Paul Street

Have You Heard That Trumpism is “Becoming Fascist”?

“Going Into Trump World”: Bernie’s Trumpenproletarian Brain Worm and Fascism-Denial

Imagine a Nation Like This

The Assault on Critical Race Theory

From Iowa Nice to Iowa Nazi: a Report from the Friendly Fascist Heartland

The Resistance Remains Hollow: The Weimar Ways of the Dismal Democrats

Nine Points of Difference: A Response to Noam Chomsky on American Fascism

No Comparison: Thoughtcrime Reflections on the Latest Imperial Smackdown of the Nation’s Best Congressperson

That Little Power Elite Moment is Already Over

American Backstory, While Biden Struts Abroad

Thinking About Race, Class, Gender, and Identity from a Revolutionary Perspective

We are So Not Out of the Woods, and We Might Want to Take Our Heads out of the Sand

Joe Manchin Sucks, the Senate is Absurd

No Time to Relax: Dark Clouds in Biden’s America

A Sleepy Interregnum? The Inauthentic Opposition Party of Filibusted Appeasement

From What to Why on the Trump Proletarian Narrative

Would Anyone Care to Defend American Radicals?

Slaves to the Constitution

The Chauvin Trial is Dangerously Deceptive

Racial Oppression Will Not be Overcome Under Capitalism

Disappear the System: A Critical Hegemonic Function of Capitalist Media

Lying is as American as Cherry Pie

Some Standard Cynical CIA-Style Cuba Covid Reporting at The Washington Post

Unless the Power of the People Asserts Itself

Killer Kim Reynolds and the Fascist State of Iowa

Ruling Class Joe and the Essence of American Politics

The Anatomy of Fascism Denial

“Interesting” Times: Capitalism Kills Everything

On Some Bad House Manager Language

On Trump’s Next Absurd Acquittal

The Anatomy of Fascism Denial

On Non-Conviction, Empire, and U.S. Presidents

Thirty-One Flavors of Fascism

Why Biden May Be Less Evil Than Obama and Clinton – and Why This May Not Matter All That Much in the End

On “True Democracy”

Why There Was No People’s Rebellion Against a Fascist U.S. President: Nine Reasons

Remove Trump Now!

The Failed Fascist Coup and the Futility of “Reconciliation”

“Performative” Republican Fascism Gets a Free Pass

Petit-Bourgeois “Normalcy” Pining at The New York Times

On Capitalism, Racism, Trump, and Pandemo-Fascism

We Have a Fascism Problem

Simon Says

Why COVID-19 Granted the U.S. Most Favored Nation Status

No Victory Dance: Eight Reasons

A Man-Child in A Promised Land

The Real v. the Liberal Fantasy Obama Presidency: Two Excerpts from Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump, and the Politics of Appeasement

This Regime Must Go NOW: Three Reasons

F*#k the Trumpenleft and Obama Too

“The Envy of the World”: Still No Functioning Democracy Here

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