Steve Horn

Steve Horn is a freelance investigative journalist and Research Fellow at DeSmogBlog, where this piece first appeared.

Wyoming Now Third State to Propose ALEC Bill Cracking Down on Pipeline Protests

China Is Financing a Petrochemical Hub in Appalachia

Obama Alums Are Pushing Fracked Gas Exports

Iowa Bill Seeks to Criminalize Pipeline Protests

Mexico’s Standing Rock?

India May Ban Petcoke, One of Dirtiest Fossil Fuels Exported by Koch Brothers

Trump Attorney Sues Greenpeace Over Dakota Access in $300 Million Racketeering Case

Montana Eased Regulations for Keystone XL After Lobbying by TransCanada

Scott Walker Set to Sign Koch Anti-Regulations Bill in Wisconsin

Here’s the PR Firm Behind ‘Your Energy America’ Front Group Pushing Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Tillerson Present as Exxon Signed Major Deal with Saudi Arabia During Trump Visit

Anadarko Execs Buy up Depressed Stock After Lethal Colorado Explosions, Then Its Oil Tank Exploded

Architect of Federal Fracking Loophole May Head Trump Environmental Council

Congressional Energy and Climate Committees Are Loaded with Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Trump’s Top Energy Aide, Mike Catanzaro Peddled Climate Change Denial

Former GOP Congressional Staffer Follows Revolving Door, Now Latest Keystone XL Lobbyist

What Do a Louisiana Pipeline Explosion and Dakota Access Pipeline Have in Common? Phillips 66

Dakota Access Pipeline Approved a Week After Co-Owner’s Pipeline Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil in Texas

Trump’s Mexico Border Wall Could Be Trojan Horse for Increasing US Oil Exports

Under Tillerson, Exxon Maintained Ties with Saudi Arabia, Despite Dismal Human Rights Record

Security Firm Running Dakota Access Pipeline Intelligence Has Ties to U.S. Military

Ken Bone, Online Sensation from Presidential Debate, Works for Coal Company

Koch Industries and Fracking Lobbyist Mike Catanzaro To Lead Trump Energy Team

Obama Weakens Endangered Species Act

Did an Industry Front Group Create Fake Twitter Accounts to Promote the Dakota Pipeline?

Security Firm Guarding Dakota Pipeline Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP

Company Led by Donald Trump’s Energy Aide Says Its Oil Will Flow Through Dakota Access Pipeline

Senator Promoting Dakota Access Pipeline Invests In Bakken Oil Wells Named After Indian Tribe

Dakota Access Pipeline Tribal Liaison Formerly Worked For Agency Issuing Permit

Did Industry Ties Lead Democratic Party Platform Committee to Nix Fracking Ban?

Fracked Gas LNG Exports Were Centerpiece In Promotion of Panama Canal Expansion, Documents Reveal

Obama Administration Approved Over 1,500 Offshore Fracking Permits

How MSNBC Worked To Promote Fracking

Exxon’s Lawyer in Climate Science Probe Has History Helping Big Tobacco and NFL Defend Against Health Claims

Introducing IOGCC: The Most Powerful Oil and Gas Lobby You’ve Never Heard Of

Trump, Israel and Offshore Drilling

Army of Lobbyists Push LNG Exports, Methane Hydrates, Coal in Senate Energy Bill

US Government Facilitated LNG Business Deals Before Federal Permits Issued

During Paris Climate Summit, Obama Signed Exxon-Koch-Backed Bill Expediting Pipeline Permits

“Miracle of American Oil”

Groups Ask Columbia University To Reveal Funding Behind Exxon-Tied Center on Global Energy Policy

Federal Court Gives Blessing to Cross-Border Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion

Senate Passes Bill Expediting Fossil Fuel Extraction on Native American Lands

Meet the Lobbyists Pushing to End the Oil Exports Ban

TransCanada’s Next Move After Keystone XL

Oil Lobbyist: We Built the Equivalent of 10 Keystones Since 2010 and “No One’s Complained”

Cops Called on Reporter Who Asked About Climate at Oil & Gas Convention

Hillary Clinton State Department Emails, Mexico Energy Reform and the Revolving Door

Facing Felony Charges, Rick Perry Joins Pipeline Company Board

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