Paradise Lost Political as Talmudic Such the Sigh.

Then, much revolving, thus in sighs began:-
‘O thou that, with surpassing glory crowned.
Look’st from thy sole dominion like the god
Of this new World – at whose sight all the stars
Hide their diminished heads – to thee I call,
But with no friendly voice, and add thy name,
O Sun, to tell thee how I hate thy beams,

– ‘Paradise Lost: The Fourth Book’, John Milton

– All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.

The Talmud , Yebamoth 98a

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest.
The soul, uneasy, and confin’d from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

– ‘An Essay on Man’, Alexander Pope

Early 21st C. (well, second Decade entered, so it goes) under Cultural Hegemony the dimensionality of moral contemplation context of Politics as ‘moral economics’ all but destroyed?

‘Materialism’ has become the singularity of dimension as legitimates much as ‘politically correct’ defined way of ‘transmogrification’; – this to some parallel alas of Wilde’s revolutionary proposition concerning ‘all of us in the gutter’?

Apropos: consumerism as under economic drive demands we all ‘face down’, and the concept of felicific calculus empirically spawned way of utilitarianism become inverted as corrupted to mean contemporaneous such the bastard ‘austerity’ spawns:

the greatest good for the fewest number’?

– To look up at the stars, other than in a cinematic context, and indeed as to any sense of ‘wonderment’, now: such the remnant; as to but a calculated winnowing, ‘Verboten‘?

The ‘stars and beams’ of Socialism as to recognition of equality being as to some parallel of T.S Eliot as goes:

 ‘In this last of meeting places
We grope together
And avoid speech
Gathered on this beach of the tumid river’

That is: the very egocentricity as magnified in concept of private interests euphemised as ‘Corporatism’ has assumed under concentrated accumulation applied/polarisation and as to ‘ascendance’ a permit to control and issue ‘currency’ as extrapolated upon to point of hegemony as Gramsci explicated – and lack of ‘ideological diversity’ finds commensuration in a lack of biodiversity’?

The manufacture of ‘dogs’ has as overarching rationale, Viz; the reduction of the world to ‘dog eat dog’?

The concept of ‘surplus population’ such austere imprisonment of mind under cultural hegemony as by way of thanatos but an expression of the alienation and marginalisation of the wondrous alternative Eros representssuch the transfer of resources as has but nefarious purpose as much as the denial of dimensionality or the quantification of value of Life and the abhorrent concept as ‘collateral damage’ intimates as per coffin nail banged down?

For: ‘there is no alternative!’ (TINA) to such absence of wonderment inculcated/inflected is as to an orthodoxy metastasising contemporaneous under the determinism of Empiricism thru its deadly fruit unfolding, technology; such the intermediation of the capacity of sovereign mind as individual to contemplate by way of control and manipulation of perception as would be evidenced?

The ‘unique’ accordant, such the bastard absurdity of austerity as would proceed to reiterate ‘fuck ; being reduced to but a composite of generalities as the basis of language; such the joining up of dots become synaptictically encouraged polymorphous – and ‘identity’ thus reduced to but a correlation of possessions under ‘consumerism’ such the syndrome as but a ‘rape ideological’, such the ‘mainstream’ as but a ‘fuckover satanic’ concerning ‘ID’?

The implications of neural interface under Empirical determinism concerning ‘One Dimensional Man’ as Marcuse put it truly horrific to contemplate context of technological progress in an anthropogenic context whereby the 20th Century saw multiple instances of the deployment of ‘Atom Bombs’ against civilian populations and the Ecosystem?

The tragedy is as to subsistence: such propositions as deemed to be ‘surplus to requirements’ – being quintessential as per ‘sine qua non’ of the ‘culture’ of Corporatism: they not part of the deadly line as denies thought, this sense of Orwell’s definition of ‘Orthodoxy’?

Such big questions from but a ‘little man/gentile’ – whom yet refuses to listen; whom would question ‘anti-semitism’ and would dare to raise the concept of ‘anti -gentilism’ by way of ‘counterpunch’?

It in such context that ‘obscurity’ rendered way of indoctrination towards the point of homogenisation and stereotype cultivated as much as Life destroyed by the pathological pursuit of profit as Bakan put it?

For how the devil works is thru the detail of abrogation of Humanity by way of temptation; thru the division as to value as proceeds ‘goose step by goose step’ algorithmic?

‘Divide et Impera?’

It in such context such the reiteration that we told what permissible and correct by way of contemplation and expression; that we be but ‘pigeon holed’ and constrained as to material correlation of possession under ‘consumerism’ as contingent by way of denial of individuality; of diversity; that our minds be shackled as to some boot of conformity stamping, purposive to a transfer of resources thereby?

Well ‘fuck that’ for a game of soldiers!

To mention the devil as much as the detail subsequently opened to explication is as to contemplate ‘evil ‘as a force, as a dimensionality; this as thus to actively invite derogation under cultural hegemony as ‘militarized’ which would see ‘man gods/ masters of the universe’ temporarily ascendant by way of transfer of resources rendered acceptable: it to invite under power of mind over mind indeed as to some categorization as by way of religious differentiation as a phenomenological prison; it is to defy the equation of ‘dysfunctional’ as per Marxist Empiricism with but poor man’s ‘immoral/evil’?

Worse yet, such the abominable pragmatism as ponerological; it is to be deemed such the arrogation, such the expropriation, dissident; subversive; unacceptably ‘alternative’, but a mere’ paranoid conspiracy theorist’ – and as unworthy of contemplation by way of ‘platform’ justifiably removed?

-These small quarters confess they much like if not love ‘sticking it’ to ‘the man’ aka lucifer, aka satan, aka so it goes.

‘The man’ is a Stateless Bastard!

For one refuses to hate – but loathing permitted – as under ‘Eros’?

As much as deservous of ‘death by sword’ as would be wielded unseen intimated, such the diminishment of ‘glory of Life’ unto a continuation of mere ‘alias’?

‘It’ deserves to be denied as much as ‘alias‘ revealed – and as much as illusion seen for what ‘it’ is?

Such the bastard of austerity as under mere illusion apperceived as ‘elective’?

Milton really sticks it to the man with his sublime poetry in ‘Paradise Lost’ as circumscribes an irony contemporaneous: as reflects alas a level of metaphysical contemplation which would; as to some entropy paralleled in a geopolitical context, be further ‘lost’ now in this era of ‘One Dimensionality’ ever increasing entropic – such the ‘memory hole’ expanding as to be ever more ‘Inc.’ purposive?

The death of sovereignty of mind as much as ability to look up at ‘the heavenly stars’ in wonderment as much as to aspiration destroyed certainly not some matter of ‘happenstance’: rather; it part of but a mere scheme in which sufferance plays large as to achieve apotheosis in ‘Ecocide’, such the hatred of the beams of the sun as provide Life – and such the best lay as sly as ‘Burns’?

It so sad. for how many have died prematurely accordant(?) that in such power of mind over mind as’ Panopticon’ defined that we, sense of Zamyatin, reduced to a choice between mere ‘cons’ such the grift, such the corruption prevailing, such the sovereignty phenomenological denied: that there be such constraint as would be ever more incorporative as to deny ‘thought’ as truly contemplative; as would deny ‘looking up’ at the stars in wonderment other than in context of technological intermediation whereby in some wilfully perverse dark room ‘light’ is played as to but some phi phenomenon – and there no beams of the sun such the incarnation?

As would deny thru ‘orthodoxy’ any alternative to mainstream whence it comes to media; as would deny beams but to a singular shaft of illumination permitted such the control and issue?

It so sad – but not without metaphysical implication which Milton managed to attain perspicacity sublime concerning?

Controversial aspect of this small article is that as exists in the deployment of the word ‘Talmudic’?

– For the differentiation of existential value as to the thick end of the wedge which the concept of ‘Anti Semitism ‘represents is become as to an absence of contemplation let alone question begged such the damnable austerity being as much as to the cultivated lack of ‘Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ as finds translation in ”Liberté, égalité, fraternité’ – and one as to ‘Wonderful Jews’ such as Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon find themselves being characterized as but ‘self hating’?

Such the dialectic as would be restricted, as much as denied indeed?

Rather: we face the tragedy of ‘God’s Work’ being done by way of Goldman Sachs as articulated by such ‘Master of the Universe’ as Lloyd Blankfein articulated; we face the tragedy Neoliberal whereby private interests continue to transfer resources from the poor to the wealthy; we face the tragedy of the ‘Bonesman’ Steve Mnuchin being ‘Treasury of the Secretary’; such the malapropism as we face accordant a ‘thanatos‘ having origination in the fundamental denial of ‘Democracy’ by way of an assertion stated Talmudic as to the inherent superiority of ‘race’ as construed under cultural hegemony as per Gramsci?

If you are in any way ‘rebellious’, not to say revolutionary’ -you gotta love Antonio Gramsci?

We face a ‘Trump’ as would yet be replaced by yet another bastard of neolberalism to cause of ‘thanatos‘ as hatred of beams expressed?

Such the illusion as deadly, indeed?

Polarization is as to an intermediation which would be unrecognized, and as goes in the early 21st C. by many names?

It ‘Talmudic’ as per control and issue of currency extrapolated upon?

The very roots of evil as the love of money find apotheosis in the control and issue of currency supplemented by a differentiation of Humanity as much as determines a ‘surplus population’ as an entropy which would condemn the Ecosystem to oblivion?

Are such questions as would be rendered obscure under the dominance of corporatist line the foundation of Democracy?

On the farm of arrogation and expropriation, the animals should have no say?

This, with apologies to Orwell.

Penultimate quotes accordant such the ‘Panopticon’ denied, but the quote above from the Talmud, which Gentiles as but ‘creatures outside’ should not read, is given as seminal concerning the destruction of Democracy.

Publish and these small quarters will be back!

‘Keep trying!’ so it goes regardless indeed…

Alas one fears such freedom of expression already beyond the pale, but that indeed ‘hope springs eternal in the breast of man’ as Pope articulated, such the gentility.

For ‘Anti -Gentilism’ is the real agenda as would be hidden in this new decade?

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