The Simple Truth About the War in Afghanistan 

Trump, and the generals in his cabinet who now control the U.S. state, and their corporate media accomplices, would have us believe that the War in Afghanistan is somehow related to combating terrorism or to ‘free the Afghan people’.

The truth is actually much simpler than that.

The Tali ban, which governed Afghanistan before the U.S. invasion, and which is organizing the resistance, is no doubt reactionary in various respects, such as denying schooling to girls.  But despite squandering billions of dollars, placing up to 140,000 soldiers under U.S. command, losing thousands of U.S. lives,  and killing untold thousands of Afghani’s, the U.S.-led forces have *still* not ‘won the war’.

The reason is quite simple:  The Taliban is mobilizing people who are fighting in their own land against a brutal foreign invader and against the puppet government which the invader has set up in their country.

That is why no matter how many Afghans are killed by the invaders, more forces invariably step forward.

Trumps has declared, no doubt at the behest of the generals, that henceforth no information about the activities or results of U.S.military action in Afghanistan will be revealed to the public. He has also stated that it will be up to the military in the field, with no civilian oversight or control, to decide what to do.

In other words, after the previous methods of invasion and brutal suppression have failed, an even greater reign of terror can descend upon the Afghani people with nothing to be revealed or discussed with the American people.

American workers need to draw the correct conclusions about this war.  It’s time to actively demonstrate and demand U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan under the slogan:  ‘Hands off Afghanistan and its’ people’.

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Eric Sommer is an international journalist.

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