August 2017

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When a President is Unfit

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Exit Gorka

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Syria’s Survival

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WikiLeaks: Hostile is as Hostile Does

Shia Insurrection in Saudi Arabia; The Battle for Awamiya

When the Rains Came to Houston

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Roots of American Exceptionalism:  Dirty Kitchens, Bedlam & the Bomb

Trump, Afghanistan and History

NATO’s Welcome Bear

Sex Robots: The Sad Future of Sexual Fantasy

China Rising or Leveling Off?

The Predictable Casualties of Counterterrorism

2017, According to Fidel

The Rise of the Killer Robot

Nazis, IS, Antifa, the YPG, Democratic Landlords, the Spanish Civil War and Fake News

Review: Orhan Pamuk’s “The Red-Haired Woman”

Gov. Greitens: Pull Down Missouri’s Racist Death Penalty Statutes!

Judge Roy Moore Rides Again

What Steve Bannon’s Exit Says About the American Welfare State

American Exceptionalism

Trump’s About-Face on Afghanistan

This Man

Facing History In the Age of Trump

Breaking up is Hard to do. Or is it?

The Road to Charlottesville: Reflections on 21st Century U.S. Capitalist Racism

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An Open Letter to The Obscenely Wealthy From a Guy Who Isn’t

Trump Attorney Sues Greenpeace Over Dakota Access in $300 Million Racketeering Case

Stop the Buzz Killing Beer Barons

Lessons on North Korea From the Cuban Missile Crisis

Trump’s War on the National Parks

“My Way” and the Road to the Alt-Right

Marx’s “Capital” at 150: History in Capital, Capital in History

Fiat Chrysler/UAW Corruption Case Shows How Labor-Management Cooperation Profits the Companies

Trudeau and Africa’s Most Ruthless Dictator

The Simple Truth About the War in Afghanistan 

Vote Tallies and Class Struggle