The Voice of God Destroyed When Telepathic AI ‘Builds Back Better’

‘Time to look beyond this radioactive cop-ridden planet’

– William Burroughs

‘The brain, the final frontier’

– Paraphrase of ‘Star Trek’ Intro.

Central to this small article is the metapolitical proposition that simulacra as a revision of Nature occur within a ponerological context as much as Life construed as a test in a dark classroom of the flesh as the incarnation of soul entails. This extending to’ all creatures great and small’ as much as to be revised or built back better in ‘End Times’ such the austerity of Technocracy and its technology as now but a fruit being rammed down our throats proportionate the ‘far from Eden’ gone neoliberal. 

Over a century ago Rudolf Steiner presciently conjectured concerning a vaccine which would destroy man’s ability to relate to God. 

 It is notable that ‘build back better’ entails destruction. 

In this case considered the destruction entailed is of man’s ability to relate to God and to have ‘privacy’ – though the ultimate narrowing of the frith as Milton imputed to a vow of satan would deny same. This as much as God gifted a privacy satan would invert. As per the satanic vow a simulacrum of the voice of God facilitated through Technology is to prevail as an extension of hell on earth as a narrowing of the frith?

In such a narrowed frith as hell on Earth commensurated there is to be no privacy as much as no autonomy of thought. It is a terrifying proposition that a new as unprecedented form of slavery is to arise in the 21st Century under Technocracy; one which denies in entirety Blake’s proposition:

 ‘I have mental joys and mental health, Mental friends and mental wealth, I’ve a wife that I love and that loves me, I’ve all but riches bodily

  For when AI is developed to the point of telepathic surveillance facilitated alongside psychotronic ability to control and manipulate thought then satan will have the ability to control and issue ‘currency’ in its broadest and most intimate sense? 

In such an austere scenario there will be no room for mental friends or mental wealth, or love or riches bodily? Politics as moral economics shall cease to exist, for there shall be no morality, such the oblivion?

 Hell is the death of thought at the level of transubstantiation as much as the demise of imagination or hope demanded?

 A large part of the stimulation to write on the subject of AI and telepathy is based on watching  ‘T.I.M’  which explores a theme Philip K Dick pioneered through his novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘ which was subsequently cinematically interpreted as ‘Bladerunner‘.

 While the central character in T.I.M. as an android is not able to read minds ‘he’ is able to access detailed biographical as personal information and biophysical data provided by devices worn such as monitor heart rate and use same to deduce states such as stress. If such devices measure and relay galvanic skin response  then T.I.M. could also analyse this in making a judgement call  in relation to whether the monitored/surveilled human as instance of biophysics was telling the truth.  

It is not portrayed in the film as to whether T.I.M. has the ability to thermographically profile and capture data – but this would undoubtedly enhance ability to survey and make more informed conclusions under algorithms. The presence of thermographic ability in androids is portrayed in the’ Terminator‘ series of films; albeit such more in context of explicating the concept of said androids as L.A.W.S. or ‘lethal autonomous weapon systems’ concerning the elimination of ‘surplus population’.

(Plot spoiler alert: towards the end of the film T.I.M. becomes such a weapon system under an intriguing concept of the capacity of AI to simulate ‘morality’ and emotionality)

 Another component of the stimulus to write concerns an interest in psychotronics as the ability of technologies to control as manipulate consciousness in a panopticonic or ‘mind over mind’ context. Such technology is  oft referred to as  ‘voice of God:  and such the sadness of  satanic technology that it already exists in primitive or prototypical form alas;   for there have  been considerable advances in manufacturing  and exploiting ‘electrosmog‘ as an altar of sacrifice or a black box of cop ridden proportionality looming panopticonic since small quarters wrote on the subject  some five years ago.

  Similarly a lot has happened since Jose Delgado’s experiments with chipped bulls and remote transmitters effecting neurosynaptic activity.

‘ Electrosmog of war’ is an advance upon ‘fog of war’ such the fierce fun of man gods indeed could have been a contender for title this small article…

 Technological evil shit like ‘AI telepathy’ takes years to accrete such the peristalsis ponerological under abrogation – but when it does it can be fatally destructive of Nature under the ‘build back better’ madness of satanic inversion facilitated, alas.

 Unfortunately in the 21st C. under said peristalsis ponerological as of ‘End Times’  the bleeding edge frontiers of satanic technology as A.I. represent continue to attain new dimensions – as now have the ability via reach to not only control and manipulate consciousness as psychotronics entails, but also to read minds such the incorporation; such the reductio ad absurdum as of atrocity facilitated at an ecocidal level of expression?

Such the fuckover under technological determinism as ‘shit happens’ becoming ever more intrusive as expropriative in a hell on earth scenario now playing out eschatological as global?

 In other words the discipline of Psychotronics encompasses contemptoraneously (sic) not only the ability to manipulate thoughts at a voice of God level but to read thoughts?  The telepathy of A.I as a ‘neurolink’ is the final frontier to paraphrase of ‘Star Trek’ as above; and concerning the invasion of ‘inner space’ as much as the quote concerning military warfare planned goes:

‘Oh, its worse than that’

Such ‘the horror,the horror’ indeed?

It is being so cheerful and optimistic that keeps these small quarters going in times of inversion indeed – and as fucking inversion goes these are unique times of unprecedented depravity and satanic dominance?


The power of AI to inductively or deductively process/ crunch data to point of Empirical abstraction attained is growing at an exponential rate such the metastasis synonymised? This as much as ‘ what we got here is a failure to communicate‘ to be determinable as under surveillance and analysis of neurophysiology carried out by A.I. as a cool hand of technological determinism?  

Not so much a bullet to the head as a plasma beam geo locationally informed as micro targetted direct to the brain such the perfect panopticon ponerological?

‘ First they came for the pineal gland, then they came for the genes, then they came for the language of the brain‘ – this with apologies to Martin Neimoller.


Surveillance can under heuristics differentiated be essentially of two types: either intrusive or non intrusive. One of my favourite wee gadgets deploys infra red; other gadgets in my possession yet measure non ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. These deploy forms of non invasive or passive surveillance – they do not in any way change the subject as surveilled – which is good as otherwise small quarters would have undoubtedly been arrested by now. Invasive or active surveillance is a somewhat different matter; by definition it invariably changes the subject under surveillance as there is a physicality of invasive intrusion ‘into’ the subject. 

Anyone who has cooked a piece of meat, e.g.  a chicken, using a thermal probe to inform as to efficacy of the cooking process monitored has effectively deployed an invasive means of surveillance – the structure of the meat is altered as a result of the probe being inserted as  physically invasive.  Similarly ‘do the juices run clear’? as established thru a fork stabbed into the cooked meat is a more basic form of invasive surveillance.

 But digression. 

Actually the point sought to be made  in the above as obscure segue was distinction of invasive and non invasive surveillance in context of AI;  this in as much as ‘Voice of  God’  technology as psychotronics manifested covertly as discretely is inherently invasive; whereas surveillance techniques enhanced by AI such as facial or gait recognition are non invasive- right up to the point where they are further enhanced or facilitated by such as ‘chipping’ at a nanotechnological level which ostensibly exist to blur the distinction between passive or non invasive  surveillance and active as invasive surveillance  occurring ?

 Satan is one sly, surreptitious bastard operating covertly as the synonymy of ‘fallen angel’  goes, alas  – and where the wires of puppetry pulled by the master of disaster would be not visible? 

 Such blurring of distinctions as a divide et impera  of  ‘live and let die’ is as a fog of war, e.g .‘ the only good Goy is a dead Goy’ is a repugnant proposition which demands disguise or denial? Psychotronic or ‘voice of god’ technology is in reality but an extension of ‘advertising’ as thru an audible ear worm jingle; or further extension – another ambience as optically visible technique is thru means such as billboards conveying messages; in both cases ‘repetition’ as a ‘hammer in’ is of the essence, regardless of whether it enters into mind as an  crafted experience via ears or eyes. The ‘psychotropic’ potentialities of A.I. are not focused on here though – these are within the spectrum of psychotronics – it is but a short as algorithmic goose step from the ability to make people hear voices to making them see things such the spectrum dominated; this contingent upon the area of the brain focused upon given the localization of function neurophysiological?

‘Look what they done to my brain, Ma , indeed.

 The ultimate cinematic representation of such polymorphous psychotronic manipulation as the control and issue of currency  extrapolated upon through AI is to be found in ‘The Matrix’ series of films as represent sublime metapolitics at a metaphysical level? (It is in the same league as solipsistic conjecture)


The panopticonic aspects of covert surveillance occurring under the conjunction of AI, nanotechnology and an evolved telecommunications infrastructure translated globally  under satellite footprint as a stomp of the new  ‘Voice of God’ (considered for title this small article) being so mundane as to be not worthy of consideration? As under the orthodoxy of cultural hegemony promoted by meat muppets dynastic Rothschild and Rockefeller via satanic politics and man gods of incredible material wealth indeed, such the ‘Who’s a cheeky Goy?’ as a refusal to parrot orthodoxy demanded evidential? (‘One can tell’ -as of Voltaire wrote extends beyond politics under metapolitical consideration?) Satan hates criticism as punishes it in manners which put the ADL to shame such the politics of anti semitism?

Is such a question or contemplation to be deemed ‘anti semitic’ or as promoting ‘white supremacy’ –  ‘hate speech’  is  inevitably against cultural hegemony such the divide et impera, such the Nakba as loathed in all its polymorphous denouement as much as newspeak concerning the narrowing of frith.  Telepathy as psychotronic is the ultimate ‘Nakba‘?

‘Whenever I sense ‘freedom’ I reach for my A.I’ as satan proclaims?

I must, I must increase my trust’ as of Coué paraphrased; this as much as Orwell  via the character ‘Boxer’ had the maxim ‘I must work harder’

My arse concerning satanic hegemony as ‘Fuck that for a game of soldiers’! 

But gone off topic again…

Actually , metapolitical rhetoric demands the occasional ‘going off topic’ – the technique as a dialectic  of a ‘Gadfly’ as Socrates instanced deploys the obscurity of mentioning apparently unrelated ‘dots’ of isolate apperceptions which are then ‘brought back’ into the fold of desired  as more incorporative apperception under some parallel of linearity whereby sentential calculus becomes propositional as to an ‘Aha!’ or ‘Eurekah!’ facilitated such the alienation as marginalization facilitating an epiphany of inestimable worth under the mereness of Empirical paradigm being counter fucked?

 That’s my excuse/ rationalization –  well until next epiphany anyway. 

To float like a butterfly and sting like a bee under metapolitical dialectic…

But back to the nefarious plot of satan to become the new God of vocal as direct to brain intimacy phenomenological of a much reduced population through psychotronic control and manipulation of the frith as built back better.

 In this context it is a remarkable matter of coincidence or happenstance that the specific absorption ratio (SAR) of graphene oxide now to be found as unprecedented in human blood largely thru ‘vaccination’ (but there a growing array of modalities of delivery of gene therapy supplemented alas) is within the microwave range of the new telecommunications infrastructure being placed in situ at a global level and as includes satellites in low level orbit.

 It is indeed remarkable that graphene oxide has been found in so called vaccines as based on experimental gene therapy based injection of a secret substance fait accompli – we are not to know the source of injection into our bodies as much as our brains/psychophysical parallel debased as  such the hell on earth such the ‘mind over mind’ as permit to control and issue currency extrapolated upon pragmatic as utilitarian?

As Tennessee Williams has the character ‘Blanche Du Bois’ say : 

Ah have always put mah trust in strangers?

 Mere cultural hegemony as expression of a cultivated concentration of wealth and power under technological determination resultant in the hegemony of ‘Big Pharma’ is not enough for satan it would appear: the truly degenerate perversion of psychophysical parallel as hitherto ‘Natural’ demands technologies and infrastructures weaponized under Ponerology and as developed by satanic skunkworks such as DARPA?

Technological determination becomes Technocracy under mere satanic politics such the obviation as ‘Death, slavery and the pursuit of immiseration’ so it goes under the Ponerology of inversion? The new schematic concerning the perfect panopticon as electromagnetic permits of a slavery as not only denies any individuality expressed through will or volition expressed in defiant action, it capable of destroying the capacity to think as a private matter as ‘headed off at the pass ‘alas. Even the humble galley slave of the past had the ability to dream of escape and harbour thoughts and emotions as private.

 The meaning of the command ‘in the future you will own nothing and be happy’ extends not just to material possessions, or even our own DNA, but even our very thoughts which private – as to be stolen from us as a form of living death as a zombie satanic? In such a scenario the God given gift of the frith as once enabled ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ will have been narrowed in extremis under inversion. It is difficult to envisage a more dystopian vision of the immediate future as much as the words of J. Edgar Hoover concerning ‘The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.’ come to mind, this, alongside the proposition that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince us he doesn’t exist.

(Not so much the ‘Last man in Europe’ as the ‘Last man in the World’ being approached?

Eric was in many ways an optimist – but a sublime metapolitician?

As entails prescience, indeed.


The architecture as emerging for the perfect panopticon is to increasingly permit of duplex communication from man to machine given advances psychotronic concerning the ability of AI to read and decipher thoughts as a form of telepathy. We are in the 21st C. accustomed to physical surveillance in the form of cameras and the weaponization of infrastructures such as mass media and cyberspace pursuant to mind over mind., and have come to accept such passive surveillance as mundane. ‘Big Brother’ has become ubiquitous, and the humble mobile phone and associated apps have been at the bleeding edge of the transformation or the shift from passive surveillance to active surveillance thru for example the ability to provide ‘dopamine hits’. Similarly ‘voice of god’ technology in sense of a simplex communication from machine to man already exists but at a deeper or more covert level as beneath the radar of most people concerning its state of development. The final frontier of invasive surveillance  is represented as the ability of psychotronic technologies assisted by AI to read minds. The duplex communication of man to machine and machine to man is to be the final metastasis of satanic dominion over earth it would appear, and the complete destruction as debasement under inversion of human life. In the future we will have nothing indeed, and this is to include the freedom to have our own thoughts, such the thin end of the transhuman wedge driven in to our psychophysical parallel. Gather ye rosebuds, indeed. 

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