such a ‘seam’ – as indeed did his fellow ‘Countryman’ George Carlin whose revelation as to ‘Big Club’ could have originated from a visit to same private smoke filled room of ‘Deep State’?

That the club grows ‘bigger’ relative proportional to the demanded death of those not in it as a mere cull facilitated by crisis as exploited expresses one aspect of the ‘Great Reset’ as now going Global as apotheological?

Apropos: one wee dialogue based on contrast: between ‘Love of Life v. love of money’ thru ‘Dramatis Personae’ – and focused such the polemic on a refutation of ‘Neoliberalism’ as an ideology; much as ‘Eros‘ apperceived as in opposition to ‘Thanatos

When driven into a corner: ‘care not’ arises, indeed?

-Problem is that when those whom would paint into a corner ‘care not’ either; ‘we’ (sense of Zamyatin) at war as would be ‘unrecogzionized such the portmanteau’?

Dramatis Personae accordant:

‘Phil’ a ‘poor man’ materially (spiritually speaking he has ‘wealth’ as of Blake intimated); but a mere ‘Prole‘ if not ‘Lumpen‘ as concerns derivation via Orwell and Marx, while ‘Hyman’ very wealthy materially speaking and as much a hegemon of the Gini Coefficient expressed as orthodox as demanded under ‘Chutzpah‘- and this as much as Humanity questionable concerning ‘stateless bastardom’ and abrogation?

Terms of Orwell’s dystopian interpretation such as ‘needs must’ ID’d: ‘Phil’ one of the 84% as Vox Populis, while ‘Hyman’ one of the 1% as ‘Deep State or ‘Inner Party”, so it goes ‘dialectical’.

Rarely, alas, does one now as contemporaneous such the polarization extrapolated upon as MSM corporatized as acronymical actually ‘meet’ truthful as stereotypical as stenographical subterfuge such the centrifuge of illusion spinning – as precipitate of ‘bubble’ as alienative and marginalizing commensurate- and even rarer(?): under centrifuge of Technocracy/Oligarchy/Kleptocracy/ Kakistoracy spinning is such as ‘Phil’ permitted to be so articulate- or indeed ‘Hyman’ to be so truthful as confessional; such the arrogation and expropriation as control and issue of currency, so it goes as to mere extrapolation and marginalization?

-The point being, such the rattle upon the bars of the cage apperceived: you as an individual forever remain (despite much abuse and control as would reduce to mere ‘ ephemeral host’ way of necrotrophy) ‘the Judge’, as ever such the gift unconditional; and such as despite the cultural hegemony which ‘that most dangerous mind’ Gramsci explicated – while imprisoned as regardless – don’t let the stateless bastards take that, however cunningly, however surreptitiously, away…

As bastard Latin encapsulates:

Nil Desperandum Carborundum Illegitimi!

Or to paraphrase of Shania Twain – such the absence of orthodoxy ongoing:

‘Best thing about being a Man is the prerogative to have a good time way of ideological diversity’.

‘Prolegomena’ over: let’s get down to the brass tacks of ‘meta political pornography’ such the Samizdat as much as ‘Painefull Pamphleteering’; such the ‘CounterPunch’.


On a bench ‘Municipal’ as interprets ‘defensive architecture’ slumbers most uncomfortable Phil.

He alienated from his past as much from his ‘Nuclear Family’ long ago ‘lost’: marginalization and alienation expressed in the fact of ‘Atomisation’ as of Houllebecq, he homeless and reduced to begging or occasional ‘gig work’ now – forming but a tiny part of that queue for food as ever growing, such the ‘SNAP!’ neoliberal as acronymic as onomatopoeic, as much as thin end of the wedge apperceived, alas.

In his prime, Phil worked ‘for years:’

Once upon a time before the rags as ‘philanthropy necessitated’ such the euphemism Phil had a dream: it was a dream of family and his ability to raise same.

Yet Phil dreams on despite his ‘para suicide’ ongoing.

In a Club Restaurant exempt (in private) from restrictions such the ‘having a laugh’ sits comfortably Hyman; a member of the ‘big club’ as most of whom exemplified way of puffing now on Cigars and cradling cognac, the smoke and vapor from which which metaphorically blown up the ass of such as Phil: for Hyman is in the exclusive ‘Big Club’ as realizes such the nepotism necrotrophic as much to resource transfer that it not ‘what you know’ but ‘who you know’ – and Hyman knows a lot of ‘big swinging dicks’ as ‘man gods’/Ecce Homo such the exclusive ‘Club’ as to swing as to cull?

Hyman has had too much ‘post prandial indulgence’ – he feels obliged accordant to remove him self politely – and get some fresh air.

The street bench on which Phil lies uncomfortable as ‘solo’ such the alienation and marginalization, and atomisatiion just happens to be proximate the exclusive club at which Hyman dines.

The bench itself scheduled for removal, much like a ‘storm drain’, indeed, such the Plaza.

Following ensues:

Hyman: (Seeing ‘surplus’) What the fuck? What are you doing in my world? You sleeping, you lazy bastard? Don’t you know I could have you arrested? You scum. (Looks around,; then Pokes sleeping man on the Sternum with expression of distaste as to kinesics; Wipes hands) Wake up you lazy bastard -get outta here!

Go and fucking die somewhere else!

Phil: (Wakened thereby) Sorry Sir. (Rubs forehead, struggles to attain clarity of vision) I don’t mean no harm. Just so tired. Was dreaming- sometimes my dreams are so happy that it a shock to be ‘awake’. I’m so hungry I was dreaming of food.

Hyman: Fucking people like you. Worthless Shit. A thousand of you ain’t worth my fingernail.

Phil: Don’t mean no harm. I’ll be on my way soon. To a better world, huh?

Hyman: What a crock of shit – what could be a better world than this? (Picks some meat remnants from his teeth somewhat drunkenly). People like you ain’t fit to survive – fucking pollute the environment. Oxygen thieves like you make me sick!

Phil: (sits up on bench, looks around.) Yeah, you are right! You are a sick bastard and it is the manufacture of people in circumstances like me that evidence your sickness!

You got the gangster disease..

You got a gun in your right hand and some sick interpretation as rationalisational of a bible in your left; in between you got abrogation as bought and paid for way of ‘temptation’…

You feed on people like me; you need people like me to exploit and take from, to arrogate over; you need people like me to evidence the success of your abuse and control and manipulation.

If it were not for people like me there would be no people like you!

Hyman: You ain’t gonna be around much longer Buddy. I can tell.

I could tell you things that would make your hair curl.

What the fuck ?(looks around)

You got no idea what’s going down – and won’t have right up till your last oxygen stealing breath!

It pisses me off this need to tread softly; to have to fucking lie to lowlife bastards like you!

(Looks around)

You are surplus to requirements you fucking deadbeat!

We gonna kill ya, kill ya all!

See this Cigar? (Takes a puff, blows smoke out ostentatiously) You could live for fucking months if not years on what that cost!

All the way from Havana Baby! It’s a real chosen people metaphor and we are the chosen. It’s mind over matter – and we don’t mind as much as you and yours don’t matter!

We got the money as much as we got the power – we got the hegemony now! (Staggers a bit, looks around)

Phil: What gives you the right to deprecate as devalue Life? What gives you the right to declare such as me ‘surplus’ as ‘stereotypical’?

I am a human being!

Don’t you care?

Hyman: Well lookee, lookee what we got here!

An articulate low life!

You one interesting Untermensch!

What a fucking stupid question given where you are. I care not for sub human low lifes like you.

Phil: Questions all I got left!

Hyman: You dare to question me! Your better! I look down so far, far down on the likes of you. I got a big thick wedge, boy. I got respectability. I got three houses in their own grounds. What the fuck you have?

….Some whimpering belief as to a better world, some belief in an obviously powerless god to take with you to your cheap body bag as landfill – you make me sick!

Phil: To point of reiteration: you are as sick as the war you so evidently wage upon Humanity; upon Life. You do so by way of usury as a mere ‘con’ such the hellish ontology.

I see the trick but can, alas, do little against it.

The thing is your type have bought up everything and corrupted it as thru your nepotism driven by greed.

As you say you got a wedge as given contingent the embrace a ‘lesser god’

You are one hollow motherfucker such the blow as of the smoke as obfuscation and precipitate equals a fog of war waged!

I reserve the right to question as much as you intimate death contingent.

Shall never acknowledge the claim of ‘might as right’; you are but remnant a usurious bastard; a dead soul in a rotting body committed to the destruction of all life, truth and beauty!

Hyman: What the fuck but you dying! (Takes another Puff, looks around) What the fuck you know about usury you deadbeat bastard? What the fuck you know about the ‘free market’ other than that you and yours rendered surplus thereby?

It’s free for such as me to buy – and free for such as you to die!

Your God is dead, such the fucking Socialism; our God is alive such the Corporatism!

I resent the fact I even gotta even tell ya this – but it’s fun you dying bastard as won’t be able to tell (takes another Puff, looks around )

Who would believe you anyway, a bum, against me as a pillar of the community?

Money talks as sings and dances !

Phil: All you are is a gangster you stateless bastard as a sell out, all you and yours as owned is a whoredom as would be accepted under but a con. The war you spawn is ephemeral as rackets go; its just another illusion but with tragic real consequences. Everything you and those of your ilk touch thru your wealth is turned to satanic shit. You lie constantly and you are so sick, so fucking twisted that you can lie to yourself!

The ‘free market’ – what a crock of shit such the peristalsis!

You and yours have been fixing said market for years thru your debauchery. You are nothing but the worst form of parasite. Which a necrotroph.

Anyway, I’m going now (Stands up). Cause you’re right, you got the power, you got the might. This world anyway, if not in the one waiting.

Memento mori you evil bastard! (Walks away)

Hyman: See you. Wouldn’t want to be you! (Mutters to himself inaudibly, takes another puff on cigar. Looks around then throws it down on the sidewalk)

Dialogue ends.

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