The Mark of the Beast as a Technologically Facilitated Polymorphous and Panopticonic Concept

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face.

– 1 Corinthians. NKJV

It is unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game you been playing all your life.

– Mickey Mantle

It was as an adolescent such the ‘rite de passage’ that these small quarters first encountered the concept of ‘the mark of the beast :’ and thought of it then as some variant of the branding of cattle or sheep on a ranch ; anthropobscenely (sic) instanced as morphed  in context of  constituting a  visibly applied marking  of affiliation/subjugation as in concentration camps which continue under entropy to represent the most degenerate form of Capitalism under  the concept of profit maximisation and  return on capital employed (ROCE). In the Third Reich concentration camps included the forced wearing of badges on clothing; in the Fourth Reich the badges have become more subtle?

As an adolescent the mark of the beast was also thought of then as something which could only exist as ‘ubiquitous’ in the future as according to a limited knowledge of Eschatology. In particular this relates to the proposition that ‘trade’ would be forbidden as under sanctions  applied to those whom did not have the mark of the beast upon them.  Alas there has been a revision, indeed as much as trade can be ‘intermediated’ as facilitated by technological progress as much as ‘history’ subsists as to be re-written by the ‘Victor’ emerging?

Back in the  20h C. there were limitations upon currency as a technology and its relationship to the mark of the beast as intimately relate to the concept of trade as ‘vulgar’ or non digitized? Those days are all but gone now, alas as much as trade continues to be ever more intermediated as digitalized such the et al? ‘Social Credit’ continues to be passed off as benign under the hegemonic shroud euphemistic as synonymises the ‘mark of the beast’ as a polymorphous concept entailing the digitalization of currencies controlled and issued?

A visible to the naked eye mark accepted as imposed on a human body via branding which indicates ownership of property is invariably a matter involving the deployment of technology as this small article shall explore.  The idea of technologically augmented vision in particular as involves the deployment of infra red and measuring devices of both non ionizing and ionizing radiation has been for some time of interest to these small quarters: there is a certain pleasure in being able to see or measure things which are invisible to others, and to caste same within a macroeconomic context at a geopolitical level of interpretation.

 Of course there is a pretension evidenced in such a proposition.

There is also the ‘Cassandra aspect’-  whereby ‘seeing’  is marginalized or alienated from the ability to effect change; primarily by orthodoxy as is itself a polymorphous concept – yet homogeneous at the level of the death of thought as Orwell sublimely synonymised? It remains the case concerning any such prescience that ‘forewarned can be as forearmed’?

Hence one writes metapolitical rather than adopting the nihilism of Cratylus whom managed to advance upon Heraclitus via his proposition that’ one cannot step into the same river once’. Prevailing orthodoxy at the time under Heraclitean Flux or enantiodromiata was that ‘one cannot step into the same river twice’.

– As the French say: ‘Plus ça change?

That being said Cratylus is an admirable Man as opposed to the revisionist concept of ‘ transhuman’.  He never received the secret ingredients leading to transhumanism via intramuscular injection – this arising from the fact that the technology to create secret ingredients was not around then? Otherwise they would have held Cratylus down and forcibly injected him as that lovely ex passenger on the ‘Lolita Express’ Alan Dershowitz proposed concerning experimental gene therapy delivered via injection? An interesting exception to such rule is to be found in consideration of the Thugee Cult and the oral ingestion of the secret recipe of ‘gur’ as part of the initiation process?

 It is said that when a Thug ingested ‘gur’ his character was entirely changed as debased.

Unfortunately at a metapolitical level of apperception as sublimely instanced by Cratylus the ‘simple’ concept of the mark of the beast has been transformed under technological development; such that it can be proposed/ID’d as a polymorphous concept which is metastasising; this as much as the very ‘river’  (of Life) has become evidential of a toxicity which Thanatos has inverted? (If you do naught else as a result of reading this small article  consider that  latter hyperlink – for it explicates a staggering work of metapolitical genius ranging impetuously as defiantly across a spectrum of  hegemonic dominance as would be unapperceived under mere orthodoxy as force feeds a diet of toxic shite?)

The notion that the mark of the beast is invariably consciously accepted as part of some parallel to a Faustian bargain in which there is a contingency as per volition or will as evidencing an individual conscious decision is certainly debatable; satan is surely a sly bastard; and the devil exists in the detail indeed – this as much in the proposition of   ‘results’ being attained by hook or by crook? ‘One way or another the mark of the beast will prevail’ sums up the entropy/Empire of Zombiedom which technological developments of the 21stC. are in situ as emerging to further facilitate, alas?

Those of us as ‘dodged’ experimental gene therapy as  unjabbed must look to our laurels in taking cognisance of the concept of the polymorphous nature of the war on Nature and modalities of effecting transhumanism which are  contemptoraneously (sic) in effect?

 That there are more ways to kill a cat than by choking it with butter expresses the polymorphous; this as much as there many modalities to effect ‘transhumanism’ which are in process of being researched- and finding utilitarian commensuration’ thru implementation?

Such the ‘shedding’ as of a snake skin surreptitious?

As said satan is a sly bastard as got new tools now? This was considered as title this small article.

It is a terrifying  concept  of the 21st C. that we may be marked as controlled and issued  bestial  property yet not even be aware of same such the small print of  the ‘devil in the detail ‘; obfuscated as aspectual of the fog of  a  war which is to be construed as spiritual?

This as much as ‘we’ do not determine whether the mark of the beast is present – rather it left to others  and material need to so do under the fog of war – such the de-sublimation under proxy; such the ‘deep state’ as reflects a transfer of resources as would be unseen?

As in any War the first casualty is Truth? This is particularly the case concerning ‘the mark of the beast’

This as much as we humans may be losing our minds under a transhuman psychotronics as a mass formation or collective psychoses?

– Is the mark of the beast accepted an expression of mass psychoses?

The ramifications of the proposition that the ‘best trick the devil ever pulled’ was to convince us he does not exist demands at least we consider Voltaire or Bulgakov – to say naught of CS Lewis?

To which could be added the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner?

His prescience concerning a vaccine which would limit the ability to relate to God is truly remarkable, rivalling the atomic conception of Democritus?

This aspect of the visibility and transparency of the ‘mark of the beast’ shall be explored at a later juncture this small article as an act of revolution against orthodoxy as the death of thought. Orthodoxy seeks to destroy the polymorphous as Natural ; it exists accordantly to be counter fucked, or more euphemistically phrased ‘counter punched’ via the provision of alternative apperception/ perspective and a deadly homogeneity of the abrogation of individuality thereby transcended; as such of manifold alternative interpretations which are to be censored as denigrated?

‘Just for the hell of it’ as the irony goes?

 In Miltonian terms such is a denial of the ‘narrowing of the frith’ as a form of ‘Thanatos‘ rampant concerning ‘Paradise Lost’?

We have come a long way since branding irons and tattoo technology such the explication of the concept of ‘the mark of the beast’  as technologically facilitated; such the ‘evolution’?

 The term ‘We’ is used sense of Zamyatin.

As a hastened proviso : not that one ‘knew ‘this as a child or an adolescent mind you.

We live and we learn indeed.

 The Socratic concept of anamnesis remains prescient as apposite?

 Probably less than 0.1% of Global population now familiar with that concept?

‘Fuhgeddabout it !’ indeed?

The concept of ‘none shall trade without the mark of the beast’ was accordingly rooted (in my small adolescent mind) as  being contingent upon a basic technology paradigm which reflected  a child like innocence and complete unawareness of organizations such as DARPA, concepts of electromagnetic frequency and  the subtlety of nanotechnology impacting  psychotronically  upon psychopolitical control and manipulation as a form of satanic abuse ‘enhanced’  of consciousness or the soul stalked at a geopolitical or global level of manifestation. One is also grateful to Gramsci; that most dangerous mind, for elucidation concerning the concept of ‘cultural hegemony’. It remains for such concept to be further explicated in context of satanic mechanics; as indeed for such to be explicated as a ‘mark of the beast’?

Apropos the evolving concept of the ‘mark of the beast’as polymorphous’ there is a wide range of thinkers throughout the Ages as to mine dim vision of the mirror indeed as could be given credit for contributing to this wee idiosyncratic synthesis concerning the concept of ‘the mark of  the beast construed as polymorphous’ or  as manifold formed.

Above all the ideas proposed here occur within a world view which is based on a Manichean concept of Life as a dynamic between ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ or Eros and Thanatos.

 In such a Weltanschauung  it is to be remembered that ‘Politics ‘is best defined as ‘moral economics’: this a fact which has all but  been disappeared under the memory hole/revisionist paradigm which neoliberal economics has come to represent as a cultural hegemony or a mirror of distortion befitting  but a fun fair or devil’s playground.?

The mark of the beast is not just a matter of individual bodies – but is a mark upon the world as ‘Natural’? That is, the very culture we ‘exist’ within may evidence a mark of the beast imposed via cultural hegemony as a form of subsistence accepted under austerity?


Neoliberal or free market economics abrogate the capacity for moral thought thru ‘a do what thou wilt’ mentality as espoused by the degenerate satanist Alesiter Crowley? Free market economics is really best described as satanic politics – as whence ‘morality’ taken out of the equation concerning a system of distribution?

But digression.

The subject at hand is the polymorphous nature of ‘the mark of the beast’; a many formed practicality as based on technology as the fruit of Empiricism. Eschatological as metaphorical overtones occur indeed –  not least concerning the fruit of  knowledge of good and evil?

 One uses or deploys the term’ practicality ‘within a utilitarian  as pragmatic framework – for truly Bentham as a utilitarian philosopher synonymised ‘hell on earth’ thru his concept of the ‘panopticon’? As has been moved such the metastasis under technological facilitation from the vulgar brick built to click built refinement; this as much as a ‘click’ can be more polymorphous in occurrence than a ‘brick’ such the tectonic shift  or nudge towards ‘cyberspace’?

 The new ‘walls ‘of the 21st C. panopticon are now in low level orbit  as  in situ an invisible aspect of the mark of the beast awaiting but futher clicks?  (Kudos to Jeff Rense; while he took down the column he gave me he left up the articles/hyperlinks.)

The concept that one is as  a ‘voyeur’ concerning the workings of satanic mechanics studied; detached as  in a transcendence of the mark of the beast appeals; this in as much as the meaning of life is to give life meaning?

The subtlety of metapolitics is to roam ‘noospheric’ – it is to combine words as to an alternate geniture?

One refuses to contextualize the concept of ‘solipsism’ this instance.

Ultimately the polymorphous concept of the mark of the beast has come to entail as an apotheosis or apocalypsis a ‘disruption’ of DNA in context of a psychophysical parallel ‘natural’ and  a concept of psychotronics applied under an  entropy of debasement/degeneration such the ‘mark’?

The concept of ‘hell on earth’ as where the ‘mark of the beast’ prevails is ‘experimental’; this as much as we can be  brought to worship ‘filth’ sense of Beckett – as much to embace such credo as ‘In the future we shall own nothing and be happy”?

– Aye, that’ll be right ya satanic cunts.

Small quarters still ‘here’!

Those whom have nothing are condemned to worship filth as Beckett proposed?

‘Lord knows I cannot change’ as Lynryd Skynrd’ sing.


 For the tragedy is that in the early 21st C. concerning the mark of the beast there is already a fait accompli; already there a ‘ubiquity ‘to the ‘mark of the beast’ such the hall of mirrors deployed as under a dimmed as dumbed down apperception at a geopolitical level of a global unipolarity?  What is a transhuman but a bearer of the mark of the beast?

Now we subsist as ‘incarnate’ under cultural hegemony  austerely as the ‘mark of the beast’ prevails as an apperception as a mass formation or collective psychoses as polymorphous is apposite?

Apropos any potted history   ‘the mark of the beast’ is intimately fused with the control and issue of ‘currency’ as a polymorphous concept?

A potted history of the ‘evolution’ of the ‘mark of the beast’ as a polymorphous concept being as thus:

(‘Here we go, here we go’, indeed)

Under technological determinism the narrowing of the frith of the psychophysical parallel Man  once represented has occurred under the radar; the mark of the beast has attained a growing ubiquity as to contingencies which are unseen by way of a fog of war obfuscating insight as was once a profound realisation of a broader, more natural ‘frith’?

For example, take fluoride as delivered via water intake. The fact that it attacks the pineal gland as the seat of the soul as construed by Descartes is of profound significance; it narrows the frith thru the disruption of the psychophysical parallel. Similarly there are commensurate propositions to be made for chemical marks of the beast as Glyphosate or Atrazine; this before we consider the toxic shit of ionizing and non ionizing radiation. Under satanic inversion it is the case that toxic shit is to  be viewed as ‘good’ for us?

And so we stand yet in the face of a change of frequency electromagnetic as threatens to further narrow the frith as much as raise ‘hell on earth’ as a mark of the beast become ubiquitous?

Such as was foretold under Eschatology?


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