Casus Belli Under A Hidden Agenda Now in ‘End Game ‘ Stage Illicitly Understood

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

– Hermann Goering

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.

– H.L. Mencken

Abra, abracadabra, I want to reach out and grab ya…

– Steve Miller Band

The phrases ‘Casus Belli’ and ‘Hidden Agenda’ are based as rooted in Thanatos as a war on Life and Nature stand opposite to Eros as a love of Life and Nature which would be denied under but ‘universal deceit’?

‘Darkness at Noon;’ as Koestler explicated indeed.

Revolutionary truth being that lies and illusions are essential to any war because the vast majority of people are benign and peaceful.

This is why the first casualty of any war is Truth?

The more numerous the wars the more numerous the casualties…

In times of technocratic universal deceit as an apotheosis; indeed.

The utilitarian concept of ‘leadership’ via mind over mind represents a transfer of resources as much as ‘orthodoxy’ proving to be deadly in this the early 2 1st C.?

Orwell sublimely synonymizes ‘orthodoxy’ with the ‘death of thought’.

Under such an absurdity of abrogation as an expression of the alienation and marginalization of reason paradigmatic; atrocity becomes feasible as Voltaire explicated?

‘Dystopia’ is as much absurd as it is atrocious as to constitute but an outrage of lies and illusions ubiquitous?

The absurdity of austerity in the face of potential plenitude being of an Ecocidal proportionality under a denouement as proving to be inexorable?

Ecocide is the ultimate expression of Thanatos; it is a full spectrum of genocide dominated under said Thanatos.

Way of the concept of ‘mass formation’ Desmet elaborates upon collective psychoses and thereby expresses an ‘illicit understanding’ – this as someone whom recently wrote to me phrased/coined by way of an interesting ambiguity posed.

Who determines what ‘illicit understanding’ is demands recourse to consideration of ‘mind over mind’?

Gramsci, for example, as a most ‘dangerous mind ‘ exhibited an’ illicit understanding’ of ‘cultural hegemony’ and explication of how and why ‘hobgoblins’ are manufactured under the ease of divide et impera as Goering intimates but ‘quantitatively’ elaborated as extrapolated upon such the currency controlled and issued now?

Money makes the world go around such the Cabaret of Casus Belli under a hidden agenda?

In the 21st C. we are under attack by a new Virus, we are under attack by the Russians, we are under attack by Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen’, we are under attack by ‘overpopulation’ and anyone who stands as a peacemaker or as questions the narrative must be denounced.

We subsist under fear of attack at a level of global incorporation which is hitherto unprecedented; an ‘R2P the planet’ is demanded?

Beckett goes deeper by way of his proposition concerning ‘currency’ controlled as issued:

to him who has nothing it is forbidden not to relish filth

Klaus Schwab dares to rationalize such condemnation to worship filth the future technocracy enshrines as a mass formation – as paraphrased: ‘In ze future you will own nothing and be happy to be condemned to worship filth.

-Not so much ,such the ponerological/ polemical depth charge as laid by way of Deep State Technocratic as much ‘there no fool like an old fool‘ – as much as ‘there no evil cunt like an old evil technocratic cunt’?

-Or indeed there no death of thought/ hypnosis like psychotronically effected mass formationally technocratic in this ‘The Fourth Reich’ euphemized as Fourth Industrial Revolution such the enumeration/commensuration ; such the sic transit ongoing, alas as to a ‘finality’ as the phrase ‘End Game’ in title this small article intimates?

As synonymizes ‘End Times’ concerning the Gloria Mundi of Nature?

The prohibition as taboo against the use of ‘politically incorrect words’ deemed being as Orwell identified by way of phenomenological ontology delineates a deadly pathway paved with mind over mind illusion towards ‘crimethought ‘– as but to any rebellion against same absurdity to be be pragmatically headed off at the ‘psycho political totalitarian pass via the atrocity of a ‘newspeak” – this to say naught of ‘woke consciousness’ – shock and awe inflicted demanding riposte against the censorious lexicon of a technocratic panopticon instanced as aspected way of ‘doublethink’ as some prerogative of ‘mind over mind’ instanced as elicited?

A riposte as would be silenced as would be ‘Verboten‘ ?

The paradigm of ‘Empiricism’ has been slyly as silently subverted such as Pierre Duhem alluded to philosophically by way of ‘Aim & Structure? When Dr. Fauci can claim to be ‘the Science’ we can see such sly subversion of the empirical paradigm? Of course Fauci is as Schwab as described above.

This as much to the irony of technocratic determinism ‘you cannot say or think that’ as much as ‘you cannot do that’ as parallels who determines what constitutes ‘illicit understanding’?

First they came for certain words ‘ as to Niemoller paraphrased concerning a mass formation ID’d?.

As Mencken could put it the word ‘cunt’ is ‘an alarming hobgoblin’?

Goering he confessed as to how ‘Nazi cunts’ operate?

One writes as elaborates so because there is a real risk an otherwise accomplished(?) small article may remain unpublished because of taboo against a four letter word.

Behind every aspect of woke consciousness constructed as would be construed under orthodoxy there is a leadership technocratic as philanthropathic (sic) such the contemptoraneity (sic)?

This as much as behind every euphemism there a mere cunt fucking us over hegemonically as corporately?

A spade is a spade despite the hypnosis of mass formation of technocratic tooldom tolling as trolling us by way of ‘mind over mind” ?

-How long it before Dictionaries ‘memory hole’ words deemed to be offensive?

Words which have been around for Centuries; such the thin edge of the wedge under ‘revisionism’ awaiting further extrapolation under ‘Technocracy’?

Burgess in his ‘Clockwork Orange’ adopted a strategy of neologism as an ironic counterpunch or ‘tolchock’ against ‘newspeak’.

– Thru neologisms coined Burgess sought to subvert as contextualize the psycho politics of language and ‘ideological valence’?

– The essence of any mass formation being a ‘new normal’ as prohibitive as censorial as includes/ incorporates the taboo against certain words as rendered ‘ unacceptably ideologically valent’ – under what amounts to no more than but collective hypnosis as existential; as but abuse? Language is intimately fused with apperception, and when people can be brought to ‘self censor’ as much as to accept absurdity then the atrocity of mass formation becomes feasible?

Lewis Carrol explicates such psycho politics of language and illicit understanding in his:

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all’

The quote above by Goering is most illuminating concerning the tragic state the world as would be brought under hyper hegemonic hypnotism to worship but filth in the early 2 1st C. as represents Eros destroyed under the ‘ascendance’ of a leadership of Thanatos way of but just another ‘Reich’ mass formed?

(Cutting to the chase here such the ‘bang of the gong/get it on’ to wildness contextualized: Thanatos is just another way of saying ‘evil’, and Eros is just another way of saying ‘Goodness’.)

For ‘Reich’ read ‘Filth brought to be worshiped under totalitarian imperative’..)

A small proportion of ‘humanity’ are evil bastards as of Thanatos;, the vast majority of Humanity are Life Loving as of Eros.

– The jury still out concerning ‘transhumanity’ as a new intervention normalized….

(The question ‘what exactly in those vaccines?’ being rendered as a wrong question sense of Pynchon a ‘conspiratorial cunt’ apperceived such the ‘divide et impera‘ ; such the cultural hegemony technocratized?)

Such the paranoia proverbialized as much as – ‘is is not your jaw dropped yet’?

For small quarters can yet talk of fucking filth synonymized?

The issue of whether evil bastards are born or made is not elected to be addressed at this juncture.

This being said; the right to be metapolitically eclectic/wild concerning such obscured/illicit subjects as the psychobiology of evil under ‘tooldom’ as apperceived by Thoreau under ‘propaganda’ synonymized as considered is reserved; such the transcendentalism ‘metapolitics’ demands as at a ‘meta hegemonic’ level of no reservations unexpurgated instanced.

In terms of said ‘no reservations!’ Geronimo as a native American represents an outstanding metapolitician…

Another way of approaching such distinction is by way of the ethos of ‘live and let live!’ or ‘live and let die‘! considered.


We subsist for the most part now as increasingly being ‘Globalized’ as another word for ‘ technocratically fucked over’ under an ethos of ‘live and let die!‘ in the 2 1st C. – and this reflects a tragic abrogation of erotic potentiality which building up to a crescendo of death by way of the weaponization of infrastructure by evil bastards of Thanatos determined to raise a hell on earth under a ‘deadly double whammy’ of Casus Belli’ and ‘Hidden Agenda’ via an ‘R2P’ the planet as much as we under attack?

‘Blow it out your arse!’ is just another way of phrasing ‘Fuck this for a game of soldiers!‘ as by way of abject refusal to embrace the mind over mind of technocratic hegemony: it to be the eternal child or puer aeternus erotic as proclaims the nudity of Empire from the wilderness – thru alarming hobgoblin of fairy tales ‘contextualized’ sense of alienation/ marginalization revealed despite an agenda as would be hidden as of ‘no deconstruction permitted’?

Iggy Pop(!) puts it well concerning such ‘Wild Childhood’ , Viz:

An’ I like a wild fun
In a world gone crazy
Everything seems hazy
I’m a wild one

Such the bastard wilderness mass formed under a world gone crazy as the ‘new normal’ of this early 21st Century panopticonically represents a ‘heat on’ as much as of Glenn Frey sang as of Brecht presciently articulated as intimated concerning the reprise of the Third Reich redux?

‘Do not rejoice you transhumans’ , indeed?.

Life a bitch and then you die prematurely ‘so it goes as per the sic transit of Thanatos?

Revolutionary truth under the eternal Gloria Mundi of Eros:

Ain’t Life beautiful’?

Gotta, gotta say it: as gotta pose it

– ‘But for technocratic cunts of Thanatos’?

The pen being mightier than the sword as any Casus Belli under corporatist mass media will tell you; such the agenda as must remain hidden as certain words be unsaid under the line of a ‘Reich’?

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