The Devil’s Playbook Concerning Our Dystopian Future as the Playground Goes Transhumanist. Introducing ‘Metapolitics’.

Tell me now of the very souls that look alike, look alike
Do you know the stranglehold covering their eyes?
If I call on every soul in the land, on the moon
Tell me if I’ll ever know a blessing in disguise

Agnes Obel ‘The Curse’ from the Album ‘Oventine’ (PIAS Recordings, 2013)

This small article seeks to make ‘sense ‘ of what is going on in the early 21st C. as manifestly as austerely constituting an ‘Age of Endarkenment’.?

Goodness knows but that ‘What the hell is going on?‘ becoming an increasingly common question?

This is a ‘metapolitical ‘ article; that term being used in the sense where politics as ‘moral economics ‘ meets metaphysics.

Likelihood is you haven’t read many metapolitical articles such the currency as controlled and issued extrapolated upon, such the hegemony as would not be denied, such the ‘culture’ /materialism as would prevail (see below)

For metapolitics is an alternative perspective on politics as deemed not worthy of contemplation, as needs must when the devil drives…

Accordant this small article seeks to transcend Empiricism; which ; given the basis of all language is founded upon perception and the interpretation of the unique as a composite of abstracted generalities as phenomenology goes ‘Empiricised’ as a hellish fait acompli , ain’t no easy task.

(If ‘Pure Mathematics’ can be described as a language then this may constitute an exception – but then how many of us use ‘pure maths’ to communicate?)


Political propositions are invariably couched in words; and that said words do so often not match actions/policy is an opportunity for examination, sense of ‘metapolitical forensics ‘ applied?

(Metapolitics being quintessentially forensic as subjective as revolutionary)

Andrzej Łobaczewski thru his concept of ‘Ponerology‘ represents an outstanding ‘metapolitician’?

Albeit to some parallel of the spirit of Don Quixote acknowledged: small lance here now tilted towards metapolitical speculation concerning the abuse as can occur of politics now approaching ‘globalization’ such the ‘metastatis’, such the ‘playground of bullying’ acknowledged , alas.

‘Tilted high’ indeed as the pretension goes these small quarters!

For much as ‘the angle of the dangle is proportionate to the mass of the ass’ as materialism goes so to is ‘the extent of the lance tilted down proportionate to the sadness of the clown’ as metapolitics goes?

-As in Metaphysics where Descartes made the sublimely affirmative proposition ‘Er Cogito Sum‘/ I think therefore I am’, Metapolitics asks on a similar level ‘speculative ‘as beyond the confining paradigm of ‘Empiricism’:

‘Why am things as they am”?’

– where’ am ‘acknowledges as affirms speculation beyond the material as Empiricism dictates being exists, sense ‘Cartesian’…

‘Coordinate’ apropos:

It within the glorious remit of Metapolitics to attempt to go phenomenological beyond the Empirical whereby ‘Deep State’ can be ascertained,; to go deeper concerning that same Deep State cognised, sense of speculation as to what is behind it ‘all’ as ‘am’ indeed ‘fruitional’ cognised.

Sense of the abyss seen as it is?

‘Metapolitics’ is duly founded as much on the moral as the economical – though it always as characteristically aspires to break thru the limitations of Empirical indoctrination under speculation.

‘Speculate to accumulate’ as that tragic proposition of materialism goes concerning phenomenological confinement as austere….

Well how about ‘accumulate to speculate’?

‘Metapolitics’ construes Empiricism and the materialism it enshrines as a religion (see below): as a limitation phenomenological whereby perception narrowly confined to the material ; to point of a demeaning constraint of our sense, nay, our strength, to dream or speculate.

Unlike Empiricism which offers the fruit of technology, Metapolitics offers little of material benefit but much extra dimensionally. (‘What is the material value of a ghost grown larger in the machine’?, indeed.

-Metapolitics shares much with Zen koans, it looks not at the political claw but at where the political claw points to)

All men have it within themselves to be metapoliticians as have it within to be politicians – but there are forces as would be beyond our ken which limit the former proposition as much as the latter, alas?

Metapolitics is a denial of the constraints as the empirical religion demands phenomenologically: its an exercise of ‘freedom’ to speculate: existing more as an Art than Science?

In our minds there is a capacity to say ‘No!’ to the reductive religion of Empiricism as we can refuse to be mere machine like product as ‘under’ technological determinism such the divide et impera; there is a glorious potential within us to transcend through speculation idiosyncratic: to escape the dark satanic mills of the Eros destroying as denying grind as we would be amputated from our souls thereby as material need would be made to demand way of greed?

‘As we view the world so shall it become’ as a metapolitical proposition relates intimately to the determination on our phenomenology which technology effects, and here ‘language’ is seen as a technology much as our eyes as facilitate sight are ( being a biophysical technology).

Such the ‘If/Then’ indeed as Empiricism would limit?.

Metapolitics looks at the deterministic consequences of the empirical basis of the phenomenology we are born with; it relates language and its contingencies of upon perceptual analysis and neurophysiological structure resultant in the abstraction of the unique as a composite of generalities to point of a shaping of the world thru the fruit of technology meeting our material need as a means of production cognised.

Take, for example, the Empirical Concept of ‘class’.

Metapolitics will point out the commonality between Linnaeus and Marx, given the latter’s insight into relationship to technology as a means of production frutional as ontologically related to Empiricism, and will do so within a deterministic paradigm cognised much as risen above/ transcended, sense of verification of the proposition that ‘as we view the world (or be brought to see it) so shall it become‘.

Whence it is acknowledged that technology deployed can as inevitably determine ‘class’ as a socioeconomic ‘reality’ we are making a metapolitical proposition.

It should be noted however that such determinism is beyond the conscious intent of man in a similar sense as when an apple falls from a tree it just is as it is under the law of gravity. Just as man does not create the laws of nature so it is that man does not create the laws of technological determinism. In a moral context he can exploit such laws, indeed that technology exists to exploit nature and meet material need is as axiomatic..

– Thus it is that all metapoliticians are sine qua non ‘moralists,’ as a secondary proposition.

If it is the case that ‘as we view the world so shall it become -‘ can this be rendered purposive such the ‘Cui Bono?

When Gramsci proposed ‘cultural hegemony’ he acknowledged such purposiveness and identified it with the ruling class. That certain parties can act behind the scenes to point of controlling how we see the world to point of their gain and our loss polymorphous is a perception which would not be commonly apperceived under a pragmatic illusion; it is no mere happenstance that Gramsci was characterised as a ‘most dangerous mind’?

Which brings us to the title of this small article.

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’ is as a metapolitical speculation from the ironically titled Film ‘The Usual Suspects’, though Bulgakov also speculated similar as sublime.

Add to this eclectic mix the sublime poetical metapolitics which Milton in ‘Paradise Lost’ evidenced -and we have a possibility of making greater ‘sense’ of the world as it exists Anthropocene contemporaneous? (Small quarters prefer the portmanteau ‘Anthropobscene’, such the shame of being a man acknowledged with regret in light of the planet as an Ecosystem being destroyed and the erotic belief that there is more than enough to go around for all creatures great and small)

Looking around the world in the early 21st C. the austerity of Thanatos is manifest polymorphous and the question raised for those like these small quarters whom view the vast majority of fellow man as ‘benign’ is :

‘why am things are as they am’?

To answer this question it is requisite to go beyond Okkam’s Razor as he explicated the limitations of materialism as a religion; for we can only gain some understanding of why the world is so manifestly dark, so manifestly a product of Thanatos thru some metapolitics paralleled?

This World is the ‘Devil’s Playground’ such the metapolitical detail?

As an extradimensional entity to the materialist Religion which is Empiricism, and as per metapolitical intimation by Milton,; the Devil vowed to destroy Man and all creatures as God created on Earth.

It is not difficult to see the results of such vow now as having polymorphous ramification or consequence, such the Age of Endarkenment being further entered into to point of oblivion approached materially as congruent?

Empiricism is alas, the Religion of the devil.

Separated from morality by the ideal of ‘objectivity’ as the illegitimacy of bastardom goes stateless, the technology Empiricism spawns is increasingly destructive and polarizing. Moral contemplation, for example, would have prohibited against the deployment of the ‘Atomic Bomb’ or of depleted uranium, with their potential not only for ‘megadeath’ ie. Death on a large scale of men women and children, but for ‘metadeath,’ sense of genetic damage of future generations of all species?

There could be images provided/referenced here but such are shockingly obscene.

Moral contemplation would prohibit against military warfare; the objectivity of Empiricism as ‘Realpolitik’ permits it, alas.

Moral contemplation would prohibit against greed and economic polarization.

Technology comes as a gift with strings phenomenological – and those strings lead towards extradimensional realms as the paradigm of Empiricism as a hellish religion goes as a metapolitical question?

For the vow of Satan is increasingly as to a denouement predictable but that ‘every man a metapolitician’ as much as ‘every man a king’ placed wilfully beyond our reach as to a best laid scheme; it is evident in our alienation from Humanity as whence we brought to view our fellow man but as harbingers of death and refuse to provide the comfort of compassion, whence we raise our children as under ‘socialisation ‘ to fear; when we deny the communal joy erotic as ‘freedom ‘represents; when we accept the pronouncements of ‘Man Gods’ and the translation of wealth into political power; the moral component disregarded such the amputation of our essence accepted blindly such ‘terra firma’ as illusory as whence the bully dominant as necessitated as much as ‘TINA’ in the Devil’s Playground’ thus rendered ontological?

It is evident in the neoliberal corporatism of ‘do what thou wilt’ as finds expression in the ‘free market’ as finds commensuration across a spectrum of warfare/thanatos evidenced contemporaneous ‘Globalized’​such the Devil running rampant as to a hidden agenda aka ‘Playbook’ ?

And ‘Playground’?

This, a small Metapolitical exegesis provided for your consideration.


Small quarters here realize they have failed as further instanced alas, to metapolitically explicate the denouement of ‘transhumanism’ as a form of satanic bullying/ arrogation/expropriation.

Forgive mine limitations as would there be a resoundance of humility as ever of extra dimensional implication?

The characteristics of this tragic Playground of Thanatos in process of being surreptitiously as slyly ‘Globalized’ such the polymorphous ‘rape of the natural ‘ being as to the Top Five Principles ‘Empirically as appositely enumerated hereby:

1.’ Metadeath’

It’s not enough for species to die, it is not enough that warfare as technologically assisted kills men women and children but that it should destroy the potentiality for future generations to reproduce. The utility of genetic engineering technology in context of eugenics and the perception of ‘surplus population’ is that it can be promoted as a concern for Life; as a philanthropy.

2: ‘Biodiversity”

All creatures as great and small as natural must die accordant the hatred of the creation; lest they not be as subject to the above principle rendered ‘unnatural’ as subjugate to the true will and power of the real God..

3. ‘Empiricism’

‘Objectivity’ as an abrogation of natural potentiality shall prevail; ‘Science’ as ‘amoral’ congruent shall be predicated upon deadly technology, Empiricism shall be arrogated over way of economic distribution of resources as temptation corruptive. Corporatism as pathologically ‘objective’ will unquestioningly serve the principles above to point of the infliction of sufferance and expression of polarization as a divide et impera.

4. Money/Currency.

The belief shall be arrogated over as to expropriated; private interests shall prevail as mere illusion caste to cause of sufferance and division. Theft shall occur and not be seen as such. Greed as amoral shall prevail to cause of death precipitated. None save those as embrace shall understand

5. There shall be no ‘Metapolitics’

There shall be mere materialism as prevalent objective unto the end , Man shall have no other God than Satan such the expropriation/arrogation. All else shall die under illusion, and there shall be no questions. At best ‘metapolitics’ shall exist in limited form as to much gnashing and wailing determined, lest it shall be ridiculed and marginalised, those promoting it persecuted.

Are you not entertained iconoclastic in this arena of ‘metapolitics’?

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