Aspects the Usurious Heartbeat of Corporatist Darkness Much as Pleasure Dome Perverse

Cow skull, Alvord Desert, southern Oregon. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.

‘The horror, the horror…’

– Col.  Walter E Kurtz, ‘Apocalypse Now’

‘Fancy gloves oh, wears old MacHeath, babe , so there’s never, never a  trace of red’

– ‘Mack the Knife’, Weill/Brecht from ‘The Threepenny Opera’ /’Die Dreigroschenoper’

‘What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me no more…’

– Haddaway, Coconut Records (1993)

Well the heads on ‘Pikestaffs’ to be abbreviated as ‘Pikes’ (see below) as multiple up all around ubiquitous as the beat and the flow so it goes; and as much as apperception demands little explication?

Welcome to the pleasure dome perverse, wherein ‘surplus population’ bubbling under thin end of the wedge crafted stirring as spinning; same  thin end as much as ‘Biodiversity’ being as to dirge of  ‘going, going …gone’  to  highest bidder, such the fall of the hammer resounding; such the highest bidder as one determined Corporatist Stateless Bastard primus inter pares as much the reduction absurd of ‘Humanity’ to point of alienation and marginalization reflected: much as everything to be reduced as sacrificed to the Moloch God as ‘far lesser’ whom demands the culling of mere Untermenschen such the abrogation to attain apotheosis in Ecocide/Apolcalypse Now?

‘Want it all and fucking want it now!’ as the cacophonous litany of woe so it goes…

But ‘little man’ here deaf  – yet loquacious as first up to the ‘blue,  so blue wave of Reich’ as in ‘goodbye surplus’ such the surf…

The heads on pikestaffs at this tumid as austere ‘place’ as one dimensional where we increasingly being forced to gather/huddle under cultural hegemony lined up fearful as pragmatic as utilitarian as to a singularity of dimension embraced as euphemistic: for there is no real embrace in this fucking rape ongoing at the level where Weltsanachauung orthodoxy as denies ‘mutuality’ – as much as would deny real relief?

Shock and awe as much as amnesia the preferred option; as much as ‘it’s not semen, it sweat‘ tells a tale as much as the stitches concerning an organ harvested surreptitiously?

‘Woke up this morning’, indeed?

Earth early 21st Century meaning one hell of a mess commensurate: some parallel indeed to a ‘cop ridden planet’ as William S. intimated. The ‘chosen people’, whoever the fuck they are way of misnomer, they ‘on top’, and as attained by a simple practice of Dark Art; that of usury as a disease terminal; and the short term gain of Thanatos over Eros as realms go in as much as there can be many mansions in a house – but only one for us?

Death and fear is all around- and set to multiply further such the quintessence of Dystopia as to attain apotheosis in ‘Ecocide’ such the polymorphisity?

(‘Polymorphisity’ – is that a word or a neologism; some parallel to ‘social distance’, ‘lockdown’, ‘trans humanism’ or ‘vaccination passport’ ?  (Ok, that latter phrase a prediction such the heuristics of spin as they go – but watch out for it as a ‘combo hegemonic’ orthodox!))

We yet at the mere periphery of the desert ‘ringed’ â la Dante of the ‘heart of darkness’ as it goes phenomenological; somewhat akin to being reduced to crawling at the feet of a body as much forced to see boot worn upon as would stomp upon our face as much our future, behind which lies our brain as would be shot out interstitial, such the ‘deal’, such the ‘Plaza’; such the lace up as much as stitch up preceded – as much as the fix by stateless bastards in?

Viz: the world is fucked ‘contemporaneous’ as but some smart word for ‘now’ such as that ole crazy moon it shines on river of blood, sweat and tears as once flowed  but to another dimension phenomenological entropic?

And as much as ‘Newspeak’ it goes shorthand.

– Permit me, such the currency as controlled and issued refuted, to introduce satan…

Nice day for a ‘black wedding’ as much as ‘start again’ goes to forgetting of such as weapons of mass destruction/Viagra fuelled rape troops/babies torn from incubators/15 minute drones/ dodgy dossiers/ lone gunman et al

Hope and change/Make America Great Again acceptable under such suspension of disbelief as masochistic exercise to a sadism beyond belief…

An extra dimensional being as  would be liberated by the ‘Trojan Horse’ gift of Empiricism qua Technological Determinism as much as Technocracy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution…

– ‘Put another dime in the Juke box baby…

Lo! (as much to ‘LOL’ it comes up with Klaus Schwab and his Bond Villain like ‘vision’ of trans- humanism; such as to some tragic parallel of tool of our tools as much as ‘Walden’ or lockdown life in the woods – as comes to you now via I.P.)

For ‘woods read ‘cyberspace’ – and tool as much me as thee?

One writes as ‘Danish Mink’ empathised with; this as much to knee jerk reaction of ‘kill em, kill em all‘ denied as much to that wedge usuriously gained it goes ecocidal as maniacal?

‘Oh it’s been getting so hard living with the things you do to me…’ such the ‘progaganda blitz

The bastards will get us if we fail to follow?

Kill all them goddammed minks, they are virus bearers masquerading under the guise of being little furry creatures so it goes thin end of rationalization?

They demand ‘sacrifice’!

So the rationalization goes…

Some sixty years in to this psychophysical parallelism and as with pretensions yet to having being ‘educated’; a ‘man of letters’ indeed -and yet much shit regurgitated albeit way of ‘between the lines read’ to point of real sufferance recognised: small quarters realise there my own wee pike awaiting for me way at end idiosyncratic of the flow of that river of blood, sweat and tears transmogrified to tumid desert to- this as much as the ‘wisdom’ of wolf seen concerning howling at the moon.

You can howl puppy – but it won’t change a thing?

That crazy moon it shines on..

As much as that desert it grows sense of metastasis and more pikestaffs demanded.


But some of the many heads seen on a Pike under ‘moonlight’ as to no particular chronology or import- but as to ontogeny so it goes ‘objective’:

JFK: Unique as former POTUS of 20th C.  He dared to challenge usury, Israel and the CIA.

RK: Could have been a contender, so it goes.

Huey Long: Every Man a King.

Cynthia McKinney: Downed long before the good ship ‘Dignity‘ seized.

Louis Thomas Mcfadden: Who he?

Jeremy Corbyn. Anti semite.

Bernie Sanders. ‘Self hating’ as above. He ‘died’ for the cause hegemonic.

Muammar Gaddafi. Denier of ‘Greater Israel.’  Dared to set oil price too high.  Fucking magnificent in front of UN but for the memory hole?

Saddam Hussein. Ditto the above as concerns Oil such the proviso.

Donald Trump. The pike awaits if he puts up a fight despite ‘better advice’?

The real ‘heads on pikes’ would be unseen and as go on ‘talking’, such the abuse as control and manipulation goes?

Toodle Pip’ – and get ready to squeak such as the squeeze it on?

– Would that be perchance be the squeeze pulmonic as to the beat of some dark heart?

Life will never be the same, life is changing’, indeed?

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