How in the Hell of the 21st Century “Only Obeying Orders” Became Our Epitaph

‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do’

– Karl Rove

‘When the whole world is running towards the cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind’

– C.S. Lewis

Technocratic hegemony, orders and mandates constitute an increasing absurdity of infrastructures expropriated as weaponized – which is  manifestly  leading to increasing levels of atrocity under obedience?

Who could have imagined ideas such as eating bugs and insects, blocking out the sun, thirty two genders, experimental gene therapy, lab grown ‘meat’, having drag queens educate children, genetically modified crops, the reduction of farmland, sending weapons and munitions as a means of attaining peace – the list could alas go on and on.

Only it shall not for much longer, alas.

In the 21st C. we increasingly as tragically subsist materially as phenomenologically  under a mass formation as an austerity which absurdly as hegemonically contends that  there is a surplus population of Homo Sapiens on the planet; and which is aspectual of as a mass formation as is growing more and more psychotic as polymorphously deadly daily as new means of reducing said surplus population are being implemented surreptitiously under the guise of R2P?

We are dying prematurely under a mass formation as are so many species, under the madness of a death cult which has already progressed beyond the point of no return? Dead species walking in a mass formed prison of ‘mind over mind’ such as the lunatics have taken over the asylum which the ecosystem once represented precises?

Such ‘roll out’ as a cull or killing made is effected largely through the weaponization of infrastructure as a previous  small article examined. The subject of weaponizing  food and  energy infrastructure was not  sufficiently addressed then; but is increasingly  assuming a growing role  concerning the war on life which any population reduction program (PRP) demands as a metastasis of collective psychosis?

What is unique about the 21st C.  as ‘End Times’ is that mass formation as panopticonic  has become attainable at a global level of incorporation; the technology and concentration of wealth  and power now exists to ‘build back better’  – and create  as spin a ‘new normal’ or ‘new reality’ of The Fourth Reich/Fourth Industrial Revolution – with this being  at an ecosystemic level of perniciousness and metastasis?

Ponerology, indeed?

That such attainment of ‘build back better’ entails not only genocide but ecocide such the commensuration of technocratic hegemony as a mass formation of hitherto unprecedented scale; and  as  to tragic extrapolation manifested to point of  ultimately constituting an Epitaph; this the reluctant proposition of this article which looks at  how ‘only obeying orders’ .

 ‘Would rather it not so, would rather be wrong‘, indeed.

Would really  rather not believe so…


The world in the 21st C.  is being driven mad as much as being forced as fucked over into a globalized  hegemonic state of collective psychoses under a deadly agenda of surplus population reduction; which is primarily  as pathologically rationalized as a responsibility to protect  the planet (R2P)?

The madness of the 20th C. Third Reich is to pale into constituting  but a ‘minor mass formation’ in respect of this Fourth Reich currently unfolding in the  21st C. – and as would yet be apperceived as a form of Philanthropy under paradigm of a ‘new reality’ as a ‘new normal” globalized?

Ve have ze technology now‘ – give that technocratic  psychopath a cat…

In ze future you vill own nothing and you vill  be happy’ such the megalomaniacal ‘shart’.

– Where  the fuck do these ‘people’ come from?

 One writes  as dispatches under a climate of fear  propagated such the front line of paranoia  instanced and of an increasing inability commensurated as experienced to relate to the world  as a purposively created sense of alienation and marginalization prevailing; as under a state of ‘shock and awe’ which is apperceived herein  as a product /precipitate of pathological as much as of philanthropathic deliberation.

–  It is not so much as ‘shit happens‘ – as should be expurgated as ‘shit happens under pathological deliberation‘?

A pathological  deliberation as of orders controlled and issued as much as of a globalized currency rendered  hegemonic but  as ‘toxic shit is good for you!‘  accepted and complied with  under a mass formation of inversion  propagated?

Happenstance my ass!‘  the thema – this,  commensurate the belief in  said happenstance being construed as a form of ‘only as blindly following orders’ in a new reality created thereby under ‘consent’ – as the  quote above from Karl Rove explicates as much as informs.

It is alas  a new reality in which billions of people are to be culled under orders obeyed.

People like you and me.

And ours.

Orders which command us to suspend disbelief; to accept absurdity-  and so to facilitate further atrocity  of surplus population reduction thereby?

Orders which would abuse our trust; as would demand unquestioning obedience?

Toxic shite is good for you ‘ expresses the madness of a cult of death which having increasing power of ‘co-option’.

It is not so much as of a poet as does not know it as of a willing executioner effected at the level of ‘don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the technocratic party’?

This  erosion of identity and capacity to enjoy life assassinated is  a deliberate product of the abuse of behavioral psychology as of technology being deployed under a technocratic paradigm – and under which the coup de grace of the host killed  to be delivered by a growing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as incorporates nanotechnology; interpreted under madness as a ‘community’; as a ‘new normal’ unleashed such the cry of ‘havoc!’?

‘Ordo ab chao’ , indeed

One uses the term ‘climate of fear’  above when ‘state of fear’ would be more apt: for it is ‘States’ as in a governmental sense geopolitical as have been targeted by technocrats as instruments of effecting hegemony and for the elimination of national sovereignty?

It is indeed a deep state of mass formation effected when political absurdities such as Biden, Xi-Jinping, Macron, Putin – the list as a litany of woe  could go on and –  looms on high geopolitikal such the black block as per the reiteration of Wedekind:

We judge heartily but pierce,
Blood red heart, blood red frock,
Our fun is always fierce.
Any enemy of the time
Will bloodily executed be.
Whoever is a friend of death,
Adorn with song and sound will we

As would go on and on by way of mass formation genocidal–  as can march gooesetepped  way of  ‘echolalia’ as  under ideological whoredom as effects a geopolitical lockstep to a technocratic as schizoid agenda, – and yet  still play out the atrocity of pretending to represent ‘the People’ by way of utilitarianism as inversion such the ‘deep state’?

 This while’ they’ but puppets to a Unipolar State as of a Fourth Reich; such the bitter end  precipitate under mere gangsters  incorporated as following the orders emanating from the deep state in their knowledge that if they fail to do so they can be replaced?

This such the ‘Omerta‘ as under hegemony which would be unstated as much as there a menticidal ‘fuhgeddabout it’,such the racket to end all rackets ?

There is something rotten in the deep state of technocratic mass formation‘ -, as would be unspoken of  indeed such the ‘Lockdown’?’

Little man is deaf, such the Reich…

The capacity for mind over mind and shock and awe caused is increased by selective investment in technology to point of creating a ‘new normal’ of menticidal nature in which we are to have no ability or need to think rendered as to  but obeying orders: technocratic overminds as overlords will do our thinking for us – and this concept is becoming more invasive as pernicious as insidious as surreptitious with each new crisis experienced under new reality as to an agenda as would be hidden as advanced panopticonic?

 With each shock wave of new weaponizing infrastructure spectrum reality rendered ‘nouveau’ ; as of shit happening

I am not a  psychotronic zombie as a number under AI surveillance– I am a free man!’, indeed?

For the most part anthropocene we never really to  know what hit us menticidal?

This as much as insects to nicotinamides, as birds to WCR, as fish to ionizing radiation and microplastics, or trees to poisoned rain? Or plants to Glyphosphate or genetic modification?

But digression.

This small article proposes the concept that ‘only obeying orders!‘ is to be as an Epitaph, not only for   Man as a species, but for ‘Nature’ sense of as an ecosystem, such the tragic resonance as of biodiversity being reduced…

The phrase ‘ I vaz only obeying orders’ is associated with Adolf Eichmann of the Third Reich whom attempted it as a defense of the atrocities he assisted in being implemented. It was not ‘worn’ then as much as it should not be worn now in this Fourth Reich?

As an expression metapolitical there is to be made here a point as of proposition; and it is  as thus:

‘In a technotronic era the absurdity is that we are all as Eichmann now can be  viably contended as a product of a ‘Reich’ which is based upon unquestioning obedience to absurdity based on fear and the abuse of trust; based on an alienation and marginalization as of  an erosion of identity effected as much as of a deep state of mass formation effected as externalized which would further debase as erode/ destroy our ability to reason; and which would commensurate thru such abuse extrapolated at an apotheotic level; the ultimate atrocity of ecocide as an unthinking act?”

Eichmann was a product of menticide;  a tool sense of Thoreau?

‘Social Anthropology’ is thus as therefor as  but a ‘fuhgeddabout it!‘ under a mass formation technocratic; it is as to an opportunity cost as would not be contemplated/seen under the blinkers (as imposed upon a horse by way of ‘order not to see’) ; of a menticide under hegemonic imperative ? Social Anthropology can reveal other realities than the ‘new’ as technotronic; as ‘normal’ contextualized it can expose the lie that there is no alternative (TINA) constitutes?

 How wonderful must it have been to be indigenous as of native American or of Aborigine, before such culture destroyed under the order of a new reality of a Nakba  effected technotronic?

 The reality is that the evolutionary trajectory of Man was intermediated as concerning potentiality such the ‘currency controlled and issued’ as become fiat; the revision of history effected under a debauchery of demand to ‘obey or die’ – the real utilitarian or pragmatic  apotheosis  of such philanthropathy being , alas, ‘obey and die’?

What is it; this war on ‘Nature’; this ecocide; but as a ‘narrowing of the ‘frith’ sense of Milton; such the paradise of an unconditional as sublime gift lost; as stolen from us;  as much as of air, earth, water destroyed -and we rendered but as surplus seen under a final madness of technocratic mass formation as  to but subsist on a hell on earth?

This absurdity of ‘only following orders’ as  leads to Corporatist pathology as much as to the deadly rape of nature, and the elimination of surplus population as much as biodiversity reduced  under a one dimensional  mass formation; this inversion of a paradigm as could have been symbiotic to point of a  necrotrphy as atrocity commensurated?

Are we never to learn  as to see or survive  the technocratic panopticon we subsist under in the  2 1st C. such the Thanatos?

Are we never to be able to transcend hegemony way of joie de vie/Eros resurgent  ;or are we condemned to subsist austerely as to go quietly as die  under a  new reality under the goose step by goose step of algorithmic technocratic transhumanity?

Or is it: that there is to be no adornment with song and sound here; such the ‘only obeying orders’ resounding by way of ‘take the money and run?’

As much as ‘Only obeyed Orders’ such the ‘shit happens under pathological deliberation’?

Such the bastard of Brecht wrote, such the technocratic bitch on heat?

Indeed, such the Epitaph to be?

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