Thomas Knapp

Thomas L. Knapp is director and senior news analyst at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism ( He lives and works in north central Florida.

Congressional Proxy Voting? No. Do the Job or Quit the Job

Note to Joe: Try These Two Easy Tricks to Promote Freedom in Cuba

Internet Censorship: The Real Monopoly Threat

Hands Off Haiti!

No, the Air Force is Not “60% Responsible” for Devin Kelley’s Crimes

Facebook Gives the Most Dangerous Extremists a Free Pass

Ranked Choice Voting isn’t the Problem in New York City’s Mayoral Election

About That “Border Crisis”

 Convention of States Wouldn’t Fix the US Constitution

When Politicians Cry “Accountability,” Ask “Accountability to Whom?”

The US and EU vs. Belarus: Pot, Kettle, Black

When Israel’s Regime Buys US Weapons, it Buys Them with Your Money

Rumors of Cryptocurrency’s Death Are Still Greatly Exaggerated

Peace in Palestine? Not if American Politicians Can Help It

What the Pipeline Hack Reveals About the Future of Fossil Fuels

About That “Rules-Based International Order”

The Biden Administration Wants to Partner with Criminals to Spy on You

SCOTUS Should Clarify Tinker in Favor of Free Speech, Not School Control

Police Violence: the Standards are Topsy-Turvy

How “Representative” is US Democracy?

A Biden-Putin Summit: Jaw-Jaw is Better than War-War

Biden and Afghanistan: Never, Ever Trust Us

Time to Get Government Off Our Lawns

America Unchurched: A Sign of the Times

In Georgia, Republican Dumbness Whets Democrats’ Thirst for Victory

Reefer Madness: Biden White House Director’s Cut

“Censor”: When a Word Means Everything, It Means Nothing

Daylight Savings Time Kills

Dr. Seuss Monetizes the Culture Wars

Biden’s Foreign Policy: No Joy in Mudville

Joe Biden and “Open Borders”: As If

What Happened to “We The People?”

Same as the Old Boss, Julian Assange Edition

Impeachment: Why the Senate Will Acquit Trump

Biden’s Iran Dilemma: Serve Obama’s Third Term — or Trump’s Second?

Big Tech’s Playing Monopoly. It’s Going to Lose.

Robinhood: Stealing from the Poor to Give to the Rich

Why the Next Major Party Won’t be a Trump Production

Political “Unity” is Neither Necessary Nor Desirable

Hey, Joe, Where You Goin’ With That Pen in Your Hand?

The Trump/Biden Handoff: Business as Usual, as Usual

The New No Fly List: More Dangerous than the Capitol Rioters

The Political Class: At War with Each Other and on the Rest of Us

Why Not Take Congressional Proxy Voting All the Way?

Instead of Prosecuting Trump, Give Him the OJ Treatment

Rand Paul: Privacy for Me, But Not for Thee

Hey, Hey, FDA! How Many Americans Have You Killed Since May?

2020: I’m So Sick of Superlatives

The Most Dangerous Thing About Marijuana

American in Transition: What’s the Hurry?

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