Kary Love

Kary Love is a Michigan attorney.

American Truth & Reconciliation Commission

America’s Pact with the Devil

The Case for an Indictment of the US Government for Criminal Negligence for its Bungled Response to COVID-19

Boomer Remover

American Unexceptionalism & COVID-19

Is the Creator Interfering in the 2020 Elections?

Of Course a US President can Murder Somebody Without Legal jeopardy–Ain’t That Great!

The Crucifixion of Jesus Continues in Kings Bay Plowshares Trial

A Soldier or a “Killing Machine”?

A Christmas Miracle? USA Stopping a War?

Impeach, Indict, and Sanction

One Law to Rule Them All: Thou Shall Not Kill

Evolution of Religion

“Suffer Not the Little Children….”

My Conversion on the Road to Damascus

Can We Learn from Heinrich Himmler’s Daughter? Should We?

A “Modest Proposal 2.0”: How to Solve the Refugee Kids “Problem”

Crying Children and Due Process of Law

The Pardon Power: “The Power Not The Right” — What If Trump Shot Melania?

Is It Time for A Nice, “Little” Nuclear War?

“The Mob Boss Orders a Hit and a Pardon”

If John Bolton Is Right, Pearl Harbor Was Perfectly Legal

Christmas Letter to Jesus

The Mote in North Korea’s Eye, the Forest in the USA’s Eye

Pardoning Arpaio: The Power Not the Right

American Exceptionalism

The Fourth Branch

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