Torturing Nature

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

– Shakespeare, The Tempest

It is increasingly apparent that the World is being driven towards ecocidal madness under a mass formation/collective psychoses which is arising under a Global leadership  as a  Cabal hypnotic as hegemonic which has the tragic as degenerate  objective of destroying Nature, including all creatures great and small as God made.?

Never in the course of history has such a Cabal  of devils incarnate or stateless bastards had such Global authority and  control over resources and economic infrastructure; never before such the  abysmal commensuration has Nature been under such ecocidal assault such the ‘End Times’  as are alas imminent in the 21st C ?

-Truly we are in uncharted territory by way of a ponerological entropy staring us in the face as an abomination, albeit there an eschatology in process of revelation?

The assault on Nature ongoing  being of such a scale and diversity that it difficult to contemplate; the abomination so monstrous and polymorphous as to be precipitate of shock and awe; as ‘natural’ it being difficult for ordinary humanity as of these small quarters so constitute to fathom or relate to the horror; the horror of evil as much as to the hell on earth now in it’s final stages of Global Formation – or as much as end times would be concealed as disguised right  up to the very end apocalyptic, such the state of denial being preferable?

How have things come to be so as ‘elephant in the room’ denied is the subject of this small article which rejects ‘happenstance’ but rather focuses on ponerology and the requirement to acknowledge evil as a destructive and deadly force of Thanatos  as the antithesis of Eros, or the love of life.

Slip into a silent slumber of hegemony accepted my ass.


–  Without such necessary posit as Shakespeare makes above there can be no understanding of what the hell is going on in the World now; without the study of the techniques of emotional abuse there can be no understanding of Nature as a soul stalked by the ultimate narcissist/psychopath Satan, who has vowed to destroy said Nature as an expression of hatred and rage?

Much as to the old adage ‘it takes but one bad apple to spoil the barrel’, throughout History the overarching strategy of evil has been to corrupt thru wealth and power in creating ‘man gods of Empire’ as apples rendered bad as souls abrogated placed at the top and in control of said Empires, and it is commensurate as correlative that in the 21st.C. there is an unprecedented concentration of wealth and power and corruption as inherent to neoliberal corporatism and the prevalence of stateless bastards as demonic?  At the same time: thru Empiricism as a religion much of the spiritual abilities/aspects as natural to Man have been alienated and marginalized, if not abrogated under   esse es percipi  and the wield of Okkam’s razor by way of phenomenology slashed as defaced as dumbed down. .  Religions as have faith in God and as would place the contemplations of the Nature of Man within a wider context than a soulless and godless empirical materialism have been debased or corrupted as institutionalized, and pitted against one another as a further form of divide et impera. This undermining or subversion  has been furthered by the establishing of secret societies which are no more than a thinly veiled form of satanism, with such societies being of great wealth and power such the philanthropy/disguise. An outstanding recent example of such was the power of Skull and Bones or the Brotherhood of Death which was able to control the American political system to the point where both presidential candidates were ‘bonesmen’. Whatever candidate won the ‘Brotherhood of Death’ would pull the strings. This aspect of controlled opposition is a form of lie and illusion, which alongside  recourse to disguise is of the essence of satanic abomination and ‘ordo ab chao‘ as a modus operandi of ponerological tragedy and  the destruction of nature as a ‘frith’ as Milton puts it in ‘Paradise Lost’.

The twisted concept  hegemonic of a R2P the planet by culling some 92 percent of current human population, with the remainder being ‘transhuman’ with natural DNA and natural immunity destroyed, alongside a dramatic increase in non ionizing radiation (WCR) including as beamed down from satellites in low  level orbit  is perhaps to be the final madness as of Nature  first tortured then destroyed as ecocide precipitated under satanic hegemony disguised as philanthropy?

Apologies for being so mundane.

 Such is as the opportunity which satanic technology ‘creates’, and here reference must be made to consolidation of a global power structure as expressive of a mass formation or collective  psychoses which being a form of parasitology of necrotrophic proportionality.

Or as Shakespeare could put it paraphrased ‘a methodology for the emptying of hell hath been finally attained under hegemony Globalized‘ and as Bentham could add ‘in a manner hitherto unprecedented, such the panopticon‘?

 Iain Davis draws us a picture which it is apposite to include here: it is a picture of a cabal summarised as herein interpreted/ apperceived; thus:

The ‘new’ mechanisms of satanic hegemony are funded thru the flow of money as currency corrupted  or debauched as expropriated parasitic controlled and issued such the quantitative ease of necrotrophy; they are too big to be questioned as much to fail; they do not reveal whom or what is behind them such the money trail as could readily be explicated  criminally forensic under source and application of funding as would be disguised such the layers of the onion as would be un peeled – but let us cut thru the illusion here such the ‘J’accuse‘  form of ‘satan rules them all!’

At the apex of such Global debauching of currency is the Bank for International Settlements(BIS), and it is apt as per consideration of Orwell that their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland (extraterritorial jurisdiction) resembles a boot. A boot as stamps on the face of Humanity, indeed.

– It is tragic to watch degenerate satanists elevated to the level of ‘philanthropists of Eros’ under satanic hegemony as perverse and censorious; it is tragic such the denouement to participate in a mass formation of collective psychoses as a form of  menticide; it is tragic to read/experience mass media as much as to exist under a system which is manifestly evil as ‘globalized’; as following a unipolar line,  it is tragic to subsists under ‘woke consciousness’ as a universal deceit – and yes small quarters here do believe that LBGTQ+ as soon to include pedophilia ‘normalised’ is as biologically dysfunctional.

Cut short as to the chase; it is tragic to exist in end times as an eschatology explicated…

The real tragedy is that airing or holding such views or posing such questions has become insidiously ‘contextualized’ as but paranoid conspiracy theory under satanic hegemony as expression of Thanatos as leading Nature towards further torture and ultimately ‘ecocide’? The mass media line has no room for  alternative viewpoints deemed unacceptable, and alternative media is under increasing attack by way of de-platforming or censorship. The real tragedy is that we are not just talking anthropobscenity’ (sic) here as this article explicates, but the premature death  and extinction of so many wondrous species on this glorious God given planet as would express Nature.

The world view or weltanschauung  crafted under satanic hegemony as a form of hypnosis is becoming increasingly psychotic and disassociated from reality by way of delusion. That a virus with a fatality rate of some 0.5 percent has become the rationale for lockdowns, mask wearing,  social distancing and experimental gene therapy the consequences of which we know not,  and the need for global authority further reinforced , and the immiseration and destruction of so many people and the simple pleasures of social contact, of a hug shared with a friend or relative, or the ability to communicate via a smile denied, and we reduced to fearing others as a threat to our health, all this is  congruent with  a program of surplus population reduction and evil intent? That we are in the midst of another great experiment whereby WCR is to bombard life with unknown consequences for health all so we can have faster telecommunication is again congruent with the reduction of surplus population as includes the reduction of biodiversity?

At present we are in the midst of an unprecedented modulation on a global level by way of economic sanctions as have implications for economic infrastructure and the artificial creation of scarcity. Famine thus precipitate thereof is congruent with a policy of surplus population reduction? For as Satan knows there is more than one way to ‘narrow the frith’ – and as includes creating scarcity in the midst of plenitude?

How many people are to die as a result of the Ukraine Crisis as much as the moot point as to whether same is to result in global thermonuclear conflagration or a strangling of economic infrastructure on a global basis is a question of end times such the metastasis of mass formation as a collective psychoses?

Under mass formation the unthinkable as abominable becomes doable, even apperceived as benign?

In order to save Nature we had to destroy it such the madness.

The tragedy is that Nature may already be dead but not know it under the unprecedented polymorphous assault which it is beyond the abilities of these small quarters to enumerate: we may already be ‘living’ as walking in a world in which a death sentence has been carried out, and just awaiting explication/denouement?

How much Glyphosphate, Graphene Oxide,  as microplastics as much as non ionizing radiation, as gene therapy, as genetically modified organisms  (GMO) does it take to destroy an ‘Ecosystem’ as naturally benign?

How much ‘toxic shit as is good for you ‘ does it take  as force fed and accepted under commensuration satanic hegemony for Ecocide/narrowing of the frith (as per Milton) to be attained?

How much can faith be degenerated as ‘Anthropobscenity’ (sic) as ‘man gods’ worshipped under the altar of Empiricism does it take to destroy nature?

The answer to such questions lie with you such the memento mori?

Buckle up, we are in for a rough ride such the narrowing of the frith as of foretold.


Small quarters cognisant of the failure to deliver on the promise of ‘J’accuse!‘ by way of enumeration of the Satanic  Cabal as intimated.

Whilst the real Cabal as participate of ‘the greatest trick  ever pulled’ effected may hide behind mere billionaires as an (aff)ront to trillionaire status such the pull of the strings effected, such the hierarchy as would be hidden as much as the source and allocation of debauched currency as would be ‘unrevealed’ ; a go here is had at.

Of course it is not in any way ‘comprehensive’; many of the darkest acts of treachery against ‘Nature’ have been committed by quarters operating covertly as would fade into anonymity as the extent of their treachery plausibly deniable.

Hey but here goes as to the ‘Man Gods’  of Satanic Cabal ID’d.  The following list is by no means comprehensive: as intimated am but a little man striving to understand how and Nature is under assault as indeed seems to have the abominable objective of Ecocide:

Yuval Noah Harari of the WEF as of Klaus Schwab.

In the  21st C annals of infamy of the global cabal as satanically sponsored, this  ideological degenerate comes close to taking the biscuit of anti-christdom from the inimitable ‘in ze future you vill own nothing and be happy’ Klaus Schwab. To  much satanic glee, Harari denies God and is married to a fellow man. An articulate proponent of the transhumanist agenda, Harari exerts much influence as a hegemon, or rider upon the apocalyptic storm as the Cabal represents.

Bill Gates of the WHO as of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As a eugenicalt advocate of gene therapy globalized as a stateless bastard , Gates has bought  himself as sponsored satanic by way of affront a hegemonic status of madness epitomic ecocidal; from proposing block out of the sun to humanity being reduced to eating bugs to taking over farmland in America to point of a famine furthered(?). To  transhumanism effected  under ‘Big Pharma’, Bill is down there, sense of Dante?

George Soros of numerous philanthropic foundational fronts. Small quarters were in Austria when George ‘broke’ the Bank of England such the transfer of resources , since then he has gone from strength to strength by way of being a satanic channel of ‘divide et impera’. From sponsoring by way of conduit philanthropic numerous ‘color revolutions’ to the irony of ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Woke Consciousness’ and ‘Critical Race Theory’ Georgie boy is up to his neck in satanic hegemony as mass formational/ecocidal ?All thru the best of intentions such the philanthropy.

Larry Fink of Blackrock. Do not underestimate the power of quantitative ease and ‘assets under management’. Fink is alas as ‘Fink’ states in a pejorative sense; he is down there as under a hidden agenda as would further expropriate and arrogate  ecocidal; this as much as to Vanguard paralleled such the deadly nature of ‘the control and issue of currency’ as intimative of end times? The centralised control of economic infrastructure  on a Global level which Blackrock and Vanguard represent is of clear economic warfare potential as the link above explicates admirably.

Anthony Fauci. It is a testimony to mass formation that such a figure can be promoted to the level he currently occupies as a health supremo and medical hegemon.. Through advocating gene therapy and denying any alternative treatments, to mandating remsdesivir it is questionable as to how many lives his lies have caused to be lost over the last forty years.

Elon Musk. As a leading advocate of transhumanism by way of the implantation of chips into brains and thru the Neuralink Corporation he founded, as well as an advocate of deploying WCR in satellites Musk is included in the Cabal. Psychotronics  as a form of brain control is inherently an abomination, it is mass formation on steroids.

The above list is far from exhaustive, there is no mention of the name Rothschild or Rockefeller. The real apex of the Cabal is composed of individuals of inestimable wealth and power and much as Satan prefer the trick that they do not exist, as well as the lie that they are philanthropic and benign. Similarly there has been no detailing of religious figures or of political figures. This may be the subject of another small article.

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